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Siya Ke Ram 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaikeyi crying and running to see Dasharath. She comes to his Kaksh. Kaikeyi says Maharaj, I have come, your beloved queen has come, look at me, for a second I believed that bad news, but I know you can’t go anywhere leaving me, you are angry with me, that’s why you are doing this. She cries and sits near his feet. She says I have come, you have hurt my heart a lot, open your eyes and see my tears. She holds his feet. Everyone cry. Kaikeyi asks Raj Vaidya to check Dasharath. Sumitra scolds her angrily. She says no need of this acting, you are hurting Dasharath’s soul more by doing this, go from here, I request you. Kaushalya says Sumitra, calm down, what had to happen has happened…. There is no use now, Maharaj will not come back. Sumitra says sorry Didi, I can’t stop

myself now.

She asks Kaikeyi does she not get shame to act, our suhaag died because of you, Maharaj died and Ayodhya’s rajmahal became a ruined place. Kaikeyi asks was he just your suhaag, not mine. Sumitra says no, Maharaj was ended relations with you and removed you from his wife’s rights, you insulted him, his wishes and his love when he was alive, atleast respect his wishes after his death, his soul would be getting hurt by your presence, go from here. She pushes Kaikeyi and cries. Kaikeyi cries and leaves. Sumitra apologizes to Dasharath and says I did not behave such way in my life to hurt anyone, but I had to do this to respect your wish, forgive me. They all cry.

Ram stands in the river and does the final rites of the deer. Everyone pray. Ram says some mantras and drops the water from his hands into the river. They pray for the soul peace. Rishis stand around Dasharath. Sumanta asks Guru Vashisht to allow so that they do the final rites of Dasharath. Guru Vashisht says a son has to do the final rites of the father, the problem is none of Dasharath’s four sons is present here, how can we start this ritual. Sumanta says yes, Bharat and Shatrughan will not reach here till 2 days, till then.. Guru Vashisht says till then we have to keep his dead body safe so that we do all rituals of final rites. Sumanta asks the solution of preserving the body. Guru Vashisht says there is solution, we have to dip his body in herbal oil, his body will be preserved. Sumanta says fine, I will tell Raj Vaidya and do arrangements. Sumitra, Kaushalya, Sita’s sisters cry sitting around Dasharath.

The men pour oil in a big space, in which Dasharath’s body is kept. His body is preserved. Guru Vashisht and Sumantra look on. Ram sits sad. Sita comes to him and sees him upset. Ram says don’t know Sita, I feel sorrow like of any loved one’s death. She says even I feel the same, its not natural, is this related to that deer’s death. Ram says its possible, but why do I feel that deer’s death is signing about any loved one. She says we have left our family, Praja and everything behind, we have kept emotions in heart, we did not know how to control that sorrow, but that deer’s death has made us realize our sorrow, but you said we have to spend life as a yogi in van, we will stay in our present for 14 years, and not our past. They smile. Ram holds her and says you said right, we have to be in our present and fulfill all our duties, because our yatra/journey got its first way.

Bharat and Shatrughan land in Ayodhya and wonder what happened in Ayodhya, why is sorrow everywhere like some death happened. They see the Praja upset and stop to ask them. They greet an old man and he leaves seeing them… All the people leave seeing them. Shatrughan says its first time that Praja turned face away seeing us, what can be the reason. Bharat says whats the reason of their anger, my heart is getting restless. Shatrughan says we have to reach Raj bhavan soon. They leave in the cart.

Bharat and Shatrughan reach Raj bhavan and meet Sumanta. Bharat asks Sumanta what happened, Praja looks at them as if we are their enemy, like they hate us, there is sorrowful silence, tell us the reason. Shatrughan asks Sumanta what happened. Sumanta asks them to come with him. Mantra smiles and says my Bharat has come, I have to give this news to Kaikeyi soon. She goes.

Sumanta brings Bharat and Shatrughan to the Kaksh, where they see everyone in deep grief. Kaushalya and Sumitra are dressed in widow clothes. Guru Vashisht cries. Bharat and Shatrughan get shocked seeing the mothers in white clothes…. They see the huge assemble and run to see Dasharath. They cry asking Dasharath to open his eyes. Bharat says I was not with you in your final time, why did we go to Kaikeya, what happened here….. I can’t forgive myself. Shatrughan and Bharat cry.

Kaikeyi says Bharat my son…. Bharat gets angry and says I will tyaag this Mata. The crown you wanted to snatch from Ram’s head to place on someone else’s head, its better to cut off that person’s head. He takes a knife to hit himself and Kaikeyi stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

    As usual so emotional…..

  2. Love Siam
    Jai Sita ram

    1. Today’s episode was emotional and barat will also curse kaikeyi that thereafter no parents will name their daughter as kaikeyi and if it happened so,they will ruin their family

    2. Akanksha sharma

      Nice dp sanjana dear…mm looking..soooooo cute..


      dp samma…… so pretty….

  3. Again emotional episode. All of them were looking good even in this simple costume.
    Our medical science was so developed at that time also that we knew how to keep the dead body safe. JAI HIND!

    1. Yes SKR fan…actually it was much more advanced then present. They even had instruments which could vertically split hair into two. Even organ transplanting was possible…..books like Charak samhita n Shusrut samhita r books on Indian medicine which describe it in detail.

  4. Feel sad fr dasharath… Really I luv sumitra scene….hi evryne hw r u…

  5. nice episode + very much emotional

    1. hope you guys didn’t forget me 🙂
      sanjana di your analysis were superb 🙂
      congrats aka for winning the singing competition 🙂

    2. Haiii twinkle …………We can never forget our sisters…dear……..How r u..

      Very emotional episode dear

      1. 🙂 i am good and you . and where is nidhi di ?

  6. Hi I am pallavi silent reader of skr….can I join in ur group

    1. Why nt dear pallavi…. Welcome to SKR family????

    2. Why not… 🙂 welcome to this group 🙂 have super fun along with us 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Welcome my Dr sis……u r frm nd whch class r u studying…. Sry f prsnl…

    3. Welcome to skr family pallavi ……. I whole heartedly welcome u…… U can join us…….

    4. Welcome to SKR fan club ?

    5. Why not pallavi…u can surely join us… Welcome to our skr fan club and page

    6. Haiii Pallavi…………..Welcome to the SKR Family…Whr R U From ???


      Welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram fan club and family….. i think i had welcomed u long ago….. anyways welcome dear….

  7. sumithra blasted kaikeyi loved tat and precap awesome can’t wait fr tomo bharath supperbbbbbbbbbb kaikeyi u deserve tat

  8. Hi everyone. How r u all??? Episode was very emotional.felt very sad for dasarath …
    Tomorrow bharat will tell that he will break his relationship with kaikeyi……
    Everyone’s acting was gd…… But sad episode…. Siya ram scene was gd…..
    Get well soon nidhi di…. Zara di…. Athira di….
    Take care of ur health everyone………
    Gd night

    1. Haiii Brindha ……Waiting for tomarrow episode where bharat will end his relation with his mother…. How R U Dear?….

      1. I am fine jay di…..

  9. So emotional episode … 🙁 Sumithra had enough guts ? Urmila looked pretty even in this costume ! ?????????????^_^?Awesome precap 🙂 Kaikeyi really needs this !

    # Can’t wait for tomorrow

    1. S Malvi ……Sumithra Hatsoff for her courage …………… & Looking Forward for todays episode

  10. Emotional episode ……. Finally Bharat & shtrughan ….. Waiting egarly for tom episode………

    1. Hi bhoomi …hw r u …Dr….ur dp s nce ..

      1. Hi dear…. I m fine … Wau ??? Thanks … Urmila is looking cute in your dp..

  11. Veronica crouze

    Can anyone tell me how did ram meet hanuman fr d first time? I dn’t know anything about it…and 2day i saw ndtv ramayan & ramanand sagar’s ramayan’s some video in u tube…there they showed that suta left d palace voluntarily… Bt according to valmiki Ramayan it’s clearly mentioned that sita was banished by ram without even informing her…dn why did they show like that?

    1. Ram goes in search of vanaras as he thinks they will be helpful in finding Sita
      He meets a Brahmin who is actually hanuman disguised
      When ram says reason for visit hanuman lifts ram and lakshman in his shoulders and takes them to sugriva where Sitas jewels are shown to ram
      Actually Di many Indian versions say that Sita left voluntarily
      It was actually a combined decision of Siam
      Sagar ramayan was the first of its kind in India in 80s and the same production house
      For ndtv imagine
      Some books to mention this
      Let’s see what skr shows

    2. The banishment of Sita wasn’t included in the Valmiki Ramayan di…i think it ends when Ram and Sita come back to Ayodhya

      1. Actually Srinidhi, Valmiki Ramayan mentions Sitas banishment.’
        In Ramcharitmanas (by Tulasidas) it is not mentioned because Tulasidas felt great pain in writing such a sad chapter…

      2. Veronica crouze

        Srinidhi actually it happened… Vamiki wrote Ramayana before ram’s birth with his insight power if future… Bt that time he only saw ram’s victory over ravan as it was d main thing & he only saw ram’s future…he used to tell luv kush ds part of story which he wrote…dn when sita’s banishment happened & she went back to earth dn he added it to the story….and we all know that sanskrit language changes with time…valmiki added d later part after sita’s descend… So d language is also different… U can also search in’s briefly described there.

    3. Thank You Dearssss For the information…………..

  12. Kaikeyi deserves it for her behaviour now there is no use of referring .miss Dasharath.and jai ram and sita and what did Bharat do why people are hating him . really emotional to see Dasharath floating in oil. Waiting for tomorrow episode

  13. Mandvi and shrutkirti flying back to Hyderabad
    Flying back to Hyderabad – Sumitra, Bharat, Shatrughn, Mandvi and Shrutkirti.


      oh….. thanx for the links bro….

  14. Bhoomija di…. Ur dp is looking so cute…..
    Gd night everyone….

    1. Thanks dear ????

  15. brindha I am fine how are you akansha di Zara welwisher reshma di nupur di sorry if I forgot anyone name. bhoomi sooo cute dp.
    episode is just amazing I can’t believe this that anyone husbend has death and he want to make his son king.

    1. Thanks mahe ???

  16. Veronica crouze

    siam scenes r so small…missed lakshman 2day…

  17. guys i am a silent reader of siya ke ram updates ……….will u all accept me in your group??…..and guys i have a doubt how you all are changing dp in your comments…

    1. Welcome sandhya to our sweet skr family…. U can change ur dp by making an account on

      1. Welcome to skr fan club ?

    2. Welcome Sandhya …………….to SKR Family

    3. Hello sandhya… Welcome to SKR family ….

    4. Akanksha sharma

      Welcome dear sandhya…may I know abt ur class…and place where u live

  18. Sanjana(Sara)

    Nice and sad episode.
    Feeling bad for bharat.
    Sumitra rocked today. Keikeyi deserved it.
    Urmila,sumitra,mandavi and shrutkirti looked so beautiful.
    I have a doubt can anyone clear it?
    I have read many books about urmila. some book says urmila was sleeping for 14 years during vanvaas and some says she took care of everyone in the palace and did paintings.
    Which one is true? If anyone knows please tell me.

    1. Veronica crouze

      actually both r true…bcz some versions say she was sleeping & some say she was taking care of everyone… but in valmiki ramayan she was sleeping… dat’s wh lakshman is called gudakesh..i think skr will according to he is d first writer & ds is much popular than other versions…

      1. Sanjana(Sara)

        Ohh thank you so much di.

    2. Yes di both are correct. All the versions acquire different thoughts so both are correct ! But I donno what SKR is gonna follow !!

  19. Jai shree ram

    1. Jai Shree Ram

  20. I luvd the way sumitra talked to kaikeyi……she deserves it…..and this stupid brat chudail manthara…..uhhhh……no RAVAN today also

    hello eveyone
    i didn’t comment on the last epi as i have to go to school tomorrow so i have to do stuff like covering the new notebooks and books…..assembling stuff in my room etc.

    1. Hi dia … All the best …

  21. Hi everyone… I haue made new twitter account….. I followed sara , ww , rachu di , jay di , haripriya , zara , ishita….. Plz follow me….coming to episode… As usual emotional episode… Sumitra rocked

    1. Haii stuti What problem in twitter dear

  22. Haiii…….Everyone………Veryyyyyyyyyyyy Sad & Emotional Episode ………..Loved Siaram Scenes………I Too missed Lakshman & Raavan Yaar…… Sumitra the rocking star in the episode…..eagerly waiting for today Episode …….

  23. Hi everyone I’m back and finally over with my exams . I hope u all didn’t forget me . Thank u for all the wishes . I did all my exams well

    1. Akanksha sharma

      Happy fr u dear chillu

  24. Akanksha sharma

    Hiii all of u …hw r u all..f9 na…I just love the. way….sumitra scold…that cruel kaikeyi…waiting fr tomorrow… Sry guys..was.not able to comment regularly… Bkz…I am on family tour…that’s why…bt…I am missing u all a lot….luv u all

    1. Haiiii Akanksha Sharma………………. How ur tour going ???? Enjoy the trip dear dont worry……….we tooo Miss U Very much………… U hv Lovely Dp

  25. Akanksha sharma

    And ya..I welcome all the new comers…2 our sweet family ..

  26. Akanksha sharma

    All of u have nice DPS….simply awesome..

    1. Even urs too di 🙂

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