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Siya Ke Ram 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita asking Hanuman will you eat so many fruits. Hanuman says its very less for me, I just got these in garden. Trijata comes and sees Hanuman. She asks Sita did Hanuman come to convey Ram’s message, then he is in problem, Akshay is coming to punish him. Sita asks Hanuman to hide fast, as Raavan’s son Akshay is coming. Hanuman says I did not do anything wrong, I just did my duty. He sits calm. Akshay shoots an arrow near Hanuman. He calls out Hanuman and says you broke Lanka rules by entering here, I will punish you.

Hanuman says you are young and can’t understand Dharm, Adharm, customs, right and wrong, punishment and anything else, I request you to drop thought to fight and return to Raj Bhavan. Sita asks Akshay why is he supporting Raavan in his Adharm and bad

customs. Akshay says you are just a Daasi, so just be like that. Hanuman shouts Akshay Kumar, I thought you are a young guy, if young ones cross limits, punishment gets necessary for them, you want to fight with me, I accept your challenge. Akshay shoots at him. Hanuman flies and gets behind him. He says I m here and beats him with Gada. The soldiers rush to beat Hanuman. Akshay stops them, and gets a magical arrow. He shoots and that arrow hits Hanuman’s hand. Sita worries for Hanuman.

Hanuman throws the arrow and beats Akshay. Om hanumanta……plays………. Akshay gets beaten up. Sita stops Hanuman and asks him not to beat Akshay more. Hanuman says Mata, I can leave him if he apologizes to you for his misbehavior. Akshay goes to Sita and keeps sword at her neck. He asks Hanuman to keep his gada down and surrender, else you will be responsible for this Daasi’s death. Hanuman asks Akshay to leave Sita. Sita says Hanuman, don’t come in his words, he can’t harm me. Hanuman keeps Gada and says leave my Mata now. Akshay asks soldiers to catch Hanuman. Akshay smiles.

Hanuman races to Akshay and pushes him away from Sita. He stares at the soldiers. They all get scared and go away. Hanuman scolds Akshay for calling Sita as Daasi, now no one can save you from my hands. He throws Akshay very far. Akshay falls over the stones and gets injured. He dies. Trijata and Sita look on. Mandodari says Akshay will get away from Lanka, he will be away from Adharm. She smiles. Sulochana comes and says Mata, you made kheer today, any special occasion. Mandodari says Akshay loves kheer since childhood, so I made this special kheer for him. Sulochana asks about two bowls. Mandodari says its for Akshay and Meghnadh. Sulochana asks does Meghnadh like it too. Mandodari says Meghnadh liked it, but never said, whenever I made kheer for Akshay, Meghnadh used to have it too. Sulochana says so he loves Akshay a lot. Mandodari says yes, Akshay will go to other Rajya, don’t know when will he return, so I want to feed him food by my hands today.

Raavan and Meghnadh get shocked seeing soldiers getting a dead body. Raavan asks whats this, who is inside. Raavan and Meghnadh walk to see. They see the blood on the cloth. Meghnadh sits and removes the white cloth off the body’s face. Raavan and Meghnadh get a deep shock seeing Akshay. A Daasi comes to Mandodari. Mandodari asks what happened, why are you worried. Daasi tells them about Akshay. Mandodari drops the kheer. Mandodari and Sulochana cry.

Meghnadh asks who did this, how did this happen, who killed my brother. He shouts on the soldiers and lifts two soldiers together. The soldier says that Vanar/monkey did this. Meghnadh shouts Vanar, you did a big crime killing my brother, I will not leave you alive. Raavan says Meghnadh, don’t kill him, capture him and get him to me, I will punish him with my hands. Raavan and Meghnadh cry. Meghnadh leaves. Raavan says Vanar, you did not just kill my son, you have attacked on my pride and self esteem.

Sita says Hanuman, a disaster happened today. Hanuman asks what disaster, killing a Adharmi is not a disaster, he was insulting and trying to harm you. She says I m not saying you are wrong, Akshay was Mandodari’s beloved son, she is a good lady, she wanted to send Akshay out of Lanka, I m feeling sad for her. Hanuman says you are also thinking like Ram, he also worries for Asur families after punishing Asurs.

She says Akshay died, this is big attack on Raavan’s pride, he can attack on you anytime, you should leave from here soon. Hanuman says you are saying right, there is no one to think about Dharm and Adharm here, tell me how can I leave you alone here, how can I go, till I don’t teach Dharm paath to all Asurs, till I don’t make them realize Ram’s avatar, I will not go. She says you are big devotee of Ram, I remember Ram does not get diverted from his path, you will also not go without doing your duty, your devotion for Ram is consistent, you make all the Asurs meet the ideal devotee of Ram. Meghnadh comes there and shouts Vanar. Hanuman looks on. Meghnadh says you did a big crime by killing my brother, I came to punish you.

Hanuman says I also regret for his death, I asked him to leave, he did not listen, he insulted Mata Sita and did crime, how can I leave him. Meghnadh says I can kill you right away, but I m helpless, Raavan wants me to get you to him, so I have to catch you and present you in the Sabha. He asks soldiers to go. Soldiers don’t move. Meghnadh thinks Hanuman can’t be an ordinary monkey, I have to use Brahmaastra to captivate him. He prays and gets a magical arrow. He shoots at Hanuman. Hanuman sees Brahmaastra and thinks ruining this will be like insulting Brahmadev, no I can’t do this. He stands without defending the arrow. He gets captivated by that. Meghnadh says you will surely get punished.

Meghnadh takes Hanuman to Raavan and asks him to decide his punishment. Trijata tells Sita that Raavan will kill Hanuman. Hanuman tells Raavan that if you don’t leave Adharm path, then you will also die like your friend Bali. Raavan gets angry and asks Meghnadh to kill Hanuman right away. Meghnadh gets his sword and strikes Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i’m watching this now while it says update in progress.

  2. whats precap?

  3. Priya15

    @VANSHU’s sis.. Hey dear tqs for this info… Pls say us abt her plsss.. It’s a request. . Don’t know how and I even didn’t know u l believe it or not.. I thought something bad as vanshu is not cmntng. . She l never be like that.. My fear came true.. Omg…. I m crying now.. Pls say Me how Is she now? ?? Is she is fine… Pls say to her “GET WELL SOON” she Knows her Priya sis.. I l surely pray for her.. After all she is my sis.. Pls take Care of her.. Pls say abt her health. . Notify us continuously.. Pls.. Consider me as ur sis.. And pls do this favour.. Will u?? ? Ya dear ur our family only.. But pls do this favour sissy… We really need to know abt her health condition… She is our cutie.. She is so close to our hearts.. So pls do this dear.. U l na???

  4. Priya15

    OK Jay di..

  5. Priya15

    I m not a doctor…
    But my heart says that. .
    U will have a speedy recovery…
    As u r n my heart
    this is for my sissy vanshu..

    Love u so much.. Miss u.. Get well soon..

    1. We all vl pray for you…get well soon… @vanshika sis

    2. Ya we all with you vanshu.please recover soon.???

  6. Tomorrow is madirakshi birthday….. Go the twitter and wish her……(if you have twitter account)…….. ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  7. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    welcome to our family ritika.. I’m also 9…sry fr late welcome…hw s vanshu?wat happened to her…I’ll surely pray fr her..

  8. Padmaja

    The epi was nice……

  9. Padmaja

    Pls ritika tell me dat how is our sissy now… Pls give some info about her… We r missing her badly…. Pls do this favour to us … Tell her that her sweet skr fmly is praying for her….. I want her to recover her soon… Love from our fmly??

  10. Gud episode and what happens to my dearest Vanshu?? Is everything fyn ? Love from skr family to her. Will surely pray for her and hope you all liked my ff on Shrutkirti

  11. Hi guys… I’m overwhelmed by your love.. By your love she’s fine.. Doctors have declared her out of danger…
    Priya di I’ll surely say her get well soon, once she gains consciousness. She’s still unconscious ?
    Srinithi dear thnx fr ur wishes
    Padma di she’s out of danger and that’s a big relief after so much blood wat lost,.
    Malvi dear I’ve NT read ur ff so give me links Okay ?..
    Thnx alot fr ur wishes once again..
    Love u ?

    1. We also love you sis.please continue to give update about vanshika ‘s health.?

  12. I’ll notify you once she’s conscious dears,, probably till tmrw… That biker surely must be ravan’s incarnation who hit our dearie?? and that bike ? would b pushpak vimana..

    1. What she is unconscious?? OMG pls don’t feel bad she will be fine soonest. By this accident she have tarnished sum of her Don’t worry she will be fyn soon and I’ll surely pray for my dear sister. Feeling so bad. Have faith in doctors and god. Vanshu will be all right and will Starr jumping from tomorroww !! For her good nature itself god will make her well. Prayers and love from me

      Malvi !! 🙂

  13. Seems like a nice episode… I missed it coz I was in hospital ?.. Feelin bad fr Akshay

  14. Riti please update us about her health whenever you can and ya a hearty welcome to this sweet family dear give our love to her we will pay for her.

  15. Jay

    Vanshika get well soon dear ……….our prayers are with U dear……..

  16. Superb episode. Hey vanshu get well soon. I miss u.

  17. Hello everyone …. I am the cousin of twinkle….(hope you guys remember her first she was a regular visitor of this site but nowadays she is not able to visit this site and the reason behind is that she is having a fracture in her left hand as she fell from stairs and she is lefty so she can’t type properly and today she was reading the comments when she came to know that her dear sister vanshika is hospitalized she asked me write comment on her behalf thats why I am writing for her ! get well soon vanshika dear from twinkle and her cousin hersha !

    guys please pray for twinkle !

    message from twinkle :

    love you all miss you all get well soon vanshu 🙂 !

    1. Get well soon…@twinkle

    2. Jay

      Not again…………………Get well soon twinkle ….

    3. Sure Hetsha every1 in our family getting sick and that’s OK twinkle and welcome to our group hersha 😉 will surely pray for twinkle.. Get well soon twinkle darling 🙁

  18. Vanshu di plz get well soon ….. I wish the biker who had hitten u should go to hell.. Lots of Love from ur sister swastika and from our sweetest sir family.. Plz get well soon di missing u terribly ???????

  19. Episode was just great… Feeling sad because tomorrow and day after tomorrow no skr

  20. Hey ritika di welcome to our sweetest skr family I am swastika frm jamshedpur I study in class7..plz keep giving us info of vanshu di’s health

  21. Oh god not again what’s all this one by one all are falling ill twinkle my dearie get well soon dear. Seems someone’s black eye has fallen on us may Siam protect us from all evils

  22. Guys please we had enough shock for now so please please take care of yourself all of you. I can’t take it anymore neither of us can so please for your sister please take care of yourself

  23. vanshu dear get well soon

  24. What’s this.. Now twinkle sis.. Get well soon

  25. omg!wts al this…i was happy that vanshu is out of danger…bt nw phirse twinkle ki sath..pls take care choti…get well soon dear… pls gd make my two sisters u both…miss u..

  26. I m writing first tym..this serial is jst awsm..

  27. Oh my twinkle sis…
    vanshu and twinkle recover soon that is now only my prair to god???
    We miss you both

    From-yours Nabanitadi❤?

  28. Oh it is our family?
    Every one conscious about vanshu and twinkle health
    But comments are so less???
    I think it is the lowest of all.please comment(who does not comment yet).vanshu and twinkle seriously need your all wishing.
    Love you all??

    1. U r so cheap nabanita here ur vanshika oops sorry vanshu and twinkle ur fake sis r nt well nd wht u care fr is comments seriously so much luv

      1. o pls meria di pls don’t speak in such a way. and who are fake sisters????????? u hv no right to tell nabanita di cheap. ok????????????????????????

      2. Meria pls mind ur tongue we know about our sisters u don’t have to tell us………

      3. Oh my God memedia who are you?actually I don’t recall your think that you are a part of this family?????????
        By only commenting anyone will not be a member of family and by the way I think you can not read English at all.I just told for commenting only for vanshu and twinkle (mind it)
        And who are you to tell me fake?
        You are cheap so you don’t think before once before comment ing anything.
        Thanks for commenting.

  29. a short poem for vanshu and twinkle :-

    1. jaldi jaldi thik hon jao
    thik ho kar tu page mein aayo
    tu page mein aakar hum sabh se phirse milo
    aur hum sabh se phir se milkar khush hon jao.

    1. Jay

      Nicee Vaidehi..So sweet of U……





  31. hi all

  32. Padmaja

    Omg i cannot hear more dan dis….pls god take care of everyone… My dear lovely sissyyys vanshu and twinkle pls recover soon dears… My prayers are always with u????…..pls give info abt dem always…. We r waiting for our lovely sissysss come back even more stronger….love frome sweet skr family???

  33. sad extremely

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