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Siya Ke Ram 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vibhishan saying Sahastra Raavan. Ram asks Sahastra Raavan? Vibhishan says yes, he is eldest son of Kaikesi, she knew he will be very dangerous and destructive, so Mata Kaikesi has visarjit/immersed him at the time of his birth, his soul was protected, it seems Mata has revived him again by taking Pitashri’s help, you have to kill this dangerous soul right now, else he will end vanar sena and entire earth. Sahastra Raavan laughs. Ram says we all can together kill him, Sugreev attack on him with entire vanar sena from all four directions. Sugreev asks his soldiers to come and leaves. Ram says Laxman to attack from east, Angad attack from north side and Hanuman you go and attack from sky/air route. They all leave. Ram goes ahead. Vibhishan looks on.

Sugreev tells his

army to fight with this Asur, he should not go alive from here, kill him, fight bravely. They all run to attack Sahastra Raavan. Sahastra Raavan hits and they all fall away. Angad and Jamvanth go to attack on him. Sahastra Raava hits on the ground and they too fall down. He laughs. Ram looks on.

Parvati says vanar sena will spread like a shred infront of Sahastra Raavan, I m worried, if anything bad happens in battle ground. Laxman goes to attack and shoots at Shastra Raavan. His arrow could not do anything. Ram and Laxman together shoot at him, and their attack fails. Sahastra Raavan emits fire balls from his mouth. Laxman continues to fight. He gets hit by the fire ball and falls. Ram gets worried. Sahastra Raavan laughs.

Ram runs to Sahastra Raavan. Hanuman flies in the air and irritates Sahastra Raavan, making him diverted. Ram shoots at Sahastra Raavan and nothing happens. Ram says there is just one way to kill him and prays. He gets a Divya bow and shoots. Sahastra Raavan catches fire, but all the fire gets blown off. He laughs. He throws some thunder light towards Ram. Hanuman comes in between and gets hit by the thunder bolt. Hanuman saves Ram and falls down. Ram tries to shoot. Sahastra Raavan attacks him with thunder. Ram falls down too. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Parvati says Sahastra Raavan is creating havoc, stop him, else he will create problem for entire world. He says its not in my control. She says but someone in the world would be able to stop him. He smiles.

Kaikesi beats plates and goes to Sita and Trijata. Kaikesi says everyone got killed, my son Sahastra Raavan killed Ram and entire vanar sena. Sita says impossible. Kaikesi laughs and says nothing is impossible here, if Trilokpati Lankesh can go to Kaal, who is ordinary human Ram, did you not hear about my son Sahastra Raavan, Sita go and see the battle ground, how your husband is fallen dead, like my son Lankesh lied in dust, same way Ram is lying there, go and see. Sita cries and runs. Kaikesi says go and see, you are the reason of their death. Sita goes to battle ground and sees Ram, Laxman, Hanuman and everyone fallen unconscious on the ground. She sees Sahastra Raavan laughing and gets fuming angry.

Sita shouts no and takes Bhadrakaali’s avatar. She comes infront of him, and gets ten hands and weapons. Mahadev and Parvati look on. She throws a sword at Sahastra Raavan, and hits him. He attacks with thunder bolt. She reverses that thunder bolt back to him with her Gada. He attempts again. He attacks on her and fails. She throws her weapons and he gets hurt. She throws her trishul and pierces one of Sahastra Raavan’s copies in behind. She jumps on him and fire blast occurs.

Sahastra Raavan gets killed. The Lanka palace shakes. Sita/Bhadrakaali gets away and sees Ram. Parvati says Devi Sita’s anger did not calm down even after killing Asur Sahastra Raavan, you have to do something. Mahadev says just Ram can calm her anger, this anger is because of everything she had to bear in Lanka because of Raavan, but Sita can’t forget her Patni Dharm. Sita/Bhadrakaali gets calmed down seeing Ram and cries. She gets back in Sita’s form. Ram wakes up and looks around. Sita gets relieved seeing him and her anger gets neutralized.

Trijata looks at Sita. Sita leaves. Ram says who has killed Sahastra Raavan. Laxman, Hanuman, Sugreev and everyone start getting up. They all chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram gets thinking.

Kaikesi cries and says Raavan died, my son Sahastra Raavan also got killed, Asur kul got ruined. Mandodari and Mayasur look on. Kaikesi says everything ended and laughs. Mandodari consoles her and says whatever was written for Asur kul’s fate happened. Kaikesi asks was destruction written in Asurkul’s fate, then why are you alive till now. She gets sword and attacks on Mandodari and Mayasur. They get away and ask what are you doing. Kaikesi says everyone will be ruined, but I will kill Sita first. She fumes.

Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Laxman pours water on Ram. Ram smiles. Kaikesi goes to kill Sita and says you have to die. She hits her with sword.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aman

    great ep sita as bhadrakali rocking ☺

  2. Shriya...

    Wow… interesting …

  3. Aman

    hey any word yesterday here written that they came to fight with sahastraravan after reaching Ayodhya and bharat shatrughn also in the war, may be, anyways great, loved sita today☺

  4. Hi guys !! Hope u r a doing well !!

    But after watching today’s episode my blood started boiling. In short I should say that Lanka kand the main part was an ultimate flop. Literally I never expected this !! How cool Mandodari is and including Sulochana !! After watching Ramnand sagar’s ramayana and nikhil sinha’s ramayana siya ke ram didn’t do the Lanka kand well!! Ayodhya part in siya ke ram was literally really really awesome !! The way kaikesi is acting is so unreal and Hanuman is also not bringing well !! 🙁 Yes ! I’m really waiting fr the Lanka kand to stop coz everything they are covering is incomplete. Can I know where is Shurphanka?? She is out of any identity !! Really sucks watching skr nowadays !! Seriously ? !!

    Guys I would have been harsh but nothing can be done !! The way the other monkeys are acting are truly truly unrealistic. That are just like that getting up and started to say ‘Jai sri ram’ and since sugriva is in battlefield his most dialogues are ‘Jai sri ram’ and nothing else !!

    Pls do reply if I was wrong !!

    1. Padmaja

      Hi malvi…. iam fine dear… and wat abt u???
      And ya the lanka kaand is not shown well…. but i hope skr will bounce back.. and reallly waiting for ayodhya scenes…

      1. I’m good Akka !! Hope it happens sooner

  5. this kaikesi is the real rakshasi , she leaves no chance to show her rakshasi roop

    1. Padmaja

      Hi varshini.. r u new here????

      1. Padmaja

        Oh I think u r belle right???u changed ur name ah???

      2. Yes di . U r right I am belle only . I finally got registered wid my real name . U can call me by any name Padma di ?

  6. amazing episode loved the part when sita kills sahastra raavan.waiting for tomorrow

  7. kaikesi is the core of destruction.if she had not encouraged his son result would be different.nice episode

  8. Aman

    hope trijata got answer of her question, she once asked sita if ram is vishnu, who is she☺

  9. now this sahastra ravan is also dead . now eagerly waiting for siya-ram milan

  10. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    coolio epi…can any1 explain me abut tomorrows promo

  11. i want lakshman – urmila milan soon because i just love lakshmila together . just waiting for the episode that they will get united

  12. Padmaja

    wow awesome Epi…. and finally sahastra ravan got killed…. happy for DAT…

  13. gokul krishnan

    Hi everyone!superb episode to see sita as mahakali! Poor kaikesi still didn’t realise the truth! But according to valmiki Ramayana, she will realise the truth beforehand and asks ravan to stop the war! Now agnipariksha will soon come!

  14. gokul krishnan

    Today superb episode to see sita in this avatar! Poor kaikesi still didn’t realise the truth! The root cause for ravan and his entire asur sena death is none other than his sister surpanakha! She only sowed the seed for the destruction!

  15. Awesome episode. But why they showed it so hurriedly. And one thing was completely disagreeing okay I say sahastra Raavan was very powerful but he failed brahmastra like it was some normal arrow. Rest part was good. Oh! Beard shaved Ashish and Karan and madirakshi in jewellery. Precap was nice. And kekasi gone mad.

    1. Yes I also agree with you…. SKR team failed to show that the power of brahmastra……. They show it very poor and normal arrow… Usually SKR ‘s arrow graphics are very bad………

    Have you ever seen any cute and beautiful daaku? If not then see her.
    Cutest couple. Shatrughn and Shrutkirti. Biceps.
    Three princes of ayodhya. Lakshman, Bharat and shatrughn. Airport
    Shatrughn shrutkirti selfie. Shoot mode.
    Cute devar with sweet bhabhis. Kunwar pratham aka shatrughn, prithvihatte aka Mandvi and yukti Kapoor aka Urmila.

    1. Jst awesome links bro

    2. nice pics

  17. Aman

    ya, first to comment ☺

  18. Hello everyone, u may have forgotten me , i didn’t comment since 3 days becoz of my studies my mid semi started and will last till Thursday so I’m busy with my studies
    Well coming to episode its rocking as usual
    And today is our beloved Ramji aka Ashish Sharma bday
    Wish u a happy birthday sir may god bless u with all happiness

    1. Padmaja

      Hi welcome back… n all the best for ur exams ☺☺☺☺

    1. Kya baat gain joy bro tumne kaamal kar die

      1. Sry its* kya baat hain joy bro tumne toh Kamal heen kar diye

  19. Sofie

    Awesome epi,waiting for next episode!

  20. Sofie

    Happy bday to Ashish aka ramji

  21. Hi guys . Don’t think i am a new member here . I am ur belle . I wanted to get registered wid my real name that is varshini . Yesterday only I could do that . U can call me belle or varshini ?

    1. Oh achha aisi baat hain…. Hahaha

    2. You have such a cute name is Tharushi but l like tharu name.

      1. thank u di , even ur name tharushi is also cute , but i am used to call u tharu di na

  22. Here they are chanting jai shree ram and there sita is dying…… OMG what a precap bhai !!!!! Btw vanshu were hv u vanished ???? Pls come back dearie…… U know guys the actor to play the role of valmiki has been chosen bt I hvn’t seen his pic…… Btw hw r u all??? Fine na??? Me too

  23. ???? bye ? guys see you soon ?

  24. wow this scene is from Adbutha Ramayan!!!!! Where calm Sita takes fierce kali avtar to kill raavan. Unfortunately this version of ramayan is less known by others.

  25. Sudeshna

    Awesome episode….. Hatts off to madirakshi she did a wonderful job in kali’s avatar…. Precap was soooo exciting our ashish aka ramji is back inhis cute look and laxman also…. Kaikaisi didn’t understand still not sita she is the mool of this epic war…. Skr bro thanx for the links and joy da thanx for ashish gift segment it was fabulous…

  26. Sudeshna

    Now plzz someone give the links of pics of ashish b’day celebration really wanting for it….. Queen are u new bere if so welcome to our beloved skr family and good that u had registered earlier

  27. Sudeshna

    Now plzz someone give the links of pics of ashish b’day celebration really wanting for it….. Queen are u new bere if so welcome to our beloved skr family and good that u had registered earlier ok guys see u soon

  28. Padmaja

    And suchii dear happy to see ur cmnt….. and we r fine dear….☺☺☺☺

  29. Sudeshna

    Sorry guys link is not correct but the the main news is that shakti singh is going to enter skr as valmiki

  30. Sudeshna

    Sorry guys link is not correct but the the main news is that shakti singh is going to enter skr as valmiki

  31. Sudeshna

    Guys if u want to see then go to the 1st link which can be opened and type their ‘shakti singh going to enter skr ‘ and u will get the answer sorry for these errors

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