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Siya Ke Ram 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita standing inside Laxman Rekha. Ram and Laxman come there. Laxman tells Sita that Ram has made Sampati free of his anger. Ram says no Laxman, it was Sita’s thought to make Sampati free of his bandhan. She says its such good deed to make someone free of some bandhan, and talks about bandhan set by oneself or others. Laxman says whatever I did was for your protection. Ram looks at her. She smiles and touches the Rekha, while Laxman asks him to stop. The Rekha breaks. Sita says there is difference between protection and bandhan, people think they protect others and bound others, they satisfy themselves doing this, I m able to protect myself, I did not need this protection, I know you want good for me. Laxman says I was just fulfilling my duty, I did mistake making this Rekha,

I will create such Rekha next time that you can cross and no one else can, I m sorry to hurt you, let me protect you for my heart peace. You see the jungle by other perspective, I m warrior and I sense danger everywhere, it should not happen that my fear comes infront of us as reality. Ram looks on.

Meghnadh is angry on his uncles/Raavan’s ministers for failing to kill Sugreev. Malyavaan looks on. Meghnadh asks what happened there. The man says we did as you said, we have beaten Sugreev a lot. Meghnadh keeps sword on their neck and says I want to know truth. They say they are Mandodari’s brothers, and asks him to move sword. They tell Meghnadh about the problem, Hanuman, we can’t do any harm to the monkeys till Hanuman is there, else we would have killed Sugreev, he has beaten us a lot. Meghnadh gets angry and says no one can come in between our victory mark, even ……. And calls Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu ask Meghnadh to command. Meghnadh asks do they remember Hanuman. Ketu says yes, he has insulted us. Rahu says we will take revenge from Hanuman. Meghnadh says its time to take revenge, go and teach him a lesson. Rahu and Ketu leave. Meghnadh’s uncles also leave.

Chatayu flies and sees the village. He informs Ram, Sita and Laxman that people returned to the place and there is peace, all because of you. Sita talks to him and asks about his brother Sampati. Sampati comes out of the den and smiles seeing sunlight. Chatayu says Sampati has broke all the bounds and flew in sunlight, he left this feather for me, he wants to spend his life in Brahma ashram, I m very happy seeing him. Sita says Sampati got free of his bounds and you got free of your Maryada, we are glad you can fly and stay freely. Chatayu says but I have no one else in this world, I got alone, I wish to stay with you all for some time. Sita smiles. Chatayu asks can I come here to this hut. Ram smiles and says don’t be hesitant, think this hut is your home and regard us as family, from today, you are not alone in this world. He holds Chatayu. Chatayu keeps his hand on his head. Ram blesses him.

Hanuman sees the sketch and says I m waiting for you, whenever I close eyes, I see you, how long will you make me wait. Rahu and Ketu come there and say you will see us when you open eyes. Hanuman smiles seeing Rahu and Ketu. He reminds how he has beaten them in his childhood. Rahu says we came to take revenge. Kahu says we are going to swallow the sun again, if you have courage, then stop us. Hanuman asks how dare you try to put grahan/eclipse on my Surya Dev. He rushes after them. Meghnadh’s uncles see this and laugh, saying Hanuman is gone, who will save Sugreev from us now. Hanuman says Rahu and Ketu did mistake to provoke me, I will see who will save them. He flies after them. Rahu says first you have to catch us. Hanuman smiles.

Sita prays infront of tulsi plant. Ram also dhyaan and prays. Laxman gives the good news that people who left by Rakshaks fear have come back to stay, they want to meet you, when shall I call them. Ram says no, we should go and meet them seeing their devotion, if they have any problem, we should help them. Ram and Sita smile seeing each other. Ram leaves with Laxman.

Sita hears some women crying and says why do I feel there is someone is big problem. A rakshasi woman and child move to the lake and are committing suicide, saying just death can end our sorrow now. All other Rakshaks families look on. Sita stops them and asks them to come. She asks the lady how was she helpless to take her son along, and why did everyone not stop her. The lady says we have no other way. Sita asks whats the reason of your sorrow. The lady says do you really want to know, then listen, you are the reason of our total sorrows, our state is because of you, we all became widows, our sons lost their fathers…. Sita gets shocked and asks because of me? The lady says yes, your husband and Devar killed our husbands to show their power.

Sita says Raghunandan can’t kill any innocent person, he killed the Rakshaks who were troubling Rishis. The lady says we are wives of those men, whats our mistake, they should have killed us and our children too. Another lady asks Sita to tell what is this justice to kill anyone without knowing truth, on what basis did they do this. The lady asks what did my husband do harm to your husband, do you know their enmity, why did our husbands die…. Look at them, your husband and Devar made all children orphan. The boy says my father went to get food for me and my mother says some sanyasis killed him, why did they kill my dad, tell me. Sita cries.

Hanuman comes infront of Rahu and Ketu, and is about to beat them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. true sister… Awesome episode…

    2. S twinkle…episode was suprr

  2. Hanuman’s scene was nice and funny. The flying sequence could have been better. It was not looking original. First time sita and ram both had no answer to laxman question. His fear will soon turn into reality.
    Raavan wanted to gain control of all the kingdoms powerful than his but why he didn’t want to take control of ayodhya . Didn’t he considered ayodhya powerful?

    1. Bro it was not a threat to him
      he had full control of the world
      i kbow it is not a satisfying answer

  3. Madirakshi with the producer at star parivaar awards.

    1. thanks 🙂

    2. Nice ..thnks bro….

    1. Thanks for link

  4. Superb epi..pls check yesterday day’s epi and reply to my request dearies?

    1. Yes sister….superb epi…

    2. Yes sister….agreed…superb epi…

    3. Di ur name is nyc only that’s not funny… Di I m not in fb and twitter

    4. Di I asked about ur ff and di when is ur xmzz are going to complete I m eagerly waiting for ur ff sis ……. I hope ur xm fnsh soon and u write ur ff…..

    5. yes sister agreed episode was superb ! and my guess was right you are nupur di 🙂

    6. S nupur aweome episode dear…

  5. nice episode… the conversation between sita and laxman…

    1. Doubts are cleared about that laxman rekha…really don’t know this laxman rekha part in Ramayana.. But skr showing some reasons for every situation (when ravan comes for kidnapping now sita vl cross laxman rekha)..
      Nice na..

      1. S bro i agree with u

      2. Me too agree anil and lakshman questions were true

    2. me too 🙂

      1. agreed *

  6. Sita will understand that they were just listening to ravan so ravan must be killed first
    so sitaharan will happen soon
    which society does not accept change must be destroyed
    missed the episode will catch the repeat

    1. Ram cant help appreciating sita
      he loves her so much

    2. agreed ! or watch it on hotstar !

  7. vanshika arora

    Laxman really cared fr his bhabi….i think sita was 2 much confident… Confidence is good, bt overconfidence is bad…

    1. Vanshika di imagine would u like housearrest
      we dont like overprotective nature right
      i feel it is just human nature

    2. If she was overconfident
      she could have replied no harm can come to me but both ram and sita dont answer him

    3. Yes sister…Laxman always takes care of RAM and sita…it’s his duty

    4. Yes dear even though I didn’t watch I felt that when I read this update

    5. its laxman’s duty dear Di to pritect sita mata 🙂

    6. S di its lakshman’s duty to take care of his bhabi and sita mata says only one thing that she can take care her self just with confidence. But agree lakshman has great respect and love towards sita and ram.

  8. Thx 4 the update

  9. Nyc epi poor sit a mata. It was not right fr the rakshasis to blame her

  10. Deblina chatterjee who is playin the role of Roma sugreev ‘s wife is playin the role of sita mata in sankat mochan mahabali hanuman!

  11. Hi guys actually I can’t even watch today’s I went outside to play and came now only I thought of coming home at 8 but my big bro said if u go alone u l see ghost I m really afraid of ghost so that I stayed there….. Immediately I came I read this update and now commenting here ….. Don’t know when I can see this show as bcoz my bro will do this daily I think as they all want me to spend time with them….. Anyways, I miss skr a lot…. Hope the epi was awesome…….

    1. Nice ghost story priya sister…I think ur bros are very funny…just kidding…

      1. Yes bro they are really funny they love to make me angry and then they itself come and pacify me…..bcoz of them I missed 2 epis

    2. hehee same goes with me 🙂 😛 😛

    3. ??? Suprr priya …. It hpns with me evertime during my visits

  12. Thank u so much amena di ur fast update means to me a lot nowadays tq so much diii u r just amazing di

    1. 🙂 agreed amena di is best !

    2. Agreed amena di always best she helps a lot 2all skr fans

    3. Tnks amena mam

  13. But u can see the episodes on hotstar priya di

    1. Ya stuti dear I will watch it once I came back to chennai bcoz I won’t get regular network here …

  14. Happy 2 see that some of the old members are commenting…hope the others come back soon…comments r finally reaching the 100’s after a while…hope they continue to do so…for all the new members, welcome to this sweet family…and as always, skr continues to be AWESOME!!!

    1. skr rocks dear !

      1. Yes it does di ?

    2. Hi srinidhi di after many days…….how r u?hope u will get well soon.I m also new tnq

      1. I m fine di, hope u r also fine…happy 2 see you here:)

    3. Me too happy dear

      1. Nice dp, jay di

  15. Hi dear sisters, I am back as I promised. Sanjana nce to see you comenting. All the very best for your exam, you are a gem. I loved today’s episode.

    1. hi di how are you ? 🙂

    2. S nabanita .. Lovely episode

  16. Yestetday’s epi was so nice…
    Mostly all scenes covered…sita,ram,lakshman scene,hanuman scene,lanka scene,jatayu and sampathi scene…but anyhow no ayodhya scene and missing urmila

    1. me too missed urmila , mandavi etc 🙂

    2. Me too miss urmila.. &ayodhya scenes

  17. Me too sanju di all the best fr ur xms

  18. Supreetha (Soups)

    The best part of Siya ke Ram is that they give a hint in advance of what’s going to happen in the future. The sanyasini telling Maharani Sunaina about Vanvaas, The Dhobi planning for revenge from the family for sending his daughter to exile and now the dialogue which Lakshman gave….fabulous….this makes us fall in love with the serial, our gods and our history and mythology…..Love SKR from the bottom of my heart ???

    1. AGREED DI ! 🙂

    2. Yup…agree with u sister…someone feels it’s boring and dragging but the show becomes interesting because of these scenes…

    3. Agreed supreetha di

    4. Supreetha (Soups)

      Did you guys check out the quiz? I’ve not been able to see the comments for a while now….hope you liked it 😀

      1. yes di and i answered too ! please check out my answers 🙂

    5. S supreetha i AGree they r preparing for future… ..

    6. I agree with u di

  19. Cute episode. I donno why sita and ram provoke every step of lakshman. A lakshman’s pain only a lakshman can know. Haha ! Waiting fr surphanakha’s
    Entry with ram, sita and lakshman 😉

    1. 🙂 agreed di !

    2. s dear i agree

  20. It looks emotional when chatayu keeps ram’s hand on his head and when hanuman looks at ram’s sketch na!

  21. Can anyone tell me will RAM kill Bali?and also waiting for answer sita gives to that rakshasi women

    1. S dear He will….

  22. Hi everyone. I have been a silent reader. Can I join u all??

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Welcome dear 🙂 may we know about you? I’m Soups….you can call me by name or di however you like it 🙂 sorry if the question is personal

      1. Thanks for the welcome

    2. Welcome dear to the sweet skr family I’m Thanmathi from TN waiting for my 10rh results

      1. Hi thanmathi di… Thanks for the welcome….

      2. I’m not ur di dear I’m as same age as you here we address people who are older than us as di

    3. welcome dear di 🙂

    4. Haiii Thejashri. Welcome to the skr family dear . Happy to hv u .
      Myself jay suriya from TN , working in mumbai.

      1. Thanks for welcoming jay di and twinkle

    5. Welcome to skr family thejashri sister….

      Myself anil,doing masters of engineering…

    6. Welcome sis….I’m waiting for my 10th boards result

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  23. Hi supreetha. I am in 10th standard and I am from tamilnadu… May I know abt u….

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      I’m getting into undergraduate degree now. I’ve finished my 12th and waiting for results 🙂

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        I speak Tamil too

      2. Hi supreetha di… I too speak Tamil….

  24. Haiii frdzz Gd afternoon
    Does anybody know when is result for 10th tamilnadu board.

    1. Even I want to know that di….

  25. Awesome episode frdzz . lakshman aLways care for ram & siya…. Love lakshman.

    1. me too love laxman 🙂

    2. Yes sis…awesome epi..

    3. Obviously di who love ram and sita must love Lakshmila???

  26. Hi tejashri welcome to our skr family. Sorry 4 the late welcoming. I’m stuti from TN

    1. Thanks for welcoming stuti

  27. I meant tejashri di

  28. Hi tejashri di I m meghana studying 9th class.we will happy if u join di welcome to sweet home dear di

  29. Guys i love skr but i have few complaints
    u remember sumithra question to sita when she decides vanvas wont ram be worried about her sitas answer seemed so selfish like wont i be worried if he goes to forest
    her answer could have better like i will make ur son complete
    a selfless love made selfish love
    and the bhabi devar relation is not portrayed properly
    And is ram made a supporting character of ramayan skr makes me think so i mean as though caught between wife and brother
    did skr forget he was maryada purushottaman
    I mean sita is so polite so she should explain properly to laxman
    and dragging hanuman scenes i mean rahu ketu scenes all are not needed i feel
    and ravan lanka scenes are so disproportionally placed i mean it is good they are showing but it should be shown crisp and fast like the focus can be shown on ravan afterr sita is abducted na
    Why show now itself
    pls i love skr but since few days i felt these and i will always skr just a few changes should be made as sita mata and raghunandar are worshipped and their life values are portrrayd well but even a single mistake cannot be appreciated
    hats off skr team for thought provoking trulf from sita perspective amazing visuals
    superb dialogues and practical and logical reasoning just a few areas to be addressed
    i am so sorry guys just my opinion and pls tell if i am wrong
    I am sorry if i have hurt u and i have never told anything against skr and am always defensive but this is just my opinion maybe i am wrong i may feel bcoz i dont understand hindi much too i dont know
    i am sorry dear family for such a comment but i feel this
    god bless u all
    welcome tejhashri
    have posted 2 analysis pls check it out
    if u didnt expect this from ur dear sister i am sorry
    But let me know ur opinion

    1. Agree with u sanjana di it is some what dragging some mistakes were done even sometimes lakshman look sad or disappointed when sita explains his mistake but actually he has understand it with patience.

    2. If I was wrong pls rectify me di

    3. even i agree with you skr should portray laxman and sita relation properly 🙂 well still love skr 🙂

    4. Hi Sanjana…. Thanks for the welcome….
      I too agree with u …. Yes they are dragging the show

      1. Sanjana can u tell me which r the two analysis that u hv posted??

      2. There are more than 12 analysis if u want i wilk share link after i go home
        now in my native place
        i have posted two today will notify u as soon as it gets published
        thanks for being supportive
        can i call u teju?

      3. OK sanjana send me the links later….
        Yes u can call me teju….

    5. Agree sanjana dear again no sorry between sisters

    6. Hai sanjana sister…yes sis agree with u..little bit dragging in show…I feel the same with Lanka part…but show makers doing good job..
      anyway I think u don’t know me…myself anil…from telangana state…

      1. I know u very well anil bro maybe u dont know me

  30. welcome tejashri di. ??????? ????
    A new rainbow entered family

    1. Thanks for welcoming….

  31. Sanjana di u don’t need to say sorry coz I understand even I too feel the same. Nd u say u don’t understand much Hindi so there is no need to say sorry yes even I have the same complaints but I too love skr

  32. Sometimes it happenes di but skr is lovely and I love it a lot and lot

  33. Hi guys sry I didn’t comment tdy actually my sis come today after finishing her CLG so that we both were hanging out so that now only I came waiting for tdy’s update hope to know wt hpn… Missed u all a lot di’s and frnds and bro’s and tejasree welcome to our cute family I completed my 10th and waiting for results wt about u??? Missed u all alot guys….

  34. I didn’t watch the episode pls give summary at least
    Amena Di where are u

  35. today’s update????

  36. Someone atleast give summary of Siam scene of there were any

    1. Di I didn’t see today’s epi

  37. Anybody pls say me wt hpn tdy can’t wait to know about it???

  38. oh no guys…missed the epi…pls anyone who watch the show give update…

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