Siya ke ram 3 may an analysis


No man can live as an island and everything in life has a purpose was the interpretation from the first scene. Ram killed virat but not without laxman it was a collective effort. Only Sita can sense Rams pain and she does the aid. A daughter can’t bear her fathers insult. When she hears ravan name her blood boils for he insulted her father. Laxman believes that nothing is impossible for them but Sita righty says in no case should we underestimate our enemy. Whatever we do we have to with our heart and soul into it. Learning is never a waste and now the practical knowledge they gained from vishwamitra will be put to use. The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance it is the illusion of knowledge. Knowledge is having the right answer and intelligence is asking the right question. Bhoomija speaks with plants how lovely is the silence of growing things. She grows them to give company to ram after her abduction. If u look closely enough amid the merciless u may find something good and ram goes to be merciful and shoorpanakha is impressed by ram but can she understand that ram is only Siya ke ram. A burnt child dreads the fire she will understand only when it is too late. The difference between love and lust will be highlighted today and loyalty of humans is a thing rakchas has to learn what do u think??????
Sugriv intelligently warns Vali that the enemy may have a motive but ego stops Vali from listening. The brothers relation has a lack of trust if only it existed. The chance Vishnu gave is over now Vali death will play a prominent role in saving Sita. There is fear of sugriv to Vali whereas he respects his brother but even laxman respects ram but there exists no fear and that is true brotherly love I guess

Faith has many rooms but there is a room of doubt in each floor for if faith exists it has to be tested isn’t it
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Credit to: Sanjana

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