Siya Ke Ram 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vibhishan walking in the Lanka Sabha along with Ram, Laxman and others. Vishravas and Kaikesi bless him. Vibhishan sits on the throne. His Raj tilak and Rajya Abhishek is done. Mandodari gives the crown to Laxman. Laxman crown Vibhishan. Everyone chant for Vibhishan. Vibhishan says we have to leave towards Ashok vatika to meet Devi Sita. Laxman says I will get Ram and come.

Ram stands near the sea shore and looks on. His inner self of Raghukul king Ram appears and tries to make him realize the Raghukul Maryada and customs. He says Ram, I had to come on right time to protect….. Ram asks for whose protection. His inner self asks what does Sita call you. Ram says Raghunandan. His inner self says I had to come to save that Raghukul.

Ram gets worried and says

no……. she is my wife, my Sita, she did not leave supporting me for a moment and did not let me divert from my duties, Ram is nothing without Sita. Ram starts leaving. His inner self stops him and says no one has doubt that there is no one pure than Sita, but remember this is the time when you have to understand you are not just a husband, but also a king, who sets examples for others, and who places Dharm and for whom customs are the priority, you have given many tests to save Maryada, but its time your biggest test will start. He disappears.

Laxman comes and tells Ram that everyone is ready to go to Ashok vatika, everyone is waiting for you. Ram says tell Devi Sita that I want her permission to meet her. Laxman gets shocked and asks Devi? Ram asks him to go. Laxman says sorry, I don’t understand. Ram says this is not easy, obey the command. Laxman says sure and leaves.

Laxman goes to meet Sita. Sita happily meets him. He greets her. She looks behind for Ram. He touches her feet. She blesses him and says I m very happy seeing you. He says I m also happy, but I m waiting when you and Ram unite again, but Ram asked your permission for meeting you. She asks permission? She says the moment for which we both gave tests, how can I become hurdle for that moment, you go soon and get Ram. Laxman says I will get him soon and leaves.

Trijata says I will arrange aarti plate to welcome Ram. Sita says Mata, I want you to be with me when Ram comes infront of me. Trijata says yes, I will come soon.

Laxman goes to Ram and says Bhabhi has given permission, everyone is waiting to meet her. Everyone of vanar sena and Asur kul go to meet Sita. She looks for Ram. Vishravas, Kaikesi, Hanuman, Jamvanth, Sugreev, Vibhishan and everyone greet her. Ram walks to Sita. Her eyes wait to see him. Sita sees him and happily cries, as her long wait got over. Music plays………….

Everyone smile. Ram signs Hanuman. Hanuman nods. Hanuman requests everyone to give some time to Ram and Sita. They all leave. Ram and Sita see each other. Ram siya………..plays…… Ram forwards hand to hold her. Sita holds his hands. They both get flowed in emotions. Flowers shower on them from the sky. Ram and Sita cry. Ram takes his hand away and gets back.

Ram recalls his inner self’s words. He calls her Devi, and she gets shocked. It starts thundering. Ram says you had to face many sorrows and troubles because of me, I failed to protect you in jungle, and then to find and get you took much time, you were tied to me till now, but today I free you from all the relations. Sita gets shocked.

Ram says you are free from today, you can go anywhere in the world except Ayodhya, if you want, you can stay here in Lanka or Kishkindha. Trijata comes and looks on. Ram says you can stay in Mithila if you want, but Devi you can’t return to Ayodhya with me. Sita and Trijata get shocked. Trijata stumbles hearing this and leaves.

Sita wipes her tears and asks but why such thing Raghunandan. Trijata comes to everyone and aarti plate falls. She says disaster…. She stumbles. Angad holds her and asks what happened Mata, is everything fine. Trijata cries and tells Laxman and everyone that Ram has told Sita that she can’t return to Ayodhya with him. Everyone get a big shock. Laxman asks what are you saying, you are mistaken. Trijata says no, I have heard this from Ram, he was calling Sita as Devi, it’s a disaster. Laxman recalls Ram’s words and says Ram can’t do this, I will go and talk to him. Everyone rush.

Sita says you don’t decide anything without thinking or a reason, I want to know what is the reason for this decision, you are standing infront of me and my ears are longing to hear Sita from you. Ram says you said true Devi, there is a reason and that’s…… Laxman and everyone come there. Laxman says Bhaiya…. is this true that Sita is not returning to Ayodhya with you. Ram says its true, there is a reason behind this. They all get shocked.

Surpanakha asks what will people say, Sita has stayed with Raavan, is she pure or not. Laxman shouts Surpanakha. Sita says I will give Agni Pariksha, if I don’t get burn in this fire, it will be proved I m pure. Laxman says no…. Ram looks on. Sita walks inside the fire…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Was crying when ram calls sita as devi….. and monday is agnipariksha…. an emotional epi…. and i didn’t able to control myself frm crying…. sita is heartbroken now…. and i wonder how ram able to talk like dis….. and how he feels when he talked in dis way…. he has made his stronger to utter dis words…….

  2. Jay

    |Registered Member

    again we hv to wait for agnipariksha…………………..Interesting precap….

    Happy B’day my dear Suchi sis…

  3. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Happy bday suchetana……. many more happy returns of the day…. may god bless u with all the happiness…. ☺☺☺☺☺☺…

  4. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys is that only me who felt like this👇👇👇

    When lakshman came to meet siya by calling bhabhi i felt like… One kid who is lost in Mela finds his ma and ran to her with so much happiness…. I felt like lakshman ran to his bhabhi like this..and sita came to lakshman like a ma sees her son after a lot time..doesn’t that seen was like this???

    Do u anybody felt the same???but i felt it….pls share ur views..i m waiting to see ur replies…

  5. SKR fan

    Awesome fabulous fantastic superb episode. This Milan was equivalent to that when they first met in Gauri temple and in brahmarishi vishwamitra’s askram. Everyone was getting aside when shri ram was coming towards Mata sita in that episode also and in this also. The song was also mind blowing.
    Raavan’s crown looked more majestic than that of vibhishan’s.
    But one thing I really don’t like about siya ke ram is that they always shadows shri ram’s qualities to show Mata Sita’s qualities.
    Monday the Agnipariksha day.

  6. SKR fan

    Sweetest Bhabhi with cutest devar. Madirakshi and Kunwar Pratham.
    Trijata and madirakshi friendship.
    Maharani Sumitra, maharani kaikayi and guru vashisht. No make up.
    Kunwar pratham and sujay reu selfie after pack up.
    Lankans. Lankadheesh vibhishan, sulochana and trijata.
    Lanka and vanar sena scenes over. Neel, visharav and kekasi back in Mumbai. Will miss you.

  7. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    please kill this surphankha .she has no right to live .why society rules are such important where you have to check chastity of your own wife.lord mahadev has never ask about such question .someone please ask about character of surpankha.such a shameless woman I have never seen in my life

  8. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Guys….one qn..y always all raja leaves there pati darma for raj darma???in both ramayan and Mahabharata its the situation……

    I hate this rajdarma just bcoz of this… It may be a pride for every men but it always result by doubting a girls self respect at the end.. Isnt it????

    Raja always become weak infront of it..y so ????isn’t rajdarma is an injustice for a girls respect.. Think of siya and draupadi.. Whose life has become a tragedic one ….and now its a nightmare of every girl in today world….in last two months many girls were killed by boys in public places..but nobody cared abt it…y???that happened at that time its happening…par ha ek baat toh sach hai..i felt like crying by seeing siya and ram..saath hokar bhi rajdarma ne ram ko siya se alag kardi hai saath ki khushi nibha nahi paya ram ne???..😢😢😢

    Pls share ur views.. Let us discuss abt it?????waiting to see ur replies…

  9. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    A very happy bday to my sissy suchi…. Have a great year ahead…. I want to give u a gift thats I M ALWAYS THERE FOR U…u can share anything with me…i l help u in any circumstances…. May u get all the things which u want in ur life… Stay blessed sweetie..

  10. Nabnaita

    Hi all, I know all of the SKR viewer are feeling the same as I am right now, however as I watched the show it seemed to me that even today, many girls and women have to prove themselves again and again, just like Sia, the world never changes for women. Anyways, coming back to show, the makers are missing some important parts. I have referred to Ramayana and many related scriptures, which clearly states that Laxmana was furious, for the first time on Shri Rama, for allowing Sia to go through Agni parikhsha, it was the first time in his life, he spoke against his elder brother and said this was not right and he is not going to obey him. I wonder if this would be shown in the show or not. Also, it was Sita who agreed to go to Agnipariksha and calm down Laxmana.
    Also, I did not got a chance to comment for an earlier episode, which is about mata shakti puja., when Rama offers 108 blue lotus to devi durga, here it is shown as pink lotus, which is incorrect. Also Lord Rama had blue eyes, so he was ready to sacrifice one of his blue eyes for the Puja. However Ashish and Mudrakshi, was superb, but today Rama represented that male population who puts dharam ahead of relationship, just like judicial system, even after knowing the innocent. Ver touchy episode.

  11. Joy

    One of best best episode till now……… No need to describe………. Precap will another milestones for SKR and viewers… 😂😂😂😀😀❤💚

  12. Nabnaita

    I would also like to add on to the 108 lotus customs, this is how durga puja started, it is called in bengali as akalbodhon, you can refer to wikipedia for details,. Previously, Durga puja was celebrated during different month of the year, after lord rama summoned Maa Durga through Sakti Puja to kill Ravana, Durga Puja started during this time. Also, killing Ravana had contribution from many devatas, who contributed many weapons to lord Rama, this part has not been shown. However very sad after today’s episode. Rama should had stood by, Sita, but unfortunately, he did not 🙁

  13. nish

    Ridiculous this is the reason I hate our customs our extra false beliefs.
    There is a beautiful gujarati hymn on this “mara ram tame sitaji ni tole na aavo” which means “my dear lord Ram you can never be as great as Sitaji”. Coz she left palace n went to forest for you leaving her duties and comfort but when time came for her to be banished that too in pregnancy you chose duty over her. What is such maryada purshuttom who couldn’t give a good life to wife n children. Its not uttom uttom was and is the Krishna avatar and still radha remained pleading all her life which states no human is perfect even god becomes imperfect if in human incarnation.

    • Sanjana

      |Registered Member

      I am sorry but I differ. To sum up in 2 lines as I have exams
      He waged the war for her and she showed the world for whom the war was waged.
      By taking blame for her exile he vindicated her then and forever.
      The maryada purushottam was not just siya ram also raghunandar
      And without that trust Sita had in him Ram would never have been Maryadapurushottam. Because he allowed his wife to walk in front because he knew only then he can do both duties. Never mind she went ahead of him and he became Siyaram.
      Credit to: shrutiravi from IF
      Ram also trusted siya immensly knowing that she wouldn’t go to
      mithila or anywhere. And u can’t deny the fact ram too suffered
      Now why as I have said
      Raghukul seems perfect but injustice happens to people like shanta. Siya ram changes that by becoming victims. for what happens to shanta what happens to sita painfully and finally brings justice.
      The maryada purushottam never failed as a husband. His love gave her strength to raise kids.
      Indirectly till sita goes inside bhoomi he is a father and after that he takes over full responsibility no matter how broken he is.
      It is Narayan Narayani leela and in uttarkand and it is Lakshmi who plays a pivotal role
      Jai siya ram
      More to follow in analysis whenever I post it.

      • nish

        Sanjana mythology depicts Lord ram as great i don mean to oppose you that he was not maryadapurushuttom or to say not a good husband. but his love gave her strenghttho live in forest and brining up children and all is just too fancy for me be practical love cannot give her the food for her children the woods for cooking food cloths to wear or roof on head for rains from queen she had to live like an asthetic and i personally beleive the power which leads your home to sorrow is useless what did it teach us that women are indeed the less blessed one of god if a man had three wives he was pious but if the women was kidnapped and kept hostage she was impure this and this was the only thing the justice taught us done by lord himself. I recomend all here to once read SITA by devdutt patnaik and empathize the pain of the aftermath of valmiki ramayan the untold part of her struggle to survive in odds and protect her children when at least no one was with the princess of mithila the queen of ayodhya to do her help in delevering children. Be it or not it shows women are mere show off pride for men. And god forbid if sita deleivered girls they wouldnt be accepted as love and kush were they would be made maids in our so called great RAJDHARMA.

  14. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    I know sita is true but we all are looking through sita perspective but one time just look through ram’s perspective one time.he is fighting with his faith he is trying to avert this situation .surpankha is responsible for this.why always rajdharm is greater than patidharm.wife’s responsibilty is also a priority

  15. Tanu88

    |Registered Member

    Hey skr fans
    Today’s was an emotional moment but being an Hindu I can’t curse hindu tradition and can’t praise it after seeing this Agni pariksha. That’s why in my opinion Hindu religion is full of rules and regulations.

    Anyways i have a question to u all
    When I was watching skr and surfing the fanfics of skr a doubt appeared in my heart that is

    This is not any attempt to discourage the serial but my silly doubt I got
    So sry if I hurt anyone’s feelings

    Waiting for next epi
    And bud n8 di’s

  16. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    we can’t blame one thing .they have incarnated on earth with a motive .they are confined by curse of rishi atri who is father of bhargavi which is a previous birth of sita .they would be separated after each birth and at the end of the birth they will be together so no need to be the end they will meet in heaven

  17. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    Hey I am back after 9 days.I was missing you guys for a long time.hope you all remember me☺☺☺
    @such I
    So sorry for belated birthday wishing🎂🎁🎀🎊🎉

  18. Anjali

    Wow wt an epi , such an emotional epi I felt like crying I’m eagerly waiting for Monday and Ashish Sharma , he is beyond amazing
    Aman bhaiyya is that true skr is ending on sep30 is it an official announcement , I don’t want skr to end so soon
    I wish this should be a rumour

  19. siya ke ram

    Happy birthday to my loveliest sweetest cutest and dearest sis koyel aka vaidehi…….. May lakshminarayan bless u wid all their might….. Stay blessed cutie pie

  20. Anjali

    I agree with u Shivani everyone r looking through sita’s perspective but just once look also through RAM’s perspective he had undergone such a pain , apart from a husband he is also a king he has so many responsibilities and duties to perform he is bounded by Raj dharm and he is forced and pressurised to do all these (agnipariksha and sita’s exile )
    Sorry if i hurt anyone or anyone’s feeling , I’m not rubbing this on anyone this is my opinion

  21. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Hey i accept everything wat everyone told… but if we see in rams case, he was just against his heart and talking out words which would affect his siya…. but he want the world to know abt her purity… i am just thinking how he said these words in front of her, how he kept his heart strong to speak these words…. really he was in verryyyy pathetic state….. one side his beloved wife n on the other side his raj dharma…
    Pls share ur views guys…

    • Shriya...

      |Registered Member

      Yes.. Ram was also correct.. He had to follow so many I don’t think ram was wrong but he should not doubt his own wife calling Devi he should say her to prove her purity to the world not to him.. Sry if I hurt anyone’s feelings

  22. Sanjana

    |Registered Member

    what Ram talks to Sita. He tells he has failed as a husband as he couldn’t protect her and he took so much time to reach her. Note the play of words there. Why he had to take the role of Raghunandan is because he failed as Ram. If he had protected her, she wouldn’t have had to stay in Lanka.
    And if she hadn’t stayed in Lanka
    then she could have gone back to him. It is his failure that is forcing him to give her the liberty. Not her impurity.
    Credit to: shrutiravi from IF
    Pls pray for me as my exams are going on
    As promised will post analysis after exams for AP.

  23. Seema Patel

    I feel sorry for Sita. How can Ram say that to her, Sita is his wife, and it is not Sita’s fault she was kidnapped by Ravan. Does Ram care more about his wife, or what other people think? Very sad episode 🙁

    • Shivani

      |Registered Member

      sita is a shadow of ram and he just want to expose this so called society.he stood always with her .she got the strength from ram .sita=ram they are always together not physically but mentally and spiritually.

  24. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    What an emotional 😢 cum sad episode…. Dont know how ram must have got the strength to adress sita as Devi!!! OMG I got big shock when he said that.. Dint he wish to utter siite… Don’t know how Sita ma must b managing….. N dat silly surpankha still dint get any sense I was feeling to cut her mouth 👄. She hasn’t any right to speak like that…
    Today’s episode was full of superb performance by the actors also.. Madirakshi dii was fabulous lyk always bt still I gt tears seeing this episode… OMG..

  25. Sanjana

    Why raj dharm hold more significance is that Bcoz pati dharm is personal dharma that’s for greater good in Ramayan. What happens in the infamous hall of dice in the name of dharm is not dharm and for that Pandavas suffer vanvas. Why ram banishes the queen of Ayodhya is that for the people to listen to u they have to respect u. Ram Rajya the perfect land till date only Bcoz of Siyake sacrifice and ram acknowledged it and again the golden effigy of Sita asserting it was never his wife he vanished just the queen of raghukul. Luv Kush defeat ram indicating that dharm lied on the side of Sita. Only when Sita goes back to earth do the people realise. When the whole burden of raghukul fell on him Sita silently did the necessary but he suffered as much yet he didn’t want Sita sacrifice to be wasted so he went to establish the perfect Rajya

    Narayan avatar shows the world how to follow dharm in any circumstance.
    My separate analysis will be on shruthi( the laws of God) Smrithi( the changing human laws which has been worse in Kali hug) and prakriti( nature ie is Sita) and Sanskriti (culture ie is ram)

  26. Sanjana

    |Registered Member

    @shriya ram called her Devi bco he frees of relation and if he tells to the world would she ever leave him. It is she who chooses agnipariksha and that was the right decision. Ram trusted siya for he waged the war and he knew she would come unscathed out of the fire that was the level of trust.
    @ nish it is not Hinduism that emphasises so but wrong interpretations as in our culture even husband name after wife was not followed sita was not known mrs ram. It is Victorian culture that introduced it and the new show namkaaran will blame sanathana dharm for it. It is Sanathana dharm which tells right but it is upto us to follow it only in our religion we have Krishna playing flute( murali manohar)
    @nabanita ram in no way represented the judicial system he expose the hypocrisy in it. He can’t be considered a male population of that era bcoz if he had taken AP he would have come unscathed for he was loyal to just wife. Indirectly ram was only defending sita pls read my reply to nish in separate comment.
    Thanks shruthi di for giving me this perspective I dedicate this to her.

    • Shriya...

      |Registered Member

      I know why Ram called Sita Devi dear.. I just wished ram didn’t call Sita as Devi.. I had concern for Sita as she was shocked and even sad.. Nothing else more…

  27. Sanjana

    |Registered Member

    Will elaborate on how ram exposed it later.
    And namkaaran hope I am proven wrong. I wish to be proven wrong. The promo seems to me that the makers will research hope for the best but after skr, sp is getting a proper show after long namkaaran. But if they end skr as said by sept 30 I am quitting sp.

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      A very very very happy happy belated birthday wish 🌠 fr my sweetie sister suchi 🎂 🎂 🌠 🎂🎇🎆🎈🎉🎊🎈🎁🎀🎁💐💐🍮🍧🍨🍦🍩🍪🍦🍫🍪🍫 kip smiling 😊 lol 😁 means lots of love ❤..,enjoy ur life ❤ n remember ur sissie 😊 is always there fr u..

  28. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    The truth behind Sita’s Agnipariksha. Did Rama really ask her to jump in the fire?

    What “makes” educated women consider a man who burnt his wife as a Bhagwan/role model ?

    Your premise is wrong, and hence your conclusion is way off the cliff.

    There are two ways of looking it . If you’re NOT a believer then you should NOT believe in a fairy tale that a “Superwoman” entered into the fire without getting hurt. As you are NOT a believer so logic dictates that you should scrap the whole episode as hogwash . Since you are citing supernatural imaginary story to deride Rama and at the same time you are a disbeliever. Your position is contradictory. Your contradiction cues perfidy . Your perfidy confirms that you have an AGENDA.

    Your internal contradiction and false dichotomy is enough evidence to deduce the only logical inference that you’re a LIAR with an agenda.

    I couldn’t get to find your fantasy anywhere. The perfidy of people like you in Journalism and politics like baffle me . How can you be so dishonest ?

    Clearly , you have NOT read Valmiki Ramayana. Nowhere in the Valmiki Ramayana did Rama command Sita to jump in the fire. I will stop writing if you back your position with evidence. This is for the believer and ardent Hindu, I URGE disbeliever NOT to waste your time.

    Valmiki had enough described about every question; We probably can have and dealt with them in great detail. People who talk without even looking into what has actually happened criticize Rama and get away from Sita’s mercy. Let’s not be a part of that mob and try to spread wisdom to everyone with whatever truth we know. Now lemma explain the episode of Agnipariksha, but let me take you back to Sunderkand before explaining it. Ramayana OR any historical literary sources are like Jigsaw puzzle. Each episode in isolation conveys very little . Together they make you understand the real meaning of the source.

    When Hanuman’s tail was lit, the rakshasas started displaying him in the streets of Lanka. Sita heard the news and prayed to Agni like this.

    yadyasti pati susrUshA yadyasti charitam tapah yadivAtyEkapatnItvam sItO bhava hanUmatah yadi kinchidanukrOsastasya mayyasti dhImatah yadivA bhAgyasEshOme sIto bhava hanUmatah yadi maam vritta sampannAm tvam samAgama lAlasaam savijAnAti dharmAtmA sIto bhava hanUmatah

    The last sentence in bold means: If Dharmatma Rama knows that I am chaste, sIlavati and am waiting for his arrival, then O Agnideva stay cold to Hanuman. And due to this satya-vachana, Agni stayed cold to Hanuman. The when Hanuman found that Agni was not burning him, he understood that,

    sItAyAschAnrisamsEna tEjasA rAghavasyacha

    This is the greatness of Sita who is the teja of Rama.

    After he burnt Lanka, he turned back and saw it getting engulfed in fire, he was disheartened that Sita might have gotten caught in fire. Again, he thought for a second and said to himself convincingly that,

    athah chAru sarvAngI rakshitA svEna tEjasA nasishyati kalyAnI nAgni ragnau pravartate

    Sita herself is an Agni who can save herself with her brilliance. How could Agni burn Agni?

    There is a reason all these incidents should be known before going to the final incident. One, we will have complete understanding of the dharma in Ramayana. Second, we will know a lot more than concentrating on one incident.

    Sita did Agni-pravesh voluntarily, to die. Reasons will come later. The incident finally became Agnipariksha. The important thing is Rama never told in words to Sita to prove her chastity!

    Kaikeyi’s first wish was that Rama has to go to forest 14 years and not Lakshmana and Sita. Dasharatha never said this with his mouth that Rama has to go to forest. It is not pitru vakya pAlana that Rama did. It is pitru satya pAlana. Then he took permission from his mother though she was reluctant first. He then came to Sita and told her that this is all what happened and he has to go to forest immediately. Rama tells her to live the 14 years serving the elders and practicing penance. Sita says she will come with him and serve him in the forest. But Rama objects and says forest is very dangerous and she would have a hard time there. Sita persists and start crying for his behavior.

    Then Rama says

    na dEvi tava duhkhe na swargamapyabhirOchumE

    If you cry, even Swarga is not pleasing to me.

    tava sarva mabhiprAyamavignyAya subhAnanE vAsam narOchayEranyE sakthimAnapi rakshanE

    Even though I am capable of protecting you in forest, its not good to order you to come to forest with me without knowing your strong opinion. This is required because, already the world has criticized Rama very well for his deeds towards Sita in the name of women abuse, but Rama has at every place tried to show Sita’s greatness and after every incident Valmiki reveals the reason lucidly.

    Finally Rama ordered her,

    sAhidhistAna vadyAngI vanAya madhirEkshanE anugucchasva mAm bhIru saha dharma charI bhava

    Now O Sita, come along with me and become my dharma chArini.

    Thats all Rama says.

    But Sita herself says something which clarifies this; It is now that the Agnipariksha takes place, when Sita says in grief-

    kAthinyam rAja dharmam

    The king’s dharma is very rigid. You have shown me the grief one tapasvI would feel when penetrated with such sharp words. I have said the same to Lakshmana when he was reluctant to go when mArIcha came as the golden deer and imitated your voice. Then she orders Lakshmana to set up fire. Before going into fire, she says to Rama, I wold like to say only one word. You and me are not different as the sun and his light. Then she walked towards the fire.

    Valmiki then explains the state of Rama for the grief he had and Sita’s hurt feelings which left her no reason to live.

    dadhyau muhUrtham dharmAtmA bhAshpa vyAkula lOchanah

    Rama, who was the dharmAtma closed his eyes and tears flew out of them.

    Sita has now entered agni. All the devathas along with brahma and shiva came there. They say

    kartA sarvasya lokasya srEstO dharma bhritAm varah upEkshasE katham sItA patantI bhavya vAhanE upEkshasincha vaidEhI mAnusha prAkritO yathA

    You being the protector of all the worlds, who is the upholder of dharma, how can you suspect Sita like a common man? Then Rama says-

    AtmAnam mAnusham manyE rAmam dasharadAtmajam sEham tasya yatasyAkam bhagawAn stabravItumE

    I think I am Rama, a human, the son of Dasharatha. Its better you all tell me who I am. Then all the Devatas recite a stotra in his glory, popular as the Rama stotra. There are two great stotrams in the Yuddha kanda, one is the Aditya hridayam and the second is the Rama stotram. Both are considered very divine, comparable to the Bhagavad Gita, which is a part of the Bhishma Parva of Mahabharata. At the end of this Rama stotra they also declared that who ever will recite this stotra will be victorious in every deed they do.

    Then Agni comes to Rama and asks Rama for rescue. He was unable to sustain Sita and says that he is an indhanAgni, an Agni which burns on fuel (Indhan). She is unindhanAgni, which means that she is the Agni that doesn’t need any fuel.

    Agni hence, could not bear Sita as her brilliance was destroying Agni’s brilliance. Agni he confesses,

    naiva vAchA na manasA naiva buddhyA na chakshusA suvrittA vritta soundIryam natvAmatya charatchuvA

    Not with words, manas, mind, vision Sita would never behave unrelated to Rama. If Ravana had taken her away, its his misconduct, but Sita’s manas always belonged to Rama.

    eshAtE rAmA vaidEhI pApamasyAm navidyatE vishuddhi bhAvAm nishpApAm pratigrihnIshva maithilI

    O Rama Sita does not have a single sin on her part. You therefore must accept Sita who is very pure in her conduct.

    This was Agni’s confession.

    Agni is considered the Sakshi for all the truth. Here, he himself confessed her to be pure.

    When Agni said this Rama was greatly delighted. His state here was explained by Valmiki as,

    dadhyau muhUrtham dharmAtmA harsha vyAkula lOchanA

    Rama who is a Dharmatma had eyes which were delighted with joy. Then Rama declared in front of everyone, his opinion on Sita and the reason for his deed.

    avasyam chApi lOkEshu sItA pAvana marhati

    For sure Sita is very pure. If I accept her directly the world would say

    bAlisOvada kAmAtma rAmO dasharAtmajah

    Rama being blind with desire has accepted Sita who has a doubtful character.

    iti vakshati mAm lOkO jAnakIm avisOdhayE

    So I have explored Sita and showed the truth to the world. I know Agni cannot harm her.

    imAmapi vishAlAkshI rakshitAm svEna tEjasA

    Sita can protect herself from Agni with her brilliance. These are the same words Hanuman uses in Sundara kanda when he thought Sita might have got caught in fire and then convinces himself that Sita can protect herself.

    pratyayArtantu lOkAnAm triAnAm satya samsrayah upEkshayichApi vaidEhIm pravisantI hutAsanah

    Now Sita has been proved to the three worlds to be pure.

    nasakyassudushtAtmA manasApi hi mathilIm pradarshayitumaprApyAm dIptAmagni sikhAmiva

    I haven’t said Sita to do this. But Sita understanding my intentions did this. Sita herself is a great fire and no fire can approach her to burn.

    navihAtum mayA saktyAm kIrtirAtma vadhA yadA

    I can’t live without Sita. This is the love and affection he had towards Sita. These are the words Rama says to everybody who stood there.

    EtatchritvA subham vAkyam rAghavEnApi bhAshitam tatham subhataram vAkyam yAjahAra mahEshwarah

    When Rama said these ‘shubha vakya’ Lord Shiva says further ‘shubhataram vakya’.

    pushkarAksha mahAbAhO mahA vakshah parantapah dishtyAm krityamidam karma tvayA dharma bhritAm varah

    O Rama with great chest and arms, you have thought very well and did a great deed. Bhagwan Shiva certified Rama’s action to be absolutely perfect.

    Then Sita stood by Rama’s side and they both shone with great brilliance.
    Pls comment.. N I’m sorry if I hurt someone or if its bad or tooooo long..

  29. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    ⭐ the best thing about siya ke ram

    The best thing about Ramayana
    ⭐ the worst thing about Ramayana(not tv show)
    ⭐a thing you don’t lyk about skr..
    ⭐ the thing u like abt siya
    ⭐ the thing u like abt Urmila, Mandvi n kirti,. One for each..
    Pls comment dears

    • Varshini

      |Registered Member

      the best thing abt skr is its actors who potray thier role very well.
      the best thing abt ramayana is the vinash of adharm
      the worst thing is the ending of ramayana when sita leaves wid bhoomi mata
      a thing i dont like abt skr is that they r mixing up many versions of ramayana
      a thing i like abt siya is her patience
      urmila and mandvi for their sacrifice…..

      • Preethi12345

        |Registered Member

        1)the best thing about siya ke ram is that they are showing from sita s perspective.this indirectly showa the power of woman
        2)sita s love for ram and ram s love for sit
        3)when ram banned sita from his kingdom during sita s pregnancy
        5)her thoughts and beliefs about all issues
        6)urmilla- when she slept for 14 yrs so that lakshman can serve sita and ram
        mandvi-her sacrifice for bharat
        shrutakirti-when she and her husband ruled the kingdom for her sister and brother in law

    • Anushya

      |Registered Member

      1. amazing actors
      2. ram being a ekapatnivrata
      3. sad ending
      4. too many versions and confusions and also the costumes dont represent the olden times(but they suit the actors well)
      5. her patience, understanding, astounding purity
      6. urmila- sacrifice
      mandavi- personality

  30. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    The Ramayana is the story of a noble prince who was an ideal son, brother, disciple, husband and king. Generally we find that a person is perfect in only one or two relationships. To find someone who is ideal in all of his relationships, in all fields of activity, is nearly impossible. Yet, in the Ramayana, Sri Rama achieves what we consider “nearly impossible”.

    Maryada Purusha- Sage Valmiki wrote the Ramayana and presented Sri Rama as the perfect person because every society always needs an ideal. When people have a higher goal in their lives, they strive hard to improve and bring out the best in themselves. But if one’s ideal is low or there is no higher goal to aspire to, one only drifts along.

    Some believe that the Ramayana is imaginary, not historical. This may be because we are unable to live up to even the simplest of noble principles in life, and conclude that a person as perfect as Sri Rama is not possible. The fact is that Sri Rama was a living person, and, even now, lives in our hearts. The Ramayana is not a work of fiction.

    Vishnu Avatar- Sri Rama was not only an ideal man, he was an avatar of Mahavishnu. Because Sri Rama’s life was the embodiment of dharma, of righteousness, the Ramayana is also considered to be a dharma – shastra. Its method of teaching is different from shruti and smiriti,as the latter teach by way of commandments or injunctions – prabhu vakya; they state directly what one ought not to do; what is right and what is wrong. But another way of teaching is mitra vakya, by which we are given friendly advice about good and bad conduct. As a dharma-shastra, the Ramayana is considered to be a mitra vakya.

    Most of us need more than just commandments or advice. We need demonstrations in practical life, and our question is, “Has there ever been a person who has lived this life of perfection?” We want to see him, not far off somewhere , but right here in front of us, going through all the ups and downs of life!

    Life manual- If we study the Ramayana carefully, we will discover that not only are day-to-day duties demonstrated through Sri Rama’s example, but we are also taught how deal with greater conflicts in life, although the exact circumstances may be somewhat different. For example, one day Sri Rama is told that he will be crowned king and the very next morning, he is told that he is to be exiled to the forest for 14 years. The whole population of Ayodhya as well as King Dasharatha begged him to stay and although there were many other arguments against his going, Sri Rama left for the forest, knowing it was his dharma to fulfill his father’s promised boon to Kaikeyi.

    It is often difficult for people to determine dharma because, as it is said, “The mystery or the secret of dharma is hidden”. The great importance of Ramayana is that it teaches us to observe challenging situations and come to right decisions.

  31. Sanju

    @vanshika people couldn’t accept the perfection prabhu Shri ram was hence they twisted the AP and blamed ram the maryada purushottam who did the leela with maryada itself right from swayamwar what seemed arranged marriage to the world was actually a love marriage isn’t it? He upholds maryada lifts the dhanus and that what makes worthy of worship is a fact people know yet they blame the same maryada in the name of injustice but can they see the deliverence of justice through it. Ramayan is more complex than mb u need to introspect a lot and yet again u will get a new perspective. Krishna preached in Gita the way of life that Shri ram had lived. Agree with u and good research dear. Am glad to see people like u do this instead of just blaming.

  32. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    if we are blaming ram then we are insulting sita because she is a shadow of ram .we belongs to same society who have doubted about her chastity .nowadays we are not able to save lives of many women instead of shouting injustice bring awareness among society ,this will be the real tribute to sita .people just a need a reason to criticize

  33. vaidehi

    Guys u all r forgetting one thing dat in the last epi we got to see Siam together……. Siyaram Milan ……. I know dat ram did not accept siita officialy bt he never questioned her purity bcoz he loves her……. He was forced to take her agnipariksha bcozz of raj dharm….. He wanted to show that we should follow the right path no matter how hard it is…….. Even if we hv to leave or test our beloved ones……

    Loads of luv to alll of u dearies…….

    I know daat thanks isn’t allowed here bt still thank you so vry much dear padmaja di, priya di, jay di, naba di, athira di, vanshu and swastika and my own di…….

    I loved all of ur gifts those who sent

    Keep watching siya ke ram……

    I am vry happy dat such a nyc epi was shown on my birthday 🎂……

    Love uu siaam………

    From suchetana

  34. Vanshika

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    GUYS M REALLY SRY I’d posted my fanfics on Thursday bt they didn’t get posted ☹☹ really sry fr the delay I’ll try again tmrw… Once again sry I hope you’ll understand my dears sweeties 😊

  35. Anjali

    Wow nice explanation on agnipariksha dearies vanshika and sanjana glad to see people like u who are not blaming and criticizing Ram , hope people who read ur comments will get new perspective

  36. Yazhini

    Hi everyone…this s yazhini …hpe u dnt knw…bcuse after a long bck I’m cmmndng here …hpe sanju knws me…hi sanju HW r u Bby…nd let me introduce myself to our family new cmrs…myself yazhini frm TN… Nd I’m member f ur family, 3 mnths bcz…who cmntd here daily but nw due to my busy schedule I culdnt but tdy I tht to reply here but no one from here s replyd here…anyways I heartily welcome all the new comers…

    • Sanju

      Am fine Di eppidu irukkanga akka
      U were trying for medicine right and I guess the entrances were keeping U busy bcoz u were in hangouts of Skr family too but never replied there.
      All the best akka.
      I don’t visit here since AP episode I wanted post few things. But we can keep in touch in the ww Di created for Skr family

  37. Sanju

    [QUOTE=Cluny123] [B]If he had been raghunandan instead of Ram during surpi episode, he wouldnt faced the dilemma of raghunandan vs Ram post the war. Sita would have been asked to accept her as would have been the norm those days and everyday she would have faced AP while her love is snatched away from her. The emotional AP which Ayodhya happily brushes under the carpet. 
    Credit: shrutiravi Di from IF

  38. Anjali

    How is Sunday going friends ? I’m busy in preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi and missing skr very badly today eagerly waiting for tmrw’s epi

  39. Vanshika

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    Missing ayodhya??? Welcome to ayodhya nagari
    Offscreen photo
    What’ll happen on next Monday??? See here
    The thing we were waiting fr… Milan
    Many more….
    The touching moment
    Pls comment if u liked the pics…

  40. Swastika

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    Hy everyone yesterday I was enable to comment because of connection problems… What an episode really really heart touching as well as heart breaking … Kudos to our ram Ji means ashish for his fantastic acting it was just real…. Vanshu did hatts off to u ,the article on agnipariksha is just awesome … U are absolutely right we should not blame Ram for this ….. Such I di love u and welcome… Missing SKR badly today .. Vanshu di and joy bro links are awesome …. Love u all

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Thnx sweetie.. N that’s okay sometimes I also m unable to comment cos of connection problems 😊😊 take Care n love u sweetie..

  41. Swastika

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    Some lines on agnipariksha
    Aaj hai woh kathor or dukha ki gadhri JabRam ko kehna padra hai apni sitae ko devi parantu netron ne toh kiya hai kuch or hi kthan wyakta
    Dial mein pahadr rakhke mukh se nikle hain yeh shabda Siya ko bhi gyaat hai ki unke raghunandan par hai dharma sank at Kyonki who hai Maryada Purushottam bsabke aadarsh bApni Sits ko dekhn

  42. Swastika

    |Registered Member

    Some lines on agnipariksha
    Aaj hai woh kathor or dukha ki gadhri JabRam ko kehna padra hai apni sitae ko devi parantu netron ne toh kiya hai kuch or hi kthan wyakta
    Dial mein pahadr rakhke mukh se nikle hain yeh shabda Siya ko bhi gyaat hai ki unke raghunandan par hai dharma sank at Kyonki who hai Maryada Purushottam bsabke aadarsh Apni Siya ko dekhna padrega agni mein pariksha dete hue kyonki sway am narayan bhi gain niyati she bandhe hue..
    Please guys comment weather u like it or not..

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Wow dear heart touching lines.. Bt sum more typos 😉😉 in last lyn it’s swayam Narayan bhi hain Niyati se bandhe hue.. M I ryt?? Bt that’s alright the lines are too good.. Out standing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star lines..

  43. Padmaja

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    Wow awesome explanations sanju and vanshu…. really a great work…. and swatika ur dp was awesome dear…. and yazhini dii iam also frm tn and iam in 11 and happy to meet u dii..

  44. Swastika

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    Shivani did it is a rumour no official announcement s are there so just enjoy watching Skr and my sweet vanshu did thank u solo much for encouraging me love u all

  45. Stuti27

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    Guys I just wanna say my pov on women of those times ……
    See Sri ram judged mata sita’s purity even she could do that …. I don’t know why women were judged this way ..
    Next women were considered weak and were not allowed to rule or take up arms …. take the example of sultana razia .. she ruled Delhi only fr 4 years coz she was a women ruler …. and I’ve never seen women soldiers or heard of women soldiers. Why?
    Also women were not allowed to go 2 schools. They were not allowed to teach also. Take this example.. in skr it was said dat gargi was the first woman guru. Why?
    People used to think infact now also people think male child is better than a female child and there was female foeticide, female infanticide, etc. Why?
    Then if women were widowed, they either used to commit sati or they had to sit in house, considered inauspicious, had to shave their heads, not allowed to remarry but when men were widowers they were allowed to remarry and lead a happy life. Why?
    Last but not the least women had to remain uneducated and they had to sit like house wives. Why?
    These questions were asked by great people like Raj a rammohan Roy, ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, pandita ramabai ranade and many other reformers and were also abolished by them. But still in some places girl childs are killed and child marriages are happening and girls are not educated. People say ” beto ke naam se hi khandan ka naam agge badta hai” why?
    these are the questions from my point of view about people of those times …. pls comment on this guys plz

    • Shivani

      |Registered Member

      you are absolutely right .people still have such notion in their mind .today also in many villages they used to kill female child .this society has a biased attitude towards women and it can’t be changed so easily

    • Varshini

      |Registered Member

      u r right stuti , it is the mindset of people that we have to change and what u told is right if wives die men remarry but if husband dies women has to lead a widow life . many people dont think like u dr . if each and everybody think like u no then there will be no discrimination between men and women .

  46. Stuti27

    |Registered Member

    Actually they r questions regarding women sorry guys…. and one question which is already asked by avni in namkaran promo …. hope u guys know the question. ” why girls get the name of their father or husband only? Wat about their own names?”

  47. Padmaja

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    Happy ganesh chathurthi to my dear family…. and missing skr very badly… and today agnipariksha eagerly waiting for dat…

  48. Ishitha

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    hey some are saying that skr is going to end by september………Is it true ….it shouldn’t end

    BUT ONCE READ TVeteran actor Shakti Singh is all set to make a comeback to small screen with Star Plus’ Siya Ke Ram. Shakti will be seen playing the pivotal role of Valmiki in Siya Ke Ram.
    According to an entertainment portal, Shakti said he is fortunate to play Valmiki’s character
    Sterling Holidays

    Know everything about Siya Ke Ram
    The actor has already started shooting and his entry will be telecasted soon in the show

    • Padmaja

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      Hi dear welcome back… happy to see ur cmnt… and how can we forget u ah??? And pls dont say like dis u r our cutie sis ok…

  49. Stuti27

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    Yes ishu dear( if u don’t mind I’ll call u ishu) siya’s second van as is coming and how can u say dat we forgot u? We can never forget u ur our sis after all…..Y

  50. Swastika

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    Happy ganesh chaturthi to all my sis bros friends and silent readers …. May siddhi vinayak bless u all …. And ya very very much excited for today’s episode Monday is back Skrbis also back
    Ganapati bappa morya
    Jai Siya Ram
    Jai Bajrangbali
    Love u all

  51. Vanshika

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    In our school on teachers day the seniors bcm teachers and teach the young ones… It was so nice… N the dress code was saree fr the girls.. I enjoyed alot 😃…
    Today Monday… Yuhoo siya ke ram back today!!!

    • Padmaja

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      Ya it makes me sooo sad… want some nice scenes after rajaya abhishek…. hipe they wil show it… and waiting for agnipariksha and ayodhya…

  52. Pujith209

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  53. Varshini

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    In this page many of us r from school right . So we will go something on this teachers day . Each of u will tell abt one of ur teachers who r very much favourite to u . If u want u can tell their name and nick why u like them or if u don’t want to reveal their Name fine . Just tell why u like them . I know I should not ask u this in skr page because it is off topic but since it is teachers day I hope u all understand . For me its my english teacher . I just love her a lot because she is very sweet . She is very affectionate too . All of them in our class just love her a lot but now since I am in a different class she does not teach me now . A very happy teachers day to all of u

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Of course I like many teachers but I like my english teacher and social teacher…. I like dem a lot because she will be affectionate with everyone…. and one thing abt my social teacher is that she will not beat anyone and make dem to realise their mistakes by her words itself and she is such a superb teacher and my english teacher- she has been our class teacher for 3 yrs so I lovee her very much and I miss her a lot because she Iis not taking eng now to my class but I like her and whenever I see her she will talk to me very nicely…
      and last but not the least my sports sir- he is just awesome sir and taught us many things which I will never forget… he made the students of our schl to realise wat sports is…. and I like him very much but now he is not in our schl.. and I am n the whole schl misses him a lot….

    • Tharu

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      In our country we celebrate 6th October as teachers day.I ended my sweet school life and my favourite teacher is my chemistry teacher.she is teacher incharge of prefects board and very strict.but she can understand every child and guided us to correct path.because of her chemistry became my favourite subject and I got A pass for it.still remember her..sorry for my long comment…anyway happy teachers day to you!!! Teachers are like our second parents…

      • Varshini

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        no sorrys di , it is , if i would have also written more than a page abt my teacher but i thought my comment was too long and ended it . u r absolutely right , teachers r like our second parents

  54. vaidehi

    Hope u guys hv nt forgotten me…… Thnxxx for all of ur wishes…… And tharu di nyc to hv u here dear di…. Pujy cutie nyc to see u back dearie…. Enjoy all….

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