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The Episode starts with Laxman holding Ram’s feet and asking him to leave worrying about him, maybe its fate, you just obey Dharm, nothing will happen to me, fulfill your promise. Ram holds him. He says Laxman I can do anything in the world, but not give death to my Laxman. He hugs Laxman. They both cry. Parvati asks Mahadev what is this dilemma for Ram, he loved Laxman more than his life, how can he kill his own brother, there can’t be bigger sorrow for a human than this. Mahadev agrees and says yes, its big sorrow, but Ram’s avatar is to place Maryada, he will face all human problems and have shown how to lead an ideal life of values and Maryada, its possible only if human is dedicated, so today Ram has to bear this big sorrow, when world will hear about his big sacrifice, that he did not

hesitate to punish death to his brother to do his Dharm, his decision will inspire the world, this is last test of Ram’s life, we have to see whose side Ram takes in this test, Dharm or brotherly love?

Ram talks to everyone. He says Rishivar, I m in big Dharm Sankat today, on one side is Raghuvansh’s promise Maryada and other side is my dear brother Laxman’s life. He says I have always spent my life in protecting Raghukul’s customs and Maryada, I have given them more importance than my life, but today, I can’t give death to my brother by my hands, and I can’t bear stain to ruin Raghukul customs and traditions, guide me….. Guru Vashisht cries. All Rishis get sad.

Guru Vashisht says a solution for this big problem, there is just one way, Raghuvansh’s Maryada will not be ruined and Ram will not have to give death to his dear brother. He says Ram, you abandon your brother Laxman. Ram, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughan, Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti get shocked. Guru Vashisht says there is no other option than this. He cries and says Ram,, this is the only way to end this big problem and sorrow, there is a rule in Dharm Shastra, that abandoning a dear one is like giving death to him, you can get freedom from this sorrow by this way.

Ram folds hands and says forgive me Laxman, to protect your life, I have no way than to abandon you. Laxman cries. Ram says I, Raghukul vanshi Ram, to protect my promise, keeping all Devtas, Rishis and Gurujans as witness, I abandon my dear brother Laxman forever. Everyone cry. Laxman Ram ke Praan samaya…………plays……………….

Ram leaves. Urmila says no….. and cries. Mandvi and Shruthkirti hold her. Laxman recalls Ram and cries. He removes his jewelry and palatial clothes. He wears the ordinary clothes. Urmila comes running to the Kaksh. She gets shocked seeing Laxman. She says you have taken van-avatar again. He says I m not suitable to stay in Rajbhavan now, Ram has abandoned me forever, I have no way than to leave Rajbhavan. She says I can’t let you go. He says I disobeyed Ram’s command and have to bear punishment, I have to leave. She says what can I do here if my husband has no place here, I will come along. He says I understand your emotions, but you can’t come along. She asks why, if Sita can go van with Ram, why can’t I.

He says Ram obeyed Dasharath and Kaikeyi’s command by going to van, he was not punished, he protected Raghukul’s glory and Maryada, but I disobeyed his command, every person has to bear the punishment himself, no one else can share it, even if its his wife. Mandvi and Shruthkirti come there and look on. Laxman says its not right you come with me. Urmila says no, this can’t happen. Laxman leaves. Urmila faints. Mandvi and Shruthkirti hold her and shout Urmila. Laxman stops hearing this and worries. He thinks if Urmila gets conscious, she will not let me go, I have to leave from rajbhavan soon. Laxman cries and feels sorry. Laxman leaves.

Laxman says Urmila, by your love and sacrifice, I could do my duty in life, but I did not give love to your relation, in my last time, I could not take you along, forgive me. Bharat and Shatrughan cry seeing him. Laxman cries and says if I did any mistake intentionally or unknowingly, forgive me. They hug Laxman and cry. Laxman sees Ram and cries. Ram turns his face away. Seshnagh hai Laxman avatara……plays……. Laxman touches the ground where Ram stood and takes blessings. He greets Ram and goes. Ram cries. Bharat and Shatrughan call out Laxman and cry.

Hanuman flies and thinks I feel like something bad is going to happen, I have to reach Ayodhya soon. Laxman is in jungle and cries. He recalls cutting Surpanakha’s nose, leaving Sita to the van, Ram disowning him. Laxman sits crying and says its fruit of my deeds, I did many crimes, and this is punishment of those crimes. He says what is the meaning of my life by getting away from Ram, its crime for me to stay on earth without him, abandoning me means one thing, my death, I have to get free of my cursed life, forgive me Ram, I don’t have courage to live life without you. He gets a knife and stabs himself. He falls down and eagles fly down. Parvati and Mahadev look on.

Ram tells Praja about a good time coming, and asks them to welcome good time and not get sorrowful over the past, let me leave from here with happiness. Badra says no, we will not let you go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. May Shri Ram do that no body in this world has to take so much tough decisions like Shri Ram.
    After seeing Siya ke Ram I think the only happy time in the life of the four brothers and the four sisters was before their marriage.
    I have heard that Lakshman ji took Jal Samaadhi in Saryu.
    Last two episodes of our favourite serial left. Please all the old members and silent readers comment.

    1. Aman

      @joy,they followed another version,i thk it was men in devdutt book Sita

      1. Aman

        sorry,i want to [email protected]

    2. Mona146

      yes i dont no why they are ruining it

  2. omg lakshman more lakshmilla from now onwards.
    will miss u soooo much karan
    only 2 more episodes left
    feel like crying right now

  3. Samarth

    What are they showing…Lakshman ji killing himself from knife buto he took jalandhar samadhi in the river saryu and get back his sheshnaag form….what are they showing and what are it’s sources???

    1. Rahul Mishra

      @ Samarth: Do not blame SRK. These people are todays’ Valmiki and Vyas.

      They are just showing that Laxman was not an avtar just a normal human and he committed suicide. The only avtar in SKR is Sita Ji (of course she is) but all characters are equally divine. Now they will show that Ram, Bharat and Shatrughan also committed suicide by jumping in water. Laxman tyag was also a divine plan of lord because Ram departure was not possible in front of Laxman (like Hanuman). Understanding the leela of Lord Ram is very difficult because if you understand his leela nothing will be left to be understood.

      The soul and absolute will become ONE.

      1. Samarth

        @Rahul mishra I am not getting are you supporting or opposing my point???

      2. Rahul Mishra

        @ Samarth: I thought my statements are quit clear. But are you not thinking that it is a sarcastic comment of SKR version of Ram Katha. I was just laughing at them and suggesting that there is no need to tell people having prejudice.

        Your understanding is unquestionable. I have also written something for you in 28th Oct episode. I hope you will love to read them.

      3. Samarth

        Yes Rahul mishra…I was a little bit confused….and yes thanku so much for your support actually very
        Bro your last line confuse me…sorry for misunderstanding brother…..I got to know….

  4. Extremely touchy episode . Emotional . Only 2 more episode in skr
    Laxman’s died on the bank of River Saryu not with sword .story is twisted here.
    SOME VERSION SAYS LAXMAN CUT suparnakha’s nose because Ram gave signal to laxman as to to cut off her sense organ because she was adamant to get either Ram or Laxman for marrying and wanted to harm SITA
    And some version says ( as shown in SKR) As Suparnakha wanted to scratch SITA And harm her/kill SIta so to protect Sita mata , Laxman reacted . It is not ADharma or paap as if someones comes to kill / harm our dear or near ones , we defend . It is a defensive action
    Secondly Laxman was ordered to leave SIta in a forest . Laxman was the one who protested against Ram’s order of Sita’s abandonment . laxman wanted to punish dhobi but Ram stopped laxman . And Laxman took upon himself the guilt -It is Laxman’s greatness that instead of blaming Ram , laxman took the blame himself
    And thirdly , Before Kidnap Sita raised question against his character as Laxman wanted to safe guard Sita as laxman knew in his heart Marich was Mayabi and he wanted to stay & protect Bhabhi Sita , Even though sita blamed his character to go out and search for Ram, Laxman could see the reason for Sita’s conduct and never blamed SIta . It is also Laxman’s greatness .
    Apart from that- Laxman was fully dedicated to Ram throughout his life. he served his brother during 14 years of exile /vanvas. He made huts , he made roads , he cooked & he served Ram & sita as if he was a son & sevak he was a pillar of strength for Ram after Sita’s kidnap
    LAXMAN was a great devotee and that is why he is always worshipped along with Ram.
    Brother Laxman born only once . Last homage to such a wonderful and one of the best character of RAMAYAN
    @ SKR – Karan as Laxman did awesome

    1. Agreed, Lakshman was truly great, and Karan did a wonderful job portraying his character. Really sad to see his death ?

      First Sita then Lakshman?
      Will miss them both a lot

  5. Aman

    feeling sad ,will miss the show

  6. Malvi

    Guys if u think I’m a human being pls accept my suggestions. Pls tell your WhatsApp number atleast in private. If u don’t like it atleast please reply that u don’t want to. Pls cooperate. Pls. We chat in WhatsApp many old members are there. Pls! ?

    1. Padmaja

      Hi malvi and the telly updates members it is a request from my side also guys…. pls give a reply… me malvi siya dii jay dii Zara ishita arora thanmathi r there in the grp.. pls do reply…

      1. Malvi

        True that Akka ? No one’s interested it seems

    2. Vanshika

      Akka I’ve ur WhatsApp no. na I’ll send u msg aftr skr ends jus remind me on Sunday if I frgt.

      1. Malvi

        Mine?? How come? Indeed, I’ll remind you !!

    3. Amalina

      Malvi di, I would like to send u a private message of my whatssapp number but I dunno how. And di if u r wondering who I am, I’m pari miss, Telly updates didn’t let me register as pari miss so I used my name! Thanks ?? di and I would love ❤️ to join your group so plz tell me how I can join u! ??? Thank u

      1. Padmaja

        Hi dii if u scroll up there will be members in tje menu icon u can go and search the member there and if u click their profile down the profile pic there will be a msg icon it is the private msg icon dii…

    4. Hi Malvi, I don’t know if I can give my what’s app number here, but I’m in the hangouts group. If u want to, I can add you to that as well

      1. Malvi

        Send me a private msg and my mobile ain’t installing hangouts !

    5. sorry sis,i don’t have whatsapp

      1. @Malvi sis,i don’t have whatsapp

      2. Malvi

        Hmm OK

  7. I know story only till Sita goes to her mom lap earth, first time I am knowing the story after that.

  8. Padmaja

    What an emotional epi….. lakshmans death made me to cry…. what a devoted brother he is…. he is the best brother in the history….. just hatts off to him… and karan and yukti was just awesome in their role… they became a true lakshmilla in my mind.. and lakshman will not do suicide he will take jal samadhi…. but skr portrayed urmilas pain in a fabulous manner… just going to miss lakshmilla my favourite pair… only two epis is remaining.. feeling like crying…
    Jai sri ram…

  9. This is EPIC!!!!!!!
    I wonder how the Last Episode is ?

    1. NO!!!!!!!
      Lakshman can’t die He’s been woth Ram for so many year
      He didn’t even sleep cause Sita was kidnapped how can Ram do that ??? He is a good Actor though

      Lol my profile pic Colour changed cause I accidentally di the wrong email

  10. I bet Hanuman comes and saves Lakshman but then it’s too late

  11. Shriya...

    Omg..what an amazing sad only 2 more episodes left ??..sorry guys was unable to comment due to exams..tomorrow is my last as I said I’ll post my ff on 3rd November you all want to read it.. reply guys..

  12. Just heart broken episode…………….. Loved the brother sacrifice………. GOOD JOB SKR TEAM………. KARAN ACTING IS SUPER………………….
    give some suggestions….
    Only 2 episode remaining………… … Cried lot……

  13. Vanshika

    Lakshmila seperation unbearable…. Sum lakshmila moments
    Lakshmila moments… Videos u’ll remember
    Lakshman recalls Urmila
    Urmila sleeping
    Spicy meet
    Cute collage
    Plzzzz leave a rply n tell hw u feel after seeing these..
    Many more
    These Lakshmila seperation pics r sure to make u cry (No guarantee ??)
    No one could essay this role better
    Plz leave rply.
    will miss u lakshmila Karan n Yuktiikapoor rocked..
    Only two days left….? ? ? ? ?

  14. OMG Laxman has gone …………such a devoted and dedicated brother passed away .
    There can never be any brother like LAXMAN
    BUT LAXMAN gave up his life by JALSAMADHI not with Knife.
    Laxman died on the bank of Sarayu River

    @SKR – I love your show -the ONLY Show I watch but didn’t like this twisted version of Laxman’s death with knife . He died by taking Jal samadhi.
    Secondly I didn’t like when you showed Laxman & Meghnad’s fight with Sword . They fought with arrows and their battle lasted for 3 days -the longest battle of Ramayan.They both were great archer.
    @ SKR -Karan as Laxman did a wonderful task of playing Laxman’s role.

    Laxman was indeed the best character of Ramayan in my opinion . His life had only one thing how to make his brother Ram happy, how to serve his brother ram and how to help his brother Ram doing dharma. His whole was revolved around his brother RAm
    Brother like laxman is born only in history and his unconditional love is unparalleled among brothers.
    My heartfelt pranams to such a ideal brother .

  15. Felt very sad and very sad .Laxman gone .OMG -only 2 episodes are remaining.
    I watch SKR -there won’t be any SKR from next week. CAn’t believe.

    @Rahul Sharma – I agree with Samarth bhaiya , Veena , Sara & SKR Fan – Laxman died taking JAL Samadhi and not with KNIFE
    And yes -JAL SAMADHI is not same as Suicide brother Rahul.
    @Rahul SHarma ANd Ram & his brother were born because their mother had kheer as prasad from Yagna . Their mother did not conceive due to intercourse . THIS LEVEL of conception are DIVINE because they were born out of yogic power -NOT NATURAL BIRTH .
    Suicide is intentionally giving up your life when one feesl one is uselss
    But Jal Samadhi is like giving up your life for greater cause as is the case of laxman-death penalty factor otherwise Ram’s promise to kaal dev would go wrong –
    JAl Samadhi is like be in meditation and water engulfed the body and soul leave for higher world.
    @SKR – I am upset with you SKR as Laxman’s death was shown with knife .What’s this ?Such a great soul must be given due homage
    I like the charatcer of Laxman the most- HE IS IMMORTAL due to his unconditional love and immense sacrifice .
    He is the IDEAL/ADARSH brother forever .

  16. @ SKR -I like the Karan as LAxman – he is fantastic .He did full justice to Laxman’s character .

    I completely agree with RAni & all Veena ,Bro Samarth , SKR Fan etc -Laxman died taking Jal Samadhi.
    @Rahul Sharma- Sri Ram was the 7th avatar . Avatars are Divine representative of god, comes to serve humanity , protect humanity , reestablish dharma with specific powers required at that point of time .
    Devi Sita came as his wife . She too was Divine
    He came as a Avatar along with 3 brothers -all 3 brothers has some of his components as they were born because Putra yagna was done by King Dasarath.
    @ Rani- I too agree -queens of dasartath could not conceive , it was due to having kheer out of that yogic mantra -Queen could conceive -IT is indeed a special birth for 4 brothers .

    @ Rahul -Laxman died as he took Jal Samadhi – samadhi means to be ONE WITH GOD ( The God inside you-THE NARAYAN -Ataryami) .
    laxman did not commit suicide -A RAM devotee can’t commit suicide . it is like degrading his image and lord Ram’s too
    I am also very upset with skr for showing that Laxman died with KNIFE .

    I like SKR -it is the only serial i watch but what they showed about Laxman’s death is wrong
    he should have been given proper farewell.

  17. Samarth

    I agree with Rani jal samadhi is not as suicide and yes if shri Lakshman died by using knife…what about his dead body….don’t any one of praja or family members saw his dead body…..???

  18. Felt very bad & also sad about Laxman & also URMILA –

    @ Sara -agreed . A Ram devotee can’t commit suicide .
    Agreed – Laxman had also some component of Lord Ram as all 4 brothers were born due to Putra prapti yagna.

    @Rahul – Laxman was such a brother who had ONLY -ONLY RAM and Ram in his heart . He was already merged in Ram . He lived only for Ram , he served Ram with faith and love . Love is supreme – love is eternal . true Love & faith is the only path to reach GOD
    LAXMAN was Ram’s shadow. Without laxman -there can’t be any Ram and without Ram , there cannot be any laxman because GOD is always with his bhakta /devotee.
    So SUICIDE IS not correct word .suicide are committed by lower level of soul-they get hell after death
    PLEASE READ the book – laws of the spirit world- your ideas of departure of soul will become clear.
    LAxman did JAL SAMADHI – he went into meditation , his soul became one with his beloved RAM & he completely merged in Lord RAM and his body got into water .

    @SKR – You have done great job but ending of Laxman was not right. I had lots of expectation from you .

  19. Samarth

    And fully agreed with @Sara that samadhi means union with God and suicide means being coward and not only Sri Rama’s devotee but any devotee can’t commit suicide…[email protected] completely agreed with your point… need to say anything [email protected] and rani have already described everything

  20. Really SUICIDE is NOT CORRECT . I am not happy SKR

  21. @ SKR – again stating I like your show very much, I like your casting a lot .
    But i disagree on the issue of laxman’s death shown with Knife. It is unfair.
    @ Brother Samarth -thank you.
    @ Rani & Samarth – agree fully with you on the issue of Laxman’s death
    @ Veena – fully agree with you too
    today I would like to add few words to your statement.
    In the life of a devotee – test period/time does come . EVERY devotee ( highest level of devotee has to pass through the test before getting merged into LORD -This is the words of our great Indian saints )
    this verdict of SriRam was also a test for Laxman- how to take lord’s verdict ? LAXMAN”S FAITH was being tested . We belief lord when everything is fine in our life & when Lord is with us ,but can we have faith in LORD Almighty when things go wrong ?????
    Yes , Laxman showed full faith in Lord Ram’s decision .Laxman took it with reverence , blaming himself for the punishment. He did not question his Lord’s decision .
    Then in the remembrance of lord , Laxman went into Samadhi – and his body washed away in the river of Sarayu- THIS IS JAL SAMADHI .
    That’s why he fully merged into lord RAM , surrending at the feet of Lord. When everything was taken from Laxman – he still loved his brother and went into samadhi in his remembrance .
    DOUBT never came into Laxman’s heart as he was filled with unconditional love & unshaken faith that RAM is everything for me.
    See – bharat ‘s life – he was given everything -what did he select ? THE LORD and spent in the remembrance for 14 years . Greed never overcame him

    Truly speaking as veena said – Ramayan is a love saga of SITA , Laxman , Bharat towards Lord Ram .
    @ Rahul -please don’t use the word SUICIDE either with LAxman or Sri RAm .That is demeaning the image of Lord and his devotee . They went into samadhi-highest spiritual achievement .
    It showed that Lord and bhaktas/devotees became one- REUNION of Atama and pramatma ( Supreme soul)

  22. Hopefully will get a perfect ending………….. But fear that if there are not any happy ending……………………..

  23. Shriya...

    Hey guys i saw today’s in premium..awesome episode. .tomorrow we will again see our siya..precap was wonderful..

  24. Shriya...

    Hey guys i saw today’s in premium..awesome episode. .tomorrow we will again see our siya..precap was wonderful..?

  25. SKR Addict ( Siya )

    Hello frnds,i am a silent reader of this page. I used to comment in the beginning, but unfortunately I can’t continue that. U were saying that u r going to prepare a list of skr fans. So guys Pl. Kindly include my name also in’s a humble request Pl.Pl.Pl.Pl.Pl.

  26. SKR Addict ( Siya )

    Feeling very bad that my fav serial is gonna end?????
    I feel like to cry
    Superb acting by all

  27. SKR was done very well and every actor did their best,living in those characters to the best of their abilities. I want to make two comments….

    Ravana taking Sita away from Rama – it was shown as a torture and insulting sita(goddess Lakshmi), by dragging her and torturing her with all chains and she could not do anything..Yet, she was the one who kills Ravana,created by ravana’s parents at th e end, when Rama was unable to kill him.

    Secondly, Lakshman, committing suicide was very disturbing and painful to watch.
    I wish the team the best.
    Thanks for giving us such a wonderful SKR..

  28. Laxman killing himself by suicide ,knifing himself is an insult to Ramayana , Ram avatar and hindus.He took jalsamadhi because before Ram avatar ends, laxman, shatrughan and bharat have to end their avatar. They are Nag, shankh and chakra of Lord Vishnu who is Lord Ram avatar. This mistake committed by this serial makers is unpardonable. We hindus should protest this protrayal.

  29. Laxman ending life by suicide in this serial is anti dharma , because anybody who protects dharma and serves nation by selfless life cannot get this type of cruel death. And it is against the message of Ramayana. Laxman ended his avatar ( not life) by jalsamadhi and went back to his original abode that is sheshnag of Lord Vishnu. This mistake committed by serial makers is unpardonable. We hindus should protest against the producers and director of this serial.

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