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Siya Ke Ram 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying Sita that the more I know you, I feel I know you less, we humans don’t think about what we do, but you proved injustice is injustice even with enemies. They smile. Wind blows. Ram says how did air/wind got so strong and shouts Sita, as she flies away in the wind. Bali fights with the bull/Dundhvi……. Sugreev looks on. Dundhvi overpowers Bali. Bali too gets all his strength to win. Mayavi wishes Bali dies today. Bali makes Dundhvi fall down and beats the bull again and again, hitting very hard. Bali wins the fight. Mayavi gets shocked. Sugreev smiles. Bali starts leaving. Dundhvi gets up. The bull rages and kicks Bali from behind. Bali turns and hits Dundhvi with the weapon. Bull turns to Dundhvi. Bali and Sugreev get shocked seeing him. Bali says Dundhvi you… Sugreev

says he is the one who tried to kill me last time. Bali says how dare you, this time you won’t be alive. Mayavi and Dundhvi run away. Bali runs after them.

Hanuman beats Rahu and Ketu and ask them the truth. Rahu says forgive us, Raavan’s son Meghnadh has sent us here with a motive, the motive would be fulfilled till now. Ketu says Bali or Sugreev, or both would have died till now. Hanuman gets shocked and says no, this can’t happen, I have to go back soon. Virat opens his mouth to swallow Sita. Sita flies in air…… and gets shocked seeing the giant Virat. Ram shouts Sita…… and runs to her. Ram also flies in air and holds Sita’s hand. He saves her in nick of time when she was about to enter Virat’s mouth. Ram brings Sita on the ground. Virat laughs and says Sanyasi, you killed all my Asurs, but today your death is infront of you, you will die by my hands. He hits the ground with his giant feet. Ram moves Sita away. Virat laughs. Ram and Sita run away.

Ram asks Virat to go away and gives him last warning, else he won’t be alive. He shoots arrow on Virat and nothing happens. Virat says your arrows won’t affect me and laughs. He bends to pick Ram. Ram jumps and falls down. Laxman comes there and gets shocked. Laxman asks Ram are you fine. Laxman takes arrow and shoots. Ram too shoots. Virat laughs and arrows fall down hitting him. Laxman says our arrows are not affecting him. Ram says there will be some way. They continue shooting arrows. Virat gets his magical weapon. Ram asks Laxman to move and get saved. They all run away. Chatayu comes there and sees them. Ram asks how did you come here. Chatayu says I heard about Virat, he is cursed, nothing will affect him, and tells some solution. Ram says Laxman and goes with him, while Sita worries.

Bali runs after Mayavi and Dundhvi. Mayavi says we have to do different directions. Bali asks Sugreev to go after Mayavi and goes after Dundhvi, saying I will take your revenge today. Dundhvi asks Bali will you arrack on me, I don’t have any weapon. Bali keeps his weapon down. Dundhvi attacks him and Bali makes him fall. Mayavi looks on. Dundhvi thinks of Mayavi’s words and turns into bull again. Bali gets angry and fights with Dundhvi again. Bali lifts Dundhvi and throws him in the air. Mayavi cries and says Dundhvi, my brother……… Dundhvi falls near some sanyasi. His blood falls on Rishi’s face. Rishi sees the blood and the dead bull. He shouts who broke my Samadhi, who insulted me. He gets angry and says whoever did this, I… Rishi Matang curse him, that if he steps on this mountain, his head will shatter in pieces. Bali and Mayavi look on.

Mayavi goes to Meghnadh and cries. Malyavaan asks where is Dundhvi. Mayavi says Dundhvi got killed by Bali, Bali is very powerful, he has thrown Dundhvi on Rishi’s mountain and got curse that if Bali goes on that mountain, his head will burst. He cries for Dundhvi. Meghnadh says we should not cry for brave soldier, we should give him tribute, now we can easily kill Bali, by taking him to that mountain. Mayavi says I m not in any state to do anything, after Dundhvi’s death, send someone else. Meghnadh says no one else can do this work, Bali will not follow anyone, he will just follow you, this is right time. Mayavi says you said true, I will take revenge for Dundhvi’s death. He shouts Bali, you have to die, I m coming. He leaves. Meghnadh and Malyavaan smile.

Raavan does a yagya. Malyavaan comes and looks on. All pandits are seated. Malyavaan tells something to Raavan. Raavan shouts. Everyone get up…… Raavan goes and sees his soldiers fallen dead. He sees the nail bites on the soldier’s face and recalls Surpanakha. FC shows Soldier stopping Surpanakha. She gets angry and gets long nails. She kills all of them by using her long dangerous nails. He says she has surely gone to Dandakaranya, she disobeyed my command….. He gets her ring and says Surpanakha, my sister. He asks Malyavaan to send soldiers to Dandakaranya and find out if Surpanakha is safe. Malyavaan nods and goes.

Rahu and Ketu attack Rishis and kill many. Rahu says now they will know the result of enmity with us. Ram is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanx for update Di
    Check out my analysis on ram and laxman vs sugriv and vali
    And one on surphanaka and megnand will post tonight
    Btw who is virat

    Tu is killing me
    Letters sedhikava mudiyum

    1. Same here sanju its telling don’t post comments fast . slow down … Wt does this mean???

      Msg from Team: That’s a bug. We will fix it asap.

    2. Same here sanju … Its telling u r posting comments quickly ….slow down …. Wt does this mean???

    3. waiting for ur analysis sanjana sister…

    4. Did u studied in Chennai answer me pls

  2. I m so glad today after three days I watched today’s epi that too amazing siam scenes …. Tqs to my nani she is the one who helped me to watch the epi…. Jai sita ram how r u my dear frnds sry I can’t be regular in these I m extremely sry Dearie’s I hope u people don’t mind… I really missed u all did u guys missed me but I read all comments sometimes I get network here at the time I m trying to comment…

    Welcome to our family tejasri dear….Hope u enjoy with us and I m from Tamil nadu and I completed my 10th and waiting for results can I pls know about u???

    Miss u all guys… Love u loads…. Hi richa di I saw ur comment how r u????

    Hope to be regular here soon!!!!

    1. Thanks for the welcome priya di…

    2. Yes sis…Siam scenes are amazing..

  3. Sry meghana dear now only saw ur comment u know na I said u that I m n my native I won’t get network but I m trying my level best…. But l be active like before soon my cute sis….actually I get sometime to operate my phone bcoz my bros and sis are not letting me to take my phone and I m n my home for some time only…. Hope u understand dear…..

    1. Ur sister can understand u priya di no dry between sisters

      1. No sry between sisters

  4. Nice episode. Sita flying scene was really funny and whenever Ashish runs it looks very funny. The serial makers should use original forest instead of VFX . They went to original forest of Darjeeling for tadka’s vadh but in vanvaas they are using VFX. In Mahabharat they used real forest location for the vanvaas that’s why it looked nice. Siya ke ram should also go to real forest.
    I have one question didn’t the rakshas which blowed the wind recognized ram and sita. He has attacked them before also when all of them were returning to Ayodhya after marriage.

  5. Hi everyone. How r u all??? Precap was horrible…. Coming to episode it was filled with anger (ravan for his sister),revenge(mayavi. Wanted revenge for dundhubi’s death),caring (ram was worried when sita was being carried by the storm)…. It was a mix of everything….

    1. Hi teju(I l call u teju if u don’t mind)we r fyn!wt abt u ?I don’t know abt u pls introduce urself!!!yes epi was mixed with all type of emotions

      1. Hi priya di… I am fine di…Yes di… U can call me as teju. I am thejashri from tamilnadu and I have just stepped into 10th standard and now I am having my summer vacation. Thanks for welcoming Richard di…

      2. All the best for ur 10th teju

      3. Thankyou for ur wishes priya di… All the best for 10th board exam results priya di….

      4. Teju I think u don’t know this in our family tqs and sry is not allowed bcoz we all are frnds, sisters and brothers here….. So no ways for tqs and sry .

    2. Hi Thejeshri ,i m fine n u?R u new here?If it welcome dear.If u don’t mind u introduct urself plz,i don’t know anything about u,soo…n yeah precap was horrible.

    3. Agreed teju di (me too can i call like this ,this so sweet right)agree di all emotions covered in siam scenes

      1. Yes meghana u can call me teju… Thank you for agreeing with me…..

  6. I can name this epi as fighting epi… But it is awesome…

  7. Hi krishnai I can understand ur situation … Now only I saw all comments I think u r really feeling bad is it bcoz of less comments??? If it so don’t worry dear we l catch that place again…. Am I right guys!! If u want to scold anybody u can scold me bcoz I m really missing my frnds naughty and sweet scoldings !!!!!! And above all u have that rights as u r also my frnd!!!!don’t get this comment wrong I m just kidding I know u won’t but still… And ya that scold comment is true u can scold me …….

    1. Hi priya dear…sorry for late reply, u had asked about my ff ri8…well dear for swaragini ff u have to wait a little longer as I would be able to post only after June 5 though I have developed a dhamakedar concept (pray it’s dhamakedar or I ll be doomed???)

      But I have written a story long back and posting it as a 3 shot in ek duje ke vaste page. I think you don’t watch it but if you want to read m providing the link-

      It’s a story about Suman(sumo) and Shravan…It’s a very old story probably wrote it when I was in 11th but if u want u can read. I just changed the characters name in order match with the show. I wrote it under the pen name of Adu

      1. Ok di i l wait till ur xmz got over and ya u r ryt i wont watch ek duje ke vaste even i dont know the characters name…y sorry di no sry btw sisters….

  8. Guys can anybody say me one thing now only I m getting full network connection here so that I m posting comments but it is showing that you are posting comments so quicy slow down.second time I want to click post comment then only that is coming in moderation sometimes it take lot of time.. Pls say y it happens?????

  9. Nice episod.I lvd d scene when ram saved sita.Hi Priya,I m fine dear n u?miss u2 dear.But Priya one confusion between us,u waiting for 10th result n i also waiting for 10th result,so we r sis,right.

    1. Hi dear miss u too ya u r right dear we r of same age!!

    2. Hi Richard di after many days…how r u?I m also new here myself Meghana studying 9th

  10. Nice episode. Sita flying scene was really funny and whenever Ashish runs it looks very funny. The serial makers should use original forest instead of VFX . They went to original forest of Darjeeling for tadka’s vadh but in vanvaas they are using VFX. In Mahabharat they used real forest location for the vanvaas that’s why it looked nice. Siya ke ram should also go to real forest.
    I have one question didn’t Virat recognized ram and sita. He has attacked them before also when all of them were returning to Ayodhya after marriage.

    1. Hi,Meghana.I m fine dear n u?sry for late reply n welcom,nice 2meet u.

  11. Amazing epi…full of action and dishoom dishoom???
    I think the track featuring Surphanakha and Lakshman is going to come soon…Oh no Sita haran!!! Can’t watch it???

    How are u my dear sisters and brothers of skr family? Hope u r doing great…Missed out for a few days because of studies…

    Welcome Tejashri…I hope u enjoy being a part of our large and lovely family?

    Gudni8 and sweet dreams???

    1. Thanks for welcoming nupur di…. I am fine di… How r u di..??

  12. Madirakshi with the producer at star parivaar awards.
    Madirakshi and Ashish selfie with sohana Sinha at star parivaar awards.
    Grusha Kapoor and sampada vaze.
    Collage of madirakshi’s some unseen pics.

  13. Krishnai now only I saw your comments actually I typed the post(poll 1) in phone using Microsoft word android app it consumes huge space I deleted the post right after posting it will post the next poll in comments section too. And as for the request ther’s a network problem here maybe that’s the reason no problem will send request again once I go home

      1. Hi guys I’m Thanmathi I would like to conduct a poll this is just for fun guys let’s see what happens. Please only one answer for each question I’m talking about RAMAYAN and Mahabharata not siya ke ram and star plus mahabharath I’m saying it because it’s impossible to show everything in a serial for example Guha’s part was not shown in skr
        You are walking in a road and you find a time traveling machine you have only chance to travel in it either RAMAYAN or Mahabharata period where will you go? Give reasons
        Who will be the particular person u want to see there?
        What will be the particular incident u want to see?(u can tell any incident there is no need that it should be related to the person who u want to see)
        Do u want to ask any question if so to whom and what will be the question?
        And one last question should I continue these polls please be frank dears

        Credit to: Thanmathi

  14. Good ! Episode !
    One prob it says u r typing too fast slow down and I’m not able to send my comment

    Lakshman aka Karan Suchak and his wife Nandita’s interview !

    Karan Suchak and urmila Aka Yukti kapoor’s interview :-

    Enjoy ! 😉

    1. The 2nd link is not opening so pls copy it

  15. Tnq fr update amena di.before saying abt epi I want to answer harshad bro fr his yesterday’s comment.Bro it is not at all right to blame ram I don’t know whether the story u hv said is right r not but I just know that my ram loves sita mata a was like a hell to ram that 10 months.I agree with sanju di.

  16. Its okay Priya di and jay di no sorry between sisters

    1. Yesterday iam busy with my project work sister…so iam unable to comment here… Miss u people yesterday… Sorry for that…now iam free…
      Yeah am also agree with both of u sanjana and priya about harshad comments…

      1. No sry between a bro and sis bro

    2. Yes sis…i am taking my sorry back..

  17. Today’s epusode was just awsome. I do not know why the telly updates page wad not opening for sometime. I was trying since evening to participate in the chat. At last I am on this page.

  18. Thank you so much sister for the picture links. I really like them all. Sad that ashish and mudrakshi did not had apicture together at the awards. 🙁

  19. idk who virat is but in valmiki ramayan there was a demon called viradh who fell for sita’s beauty and lifted her (and kidnapped her briefly) viradh brought out ram’s possessive side. ram told lakshman that he couldn’t bear any man besides himself touching his love. ram and lakshman try to attack viradh but nothing happens so they cut his arms off and bury him alive. later viradh turns into a gandharv and says that ram had freed him from a curse

    1. Possesive?
      I mean he protected his wife and that was his duty isn’t it and u call that possessive

  20. hey SKR fan….i fully agree with you…they should use real forest..we should comment this in the official #SKR page in twitter………then they listen our comment……what’s your opinion friend??????

  21. Epi was very nyc and loved siam scene and wtng fr that scene how ram kills virat and hanuman scenes were too funny and coming episode are gng to be still interesting right…

    1. agreed sis…hope coming episodes are still more interesting…

  22. Siya k raam started off as a great episode. But from past few days its doing nothing but irritating. I mean bali acting like tarazan n thumping his chest not not once not twice but four times. Siya k raam has always been wonderful in there cast but with all respect it has failed wen it comes to hanuman a person who would be one very crucial role. Also enough with boring scenes please be back to starting siya k raam with whom we all fell in love with.

    1. Yes sis…past few days episode is little bit boring….but it’s not irritating…. Hope u love the coming episodes ( I mean when main story starts)…

      1. Yes I too agree with anil bro coming part l be more interesting but I hope I could watch!!

  23. Don’t u ppl feel they are jzt trying to stretch the story by all this extra stories???

    1. Dear Toral ramayan is not about only Sita ram and also
      To know the main story we have books right we want to know the unknown parts but
      I am not saying episodes are interesting they should improve a bit

    2. Its some what dragging but we can’t say that scenes they r showing is wrong right! This is show that shows the Ramayana which we do not know

  24. Sanju di i hv just read ur update abt surpanakha and is simply amazing di agree with u fr every word in it ….nicely written continue writing di i l definitely read all

    1. Thanks Meghana for being such a supportive sister
      Loads of love❤️❤️❤️
      Before u joined I had posted many analysis do u want links

      Tellyupdates thanks for fixing the problem yesterday and prompt reply to my email too
      U are really efficient thanks again

      1. Sure di post the links but when u l be free then u can post as u r gng to wedding right!miss u di njoy

    Pls view this song pls I assure u you’ll love it
    Pls comment

    Ww Di waiting for ur face Siam scenes and
    Congrats for 100?

    I recommend u guys to watch story of God on national geographic channel on Friday nights and only 3 episodes are over u can check it on hotstar also

    PS not to meant to hurt anybody but
    My take on yesterday’s episode technically
    Firstly ram running scenes are so hilarious
    Pls improve the scenes it’s too silly maryada purushottaman ram running and clothes flying are like haywire pls the only time it was proper was when ram runs down the mountains in tha ashram
    And Vali beating his chest I understand u are trying to show him as vanar but there is a limit
    And I felt hanuman Rahu ketu scenes totally uneccasary
    And Sita ram scenes too were childish I felt like watching chota bheem
    Maybe u are trying to show naturally I appreciate that but perfection lacks
    Maybe telecasting episode on Sunday is taking a toll on perfection
    It’s easy to say but when skr has done in the past what’s happening now
    I know it’s not easy but pls try to improve and
    Pls don’t fill the episode with evil and
    Actually I wouldn’t feel this but u are reply on Twitter to someone who commented on graphics is wrong
    U should try to improve right and
    Siam convo was nice in yesterday episode

    And for Sita navami which falls in mid May will Sita be abducted

    And viradh will want to marry Sita????

    And Rahu ketu were planets right so how can they be asuras
    NAvagrahm right????!

    1. Hi sanju di, to answer your question, Rahu was first an asur, then after samudra manthan, he disguised himself as a deva and went to the deva side to get amrit from Mohini. After knowing that he cheated, Mohini (Vishnu) beheaded him with his Sudharshan chakra. Shiva said that he would become a part of the
      navagraha- his head would be known
      as Rahu, and his body would be known as Ketu (or vice versa). I don’t know if this is completely accurate, but this is what I’ve heard.

    Pls reply

    And I won’t be available for a week guts as there is a wedding in my family
    Bye will miss u but maybe analysis will be regular

    1. Miss u too dear but enjoy my dear cute sis…..

    2. Will miss u too sanjana. Enjoy dear.

  27. Supreetha (Soups)

    Guys I’ve posted the answers for the first quiz and the second quiz is also posted. Do check it out 🙂 So sad I missed yesterday’s episode. And guys please please check the quiz out, it feels so low to see just few comments 🙂

  28. Sanju dear ur analysis was awesome and that was completely true cutie… I agreed everything in that …..waiting for more analysis from u dear……

  29. Epi was gud … sita flying scene was funny. Ram running behind her too was funny. Bali killing dundhubhi was gud. Hanuman scene was boring. Ravan shouting too was funny.

  30. Supreetha di nd tejashri di can I call u soups di and teju di?

    1. Yes stuti u can call me teju

    2. Supreetha (Soups)

      Sure 🙂

  31. If u don’t mind

  32. I saw it soups di sec quiz was on mahabharat right ! Di can u please post the link fr first quiz i saw it but i didnt see answers so……

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      The 2nd one is the right link

  33. Where is today’s update? Waiting…

  34. Where is the update???
    Is amena Di unavailable today

    Msg from team: Update will be little today.

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