Siya Ke Ram 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mantra recalling Sita. She says I can’t let Ram and Sita get more importance than Bharat and Mandvi, I won’t let them go ahead of my Bharat and Mandvi, my work will start tomorrow on the battle ground. Sita reads Ram’s letter to Kaikeyi. Ram writes that Sita is Kaikeyi’s reflection and possesses all the good qualities. Sita is good at heart, knowledgeable, holds good values, and compassionate, he is lucky to be found suitable to become Sita’s husband. Sita reads this and smiles happily. She stands in the balcony and sees Ram, who stands in his Kaksh’s balcony, exactly opposite to her balcony. Ram and Sita see each other and smile. Music plays………….

Mandodari does Raavan’s tilak and worries. Raavan smiles and says you have applied tilak to me, now my

victory is certain. Malyavaan looks on. Raavan takes some weapon/sword and says now Raavan will go to conquer the world. He laughs. The man comes and says Raavan’s brother Kuber has sent some messengers. Raavan asks him to send them here. The men come and present the letter from Kuber to Raavan.

Malyavaan reads Kuber’s letter. Kuber writes: Raavan is my brother and I have love and respect for you, our dad has given us teaching that knowledge is ultimate thing, we should always earn knowledge, forget the idea of winning the world, don’t know how many innocent lives will go, I request you. Raavan says its right, I want to give this answer to Kuber, will you all give my message. The messenger says sure, as you say. Raavan cuts their necks. Mandodari cries in shock. Raavan says this is the beginning, this is my answer, who stops me will result in this state.

Guru Vashisht tells all couples, that all rituals of marriage got completed. All the couples smile. Guru tells about Kankan knot which relate to problems and if they open that knot, it would signify that they are ready to open the path to face all the problems. He says husband and wife will open knots from each other’s thread, and it would mean they would be always present to share and solve each other’s problems and sorrow. The husbands first start the ritual and open the knot. Ram promises Sita in heart that he will never leave her alone in problems.

Sumitra smiles and tells Sita that Ram has made her life problems away. They all smile. Now the wives open the knots from their husband’s hand thread. Sita promises in heart that she will always share Ram’s sorrow and if she can’t solve the problem, she will share that burden. Guru Vashisht says after 15 days, Gharvadaan Sanskaar will be started, its regarded very important, till then bride and groom will stay as friends, and know each other, this will became a mean of making their relation sweet and strong, till then they will stay only as friends. Ram and Sita see each other and smile. All couples and the queens smile too.

Mantra recalls the fortune teller’s words and her bad dreams. She puts extra oil in the diya and her hand gets hurt. Sugni comes and Mantra blames her. Sugni says I did not do anything, oil was fallen already. Mantra says I have to find Sita’s weakness, when Sita does any mistake, I will show Mandvi’s importance. She asks Sugni to do as she says. She asks Sugni to keep an eye on Sita, what she says, tell me exactly. Sugni says but why to keep an eye, when we hear by ears. Mantra says fool, just tell me what Sita does, if Kaushalya knows everything, what will happen, go now, do as I said. Sugni falls by oil and leaves. Mantra says Sita will have some weakness. Sugni goes and is scared of ghosts. She says I m new here, I don’t know way to my room, how will I know Sita’s room.She sees some shadow and runs. She sees guard the other side and runs towards a Kaksh. She goes inside and sees another door. The guards stop her and tell her that no one has permission to enter this Kaksh, Maharaj will punish you, come with us. She says I m sorry, leave me.

Dasharath talks to Kaushalya and tells how much happiness she gave him. A Daasi tells him about guards getting a Daasi who was trying to enter that Kaksh. Dasharath asks her to get that Daasi here. The guards bring Sugni and say this Daasi was going in that Kaksh where entry is not permitted. Sugni apologizes and says I m new here, I did not know about it. Kaushalya says yes, she is saying true, forgive her. Dasharath says I m forgiving this time thinking she did mistake, but if she does same thing again, I will punish her regarding her culprit. Sugni nods. Dasharath asks her to go. He tells Kaushalya that so many years passed and that things don’t fade away.

Sugni tells Mantra that Kaushalya is very nice. Mantra slaps her. Sita looks on and Ram comes.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. riya

    love u my dear sita……. u’re soooo cute and chweeet……….. mantra thinks that ram will throw her out of ayodhya and thinks bharat will thank her but wen bharat comes to know dat she poisoned kekayi , bharat will throw her………… if she would have made ram become the king then neither ramayan would have happened and she would have been thrown out……….. silly people………..

    • Anjali

      Dear Ramayan happened for a reason that is to kill Ravan so mantra and Kaikeyi they did their purpose of life in creating a path for ram to go to Lanka ,so everything happens for a reason whomever u meet. In ur life has a purpose in ur life .join the dots by looking back u will know y incidents happened in ur life.

      • Sneha

        Guys when I was small my mother used to tell me stories about Ramayana and Mahabharata. She told me that before Lord Vishnu took birth as Ram he had come to Mata Kaushalya, Mata Kaikeyi and Mata Sumitra. He had told them that to complete the purpose of his birth as a human he needed one of them to order him to go to forest. Mata Kaushalya and Mata Sumitra said they can’t do so as he is god. Then Mata Kaikeyi said that she will do so and that’s why all the things happened

  2. SKR fan

    Fantastic episode. Especially the scene when ram and sita were seeing each other from balconies.

    • abirami

      Sry ww.I just now read ur cmt.I too crazy abt CAS and a greatest fan of sidd too.It is the first serial I watched in hindi.I’m not elder to u.I’m studying std 9.My xams start from 9th March.

    • ya mind blowing…….but this my request to production house of SRK Please change the costume of Mandodari…please ……………we are seeing her in same costume from the beginning………………………

    • Nidhi

      Thank you so much for all your links SKR fan?mloved them!
      And yes even I have no idea about that bhavan 🙁

  3. amulya

    The scene when they r opposite to each other and look across is so awesome. And u love it when ram calls her site?

  4. Ishita

    Evil manthra??looks like they are going to show romantic scenes of the couples ❤most awaited !!!!

  5. Bhoomi

    Guys can anyone tell what is there in the kaksh ??? Why they dont allow any one to go inside ???? 😐

  6. Today’s episode was little worrying due to Manthara. But the knot removing scene was nice . Horrible precap and rather than doing this they can concentrate on lakshmila, bharavi and shrusha.
    # we want lakshmila scenes :_( 🙁 :_(

    Other than that the episode was awesome. Jai siya ram _/\_

  7. Silpa k sivadasan

    Superb epi

    I thnk that room is where kaikeyi goes wearng black dress
    Keikeyi askng dasarath to send ram to jungle happens in there

    Who is this sugni….?
    Do any of u hav any idea…?

  8. Evil manthra. ……kill her…….how chip she is????…….and nidhi if I’m not wrong tommorow is ur first exam. ……if it is then……All the best. ???… well ……..don’t take tense
    And all of y0u y dp is superb

  9. Evil manthra. ……kill her…….how chip she is????…….and nidhi if I’m not wrong tommorow is ur first exam. ……if it is then……All the best. ???… well ……..don’t take tense…..miss u nidhi…
    And all of y0u ……….dp is superb …….

  10. Akanksha sharma

    Nice epi but why they are giving so much importance to that evil actually devil manthra i just hate her ….they should show the sweet couples….together. i want them to see together..u hope my wish come true soon plzzz lord..

  11. nupur

    Awesome epi.Only irritating factor is that stupid manthra.Oh!! i hate hr so much.Awaiting 4 d secret of tht forbidden room to b revealed.What is there actually?Just cnt express my excitedness

    • Silpa k sivadasan

      That room is where keikeyi wearng black dress askng dasarath to send ram to jungle

      • Nidhi

        But di she still didn’t ask dashrath know? Then why are they showing it before itself? ? plz clarify my doubt if you don’t mind di plz

    • Haripriya S

      Never…. They are not sisters of daily soap…. But seriously which sister in real life do such a bad thing??? Well janaks preachings will never get low…. They can’t show wrong things on television show….

  12. Saranya

    One more hiddien secret. .. excited to know what it s. Sita ram ki scene was awesome. Ww zara nidhi nupur am goodd… nupur am ready to teach u but I only know tamil. I know u all did well ur exams. I know this exam fear but after u come out of dis na u ill miss it. All d very best for upcoming exams.

  13. superb episode… l hate that mantra… when ram and sita were seeing each other from balconies.. lt was awesome… but I want other three couples scenes too… and Nidhi… all the best for ur exams dear…

  14. Nidhi

    Awesome episode but hate that evil manthara?
    And everyone my exam went well thanks for all your wishes?
    Stuti and Ishita I got set 2 🙂
    How’s your exam?

    Reshma di I’m fine didi? what about you?

    Thanks SKR fan for links? they’re all awesome! 😀

    Zara thanks for your wishes but I had my exam today itself ? but it’s ok thank you so much for your concern zara?

    Does anyone know if sugni plays an important role here about finding out about that kaksh? What is it all about?

  15. Nidhi

    Awesome episode but hate that evil manthara?
    And everyone my exam went well thanks for all your wishes?
    Stuti and Ishita I got set 2 🙂
    How’s your exam?

    Reshma di I’m fine didi? what about you?

    Thanks SKR fan for links? they’re all awesome! 😀

    Zara thanks for your wishes but I had my exam today itself ? but it’s ok thank you so much for your concern zara?

    Does anyone know if sugni plays an important role here about finding out about that kaksh? What is it all about?

    I’m really sorry to reply everyone in the same comment?? I hope you all understand…


    • Hey my dear choti princess,I am fine dear……….I know that u do exams very well……..So be Happy………Why r u feeling sad that u haven’t give individual replies to all????we know na you have exams…..So chill………& U ask about sugni na????I also don’t hear about her………Anyway today’s episode is Awesome…….. Plzzzzz telly updates……post this comment…….plzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Ishita

      Its ok nidhi my exam was mindblowing the paper was of ncert only ?also the sets have same question arranged in different order how was your????

      • Nidhi

        Ishita I dont think that we had jumbled questions because I went through my friend’s paper she got set 1 and mine was set 2 questions were completely different.. 🙁
        My paper went fine ishita 🙂
        Thanks for asking 😉

  16. craze about skr

    guys i dont know wat happened to me…………………….this siya ke ram serial had taken my mind away……………… todays epi nd awesome siyaram scenes………………………..especially siya was adorable in that dress…………………….missing all who had gone for their exams……………..

    nd ya …again all dps are superb…………………

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya nippy i do agree with u this show has just robbed away my heart and whole attention of mine and the best part is i got u all only bkz of siya ke ram….so i just love it ur dp is also nice dear

    • Haripriya S

      Seriously mythology with romance can steal anyone’s existance into itself….. How can we stay without loving it dear….

  17. craze about skr

    hi friends…………………………..this is ur nippy…………….

    just want to thank all for ur wishes in yesterdays page………….not ab,e to give wishes for everyone individually as i was little much busy with my exam preparations…………………..

    nd iam reaaly lucky to have u all ………evan iam not reading the update first…………coming to this page nd seeing all the comments ………………

    nd hereafter i will be more busy in my school………………so miss u all a lot guys……………but i will come here everyday nd reply here about the epi………………


  18. Haripriya S

    Hi everyone…. The episode was really awesome… Sorry for late comment as my exams start from tomorrow and I was a bit busy….

    • Akanksha sharma

      Heyee haripriya same pinch …i know i cant pinch u so pinch urself frm my side…lol..even
      i am having my exams frm tomorrow…. gud luck dear…..and ya guyzzz i will not be able to comment everyday frm 2 day bkz of exams …..i will miss u all ….u know what u all have become like my family …members…i feel u all like my elder and younger sisters….i cant imagine a day without u all i will try my best to post everyday….but..u know na…lota of luv dears

    • Nidhi

      Haripriya di will miss you?
      Come back soon after exams di
      All the best for eamcet?
      You will do well! 😉
      Will be waiting for you.. 🙂

      • Haripriya S

        I will surely comment… Everyday nidhi but the number of comments will be less that’s it…. Don’t worry…. And thanks a lot for your wishes but before eamcet I have many more entrance exams… Should write them well…..

  19. Everything was awesome except that cruel devil evil manthra especially the scene where ram and sita see each other from the balacony so romantic great episode as always

    • Nidhi

      Hi priya welcome to siya ke ram fanclub ?
      To change your dp you need to become a member of and then change your dp in that account and you’re done 🙂
      May I know where r you from? And in which class?? 🙂
      I’m in 10 dear 🙂

    • welcome to siya ke ram fan club dear priya………
      craete ur Account at then u can update ur dp in that account………

  20. it means no one know about satyavratdarvaja ???
    we will know about it today waiting for today episode.

    well I want to know anyone have twin sister or tell me.

    telly updates please published it.

  21. Bhoomi

    Thanks nippy 🙂 your dp is alsao superb ..
    Guys All The Best for your exams .. ?

    I am boared of this moderation …

    (Tellyupdates please block the comments which are abuse…… Dont block all the comments plssss please post this tellyupdates )

  22. wellwisher*x3W8AE6u66.jpg

    hi guys……….

    nidhi how did u do ur exam?

    and zara and stuti how r u guys doing?

    abirami dear no need to say sorry……………….. its strictly prohibited in this page……….. okay va?

    and mahe, bhoomi, akansha sharma di, jay, abirami, nippy, zara and hari’s dp awesome, beautiful and superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dhara di and nidhi i think mandoori in today’s epi was in different colour sari……. bcoz i saw in the images thats why…………

    i think sita looked beautiful today. all the sisters had a new out fit…………………… and the images are too good………….

    even when they meet shanta this happened…….. all had a new outfit………….

    jay and sanjana i too missed u 2………….. i tried to reply u thrice but tellyupdates didnt post it………………

    bhoomi my last paper is on 28th march… computer applications………… all those want to see more of laksmila scenes…………


  23. Riya

    An eight year leap in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

    The makers are still finalising the track and might introduce the leap by the end of this month.

    Thursday, March 03, 2016 | 3:34:37 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)

    5 Comments | Copyright: http://www.india-forums/tellybuzz

    Star Plus’ leading show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ has been enthralling the audience with its gripping storyline and timely twists and turns. The latest we hear is that the makers of the show are all set to surprise the ardent fans by introducing a major change in the upcoming episodes.

    The show will soon be taking an 8 year leap!

    Well, the plot hasn’t been sealed yet but according to our source, the show might take an 8 year leap, where Nidhi will kidnap Ruhi and run away!

    Also we hear that the Production house will cast new actors to play older Ruhi, Aadi and other kids, post leap. However, they wish to retain Ruhi on the show and hence are contemplating featuring her as Raman and Ishita’s surrogate baby.

    The makers are still finalising the track and might introduce the leap by the end of this month.

    Are you excited to witness the major change in your favourite show? Comment below.

    -Ranjini Nair

    • Haripriya S

      This show became a cramp…. It was awesome during my tenth and some portion of eleventh too but now soo many unrealistic things happen in this serial.. Which doesn’t happen in daily life… Well trp is gained for such serials only…. Good to listen that ruhanika dhavan will continue in the show…..

    • Nidhi

      Thanks for sharing the information riya di I used to watch yhm but now due to exams I stopped watching 🙁

  24. anjali

    I want #LAKSHMILA in every serial.There nokjhok ,sweet and shy smiles are really enchanting.Love them both. And all other couples were also superb.

  25. Nidhi

    Hello everyone ?
    Missing you all
    I hope all of you will come back after exams 🙂
    Please don’t leave permanently I can’t live without you people *being very honest* 🙂
    And all the very best to every one for their exams as well as their futures?

    Can’t mention each and everyone’s name but trust me all DP’s awesome!???❤️❤️
    Thank you so much for the links Well Wisher?

    And yes if all of you don’t mind can I know when do you have your last exam? And which subject??
    My next exam is Hindi ? but after that I have social? I’m scared of social!?

    I don’t know I’m really lucky to have you all here?
    It’s like I actually got one family without asking God ?
    You people are actually the best I could ask God for?
    And I hope we are all always together this way☺️
    Promise? ?
    My dear sisters and brothers? 🙂
    I welcome all the new comers to siya ke ram fanclub 🙂 if you all don’t mind can I know where are you from? And in which class? 😀
    And yes waiting for today’s episode to know more about that kaksh 🙂
    If anyone knows about it please do tell me 🙂
    And I’m really sorry to reply everyone in the same comment I hope you won’t feel bad and reply your sister 😀 once again sorry if I hurt you???


      • Haripriya

        We will always be together and promise and once again all the best for ur exams di and Lord ram and Mata Sita ‘s blessings will always be with u

      • Nidhi

        Your welcome haripriya?
        Missing you a lot 🙁
        Thanks I hope I’ll do well in social exam 🙂
        Thanks for your encouragement 😀

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ohh dear nidhi so sweet of u dear…..even i have same feelings fr u people….ya right we all r like one family…even i cant live without u all ……all here r best gift fr me given by ram ji ….ya thanx fr ur wishes dear my last exam is on 21 march of cs computer science c++ i hate this….and dont feel scared our gud wishes r with u and dear have faith…in god and urself…u will do the best ….i know…dear

      • Nidhi

        Akanksha!❤️ Thanks for your wishes?
        You said that even you are getting nervous …you will also do well don’t worry?
        Oh after our exams we will just blast these comments?? ok??

    • craze about skr

      hey nidhi……u na…..u r like my own sister……not only u….all of here r like that only……..don’t worry…we will always be in touch in telly updates………….ND ya….

      I’m having my last exam on april11 ND it is social science…..ND ya u already know that I’m from chennai na?

      • Nidhi

        OMG!❤️?? Same here nippy? each and everyone here is like my own sister such love and affection you guys show on me I just can’t describe it in words? being very honest I want to meet you all! ? but not possible but yes may be we are not sisters biologically but we are sisters from hearts??? each and everyone here!
        I know that you are from chennai! 😉 how can I not know about my own sister?!?
        We will always be in touch but don’t we have anything other than telly updates? I’m asking everyone here any idea? Coz we aren’t able to have a private conversation here each and everyone is actually reading our conversation and I don’t feel it’s safe on this public site? ?

      • craze about skr

        so sweet of u pa……………nd ya ,,its nice idea but we shall discuss about it after our exams got finished……………k va?

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