Siya Ke Ram 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita crying. Her wristband beads fall apart. She recalls Ram telling her that the beads are sign of heart, you control heart by patience. He gives her a bead and says for us, for me, you have to do this, because you are my power, remember Ram is nothing without Sita. She smiles thinking of Ram and looks at the beads. A lady gets food for Sita. She says you did not eat anything since you came here, till when will you not eat, will you stay hungry for years. Sita says getting away from Ram feels like my heart passed out, you are talking about years, years will pass easily. She cries.

Sulochana goes to Meghnadh. He asks what happened. She asks do you agree with whatever happened, is this right. He says you came to give me Gyaan on right and wrong. She says I had many expectations

from you, but much limits got crossed by whatever happened, a woman is kidnapped, how can you agree to your father, such father who kidnapped a woman. He says you want to know whether I agree to Raavan’s doings, no…. but I have to support him. She asks him to think does he always want to follow Raavan, if your answer is yes, I will assure you that you are going towards your destruction. He says Raavan is not interested in Sita.

She says you are innocent, I can see Raavan’s interest well, as I m a woman and know a man’s sight, I know he will try to get Sita soon, Sita won’t be fine. He gets shocked and asks how do you know. She says I know a woman’s emotions too. He gets thinking. Surpanakha asks for more wine. Daasi says you already had many. Surpanakha commands for more wine and scolds Daasis. She says I m Surpanakha, Sita will get Raavan’s favors and I will sit quiet, no way, if anyone thinks so, then they don’t understand me.

Meghnadh goes to Raavan. Minister tells Raavan that they got info that soldiers are trying to protest, they are waiting for right time to attack, you have to check this matter, you command us what to do, I m waiting. Raavan asks do I need to tell you everything, don’t you have experience, will you waste my time in these little things, then why do I need you. Meghnadh says Lankesh needs rest, we will talk tomorrow. He sends minister. Raavan asks him to leave. Meghnadh leaves. Raavan looks at Sita.

Sita sits sad. Raavan calls Daasi and asks her to send good clothes for Sita. He stares at Sita. Sita thinks I came really far. She recalls Ram finding her. FB shows Sita asks how did you find me, I came very far. He says by my heart eyes. She asks heart eyes. He says when open eyes did not find you, heart eyes show the way. She asks how. He says we know whats seen, but we believe whats unseen, we just see with open eyes which is actually there, but by heart eyes, we see everything what is present and whats absent, we can’t experience unseen things with open eyes, this touch is just physical. He closes her eyes and holds her hands, and says by heart eyes, we experience the touch to our soul. He holds her face. She opens eyes and sees him.

He says Sita, husband and wife are such who can see each other anyhow, you see me with closed eyes now, come to me taking seven steps by belief. Sita walks to him closing her eyes. He says first step …. I will always take care of you, second step….. I will always try that our married life is blissful and successful, third step is a promise that I will secure you in tough times, fourth step is I will share all my happiness and sorrows with you, fifth step that I will accept my responsibility towards my children, sixth step is my promise that I will always be your friend, seventh step is I will always be with you. She also takes each step while he was talking to her. She reaches him and hugs him. He says we have united forever, not even seven steps, if you were much away, we would have united anyhow.

Sita is restless and looks around. She asks Ram to meet her again and cries. She falls down and recalls Ram. He falls in Ram’s arms and says you came. Ram says where did I go, Ram will be there where Sita is. Sita touches the ground and cries.

Sita turns and sees some soldiers there. They attack her. She closes her eyes and stands still. Meghnadh kills both the soldiers. Sita opens eyes and sees Meghnadh. Meghnadh says they both tried to kill you, if I did not kill then, you would have been not alive now, what is the reason for your behavior, why did she not protect yourself. She asks what protection, I m divided being separated from Ram, I don’t need to protect that part of my body which got separated from Ram…… and the part of my body which is left with Ram, does not need to be protected, so what part of body should I protect then….. He looks on.

Raavan gets the news from an Asur. Asur asks shall we kill Ram….. Raavan shouts no, killing Ram will be ending his sorrow, Ram will die on own by bearing the separation pan. Ram shouts Sita…… and falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sanju

    @ Sita I just saw ur comment now but do a bit of research I can’t reply have got exams but then one thing I want to say
    Krishna is incomplete without ram and it is vice versa
    Ram couldn’t made have brother as rulers as they will not accept it when he requests they would be emotional and all
    P.S just my thought no need to start of a debate

    And thks for commenting in dahleez analysis it is the krishna factor u liked I guess

    • Sanju

      Ayyo precap
      Gear up with emotional strength

      Today episode has a lot of significance will try to post later

      And Sita dear pls check that dahleez page where u commented pls when u get time
      As I have replied to u its imp

      • Sanju

        The skr we loved is back
        Isn’t it
        I mean u were saying distortions and all

        Skr fan it is ram in precap so the cvs have heard us

    • Sanju

      @ Sita balancing studies and entertainment is all about getting ur priorities right dear. It differs the time spent though

  2. Haripriya

    Hi everyone, I’m sorry as I won’t be visiting tu but if I get time I will visit the page. Will miss u all and luv u all ????. I will never forget to u all till my life ends. For those in hangouts, I have quitted hangouts in my phone and I can’t come again in that app. I welcome all the new comers to this sweet family and u all so lucky to get a sweet family ( skr family)

  3. Ishita

    Great episode???
    Aarthi our respectable guest i hv replied u on june 1 page
    Plz see that ?
    Me commenting after too many days ???srry
    Hope u remember me

    • Aarthi

      Sister @ishita dear sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry from the core of my heart.
      I commented about skr, ram and sita, I hate everyone. U called those who criticize the serial stupid.

      But when I wrote the word Sri Krishna
      Nothing pleased me more
      My love for Him is beyond words. Infact I want to share the relationship of draupadi with Krishna
      Krishna ……….my life…my mother …. my father…… teacher…… lord…….my madhav…kesav…damodar…hrishikesha….govinda…..pundarikanksha……purashottama. none is above him for me
      I never in dream want to break ur relationship with my Krishna
      Because I know him he is there for all his devotees.

      Every moments of my sorrow, he gives glow
      My love for Him, began in two, when I lost myself in his stories
      When I had less wbc when I was four and was serious. I immersed myself on Him. He saved me for I am now.

      Mere zindagi tum se hi Krishna………
      Me illam nanillai en anbu aruyir kannnane
      Nuvu nakku pranam nakku nuvvante chala chala chala…..entho estam kanna
      Kanna ni en mana kallan

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        Aarti sis u r NT stupid.,I love u alot.. Perhaps the only reason being madhav.. He helps me also.. His remembrance makes me glow.. A mild smile automatically puts on my face and that also happened wen I read ur comment.. But still na u shouldn’t criticize skr, ram and siya.. They r equally important di..i also never spoke wrong abt Krishna and if any 1 does so na I’ll cut off his head(but I really won’t as he always said to remain calm) still na y u insult skr.

      • 12

        OH my god, Vishnu dev (Narayan) your devotees fight for your ram & krishna avtar.
        ( Hindus fight for ram & krishna. what will other religious think about it?)

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        Yes @12 I don’t understand watts the prblm wid some ppl bhai every one pls understand ram n Krishna r one only… If u devote yourself to one of them u r obviously devoting the other too… And if u r insulting the other one, first is also getting insulted… If all of u guys understand what ii m saying then pls don’t compare them every again ,,,

    • Aarthi

      Jai radha Krishna
      Believe me I never spoke wrong on my krishna……
      Sakhi ishita I feel sorry

      • Ishita

        Dear aarthi
        If u love krishna then ram is also roop of vishnu like krishna
        Never forget
        God is one ??

      • G1994

        sorry if I say bad thing about your comment and I’M NOT & INDIA LIKE YOU. You devote lord krishna greatly. But whose is the lord krishna and why say “hare ram hare krishna” . Then why did lord vishnu (Narayan) come the earth as human form of Ram & Krishna? What’s the reason for it?
        And why did people write Ramayan & Bagavath Gita for us. What’s reason for it? Think about it before something say.

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Ishu akka we dint forget u di.. Glad to c u back.. ??

      Aarti di i wanna share one thing wid u..i don’t know if u read my comment or not.. But c Sri Krishna will feel so bad na if u respect him and insult his incarnation of ram and his wife sita ,mahalakshmi.. So do u want to upset lord Krishna.. Perhaps not.. ??.. C dear friend v understand ur opinion but u shouldn’t hurt any1 na.. It’s only sri Krishna’s view

      • Sita

        @vanshu and ishita Disss
        Disclaimer: it’s not to hurt u
        In real Ramayana, valmiki didn’t write either ram or sita as gods.
        There is no ! mention of dhanush yagna, vishwamitra stories, etc
        It’s start from just banishment ofram, the only case I find ram is great
        He did many mistakes after……..
        Only tulsiji first describe ram as God that too amshavatara 75%of Vishnu

        There r differentce between etihas and other stories…..
        So we believe on itihas and I believe in all gods of itihas but I love Krishna the most…

        @ dear ww Di…. I am proud of ur character thanks for the tips u and sanju sakhi had lended
        Actually I don’t watch serials , just read updates…
        In mb I could get many values. It was my life turning serial, book and epic and vanshu I love ur mb ff
        And I could get values from every character of mb.i.e, even the villain shakuni though evil, had great love for his sister
        But Ramayana it just songs rama Rama Rama .
        Though he didn’t do much like others
        Aarthi Di we share same feeling
        I love kkkkaaaannnaaaa

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      It’s nyc sis u don’t wanna hurt us.. N it’s nyc at least u love Mahabharata and lord Krishna.. Previously mny thinking also same??.. I loved Mahabharata and lord Krishna only.. But that never meant I insulted Ramayana or said ram isn’t great. He’s great in his place na.. And if v love madhav than y have a grudge against ram… See I agree di that in Mahabharata Krishna did alot that ram not do but ram never broke his maryada which is itself great. Both characters and epics r different. And valmiki Ramayana is start from describing of ayodhya and Dashrath and queens not banishment of ram… Not even aarti di I also hv same feelings that’s y I wrote Mb ff.. Jus for dears like u.. Place ur opinion kindly, and not insultingly dear di.. None will call u stupid or anything and the page will become beautiful.. Love

  4. SKR fan

    Very good episode. Sita crying scenes were not nice but ther flashback scenes were amazing. I hope they would keep on showing such scenes in flashback all until shri ram comes to Lanka. It would be good if they show ayodhya scenes in between. Tomorrow’s episode we will see Ashish’s tears.

  5. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    today d epi was so emotional… siya s till alive bcause of ram’s memories..precap was sad..eagerly waiting tu see ram’s reaction tomorrow

  6. Sanju

    I have a problem with skr makers
    I can’t see the episode with even my young siblings
    I didn’t watch the episode but wu says enough
    Which audience are they targeting
    Fb scenes ok but few scenes uneccasary

  7. Tanu see ur mail dear… I have sent…

    Ishu-see we have telepathy ☺☺☺Ya i l take care n come back to torture u ghost???( send this to ishu tanu)

    tanu send their replies dear…i m waiting to see those…

    Megs if tanu didnt see pls notify her abt this…n i didn’t said anything to u , tanu n nita di…i l say through mail dont take me wrong… I m waiting for ur mail id only…

    • Ishita

      I will reply u myself dear
      To chat with u i hv once again became an active member on tu
      Ya i will torture u if u forget me ever

    • Nita

      Priya dear i have given my id to Thanmathi. she said she’ll give it to u. eagerly waiting for your mail…

    • Meghana

      Hey guys actually i came here to say gd bye but i ll come after some mnths
      priya diiiii lots of love and hugs to u my sweety i ll surely ask tanu di and come into contact wth u n i m nt angry wth u but i was feeling sad that’s it
      hari v ll miss u a lottt dear
      vanshu pls continue ffs dear i ll b reading but i donno i can cmnt or not
      vaidehi suchi continue ur ffs also
      coming to epi woww epi was very very emotional i loved lot hattsoff to u skr

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        Megs di u r joking about it??? Pls don’t say like this ???? y no comments ??? will miss you ? dear di


      U replied dear i mean 2 my 1st mail but coz of network problem it’s not opening I haven’t sent any other mail check this evening and I’ve given UR mail ID in group and 2 aastha di as well meghna said she’ll come and see in group if she didn’t I’ll say 2 her and sry 4 the delay but situation is like that and one small request send UR replys 2 me as separate mail please if u Can

  8. stuti

    Nyc epi now in precap ram was seen so guess tmrw they’ll show ram laxman scenes too. Waiting fr the upcoming epi …..

  9. M

    Are Ram and Laxman still running?
    I don’t understand why SKR doesn’t put Ram and Laxman scenes before these because then it makes sense.

  10. joy

    who missed the spa16….they will see it in Hotstar anytime…..Hotstar upload full event………and you can also watch #SKR anytime..any episode which you missed… hotstar…….

  11. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    frnds I came tu know one info tat siya was born tu ravan and mandodiri..some1 predicts tat this baby was d reason fr ur death nd d demons of ravan throughs d baby on tu sea nd d sea water pushes her tu land ..nd d childless king janak while ploughing d land he a gt a baby he thinks her as a boon frm god he names her sita nd grow her up well..this was the reason or s there any other reason

  12. Supreetha (Soups)

    I thought the scene of Ram’s sorrow would have come immediately! Was a little disappointed to wait for two days…but glad that the scene is coming tomorrow 🙂

  13. Vanshika crazy for skr

    I saw d update soon wen it was posted but my comment wasn’t posted.. Anyways I’ll write all again…

    The Siam scene was jus awesome loved it yippee ?.. Speechless ??..
    Suchi pls dear if u haven’t checked yet check my comment in ur ff.. And priya di don’t leave tu page ever.. We’ll die na,.

  14. G1994

    Hello, I’m not Indian and not Hindu. But I watch Siya ke Ram. I see some negative comment about Siya ke Ram. You guys fight for your Gods. I think It disrespect to the your gods.

  15. riya

    Ram didn’t fulfill any of d promises he gave 2 sita specially 5,6 & 7 number promises.did raj dharma forced him sooo much that he broke so many promises.i feel bad for luv-kush more dn siya ram cz they cudn’t get d love of parents 2gether.when they were with sita,ram wsn’t with them & when they got ram,sita left dm forever.

    • akshaya

      Riya d, dharm is first and foremost to be established in bhoomi that was ram and siya’s motive, if we have to acheive something we have to lose one. Sorry if i have hurt you riya di i just shared my view on your comment

    • G1994

      Sorry, Can you say, why didn’t Lord ram marry again after exile of sita? Why did he have sita’s statue? Didn’t he love sita after.

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        G1994..c buddy that ram and Krishna ji came to earth not to b worshipped by us, they came to re establish dharma.. Wat ppl.. If I ask y the kings wrote their biographies and etc. Wat ll u answer?? Anyways.. Not ordinary people but great saints wrote Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana etc.. So that in kaliyug we follow all the principles of life and live a good life.. Ram dint marry again as he loved siya the mosttttt…. Dats why he kept siya’s statue buddy.. He had broken many vows that he gave to siya.. The 7 vows.. But he never broke one vow of ek patni vrath/one wife.. Jus that’s all..

  16. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Guys I’m back wid my silly questions and pls don’t take my qn as an issue to hurt any1 here… And I don’t want criticism for any mythological characters coz of it.. Pls answer if u know..

    A thought came in my mind jus to disturb me.. C draupadi and sita both have suffered equally if v compare them.. But many girls/kids r named sita none is named Draupadi.. Why haan?? Any answer pls.. I want answer not war rising here..

    • Listen vanshu this is not a stupid qn first of all..u know what mujhe bhi yeh stupid qn aata tha…u know when we go into the epic fully like mad these type of qn l come to our mind…i asked this qn to my granny once i was n 8…see the ans is…

      Siya and draupadi’s suffer is not equal… That is diff…to be said draupadi had suffered alot which shouldn’t be suffered by a women in her life…i mean vastraharan is not a small thing for a women… And each n every person whom we meet see us n a bad motive…is that a small thing nahi na??so draupadi’s suffering is higher than sita…

      Take sita part..she has separated from ram ….she has gone to exile after proving herself also..its a suffer but i l say that it cant be compared to draupadi..

      N there r people with draupadi name…but just few.i mean countable… U know most of the people didnt keep draupadi name bcoz draupadi’s life is not a happy one like sita’s i mean sita was happy from birth and mrg when ravan abducted her only she gone through pain..but for draupadi its not like that.. She had suffered from her birth that people l feel that if we keep draupadi name there life l be like her..n ek aur draupadi yeh duniya mei paida nahi honi chahiye in the point of suffering…

      So that only people doesnt keep draupadi name…

      • See i had read n some books…”sita’s dukh s countable, draupadi’s happiness is countable ” if u take sita story u l see alot of happiness n it n some of the suffering…. But u take draupadi there l be rare happy parts and her suffering l be uncountable…

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      I can’t say thnx to u priya di but u cleared my doubt…. Love you ? sis
      U r ryt ??..ummmm..

    • Nabanita

      Sita and draupadi can not be compared with each other.they are of two different type.
      First draupadi take birth from agni.agni is purest so all religious and suvh work agni is important and agni can destroy all thing that draupadi is a lady who is very conscious about her revenge.
      On another hand bhumi is a sign of tollerence.we all roaming around on her chest.but she tollerate all bad and good both her sita tollerate all but don’t give ravan any curse any time.
      And the matter of name I think there are very few people whos name is sita.becoz may most of people believes sita or draupadi named girl would suffer the sorrows like sita and draupadi.that’s all dear❤❤❤

    • Vanshika,they won’t name child as draupati because they think she may suffer like that but people keep names like krishnai,panchali .

  17. Vanshika crazy for skr

    It’s 2 whole days passed in the show.. Is jatayu still supposed to b alive?? Ravan had killed him so mercilessly… How can he b alive… Ram found him on d same day after sumtym according to my knowledge… So watts it skr wanna show… I’m really gonna teary eyed ? tmrw,.. D way ram fell down… I think I’ll not ??.. I’ll control on my emotions ?… But ya this is wrong that ram is back after 2 days ?

    N sriniti di I also heard about this version of Ramayana sita mandodri daughter.. But dono is true or false information..
    Sanju di best of luck ? ? ????

  18. wellwisher aka krishnai

    Hi all…. i actually thought never to peep into any comment section all leave tu pages but by mistake i scroll down and just got glimpse of arguments going here…… Well I see argument over mahabharata and siya ke ram along with Ramayana…… After nearly 4 months this topic is discussed again….. in february when skr was gaining more comments n trp it started……. well my thought about mb n skr still remains the same….. ASKING WHETHER MB IS GREAT OR SKR IS GREAT IS LIKE ASKING WHETHER YOU LIKE YOUR LEFT EYE OR RIGHT…..

    I see here people always pin pointing out the flaws and negative part of each character in both mb n skr….. an equal war….. i m glad that skr mrmbers support both mb n skr….. otherwise the page would have been like other normal serial pages……. i really dont understand why guys DONT SEE THE GOODNESS IN EACH EVERY CHARACTER????

    Why dont uu guys see the + ness n in them…. u can learn how much did the pandava brothers respected their mother’s words and elder brother’s words …… u can learn that being all time obidient and not being like that also leads to destruction….. instead asking s sita great or draupadi great….. infact in this world all are great…… n all are NOT great……

    And now evaluating who s acting ncy….. well there s a lot difference for draupadi n sita’s torture….. draupadi was indirectly was to be molest but in yesterday’s epi sita was just given physical torture…… n sita didnt say anything like draupadi n yesterday’s episode….. so @sita there s nt any need for goosebumps for yesterday’s epi…..

    • wellwisher aka krishnai

      Unlike draupadi sita never gave any fierce speech…. unlike draupadi sita wasnt insulted for her purity in yesterday’s episode ….. unlike draupadi sita wasnt left to be taken by ravana….. the pandavas witnessed draupadi’s insult….. but here ram didnt….. so u cant expect sita to make u slap ravan like have made u feel to slap dushdhana…… if at all u want to feel pity for sita then u have to wait till she goes under the earth …….. thats the moment in which u can see hw humilated n depressed sita was……

      And remember ine thing everyone:

      We are watching tv to relax our mind….. not to strees ouraelf….. if u dont like the acting of any actor in any show then change the show…… instead of that going behind the show and actors to do well……

      • Sita

        Di I have the biggest reason for hating ram and sita
        Why did ram did not go agnipariksha after sita had ??
        Why didn’t he accompany sita to vanavas??
        Why did not sita speak her interest?? Why does she give the idea of pain endurance to women???

      • Padmaja

        Super Krishnai.I saw some of them fighting for sita and draupadi…ur cments made them to be silent….I am happy that skr fans giving equal importance to Ramayana and mahabaratha…??

      • 1SRK

        oh vishnu dev please be kind for her, she like your krishna avatar but hate ram.
        GOD BLESS YOU that sita who hate ram & sita

      • krishnai aka ww

        well @janani akka its true the pandavas never asked draupadi to give any agniparishika like ram BUT INDIRECTLY THEY LEFT DUROYADHANA TO MOLEST DRAUPADI for that agniparishika is better……

        @Sita 1st my little cutie pie check Mithrabrindha’s Prem charitra episode 7….. i had left for u msg……

        next i understand clearly that you love n a perfect devotee of Lord Krishna and have so much hatred for ram and sita……

        its true that Ramayana didnt have much evilness like mb…. in ramayana demons were the evil…… but in mb human being WERE EVIL…….

        Well the bitter truth of Ram didnt agniparishika was he was never asked…… those men were allowed have many relations with many women but women werent…… ACTUALLY RAM ASKED SITA TO DO AGNIPARISHKA JUST SAVE HER NAME….. TO PROVE THAT SITA WASNT AN AHILYA NOR RENUKA……….. he wanted save sita’s respect unlike hw pandavas left the karuvas to ruin draupadi’s respect…….. both sita n draupadi were loyal…….

        sita to one man

        draupadi to 5

        yest both were humliated n disrepected…….. their purity was tested……….

        n RAM DIDNT GO WITH SITA TO EXILE BCOZ HE WANTED to full fill his rajya dhrama…….. as a pathi he did once fail sita n later he full filled it by rescuing back sita……. same way in the beginning he didnt full fill his rajya dharma by obeying his mom’s words went to forest… so he thought to atleast full fill his rajya dharma now………

        he knew sita would understand it…….. thats called love….. hw draupadi married all the 5 brothers just for arjun’s love n seeing him happy sita also for ram’s respect accepted to go to van……..

        it was both draupadi n sita’s mistake for their ill fate……… if draupadi hadnt insulted duroyadhan during indraprastha cermony she wouldnt have been brutly insulted that day…….

        so its all just UR DEEDS WHICH DECIDES YOUR LIFE……….. nothing else…..

        n sita never gives the idea of endurance and pain………. she says a bit a of sacrifice is nothing…… thats all..

      • No krshnai,you didn’t approve my point ,don’t compare agniparikshsa with draupati’s molestation. Both are really bad for a women but after the yudha pandavas didn’t asked her for any parikha to show purity but ram asked after winning Lanka.according to me respect of a women is more important that any dharma which is shown in mahabarath by that yodha but even the god can support ram’s decision but not me,he might have said that he has respect on her.(I am damn sure that you people won’t accept the view but please don’t blindly compare the epic Ramayana with siya ki ram or any TV show it is insulting the originality)

    • wellwisher aka krishnai

      And if u like the show u express it…… same way ven simeone who doesnt like has the right to express it…… there s no need for u to change their opinion…… n ven u express ur dislike u must express it in a poliet manner….. not using abusive wwords……. really its a shame on all Indians n hindus especially ven a forgiener points out our. Fight for gods……….. its such a disgraceful thing for us….. so pls do grow up…..

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        WW di finally u r back.. U know wat I thought I’ll see ur calming comment surely on this topic and that happened ‼‼‼ none can explain as well as u r indeed a super awesome one ?????? hats off…i knew u’ll come dats y I dint find the need to write it all again once my comment wasn’t posted ‼‼☺☺??

    • Ishita

      Thats like my sis ❤
      Every problem has a solution and ww has a solution always u rock ???

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        Goddess patini is worshipped in Sri Lanka by both Hindu and Buddhist ppl. She’s born out of a mango fruit and is protector from diseases. She was first mentioned in a Tamil epic and was worshipped by Sinhala kings. Sinhalese people believe that diseases like chickenpox and measles are punishments by God for frailty. In such events as the goddess of healing they pray to Pattini Devi. When a family member is infected, they hold (alms-givings) for her, called Kiri-amma dāna (Milk-mother’s alms-giving). She’s the deification of goddess kannagi, that’s all I know…

      • 1g

        BUT you don’t know this. she could burn whole town because of her purity and her love for her husband.

  19. Nabanita

    Oh my God!ravan is fallen in love with sita and he is worried about sita’s health.?????????
    But meghnath caracture is interesting???
    Keenly waiting for today’s episode.????


    Vanshu UR ques is not silly I think priya and krishnai gave superb answers the name draupadi is not kept 2 anybody but her name panchali is quite famous in southern India and kept 2 many people


    Guys I kept my old DP as someone wanted 2 see my first CMNT this was my DP when I first gave entry in tu my first CMNT is in 4th April written update page sry I don’t remember who asked me

  22. MEGS what r u saying good bye??? U l not speak with me through mail too???

    Tanu if i see this cmnt say megs to see this n reply through mail plss…

  23. vaidehi (suchetana)

    guys u know in some way draupadi & sita r equal.

    when duryodhan insulted draupadi, she prayed to lord krishna who was an avatar of lord vishnu.
    similarly, when sita was kidnapped, she also determined herself that ram will come who was also an avatar of lord vishnu.

    sita di u hv no right to insult lord vishnu and goddess lakshmi.

  24. Padmaja

    @ sita.sita has lived in lanka for 10 months…she was kidnapped by ravan…… And no one kidnapped ram and iam sure no one can do this…so he told her to do agnipariksha to prove her purity to the world …… But when ram hears bad about sita he thought to sacrifice the throne and hand over the rajya to bharath but he did not accept this…so siya thinks that she is the hurdle for her husband’s duty towards raja dharma……so she says that I go to van no one want to accompany me ….this decision is taken by sita not ram…..she done her duty as a wife….If anything is wrong forgive me..

    • Sita

      Yes dear Priya. I had not written it yaar. I didn’t read it fully as I was busy.
      But the guy must really go in the epic to find our godess draupadi s mistake
      I don’t see any flaw in her. She was best in her part

      Padmaja Di, why don’t ram go agnipariksha, to pure his purity, if he was Lord fire shouldn’t have harmed him . Sita did , didn’t ram promise her for sharing sorrow

      • Padmaja

        I want to know why Ram want to prove his purity. Yes he had promised to share the sorrows but they didn’t see this as a sorrow . Sita want to prove the world she is a pure patni of Ram.Because ram doesn’t want anyone to doubt sita’s purity…. This is the reason for agnipariksha…

  25. Sita

    Dear it’s for u vanshu

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    Why generally Hindu do not name their daughters as Draupadi?
    it is better to understand Character Draupadi rather than blindly saying that She possess negative Character . She had choosen one Arjuna , it was the… show more
    Update 2:
    i asked this question because Draupadi was a great Charecter , everybody knows it by heart , than why people…….. show more
    Update 3:
    i think there must be some logical and right answer for this quesion . i am sure if we would think positively to reach to answer , we would definetely get… show more
    6 answers · Religion & Spirituality
    Best Answer
    Draupadi means daughter of King Drupada. This is not popular now a days. Draupadi’s another name Panjali is still popular.

    Reference 1:
    It was to ensure that the link between father and child was maintained, Vyasa had imposed the one-year period for each husband. In due course Draupadi had five sons, one from each of her five husbands. Prativindhya was the son of Yudhishthir, Srutasoma of Bhim, Srutakirti of Arjuna, Satanika of Nakul, and Srutakarma of Sahadev.

    Reference 2:
    Draupadi’s other names:

    Draupadi, meaning daughter of Drupad, was known by several other names as well. As the princess of the kingdom of Panchal she was known as Panchali. As the grand daughter of Prushata she was known as Parsati. [ Draupadi is ayonija, not born of woman. ] Draupadi is born of fire and therefore, often referred to as Yagnyaseni. She is also called Krishnaa because she was copper skinned, fiery eyed and had long, black hair. She was gifted with blue-lotus fragrance wafting for a full krosha (2 miles) and hence was called Yojanagandha (she whose fragrance can be felt for miles).

    Reference 3:
    Reason for having five husbands:
    As per Narada and Vayu Puranas, Draupadi was composite Avatar of Goddesses Shyamala (wife of Dharma), Bharati (Wife of Vayu), Sachi (wife of Indra), Usha (wife of Ashwinis) and hence married their earthly counterparts in the form of the five Pandavas. Enraged at a jest by Parvati and the four goddesses, Brahma cursed them to human birth. Parvati thought of the solution wherein they will be born as one woman, Draupadi and hence share the earthly body for a smaller period of time. Draupadi’s characteristic fight against injustice reflects Parvati or her Shakti, Kali inhabiting Draupadi’s mortal flesh at times. At other times, Draupadi was docile and even waited to be rescued (as in case of Jayadratha and Jatasura) showing the qualities of other goddesses like Sachi and Usha. Other times, she showed astuteness in hiding their true identity and asking Vayu putra Bhima to kill the evil Keechaka like Goddess Bharati would.

    Draupadi was also avatar of Goddess Shree or Wealth who was joint wife to five Indras, aka Five Pandavas. She was to be born several times for imprisoning the Indras. First time was as Vedavati who cursed Ravana (who is another goddess Avatar Swaha, wife to Agni). She then came again as Maya-Sita especially to take revenge from Ravana while Agni hid the real Sita. Third one was partial either Damyanti (whose husband Nala was equivalent to Dharma, Vayu, Indra just like the Pandavas) and her daughter Nalayani. She married Sage Mudgala. The fifth avatar was Draupadi herself. So we find in Draupadi, a composite avatar of Kali, Parvati, Sachi, Shyamala, Usha, Bharati, Shree, Swaha, the eight goddesses.

    Reference 4:
    A) Vandana, on March 14th, 2008 at 8:41 am Said:

    “I wuld like to point out that Draupadi was a name popular in the early part of the last century, atleast.Both my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother were named Draupadi Devi………..and no they did not have five husbands!!!”

    B) Neha Viswanathan, on March 14th, 2008 at 8:48 am Said:

    “………… I had a friend called Draupadi – and she was teased mercilessly about her name. My guess is that the aversion to this name is more contemporary. It’s hard to come by Panchalis too, though it appears to be popular a hundred years back. Sometimes, I think it was the awful representation of Ramayana on television that ruined the subtleness of each of the characters in the Mahabharata.”

    Reference 5 (page 12 & 13):

    “Draupadi’s character has been nothing if not enigmatic. It is not Vyasa’s Mahabharata,but the vastly popularised teleserial that puts the cheap jibe into her mouth to mock Duryodhana, ascribing his lack of sight and the fall to his father Dhritarashtra’s blindness.Unbecoming of her, the rude joke mars the nobility of her character. If her flowing dishevelled tresses thirsted for blood from Duhshasana’s heart for his gruesome and monstrous crime against womanhood, her unparallelled magnanimity of heart alone could forgive Ashwatthama,the killer of her five sons in cold blood.

    Completely surrendered to Krishna, in a gesture of ‘Yatha niyuktosmitatha karomi’, she was beyond conventional vice and virtue. In India, however, the common folk possess an uncanny sense in this regard, and they worship her as a goddess in around four hundred Draupadi temples in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry alone.”

    Reference 6:

    People believe that names can affect the way people behave and how they feel about themselves.

    Or else why is no child named Duryodhana, Shakuni, Dushyashan or Draupadi (characters from the Indian epic Mahabharata), Shurpanakha (a mythological demoness), Kaikayee or Manthara (evil characters from the Indian epic Ramayana).

    Maybe these names are not kept as in the epics all of them except Draupadi had negative shades to their character. Draupadi on the other hand had five husbands. Now which parent would want a similar fate for their daughter!

    During the last half-century, tentatively at first and later with a greater sense of the importance of their work, psychologists and others who study human behavior have explored the feeling that names influence their bearers, and the researchers have discovered some amazing psychological aspects of names.
    C. Sri Vidya Rajagopalan · 8 years ago
    Comment 9 0
    Asker’s rating 4 out of 5
    Draupadi isn’t a source of embarasment for hindus, the fact that not many girls are named after her,for her parents don’t want her to end up with 5… show more
    Daisy · 2 years ago
    Comment 0 0
    They don’t want their daughter to have 5 husbands simultaneously.
    Draupadi is a source of embarrasment for hindus.
    Happily Happy · 8 years ago
    Comment 2 5
    People are blinded by the sorrow and sacrifice of her rather than seeing the divinity behind her!

    There is a great answer from Sri. C Vidya rajagopalan.
    Thimmappa M.S. · 8 years ago
    Comment 1 0
    one of my aunt’s name was Draupadi (and she had only one husband)
    Divya Jyoti · 8 years ago
    Comment 1 1
    My intension is not to hurt you,, but just think,, why your name is not ‘KichakaRavana’,, it is simple like that. Names has their own stories,… show more
    Rav'z · 8 years ago
    Comment 0 1
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    Answer this question
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    • Have one doubt… Wt was the negative shade in draupadi ??? Hare yar vo toh har aurat ki samman ke liye badla Lena chahti thi…. I know u didn’t type it…agar jo bhi ise likha ho…pls first go n read Mahabharata fully especially vastraharan part carefully u l come to know abt that revenge…

      • Sita

        Yes dear Priya. I had not written it yaar. I didn’t read it fully as I was busy.
        But the guy must really go in the epic to find our godess draupadi s mistake
        I don’t see any flaw in her. She was best in her part.

    • vaidehi

      i luv u dear sita di bt since i was hurted so i talked with u like that. pls don’t misunderstand me di. v all r 1 family. v all hv different liings. bt that doesn’t mean that v shall disrespect others feelings.

      pls pls pls pls pls try to understand the lovers ramayana di.

      v all luv both mahabharata as well as ramayana.

      and coming to the show skr, u said dat sita is not well dressed in skr. its absolutely correct. the showmakers r trying to give a modern look to sita. but one thing hv u forgotten what kind of dress draupadi used to wear in the show mahabharata. its the same.

      pls leave it.

      v all like mahabharata and ramayana and that’s the biggest fact and that’s y v all luv to watch both mahabharat and siya ke ram.

      v r not here to judge the tv serials.

      lets put up all these and wait for shree ram to come and udhhaar sita from lanka.


      love u. muuuuaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!

      • Sita

        Dear vaidehi, draupadi did not wear the dress worn by sita
        Dear kutty
        Even in vastraharan they only showed her face but not anything else

        @padmaja Di
        Dear sis
        Sita accompany ram to van against his interest. She compelled a lot. Why don’t ram do the same and accompany her though it was her decision akka….
        Answer me dear

        Jai Sri yashodha Nanda
        Jai Sri devaki paramanadan
        Jai maa draupadi

  26. vaidehi

    vanshu sis i hv something imp to tell u.

    my grandma told me that old generation people also did not wnt to keeptheir daughter’s name as sita. they used to think that mata sita had to suffer so much mostly in the last phase of her life. she also did struggle a lot. therefore, they thought that if they give their daughter’s name sita, their daughters will also hv to suffer such pain in their lives.

    all nonsense ideas they had.

    • Sita

      To all my dear sis and skhi
      I think all this thoughts behind names funny
      If there is day there would be night isn’t it??
      Every one suffers no??? Despite having any names???

      Even Krishna said God takes every human pain as his own this shows even God has pains. I think anyone can keep the name they wish.

      It’s purely my idea not to hurt anyone

      Kaannaiyya am I right, Oh Lord ??????

    • Sita

      To all my dear sis and skhi
      I think all this thoughts behind names funny
      If there is day there would be night isn’t it??
      Every one suffers no??? Despite having any names???

      Even Krishna said God takes every human pain as his own this shows even God has pains. I think anyone can keep the name they wish.

      It’s purely my idea not to hurt anyone

      Hare Krishna

      Kaannaiyya am I right, Oh Lord ??????

      • shivani

        @sita I am sorry I have behaved weird wid you my intentions.are not to hurt you even I don’t know.krishna much more

  27. vaidehi

    padmaja di u r correct.
    how can ravan kidnap ram ?????? shree ram is strong enough. if ravan had kidnapped ram then ravan couldn’t hv given shree ram such pain by sitaharan. therefore, ravan cannot ever kidnap ram or lakshman. and sita was abducted to lanka so she had to give agnipariksha not ram.

    but believe me dear sita di i think that prabhu shree ram should hv told the prajas that they should not question abt mata sita’s purity.
    ram ki liye praja heen sabse adhik imp thi. isliye jab uski praja se koi bhul hon tabh ram ko heen usse sudhar deni chahiye thi.

  28. vaidehi

    guys i hv some doubt with the ans of these qs. can u all pls ans ?????

    1.what happened to shree ram after devi sita went back to earth ????

    2.why did mata sita go back to earth without protesting ????

    3.where was the battle of ramayana fought ?????

    4.after sita went back to earth, did ram ever thought abt her ????

    5.why did lakshman not think about urmila while leaving for vanvas ????

    6.why did lakshman not stay with urmila during the 14yrs of exile ?????

    guys i’m really worried with this qs. pls help.


    u all can call me by any of these names. :):):):)

  29. Pujith

    Thanmathi sister you said that you will the story of sita…please post it..I am sorry if I trouble you..just if it is possible then please you can post..

  30. Padmaja

    @ VAIDEHI some and which i know
    1. Wen sita went back to earth, sri ram made his sons luv and kush to rule the kingdom and ram and his brothers and their wives with a lot of prajas went to the bank of river sarayu to attain moksha…..
    This is wat i know dear☺

    • vaidehi


      toh ye baat hain

      i can’t say thnks as its prohibited

      but i can say that i luv u a lot dear padmaja di.

      still thnks for the info.

  31. vaidehi

    puju this for you cutiepie.

    birth of sita.


    in valmiki’s ramayana and kamban’s tamil epic of ramavataram, sita is said to hv discovered in a furrow in a ploughed field, and for that reason is regarded as a daughter of bhumi devi (the goddess earth). she was discovered, adopted and brought abt by janaka, king of mithila an his wie sunaina, queen of mithila.


    in ramayana manjari (verses 344-366) north-western and bengal recensions of valmiki ramayana, it has been described as on hearing a voice from the sky and then seeing menaka, janaka expresses his wish to obtain a child. and when he finds the child, he hears the same voice again telling him the infant is his spiritual child, born of menaka.


    some versions of the ramayana suggest that sita was a reincarnation of vedavati. ravan tried to molest vedavati and her chastity was sullied beyond ravan’s redemption when she was performing penance to become consort of vishnu. vedavati immolated herself on a pyre to escape ravan lust, vowing to return in another age and be the cause of ravan’s destruction. she was duly reborn as sita.


    according to gunabhadra’s uttara purana of the 9th century BCE, ravan disturbs asceticism of manivati, daughter of amitavega of alkapuri, and she pledges to take revenge on ravan. manivati is later reborn as the daughter of ravan and mandodri. but astrologers predict ruin of ravan bcoz of this child. so ravan orders to kill this child. manivati is placed in a casket and buried in the ground of mithila where she is discovered by some of the farmers of the kingdom. then janaka, king of the state adopts her.


    in sanghadasa’s jain version of ramayana of the 5th century BCE, sita, entitled vasudevahindi, is born as daughter of ravana. according to this version, astrologers predict that first child of vidhyadhara maya (ravan’s wife) will destroy his lineage. that’s why ravan abandons her and orders the infant to be buried in a distant land were she is later discovered and adopted by janaka.


    according to the jain version of ramayana, ravan did love sita but as a daughter. yes! a daughter! it is that she was she was born none other than the pair ravan-mandodri. ravan was overjoyed when he saw his beautiful baby girl. amidst these celebrations, the royal priest predicted complete destruction to the entire land of lanka, if the baby continued to live. it was decided that the baby is to be placed in a well decorated box and be thrown in the sea. when this was done, the water level rose and box was engulfed.

    SUFFERING OF SITA- (during 14yrs of exile)

    ravan couldn’t bear the thought of sita suffering in the forests. he endeavored to get sita back to lanka and put an end to her misery. all the people of lanka thought that it was ravan’s way of claiming vengeance on ram and his brother lakshman, for having cut off the nose of his sister surpankha. even mandodri, his wife, did not understand him. she remembered him murmuring the name ‘sita’ in his dreams and thought that sita was the love of his life.

    guys its extremely strange right to know this version of the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    puju baby hope u get your ans.


    you can call me by any of these names…………………………………….

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      I’m confused ? now..i have also heard these stories but this is a myth which is true.. I’ll only believe Valmiki Ramayana only I think

  32. vaidehi

    vanshu sis i hv seen ur cmnt abt my ff. its ok. and v all will not let u die even if i stop writing ff. stay cute. love u muuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • 1SRK

        Where is that mahabharat 2 ( I mean @sita )
        She say she hates ram but she likes ram as much as krishna.

  33. Padmaja

    @ vaidehi. My ans for ur second question
    2. sita mata gone to earth because she thought that she had fulfilled the patni dharma and kulvadhu dharma by giving birth to luv and kush and made them as a best son by teaching dharma. She had a thought that she suffered everything by living in this earth and there is nothing to suffer to. So she hand overed her son’s to Rama and gone with bhumi mata.
    This is wat I knew dear?

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yes u know ryt di I didn’t answer in detail as there is network problem hai,.

  34. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Vaidehi dear answers..

    1. Shree ram went in river sarayu
    2. Because siya ma wanted to secure her sons in hands of ram and after that she returned..
    3. In Lanka, banks of Indian ocean
    4. Of course he thought and he had statue of siya after her returning also
    5. Coz she had promised him that she wont come between his duties towards ram
    6. As she would b an obstacle for him.. If she’s there he’ll always care for her unable to serve ram sita

  35. Haripriya

    Please everyone don’t fight for some comment . I hope u all won’t fight but join in peace. This is a wish from ur sister(me). Welcome all the new comers . U all are so lucky to get a sweet family(skr family). Goodbye everyone. I won’t comment hereafter as I have to concentrate on my studies . Will miss u all and don’t forget me . I will never forget u all till my last breath. All the best for all ur future and may u all achieve ur aims and goals. Let God’s blessings be with u all and let u all be happy forever.
    I don’t know whether I will comment or not but when I get time that time surely will visit this page . This is the promise from ur sis(me)

  36. Pujith

    Suchetna sister.. it was really nice…..thanks for writing this and I got to know the story..Thank you so much…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.