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Siya Ke Ram 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tadaka blowing fire on Ram. Ram uses a shield and protects himself. He shoots arrow on her. Ram Ram…………..plays…………….. Tadaka flees. Laxman is fighting with Subahu and Mareecha. They disappear and flee as bats. Ram recalls Vishwamitra’s words that a good warrior should not lose patience in tough time. Ram aims at Tadaka and shoots the arrow. She disappears and goes to attack Laxman.

Laxman fights with her and gets hurt. She becomes a giant and hits Laxman with her tail. Laxman gets up and she hits him again. He moves back and her tail goes to kill him. Ram comes and shoots her tail. Laxman smiles seeing Ram. Maryada Purshottam Ram……..plays…..

Vishwamitra says the end is finite now. Tadaka says I was playing till now thinking you both are

younh, but now its time for your death. She throws some red light on Ram. She smiles seeing the mountain breaking. The fumes get clear. Laxman runs to see Ram. Ram runs over the falling bridge and shoots arrow on her. He jumps in the air. She gets shocked. The arrow hits her head and she falls. It thunders. Vishwamitra looks on. Ram lands down.

Vishwamitra says Tadaka died, now this jungle is free of Asurs. Laxman comes to Ram and says you fulfilled the motive for what we have come, you killed Tadaka. Ram gets sad and leaves. Its morning, Laxman comes to Ram and asks why is he not happy with his victory. Ram says its our Dharm to kill Asurs for Praja’s protection, but celebrating violence and killing someone is wrong, I killed a woman today and I m not happy. Vishwamitra says no man or woman, she was a terror, we gave her a option, she chose her death, Asurs doesn’t trust us till they think we are their enemies, the difference is the motive, they attack for hurting peace and we fight for peace and Dharm. Ram says Gurudev, I want Tadaka’s final rites to be done. Laxman says Tadaka was a Rakshasi, she wanted to kill us, why to respect an enemy. Ram says if she is dead, then why that enmity. Vishwamitra says great Ram, this is an example for humanity, if all humans follow you, humanity will not get wrong.

Laxman says but who will do her final rites. Ram says the one who has this right, Tadaka’s son Subahu and Mareecha. Laxman asks how can you trust them, if they attack us again….

Sunaina comes to Sita and asks why did she not sleep at night. Sita asks any news from Vishwamitra’s ashram. Sunaina says Shathanand got some news. Sita runs to know it. Shathanand gets the news and tells Sita that Ram and Laxman killed Tadaka, they did not let anyone get hurt, and Ram… she asks what happened to him. Shathanand says nothing, he is great, Asurs could not even touch him. She smiles. Sunaina asks Sita to come, Janak wants to talk to her. Sita is lost…. Sunaina says Janak kept puja near Shiv Dhanush. She asks Sita is she fine. Sita nods. Sunaina asks her to get ready.

Shathanand asks Sunaina not to worry, everything will be fine. Sunaina says no, this fear won’t get less till we talk to Sita about her Swayambar. Sita smiles recalling about Ram. Urmila comes and says I heard it, Ayodhya’s Yuvraaj made everything fine, he saved Ashwa from sacrifice, he saved ashram from Asurs, he has patience and bravery, he has made Sita affected by him. Sita smiles and hugs her. Urmila says he is in your heart right, I read your eyes, you can’t hide it from me. Sita runs smiling.

Ram signs a man to announce. The man announces and calls Subaha and Mareecha to come for the final rites of Tadaka, and Ram assures they will not attack them. Subahu says they are calling us to attack, you don’t know humans. Laxman says they are Asurs, they will not understand humans, they will use this chance to attack on us. Ram says we will face them if they attack, but by this doubt, we can’t snatch their right. Laxman says I understand, but will they understand. Mareecha says Ram is giving us this chance to see our mum for the last time, Ram killed Tadaka, he is a warrior but he will not use this chance to kill us, I m not scared for Maa, even if its their plan, I don’t want to lose chance to see Maa for the final time. Subahu tries to stop him.
Everyone turn to see Mareecha. Mareecha comes to do final rites of Tadaka, where Ram, Laxman, Vishwamitra wait for them. Vishwamitra and Laxman walk to him. Mareecha walks ahead….

Subahu scolds Mareecha and says I will kill Ram. Janak tells about Sita’s Swayambar, the person who threads the Shiv Dhanush will deserve to become Sita’s husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    m luving the cast yr…especially sita nd ram

  2. richa (titli)

    lovedd epiii was like watchin mooovie…. but yyyy she shown as dragon?? nddidnt breathe fire 😛

  3. I hope its Ram

  4. Wht d u mean pari

    hyy richu dii

  5. best presentation of Ramayan and its moral values…. those who compare this saga with previous epic shows.. then just smile to them…actors are like entered into the skin of character…

  6. urmila n shrutkirti r ugly .Laxman is handsome .Urmila n bharat would make a gr8 couple.Siya ram are awesome.Pls change urmila

  7. urmila n shrutkirti r ugly .Laxman is handsome .mandvi n bharat would make a gr8 couple.Siya ram are awesome.Pls change urmila

  8. Sita-Ram

    1. nice work dear

  9. loved it

  10. today seethaiyin raman was started in tamil. happy to watching in tamil

  11. Siya ke Ram is great serial.I really love it specially Seeta and Ram’s voice. the first met of Ram and Seeta episode made me curious to get knowledge about Siya n Ram. I never forget to watch this serial. I wish this may be go longer…..

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