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Siya Ke Ram 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram going to Dasharath. He says he came to know Shanta Dadi’s truth. Dasharath gets shocked and says Kaushalya could not stop, she did not keep my request and told you. Ram says she did not wish to tell me, I insisted, its good I came to know about this big Tyaag. Dasharath says don’t know what you are thinking about me, I m wrong. Ram says no, you would be wrong if you did not regret, you are sad and kept Shanta alive in heart. Dasharath says you said right son.

He says he had duty towards Rajya and it was more than his own happiness, till he understood what happened, it was late, Shanta was gone. Ram says you and mum got distanced after Shanta got away, that distance will end when Shanta returns, that love and trust will come back you see your relation will change,

I want to go and meet Shanta, along with Maa and my brothers. Dasharath hugs him and says sure, if you meet Shanta, tell her that I m ashamed.

Kaikeyi takes a sword. Mantra taunts her. Kaikeyi asks her to get her poison out, else she will die. Mantra says she plans to make her smart, and says Ram is taking Kaushalya to meet his sister. Kaikeyi asks what, how did Ram know about Shanta. Mantra says I heard him saying Kaushalya happily that Dasharath permitted him. She says Shanta will come, then you stay here. Kaikeyi cries and says Shanta.

Kaushalya cries holding the idol. Sumitra asks what will she do after meeting Shanta, if she cries now. She asks her to smile. She says she has seen her in sorrow all these years. Kaikeyi says Kaushalya will be glad, I m very happy. Mantra thinks her words did not affect this fool. Ram says he will bring Shanta back. Kaikeyi praises Ram. She asks Kaushalya to leave with the sons. Ram sees the idol and says we are coming Didi.

Kaushalya is leaving and sees Dasharath. Ram takes her. They all leave in the carts. Shruthkirti and Mandvi make plan to avoid going to Sankasya. Mandvi acts like she is ill. Chandra worries for her. Mandvi says she has much stomach ache, she feels she will die. Shruthkirti asks them to save Mandvi. Sunaina asks servant to bring medicine. Mandvi says she will die and apologizes to them. She says she has some wishes, just fulfill them. Shruthkirti says now we have to stay here, dad will be sad, but Mandvi is ill, who will take care of her there.

Sita stops them. Chandra scolds them for acting. She says this is my last decision that we are leaving. Ram, Kaushalya and his brothers reach the mountains. Kaushalya gets tensed. Ram takes her ahead.

Sita makes a painting, and tells Urmila that they should not look weak and sad, they should send Mandvi and Shruthkirti happily. They will not get away from our heart, what happened, we four will always be together. Chandra comes and asks them did they see Mandvi and Shruthkirti. Sita says no, we are arranging a gift for them. Chandra says they are not here, are they acting again, tell me. Sita says trust me, I don’t know. Janak says if Sita knew, she would have not hidden. Chandra cries and says were did they go. The minister says they are not anywhere here. Sita thinks where they went.

Shanta gives water to Kaushalya and hugs her. Shanta says she can’t forgive Dasharath ever. Sita looks for Mandvi and Shruthkirti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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