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Siya Ke Ram 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trijata telling Sita that Raavan ended his relations for his ego, Kaikesi spoke for Asur kul good for the first time and Raavan has confined her, she is Asur kul Rajmata. Sita tells her how Ram obeyed his mum and agreed to spend 14 years of life in vanvas, on the other hand, Raavan has confined his mother and ended ties with her, this is called good and bad deeds in the world, Lankesh insulted his parents, so his death phase has started, Ram always thinks of his parents, he has entered the battle ground by his parents’ courage, memories and blessings, he gets strength by thinking of his parents.

Vibhishan says just Lankesh can do the ritual. Ram says but Lankesh’s ego won’t let him help him, I think this work won’t get fulfilled this time. Hanuman says how can

this happen when I m here. Ram says your devotion gives me strength, your love and immense faith is like Amrit like me, but who will get us in Lanka to do this good work. Hanuman says Raavan will do this, leave this worry on me, I will see how to make him do this, you prepare for the rituals, till then I will get Raavan. He says Jai Shri Ram and flies.

Kaikesi says I have made Raavan as Lankesh, I made Lankesh as Trilokpati, the Raavan for which I abandoned many relations, I gave him independence to do anything, that Raavan did not think before confining me. She cries and says Lankesh did not do good by insulting Asur kul Rajmata. Mandodari says Lankesh loves you a lot, he has taken decision in anger, he will realize his mistake after his anger cools. Kaikesi says Lankesh’s ego and greed have crosses all limits, he forgot his relations, its too late to come to right path. Mandodari asks is there no possibility that Lankesh leaves this wrong path. Kaikesi says I sacrificed my life to make this asur kul, now I can’t see this kul’s destruction by my eyes, I will try all possible things to save Asur kul, even if I have to give birth to a new Raavan for this.

Asur comes to Raavan. Hanuman asks why is he afraid. Asur says Hanuman who burnt Lanka has come again. Hanuman comes there and greets Raavan. Raavan gets angry. Hanuman praises Raavan for his Gyaan for ved and Dharm-customs teacher, there is no Gyaan in the world which Raavan did not attain, there is no one efficient as him, you are Maharish Vishravas’s son, accept my greetings. Meghnadh asks soldiers to catch Hanuman. The soldiers surround Hanuman. Hanuman says I just came to praise your father’s knowledge and intelligence, and you are asking them to catch me. Meghnadh says I will not leave you this time and gets sword.

Raavan stops Meghnadh. Raavan asks Hanuman how did his heart change suddenly, you are taking Raavan’s name when you used to take Ram’s name, did Ram accept defeat. Hanuman says I have always been fan of your Gyaan, I did not get chance to talk to you well, I came today to talk to you, I said what I had to, now allow me to leave, Jai Lankapati Ki. He leaves.

Raavan stops Hanuman and says you did not come here to praise me, you will have other reason to come, tell me if you want anything from Lankesh. Hanuman says you are great to help enemy, just you can do this, but I have a doubt, if you don’t fulfill my request then…. Raavan laughs and says I m trilok Swami, and praises himself. He asks do you doubt that I can’t give you what you ask, don’t be hesitant and ask.

Hanuman says you have put me in Dharm sankat, if I don’t ask, it will be your insult, but I m not such Gyaani to imagine insulting you, so I will ask you. He says Ram’s father Dasharath’s Shraddh is today, Ram wants a Gyaani man, but there is no Dharmyagya, Shastra and Ved’s knowledgeable person in Lanka, if you are pleased with me, I have a wish that you complete Dasharath’s Shraddh. Meghnadh asks how dare you get such request to my father. Raavan shouts impossible. Hanuman says I had doubt that you will never complete enemy’s father’s Shraddh puja, but for Ved and Shastra Gyaani, it’s a prestigious thing to do this puja, I will wait for you, you think on your decision again. He says Jai Lankesh and leaves.

Trijata asks Sita why is she making kheer. Sita says I m making kheer, as its my father in law’s Dasharath’s Shraddh today, kheer was his fav, I will give this kheer to the crow. Trijata asks crow? Sita says yes, its believed that food given to crow reaches our ancestors.

Raavan recalls Ram’s words. Mayasur says knowing you are enemy and kidnapped Sita, Ram has given priority to your knowledge than your enmity, if he is valuing your knowledge, you should also do the puja keeping enmity aside, I think you should accept Ram’s proposal. Meghnadh asks him on whose side is he, who is Ram, he has to die, maybe its his plan, he is always an enemy first, then a Gyaani. He says this proposal is insult for Raavan, when Raavan said he won’t go, why this discussion. Raavan says I will surely go to Ram for Shraddh puja.

Meghnadh asks Raavan not to get influenced by everyone’s words, what will you get doing this. Raavan says war is not won by power, and planning, sometimes kutniti/diplomacy is important. He says going to Ram by accepting his proposal is my diplomacy, Ram told me that I m not Brahma Gyaani, I will make him see my Brahma Gyaan now, I will know everything which Ram can’t even think of. He smiles and leaves. Meghnadh goes.

Mayasur tells Mandodari that its true that this time is tough, but I wanted to stop them and still have same hope, customs say that when two enemies talk outside battle ground, there is hope that enmity gets less, Ram and Raavan will meet in puja, Ram will be Yajmaan and Raavan will be Purohit, maybe by meeting Ram and seeing his bevahior and goodness, Raavan will leave thought of war. Mandodari smiles. Raavan dressed as Purohit in simple clothes, goes to Ram. Ram and everyone get shocked seeing him.

Raavan does the rituals and tells Ram that no puja is completed without Dakshina given by Yajmaan. Ram says you said right Brahman, I promise you won’t go empty hand today, tell me what is your wish. Raavan says I want Sita as my Dakshina. Ram, Laxman and everyone get shocked. Raavan smiles.

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  1. Anil

    |Registered Member

    Excellent episode….
    Comparison of respect towards parents between RAM and ravan by sita mata was superb…
    Hanuman and ravan conversation was nice..

    Waiting for tomorrow’s epi…

  2. SKR fan

    Nice episode. Hanumanji is really sankatmochan. He flew away all the tensions of shree ram. How smartly he convinced raavan for the work! Oh precap forced me to think what will happen in next episode.

  3. Ishita

    Ah…….hmmmm…….finally u guys identify nd remembered be very well ……but ithought of commenting here as stranger but anyhow u guys wouldn’t forget me at all

    ND hi to all frnds here nd thanks meghnA …..indeed am a ghost as iam appearing like tis here I tu…hahaha😄😄😄 nd ofcourse belle vanshu Padma jai di……..i have not forgot u all nd even nobody should welcome back me here as am only a very old membr ……😉😉😉 nd most of our old members r reading ur all comments daily especially very very very especially for ww….i know d chellam……nee ithakandippa padippa nu……
    ND yeh…….i was the one should who instructed all not to say sry nd thanks but even I have thanked u all…haha😆😆 funny.
    But nomore it is here nd I ll come here for anytimes not sure……but always I ll be wid in ur heart forever my frnds.
    ND guys do u all watch ishqbasz? Iam just loving itto the core ❤ 💓 💗 💖

    • Ishita

      ND according to Nidhi she has quit the page forever nd as xara I feel strange …..i didn’t even knowher that she had quit the page….. I thought she is commenting here sometimes nd sometimes……..but she had quit the page…….

  4. SKR fan

    Karthik Jayaram didn’t find Hindi TV industry a culture shock

    Karthik Jayaram, who after making a name for himself in the Kannada entertainment industry, entered the Hindi TV space with “Siya Ke Ram”, found no difference in working down south and in Mumbai.

    “I didn’t feel any culture shock at all. As an artiste, I felt no difference in the two industries, but of course having said that, the magnitude with which shows and movies are made here (in Hindi entertainment industry) is way bigger compared to south,” Karthik, best known for his roles in films like “Just Love”, “Bengaluru 560023” and “Care of Footpath 2”, told IANS.

    “So there is an overall difference in the making. Otherwise, the talent across the country in this field is amazing. The Hindi industry welcomed me very warmly and I am highly indebted,” added the actor, who is currently seen as Raavan in Star Plus’ “Siya Ke Ram”.

    Karthik, who considers it a “big deal” to get a chance to play Raavan – a pivotal part of Ramayana – is not afraid of getting stereotyped in the Hindi TV industry.

    “In my previous (Kannada) show ‘Ashwini Nakshatra’, I was the lead actor, whereas here I am the negative character. An actor is known for his acting delivery, not for the character traits,” Karthik said.

    Further stressing upon the issue, he quipped that “the audiences are matured enough these days to understand that the character an actor plays, doesn’t define the actor in real life”.

    “People in real life come up to me and say that you are so unlike the characters you have played. I don’t think one gets stereotyped because of playing similar kind of roles. At the end of the day, it is your talent that speaks volumes,” he added.

    Karthik is even ready to play Raavan’s role again.

    He said: “Going by the response I am getting, I would definitely love to play Raavan again. It is such an amazing and a great character. There have been fan mails saying they love the laughter of Raavan.

    “Often, a character is not what an actor is in real life. But it’s upon the actor to take up such roles as a challenge. I have in some way become an opportunist.”

    After “Siya Ke Ram”, which is striding towards its climax, Karthik next has few work commitments in the southern market.

    “I am focusing on a few movies down south. I would love to do TV shows if I get the right offers that are even more challenging than a character like Raavan. The standard for me has been set high and now I will settle for nothing better than the best,” he said.

  5. SKR fan

    Happy birthday 3 times

    Time to sing “Happy Birthday” for the talented celebs who are celebrating their birthdays today (2 August).

    They are Shireen Mirza (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein), Ruslaan Mumtaz (Balika Vadhu) and Karan Suchak (Siya Ke Ram). spoke to these TV celebs to know more about their birthday plans.

    Shireen averred, “I was shooting today as I have signed a new show. Tonight I have arranged a party for all my close friends so will be celebrating with them. Yesterday I had a small celebration. I have cut five cakes till now and more cakes are coming my way. I have received a lot of gifts in advance so just want to thank all my friends and fans.”

    Ruslaan and Karan remained unavailable for comment.

    Happy Birthday to all!!

  6. shrinithi venkatesan

    eagerly waiting fr precap???hw can ravan ger siya as dakshina from ram……he can be a brahma gyaan but he dont know d basic steps of a gyaani

  7. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    can anybody tell me if this part of story where hanuman is asking ravan and ravan asking sita as dakshina and all is there in real story .

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Hi dii nice DP and nice qn
      May be you found the answers from below comment 👇👇 still I’ll reply u.. D shraad is totally imaginative stories fictional and m really angry on siya ke ram fr this. They jus wanna drag the show and so on the story but still they’re putting totally unacceptable stuff like this.. It’s false still I’m waiting to see the story made by skr 😊😊

  8. Rani

    Nice compare between Ram & Ravan’s attitude towards parents.
    But as far as I know Hanuman never ever went to Ravan for asking to do Shardhh .
    Ravan never came to do Shardh . It is all imaginative and unreal.
    I have no clue from where all these stories are cropping up .
    It is not in original Valmiki, Tulsidas or any other scholars.

  9. Sara

    GOOD Compare between Ram AND RAVAN -but who made Ravan a Ravan ? It was his mother .

    But I agree with Rani . Hanuman never ever went to Ravan for requesting to do Shardh .
    It never happened .
    In fact , Ram’s 14 years exile started before his father death . One can verify it by reading Valimiki Ramayan -he has beautifully mentioned the dates .
    So question of Shardh never arose in between the war.
    I don’t know where all these unreal stuff are popping up.
    As I have mentioned the truth that SKR is totally off the track- my message got deleted .
    ONE SHOULD face the truth.
    Valimiki ramayan and others scholars writtens are authentic but Devdutta ‘s book has made existence of Ramayan doubtful.
    Sage Valmiki got divine instruction to write but Devdutta is like EKTA KAPOOR –

    • sarah

      But in some versions of ramayan like ananda ramayan says that ram invited ravan to do a pooja before the war as no other priest was available. As it was a shiv pooja and raavan being a shiv bhakt readily accepted the invitation and took sita with him as any pooja is incomplete without husband and wife being together. He did the pooja and when ram seeked blessings for victory in the war, ravan immediately said tadhaasthu and later realised that he invited his own destruction. Later he took away sita with him back to Lanka. It wasn’t shraad but ravan did attend a pooja as a preist with ram being the host/yajman. Ravan, being a brahmin thought that he should not reject any proposal of pooja, even if it is from an enemy, that too being shiv pooja.

      • Supreetha (Soups)

        Yeah! I agree with Sarah! There is one version like that…but I don’t think it was for Shraadh! That was for a Shiv Pooja as Sarah said

  10. Akshu

    |Registered Member

    Sabko salaam namaste. I love dis serial. I am reading updates and comments from few weeks. Thankx to updaters and comment karne wale. I learnt lot frm yr commens

  11. Veena

    I am really upset with SKR. They have crossed all the limits .
    WHAT SHARDH?? It never happened during the war.
    Ravan doing Shardh -asking for SITA ??
    It is really hurting our sentiments .

  12. sarah

    Some versions of ramayan say that ravan did some pooja as ram invited him to do so. He asked for some huge some of money knowing that ram cannot arrange such amount. Then ram prayed samudra dev who gave away all the valuable gems and pearls that he possessed in his ocean. Ravan didn’t ask for sita as he was over confident that he would win the war and sita would be his

  13. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    It was Impossible to believe that ravan himself can ever decide to help his enemy till I saw the Precap … Ravan can never improve ☹

  14. stuti

    Hi all yesterday’s epi was gud but never heard of this …… sorry to say that but really disappointed with skr ……… giving a bad sight to this brilliant show ……

  15. Anil

    |Registered Member

    No..these are not imaginative stories… I have seen this ravan doing shraddh of dasharatha in one old Telugu movie…I think skr is having some references to each and every story…

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