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Siya Ke Ram 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram, Sita and Laxman walking ahead in their journey towards the other ashram. Laxman thinks Ram and Sita look upset, I have to do something. He smiles seeing the flowers and asks them to see the beautiful flowers. He smells a flower, while Sita calls him out to stop. Laxman starts sneezing and asks Sita to do something, else he will die. She looks around and asks him to wait. Ram smiles. Sita sees some flowers. Laxman says I m sneezing and Ram is smiling. Sita gives some other flower petals and asks Laxman to smell it. Laxman gets fine. Sita asks Laxman did he not remember that white flower’s smell will cause sneezing. Laxman says I remember, but I can smell the such flowers of the entire world to make you and Ram smile. They smile.

Guru Vashisht tells Bharat that this

diya should be lit for 13 days, it is sign of Dasharath’s soul peace, we will do rituals and our sorrow will get less, we will immerse this diya along with pind daan. Kaikeyi comes there and calls out Bharat. Everyone look on. Kaikeyi asks Bharat what Adharm is happening. She says Sumitra, your son Shatrughan has broke all limits, he is beating Mantra, a woman, she is like my mother, no one has right to punish her, and why are you silent Bharat…. Bharat gets angry. Kaikeyi says Mantra is equal to your mother too, you have to protect you, why are you silent seeing the maryada/limits breaking. Bharat says you started this, Shatrughan is doing this, I will start placing the traditions right, this will start by punishing you for your sins, what you did was against Ayodhya’s good, you have hurt entire Ayodhya, you have no right to stay in Ayodhya. They all get shocked. Bharat says your punishment is you have to leave from Ayodhya. Kaikeyi asks what, will my son make me leave from here.

Bharat says yes, I will do. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. He drags her out. Kaushalya slaps Bharat and stops him. she asks what are you doing Bharat, how can you behave such with your mother. Bharat asks Kaushalya to beat him more, maybe my guilt gets less by your beating, maybe my inner anger and regret gets less. He cries and says beat me more if you want, punish me, but I request you that you don’t stop me today. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry. He says woman does not become Maa by giving birth to a child, the woman who becomes reason for her husband’s death, the woman who plots to send her beloved son to vanvaas, its foolish to regard such woman as human, Kaikeyi is culprit of entire Ayodhya. He takes Kaikeyi with him, while Kaushalya asks him to stop. Guru Vashisht cries.

Ram, Sita and Laxman go ahead. They see a big tree. Sita says this is so pure and spiritual. Ram agrees and says Devtas stay in such pure trees, its said that whatever we wish by doing praying here gets fulfilled, people tie threads and take rounds before making a wish. Sita says then we will also make a wish. She goes ahead and stops. She smiles seeing him, and holds his hand. Siya ram…plays…… She takes him. They smile seeing each other, and pray. She wishes for blessings that Ram and her love is always unbreakable, their future is always bright, her face always shines by his love, she always stays with him and Ram always succeeds in his motives. Ram looks at her. She smiles. They tie thread and take rounds of the tree.

Ram asks her what did she wish. She says wish can’t be told to anyone. Ram thinks Sita if you tell me or not, but I know you will wish for our love and duty fulfillment. They smile.

Kaikeyi asks Bharat to leave her hand, where is he taking her. Bharat does not listen to her and takes her outside the Raj bhavan. He throws her on the ground and says you don’t have any relation with us and our Kul, leave from here. She gets shocked and says you are sacrificing your Maa. She shouts Bharat. He goes inside Raj bhavan and the main gates get shut. Praja looks on.

Sita likes the place. Ram says this is Chitragupt’s pure place, we will stay here. They see some birds coming that way. Laxman says so many birds are coming here, I feel its sign of some trouble. Sita says don’t worry, its not sign of danger, they are coming to welcome us, the trees and birds look so happy by our coming here. Ram asks how did you aquire this knowledge. She says I m Bhoomija, I m born from the earth, same way the trees are also born from the soil, there is a relation with them which I can’t express, so I know trees and birds too. Ram says every incident has a reason for sure, vanvaas was my fate, but you are with me, its my luck, all my doubts got away, I m stay with you in van without any worry.

Rishis come there. Rishi greets Ram and says we are lucky that you have come here at Chitragupt’s pure land. Laxman greets Rishi and asks how did you know about our arrival. Rishi says Maharishi Bharadwaj informed us, come with me to our ashram, accept our invitation. Ram says sure.

Rishi Jabali sees Kaikeyi and says Rajmata you are here, now Kaikeyi has become an ordinary woman, why is anger seen in your eyes, are you still thinking why did Bharat punish you this way, I pity you, you lost your senses such that you don’t realize your mistakes, if you realized it, then your crime would have not let you be alive for a moment, this is your biggest misfortune. He leaves. Kaikeyi cries and looks at the shut gates. She leaves from there. She says what did I do, such big mistake.

Kaikeyi goes to take Jal Samadhi and says I have no reason to be alive now, this Jal Samadhi is the only option now. A man informs Kaushalya and Sumitra about this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bestest episode
    Laxman making Siam scene really funny LOL
    Siam scene awesome
    No other words
    Pavum Bharat got a slap

    1. Hey Sanju, How r u ???& Haa dear….Its the Best…….Laxman scenes were Soooo funny………& Bharat is just Awesome……. Kya Performance dha……….???

  2. Ram just keeps looking at Sita
    He is in awe of her
    A woman should spread happiness wherever she goes and Sita is an epitome of woman
    God pls make kaikeyi less stubborn
    God loves a repentant heart
    And as for Bharat extreme anger is not good
    Hope he becomes calm after meeting ram

    1. Haa Sanju…..How can I forget our SIAM……….They r Superb today………They way both were Respects Each other is Awesome……. I can’t even explain it………And of course I think kaikeyi will less stubborn happened by this Incidents…… And Bharats anger is alsooooo tooooo much………This much of anger is not good to anyone…….. But may be his pain & frustrations blurting out through it………

    2. Its true sanju…

  3. A 3 letter word ego destroys a 12 letter word relationshio
    kaikeyi has blinded her eyes with ego
    And insulted the pure words love and family

      1. Hi rachu di… How r u di…???? Pls give me ur twitter id didi…….

    1. True Sanju di

    2. absolutely correct sanjana di 🙂

  4. She cared for her respect and prestige why not give a thought to humility after all ram is her son

    1. Its fate dear……….No one can change it………..Yeh sab tho hona hi tha…..Varna Ramayan kaise sambhav hota………..?

      1. Hello sakthipooja Di saw your comment yesterday
        Was busy so sorry for late welcome
        Welcome Di to Skr family
        How did your exams go Di and what is ur aim
        I am also tamilian Di and WW Di is also from madurai like u
        And Di who is in ur dp

      2. Meaning pls Di
        Hindi thoda thoda only

    2. Hi, u write intelligently well.please send me a request on FB. Tammy Boroni.

      1. I am so sorry but not in fb

  5. Veronica crouze

    Wow…2day siam scenes were joshhh!!!!!after a long time their scenes were for many times….sooo happyyy.

    1. YESSSS……….SIAM Scenes were Awesome……. Loved it Soooo much……???

    2. yes even i am happy veronica di

  6. The life she dreamt she did not get
    And she can’t face a mistake
    Suicide what an idea
    Arrey wah

    Make ur weakness ur strength
    Take a chance for a change
    Love ur studies
    Be confident for nothing is impossible
    Never give up in ur endevours
    Follow ur heart
    Live ur dreams
    Spot ur weakness make it ur strength
    Use social media rightly
    Express urself
    Do a good deed everyday
    Do something for the society for many dream the life u live
    Lead a systematic life
    Be always positive
    Don’t ever be too happy angry or sad
    Keep calm
    Opportunities will knock ur doors
    Get inspired by people around u and see the goodness in them
    Listening and silence is most important for gaining knowledge
    Have ur opinions but give a thought to others too
    Put ur heart and soul in whatever u do
    Keep the world in ur prayers
    Pray that the world may become hunger free
    And pray that love and tolerance should prevail
    Be content with what u have
    If u want something don’t cry for it instead work for it
    Be the change u want to see in the world
    Above all stay humble and believe in God
    For pride goes before a fall

    1. Actually wanted to shar with u
      A blind girl had come to my school today she had finished her 12th boards yesterday. She studied till 10th in a special school then thought what if a blind girl is born to poor parents
      So she come to Pondicherry and requested the cm
      And she joined a government school
      She is confident that she will score above 1100 out of 1200
      And she is part of children’s parliament which starts from village level in India and has given a speech in uno for the achievements of children parliament Pondicherry
      They stand up for the voice of the voiceless
      The parliament has requested for being made global convener along with mukesh ambani and her group is working on that it seems
      And she is preparing for her iit entrance
      She gave a really inspiring speech
      It was like hearing a Malala speak right in front of me
      Really she turned her weakness into strength
      Hats off sornalakshmi
      Salute u

      1. Thanks sanju for sharing it dear…. Hats off to her…. Sanju I had been asking which board do u study from 2 days….. And yesterday I sent summary of seedhayin Raman for u… Did u check it dear….

      2. di and even this biopic is very nice
        thanks for sharing it with your sisters

      3. So sorry brinda am busy
        I am samachher Kalvi board and yay thks for seedhayin raaman summary

      4. Sanju ???(instead of Thanks for sharing it)……..Hats off to her…….???

      5. Akanksha sharma

        Thanxx dear sharing this with us really inspiring…..i really appreciate…. her will power…may god bless her…

    2. di this poem was very awesome

      1. Which poem dear iqura

    3. Sanju ur words are very inspiring dear …….
      Thank you for sharing ur thoughts with us…. A great salute to you…. U make me tension free by ur inspiring words…..

      1. Hii ppl…im nanditha

    4. Yes dear……The Thoughts R Superb…….. Whatever the situation may be we have to face it strongly……… Then only we can manage ourselves & Others life………Great Thoughts………….A GREAT SALUTE TO U DEAR…..I AM DAMN SURE THAT THESE THOUGHTS WILL INSPIRE EACH & EVERYONE IN THE SKR FAMILY…..???

    5. Wow wonderful thoughts di…hats off to Sornalakshmi

    6. thank you sanjana di really hats off to her dear you too for sharing this with us

    7. Akanksha sharma

      How can we forget u dear……u will be there in our memories…..byee dear take care and enjoy….luv u

  7. nice episode as usual 🙂 kaikeyi deserved punishment

    1. Yes dear twinkle

    2. Hy Twinkle , How r u ???& yesss dear…..Kaikeyi deserves Punishment…..

      1. i am good reshma di . how are you ? i missed you reshma di and sanjana di 🙂

  8. Har kissiko apne papon ka phal bhogna hi hota.
    Hi brindha,rachu di,ww di,sruti,siranjani,yazhini,haripriya,akanksha di, vrinda di,sita di,and all others whose names i have missed.
    Zara di, Nidhi di, get well sooooon.
    actually i am busy with my karnataka state board 10th exams. It will end on April 13th. But I manage to read all ur comments.
    Misssing u a lot.???????.
    Love u alll.
    Teĺly update pls post my comment pls…

    1. Hi di. All the best for ur board exams. Luv u too and miss u a lot ??

      1. Nice dp haripriya

      2. Thank u Sanju di

    2. All the best for board exams didi….. Write ur exams well di…missing u a lot di…. Come back soon…

    3. All the best for your exams di? ?

    4. Hy Brinda, All the very Best for Ur Exams………. Do well ……..Don’t take much more stresses OK……….Come Back soonnnnnnnnn………. Will miss u a lot………….???

    5. all the best di 🙂 come soon

  9. Today episode was good ram and sita scenes were awesome and it was pity to see Kaikeyi.and I think may be tomorrow Kaikeyi will seek forgiveness to kaushalya and sumitra and they will unite .I think…..
    Not sure.

    1. yes maybe they would unite
      if it happens it will be good

    2. Of Course, Kaikeyi seek forgiveness to kaushalya & Sumitra……..I think they will unite Soooo soon………

  10. Hi sanjana how r u where are u from ?? I am from Singapore.

    1. I am fine and am from Pondicherry
      Union territory just 130 Kms away from chennai dear

      1. Hello sanjana,all ur analysis on SiyaKeRam n other informations are all very beautiful?? Thanks for sharing them here??

    2. Hello, I am manega here. I m also from Singapore??

    3. Hello joshna, I am from Singapore also??

  11. Barath got slap.sad for him.sita’s explanation was Good.she is the jaganmata lakshmi then she can clearly say anything about the birds and animals.she is the motherof all living creatures. Ram and sita will face trouble only after moving to dandaka forest!

    1. yes !!!!!!!! sad for him
      but again he deserved it for insulting his mother

    2. Veronica crouze

      When did they go to panchavati then?did they go to dandaka forest from chutrakut?

    3. Haa Yes Bharat got Slap…….But He deserves it in my opinion……. Bcoz, Jaise bhi hoooo vo Uska Maa hei na…….Mothers are the Precious gift for each & every person…………

  12. Veronica crouze

    I dn’t understand one thing…siam’s understanding was soo good.i’ve always heard about it…dn why ram didn’t share d problem with sita & sent her forest without even informing her…didn’t he have trust dat sita would understand his problem??? He didn’t even meet her fr d last time…!!!

    1. Di some Ramayana says ram tells Sita and she would have accepted but he coudnt bear it
      Di u always ask a question about this
      I know u feel it is injustice but Di
      To God alone belongs judgement and let’s Wait and watch what explanation Skr has to offer

      1. Hii…dis is nanditha frm bangalore….todays skr was awesome

    2. Hy Nanditha,Are u New Here ???

  13. Sanju really inspiring. Tooo good. A great salute. How are you.

  14. Sanjana(Sara)

    Loved today’s episode.
    Did anyone get sumi di’s OS ?

    1. No Sara I also didn’t get sumi’s os

      1. Sanjana(Sara)

        Maybe she will post later di.

    2. no sara di even i am waiting for it

      1. Sanjana(Sara)

        Oh maybe she didnt post yet.

    3. Not yet dear…..I am also waiting for that…..

      1. Sanjana(Sara)

        Di do u remember when she last posted her OS. I wanted to show it to one of my classmate.

  15. Hi everyone… How r u all??? Episode was gd…. But know kaikeyi has realized her mistake….
    One news abt Zara di….
    She told me that doctor told that her hand is recovering and it will take at least 2 weeks or more than that….
    She is saying that she missed u all…..
    And thanked everyone for wishing her speed recovery… She says she will come back soon…
    Get well soon nidhi di…. And Zara di….
    Gd night everyone…..

    1. Thanks for sharing the good news… How she gets well soon ?

      1. *hope
        (not “how”)

    2. Hy Brindha, I am fine dear…….That’s A Gud news to all………My Twitter id is @ ReshmaPradeep7

  16. Sita and Draupadi are the two great heroines of India and they are as different from each other as the Ramayana is from the Mahabharata. A comparison of these two legendary female characters reveals to us much about human personality as it does about human society.
    Both Sita and Draupadi are princesses. Both have unnatural or supernatural births. But while Sita is born of earth, Draupadi of fire. Sita’s father Janaka, king of Videha finds her accidentally while he is ploughing a field and decides to adopt her. Draupadi’s father Drupada, king of Panchala, creates her with the sole purpose of destroying the Kuru household that patronized Drona, who used his students, the Pandavas and the Kauravas, to conquer and then divide Panchala. Thus while Sita is born an infant, Draupadi is born an adult, with no appreciation of childhood or parenting. And while Sita is raised in love, Draupadi is raised in hatred, designed for Destroying kuru family They are always addressed as their father’s daughters: Janaka’s Janaki and Drupada’s Draupadi.
    Both Sita and Draupadi are trophies in an archery contest. Ram breaks a mighty bow that he was supposed to string to win Sita’s hand while Arjuna strikes the eye of a fish rotating on a wheel hanging from the ceiling to win Draupadi’s hand. Sita’s sister and cousins are given in marriage to Ram’s brothers. Draupadi is shared by Arjuna’s four brothers, all of whom have many other wives. Thus while Sita experiences monogamy, Draupadi experiences polyandry and polygamy.
    Sita pays dearly for the actions of her husband and brother-in-law. She is abducted by the Rakshasa-king, Ravana, on grounds that her husband had mutilated his sister Surpankha. Draupadi pays disproportionately for her own actions. She insults her husbands’ cousin, Duryodhana, the eldest Kaurava, when he falls in a pool of water calling him the blind son of a blind man, not realizing how oversensitive he was. As a result Duryodhana goes out of her way to publicly humiliate her, getting her husbands to wage her in a gambling match, and having lost her, watch helplessly while he gets her dragged in front of in full of the court and proceeds to disrobe her.
    Both Sita and Draupadi are feared by their abusers. Ravan fears forcing himself on Sita as there is talk of him losing his life if he touches an unwilling chaste woman. Duryodhana’s father, the blind Dhritarashtra, warned by Vidura, gives back to the Pandavas all that they have lost to the Kauravas in the gambling match when he hears Draupadi swear that she will not tie her hair until she washes it with the blood of her abusers.
    Sita never screams vengeance but displays silent stoic confidence that her husband will rescue her. Draupadi screams vengeance but doubts if her five husbands will avenge her insult. She has reason to doubt them.

    In the final chapter, Sita is abandoned in the forest, banished from her husband’s house as the public feels she is a stain on royal reputation and unfit to be queen. Ram, however, never remarries, thus declaring his love for her. Draupadi gets her vengeance: her abusers are massacred and she washes her hair in their blood. But the joy of vengeance is short-lived.
    Sita gets the pleasure of raising her children and they do inherit Ram’s kingdom. Draupadi, however, does not get the pleasure of raising her children; . The kingdom of the Pandavas is passed on to the grandson of one of Arjuna’s other wives.
    When Sita finally disappears under the earth, refusing to rejoin her husband on his throne, Ram weeps and decides he cannot live on earth without her. He enters the river Sarayu and does not rise again. Draupadi, by contrast, dies a lonely death when she slips and falls down the slopes of the Himalayas; not one of her five husbands come to her rescue as her first husband, Yudhishtira, feels that having renounced the world they have to let go of all bondage.
    Both Sita and Draupadi are enshrined as Goddesses. Sita is a more familiar sight in temples. She is the graceful Lakshmi, without whom Ram is never worshipped. Draupadi worship is popular in some parts of India as in North Tamil Nadu. There she is Amman, the mother-goddess, worshipped alone without any of her husbands, the fearsome Kali who drinks blood of her abusers.
    while traditional storytellers saw Sita as a person full of love, wisdom and patience and Draupadi as a glamorous intimidating diva. What everyone agrees with is that there can be no two characters more different from each other.

    1. Yes u r correct sanju

      1. really true sanjana di 🙂 di is it written by you ?

    2. Interesting analysis di

    3. Superb Comparison Sanju…….Its all Really True……….???

  17. the episode was a good one

    i know kaikeyi did very bad but she is also a mother and was trapped by evil mantra bharat should not insult his mother like this. kaikeyi di this because she thought good for bharat but she did not know it was sin. i am disappointed with bharat for this he should be calm.

    i love sita ram scenes today

    laxman scenes were funny
    atleast we have something to laugh
    this act of laxman shows his love towards ram and sita

    1. Yes iqura dear … Bharat should have been calm and not so angry …. I love the siam scenes today… They both understand each other…..yes the act of lakshman shows his love towards sita and ram ……

    2. Hy iqura,How r u ???U r in fb na….in the name of Princess iqura….. I given a request to u…….&Yes dear…….Bharat deserves the slap for insulting his Mother…….. Whatever she did,it only think abt his own son wellness…….I know Kaikeyis decision is wrong….But phir phi Maa hei na…………..&Laxman scenes…… its Sooooo funny……… He made our SIAM smile………

  18. Hi everyonevEpisode was nice. Superb. loved Siya ram scenes. Bharat was too angry I think.

    1. I’m forgot to introduce myself . I completed my 12th std just now. I’m from chennai. But native is madurai. Can u guys tell about urselves? I’m very happy that u all welcomed me

      1. Hi Sakthipooja di…I am a Tamilian as well, but I’m in California…I’m in 9th grade…happy to have u in SKR family:)

      2. Hi shakthipooja di . I’m Haripriya in class 9 finished of my 8th class exams and I’m from Vellore
        Di can I call u as Shakthi di if u don’t mind

    2. Hi didi…. How r u??? Episode was nice…..

    3. Hello sakthipooja Di saw your comment yesterday
      Was busy so sorry for late welcome
      Welcome Di to Skr family
      How did your exams go Di and what is ur aim
      I am also tamilian Di and WW Di is also from madurai like u
      And Di who is in ur dp

    4. Hy dear, I am Reshma(Rachu) from Kerala….. & I am a first year student in Bsc.Botany……Soooo Sis,How r u ???&Ur DP is Superb……..

  19. They r dragging it…hmmm?

    But still loved the episode…?

  20. Brinda Di I am very fine
    I am sorry if I have not replied anybody and won’t be commenting tomorrow as I have lots to study
    Feeling sleepy
    Gud night sleep tight
    Skr fan and WW Di where are u
    Used to be first to comment
    And akanksha Di how are u ?
    Sruti and stuti Di how are u?
    Ishita Di how are u?
    Nippy Di how are ur exams?
    Yazhini Di and Sita Di how were ur exams???
    And I know you all have formed a Twitter group will try to form one in May when I have holidays only if I think it will not prove a distraction to my studies
    Hope u understand and hope u comment in this page too
    Missing a lot of Skr fans
    Nidhi Di and Zara Di take care
    Prayers with u recover fast and come back

    1. How can we forget our SKR page???Through this only we were met na……..Sooooo Groups mein bhi chat karenge….aur Iss page mein bhi comment karenge…………& Haa dear….First finish Ur studies…..Then Slowly u can also start Twitter account…… OK…………

    2. hi sanju…. M fine dear…how r u all ? …. Sorry for not commenting few days…. All dps awesome

  21. Anjali nice os and dear are u fan of kuch rang pyar ke aise Bhi

  22. Reshma Di really pretty eyes Di
    Mesmerising Di ?

    1. ????(Instead of Thanks)Sanju…………..

  23. awesome episode…..loved all scene….but today i saw trp rating in one fb page…..i saw this week skr trp is 1.9. it’s too low than other serial….but i could not understand that why its trp is low……………its a best serial than other drama and saas bahu serial……can anyone explain it??????????……………..

  24. Plz change the sets. The fake sets are really bad after the awesome sets of the ealier episodes!

    1. yes vidu…many times they showing fake jungle.tree.and other…

  25. Veronica crouze

    Why didn’t ram pray fr anything in front of d tree?he could’ve also asked fr something…

    1. He was just looking at sita
      He was in awe of her and he knew her prayers were enough for them

  26. Hey sorry very much actually we discuss the episode in our group which is instant
    So on the behalf of ww jay sanju harpriya rachu abi stuti zara and mee we all request
    U to form a twitter account we can instantly discuss with u also
    We all missing u all but can do nothing as we get busy on twitter only ☺☺
    Plz forgive us?

    1. hllo ishi…. Thank u for saying sorry on behalf on me… Jai siya ram

  27. Love Siam
    Eternal love
    Saga of love
    Pure love
    Selfless love
    Love with respect

  28. Thanks! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for updating this…great work.

  29. I hope Sita and Ram make lot of Babies. 🙂

    1. What do u mean Di

    2. Hey what are u saying?????

  30. Akanksha sharma

    I have made a twitter account …..akanksha90880…give me urs..

    1. hi aka how are you ?

      1. Akanksha sharma

        I am f9 dear wht abt u…talked 2 u after so long….happy now….luv u..twinkle

    2. hi di …. How r u? I ll follow u on twitter…. U also follow me so that we can do chat…. Jai sita maiya

  31. hello everyone…. Plz forgive me….. I got busy in twitter…. But now i ll comment here also….

  32. but a big problem….. My cousin’s marrige has fixed… It is in next week…. So now i ll be busy in shopping , rituals , guests n all that….. So forgive me now i ll not be able to comment here n in twitter also…. I ll be back after 15 or 20 days…. Hope u won’t forget me…. Love u all….miss u…. I will try my best to contact with u guys….. If i have done any mistake , plz pardon me….. Nidhi , zara , athira..hope u guys ll be fine when i ll rejoin u guys…. Take care…. I ll read ur comment here n twitter also..but not be able to comment…, SORRY..,Coming to episode… As usual emotional episode….. Love siam scenes…. Lakshman ki jai ho… He made our siam couple happy….. BYE GUYS

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