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Siya Ke Ram 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram talking to Hanuman. He says I m such unlucky father of the world, who does not know that he has a son or daughter, when I saw that boy, I felt like I know him, I think my child will be of his age. Hanuman thinks Ram wants to know about his children, I think its time for father-son meet, I should do something. Valmiki says this had to happen some day, till when could you hide. She says I knew I had to face this question, but I did not think this would happen so soon. He says you would feel so if this happened later on. She says I accept truth, but how can I tell this to my sons, I don’t want them to dislike their father by knowing truth. Ram says I know Hanuman, you know about my child and you can tell me, but I don’t want this, its my good luck that you are staying

there and taking care of them, I will be thankful to you all my life.

Hanuman greets him and says it was my good luck that you gave me chance to serve you and found me suitable for such a big responsibility, but I think I m incapable to do what I should do, I want to do something for you and I want your permission for this. Ram asks him get up, I can’t never refuse permission, just be careful that it does not break any Raj Maryada. Hanuman says sure. Valmiki asks Sita not to worry, send Lav and Kush to come, every work has a right time, I feel this work has got this auspicious time now. Sita says maybe….. its time that my sons meet their father, and I have to leave…. She cries and leaves.

Valmiki tells Lav and Kush about Ramayan, how Raavan tried to separate Ram and Sita, but fate has something else written. He explains them that Ram has believed Sita’s character by her behaviour, she has given Agniparikshan, she asked Agnidev to protect her if she is pure. Kush asks why did Ram allow Devi Sita to give Agnipariksha, he would have stopped me. Valmiki says everything has a reason, Ram was Ayodhya king too, along being Sita’s wife, he has always obeyed Raj dharm and Praja palan, Raghukul always gave importance to it. Lav says none can be such like Shri Ram. Kush says Sita has become Ram’s deed great by her sacrifice, her Patni Dharm will be bright than Ram’s Raj dharm, I think this should be called Sitayan, than Ramayan. Kush and Lav go. Hanuman asks them did their Ramayan teaching got over. Kush asks him to come down, where did you go. Hanuman says I went to see Shri Ram, as many people were wishing to know about Shri Ram. Lav and Kush talk about meeting Ram and they could inform Praja about Ram katha, but Sita is not allowing them. Hanuman says I have a solution.

Sita asks do you know what you are saying. Hanuman says yes, everyone should know about Ram and Sita’s pure character. Sita says no, I can’t let my sons go, they are young. Lav says trust us, we want this Ram katha to reach everyone, we will not go against you. Hanuman says this is good way to know society, the one who informs Ram katha to praja, will get Ram’s blessings, how can any danger or fear come to such person. Sita says I have to talk to Gurudev.

Valmiki says why to stop anything that is necessary. Sita says I m not becoming hurdle, I m worried, they are very young. He asks are you worried that they can meet their father, am I saying wrong. She says don’t know. He says this is reality, don’t let your motherly emotions get over your true self, whatever has to happen will happen, we should prepare ourselves to accept it heartily. She agrees to him.

Sita does aarti of Lav and Kush, and says if anyone give anything to you to eat, don’t take it, if anyone gives you gift, don’t accept and politely apologize. They agree. She says if Ayodhya King Ram meets you, then meet him with love and respect, touch his feet and take his blessing, listen to his words by focus and devotion. They agree. She asks them to come back before sunset. Lav says first we will go and then come back. Sita says right, go. Lav and Kush leave. Valmiki thinks my life’s aim is that this shattered family unites again.

Lav and Kush go to Ayodhya and sing Ram katha. They tell the tale from the beginning, about King Dasharath and his three wives, Dasharath doing the yagya to get a son, Ram and his brothers getting teachings from Guru Vashisht in childhood, Vishwamitra coming to Ayodhya and telling the problem, Ram and Laxman going to jungle, meeting Ahilya and Tadaka, cleaned the world from evil, and went to Mithila. They tell how Ram broke the Dhanush and four grooms married the four brides.

Lav sings some time passed, and Dasharath thought to do Ram’s Raj tilak by all rituals, but Kaikeyi lost senses and asked Dasharath for his given promises, to do Bharat’s Raj tilak and make Ram leave Ayodhya, Dasharath was shocked, Ram was hurt knowing the promise, he did not let Raghukul’s tradition break and took Dasharath’s promise, when Ram started leaving and went to jungle, Sita left all luxuries and went with him, she was Ram’s shadow and obeyed Patni Dharm, she was with him every moment, she left all her happiness, they all spent days in rains and problems, but never complained.

The people think Ram left Sita because of us, she left all her comforts and went to jungle with Ram, she left Ayodhya for this Praja. They feel sorry. Lav and Kush sing about Sita supporting Ram and roaming across many jungles, with love and respect in her heart, she does Dharm for Ram, she has eaten dry food and sometimes just stayed on water, she has become mother for Laxman and showered motherly love, she has served Ram always. Praja cries.

Sita prays to Mata Gauri, and says my two sons have gone to meet Ram, I wish father and sons meet is good, everything go on good.

Lav and Kush go to Ram and ask him about Sita, we have come to meet her. Ram leaves from Rajya Sabha. They ask Mandvi where is Mata Sita, why did Ram leave from Rajya sabha without answering.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow amazing episode and love the precap.waiting for tomorrow

  2. Anushya

    emotional episode and shocking precap….. will skr end soon? ram hanuman convo was nice….

  3. Wow…..such a nice song………nice voice……wonderful……..eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s one

    1. Anushya

      i know right, mindblowing song by luv kush

  4. What an amazing and awesome episode……….. Just suprbbbbbbb……. The song was very beautiful……….. Omggggggg the precap is again interesting….
    It’s my request to all. Plz must see this…. Hope all of you want this in last day in SKR…………
    Plz Cmmnt

    1. Padmaja

      Ya bro I want this to happen.. I’ll be super duper happy if it happens..

    2. Joy we all want this onlybut sita nd rsm both will be in the heaven na?

    3. Priya15

      Ya want this.. But know it won’t happen.. As siya ma l not accept it… So no hopes.. Sometimes hope increases disappointment level… Soap series Mei hi hope nahi Kar sakti… It’s skr.. Regional show.. We know it won’t happen so no hopes..

      Pehle hi Mera dil toot gaya hai yr.. Ab aur tootne ke liye tayaar nahi hun..

    4. Anushya

      love it

      1. Hii My name is vips

    5. amazing……. hemalatha di really rocks it……. guys i wish to share some of her works….. i think many would have shared but just i would like to give a try……

      best imagination…. n dont forget to read the convo btween ram n siya… they are really funny and cute.

      1. Vanshika

        Yes hemalatha di really rocks this edit is toooooo lovely its what v can a complete family.. This edit too cute..

  5. Padmaja

    Wow really an awesome epi.. and luv kush in ayodhya????…and amazing precap.. Eagerly waiting for next epi..

  6. NABANITA626

    Fan list of skr:-
    A…aman..anjali..Anil..amulya..ashna..anushya..athira..akanshya..akhansha sharma..ayushi…ahana…aishu…abhay..aditi..aisha..anu….aaru..advika sharma…ayshu
    Bhagyasree..bhanu…brinda….bhoomi….bhomija…bala krithika
    Fal. …faustino…
    Gokul Krishnan….gowthami…gayatri
    Lakshmi narayan
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    Rr’re..rajat.rachita…rahul mishra…riya…rani…rj..richa

    1. mein?

      1. My spelling is wrong nabanita di its preethi

    2. great job di…..

    3. Kishu

      Me bhi nahi hun

      1. NABANITA626

        Aab to Maine add karliya tumhe……
        In?sorry for missing your name?and many many thanks for knowing me your name……..☺

    4. Did you forgoet me na?

      1. NABANITA626

        No tharu do,how can I forget you?see below list?

  7. Priya15

    Superb song.. It’s emotional…

    My holiday began.. But tmr I should go to schl for some volunteer work…

    Vanshu cutie.. I m here with one good news for u… Guess wt???

    Edkv is not ending…. Yippee… S u heard it ryt… Fandom power u know.. Our efforts didn’t go waste… Official announcement l be made… My frnd called Sony TV.. One girl took like that day and said no its not going off air… Official announcement l be done soon.. Let’s nacho….

    Edkv Fandom rocks na?? Tq God.. Mails… Phone calls sab kuch waste nahi Hua yr.. I m sooooooooo happy.. Aisa hi Mera ishkara bhi aajaye toh bahut khush hoti.. Anyways how r u feeling now??? Dancing like a mad?? ? If so then same pinch..

    1. yes di i too want my ishana back on ishqbaaz, hope she comes back soon . will she come back or not di ?

      1. Priya15

        Noo… But fans r trying yr.. Vrushy said that in insta.. She move back from ishqbaaz.. It’s all bcoz of GUL… We r still trying.. We can’t afford to lose ishkara.. L u try too?

        If so.. Then send a mail to [email protected]… And ya pls give me ur mail Id through pm.. I l Send u one petition.. Pls sign n it… Plss dear..

    2. NABANITA626

      Hi priya happy to know that your EDKV is not ending????
      But say one thing what is GUL? And why ishana don’t want to continue that serial?
      From somdays I am also thinking about ishkara track……

      1. Priya15

        Gul khan producer of ishqbaaz di.. Some one is saying edkv is not ending.. But it’s wrap up tmr..this is some one news.. Pata nahi Sach kya hai… Ishana ki character end kar diya di Gul NE… I m going to kill her.. She is saying it didn’t reached fans… Mei toh like… Unhone dikhaya hi kaha ishana ko.. Aur kaise expect Kar sakte hai it reaches fans.. I don’t know whether there l be ishana r not.. But vrushy nahi hai… I hope ishkara ho…. Ishkara hi rahe..

        If u want to make ishkara come back.. Sign a petition it was posted by shaza in strdy epi page of ishqbaaz.. And send a mail to [email protected]

        Let’s try with a hope.. #DontEndEdkv.. #WantIshkaraBack..

  8. ND ya d……time goes fast…….but if we were Inschool it goes like a tortoise……?…..nd ww enakku oru doubt……vijay TV la kaaviya neramla podapora mahadev serial already Vijay tvla shivam nu pottathu Thana d?nd Ivunga inthaleave la yeh start pannieklam antha serials ah…….cha….. I have a poll which is a funny thing but lets do it here….

    How many of u want to \ like to going to schl daily?

    How many donot?…..

    1. illa akka , kavyaneramla podapora serial different nu nenakkiren because shivam was dubbing of devon ki dev mahadev ana idhula vara actors differenta irukanga , idhu vandhu kannada show hara hara mahadevvoda dubbing .
      i dont want to school daily it is tooooo boring

      1. ya…. ishita varshini is correct….. n i need weekly 4 days school…. one day school another holiday…… that would be awesome na??????

    2. Padmaja

      Ishita I don’t want to go to school daily. But I want to go to schl to meet my frns.

  9. Vanshika

    OMGgggg… I’m ryt now feelin sad ?.. Poor siya Mata.. Anyways v hv to wait fr tmrw.. Dunno y ?.. Awesome Precap..
    Which date’s episode is this??
    Ram makes siya’s Idol n siya’s ready with a trisul
    Madirakshi dii ka special Msg fr fans
    Expression queen ?
    Till I’m there, no one can harm my sons ?
    Different shades of ram ji
    Pls tell if u lyk pics ?
    @krishnai akka c my msg
    The song sung by luv was too nyc..
    @guys these r sum of our last moments here cos skr gonna end in a month.. So pls try to comment regularly n old members pls come back fr sum tym..
    @Ishita akka ur holidays will end then will u nt comment??

    1. Padmaja

      Hey awesome link vanshu cutie…

    2. OMG……. rams shade….. i loved it and liked it too…….. superb…. vanshu check my msg …..

  10. Anushya

    when will they show the sons of Sitas sisters? is there anyhting about mandavi and luv kush talk in valmiki ramayan?

    1. Vanshika

      .. Nope nothing mentioned abt luv Kush mandavi talk in valmiki Ramayana.. In fact all this happening also nt mentioned.. I’m also waiting fr sons of sisters. It’s jamini Ramayana they’re showing mostly now

  11. NABANITA626

    Reeshi Paul…….ranaji….reshma pradeep…..Rachel…ritika..rj…rahul mishra…rrr…rushika
    Srinidhi….sathi…..siya..siyapriya…srinidhi….sreenethi….shilpa k shivdasan…..sarad…sudhir…samaira…skr fan….srk….siya ke ram….sonali…..sourav …stuti…..stuti27…..stuti…..sona….saranya….sandhya….sonia…suresh….sucheta…swasika…(sudeshna)…..Sarah….Sara…sanju….sanjana…..swetha….shriya…shivani….soups…Shan…shema Patel…shelly…sahasranjali…
    Vinod…vivek…vaidehi…vanshika…varshini….vanshika arora…vaishnavi
    Well wisher….wiferedo…
    Yrkkh fan…yazini….

    1. u missed nidhi in the list…….

      1. NABANITA626

        Thank you?

    2. Padmaja

      Naba dii u have done a great job…

    3. U missed me

      1. NABANITA626

        Thank you for knowing me??

    4. Supreetha (Soups)

      Wish you the Same Naba!!!! 🙂

    5. Here I am . Great job di ?

    6. Vanshika

      Dii u hv done really gr8 job.. Add lakshmila (that’s Fyn u hv added vaidehi) Ad veena di, add ritika dii, @siya ke ram..? seriously nyc job..

      1. NABANITA626

        I already have added ritika do….and thanks for saying me about veena di..
        It is an unwanted mistake…please forgive me veena di?

      2. NABANITA626

        @ ritisha (ritzz)
        Please forgive me…….I will surely add you all in the list…
        And @vanshu Many many thanks………….

    7. U can also add me in s……as….suchi or suchetana…… Wonderful job

      1. NABANITA626

        Ok suchi. ………..☺

  12. emotional episode , loved the way sita advised the kids before they were going to ayodhya . mothers are always caring and worrying about their children

    1. agree… no can replace a maa……

  13. surya bharadwaj

    super serial

  14. Awesome and emotional episode.
    Why Hanuman didn’t tell Ram about Luv-Kush?
    When Sita told that time has come for father and sons meet and her in this world it was very emotional.
    The song was fabulous as its always. It just showed most important parts of Siya ke Ram and the one which I liked the most and always is when Ram lifts the Shiv Dhanush and Sita and Urmila’s reaction on that.
    Now the Praja of Ayodhya is realising what mistake have done what they have lost. I wanted to see that Bhadra is he satisfied now and didn’t he feels sorry for what he has done.
    The precap was also very good and didn’t Maharshi Valmiki tell Luv-Kush about Sita’s exile? Really destiny plays such complex games Luv-Kush were in front of their family but no one could recognize them.

  15. NABANITA626

    I think here that don’t show the jaimini ramayan story where Dan’s ashwamedha horse is stopped by luv kush and luv,kush right with lakshman..Bharat and shatrughn…

    1. NABANITA626

      It’s ‘ram’ and fight. ..

      1. Vanshika

        Di wen they stopped horse ? den they fought wid bros then ram.. N siya stop them saying he’s ur father!! Acc to jamini..
        They’ll sing the Ramayan in front of ram aftr stopping horse then ram ask who taught u wonderful Ramayana they’ll tell Vandevi n rishi valmiki ram wants to meet their mom. They’ll go to van n ram gt shocked to c siya asbandevi realises that luv Kush r his sons siya tell them truth n then will go to earth.. Acc to Valmiki Ramayana.

    2. Padmaja

      Dii I think when luv kush comes to know that sita was abandoned they will speak against ram and leave the sabha. And they will tell to sita they will not respect ram anymore and will talk bad against him. So when they come to know abt that horse they think dat this is the best opportunity to fight against him. So they will stop that horse..

      1. NABANITA626

        But do you know when by whom luv kush were known that their father is ram?

      2. Anushya

        love ur dp padma ka

  16. Love this

  17. Padmaja

    Wanna know when they will show the kids of other couples.. waiting for dem very badly..

  18. superb episode….. so emotional…….

    1. the song made me recollect my past time spent in tu for those scenes…. how ncy to see clippings of all epi in a single episode…… wow awesome……. n luv kush get angry on Ram for leaving sita…. OMG!!!! mama boys…. Sitahana…… it could have been but unfortunately male domination was only there……. but if was coreect modern world it would have been called as sitahana………

      1. *current modern

      2. *sitayana…….

        and now praja will apologize to ram to bring back sita…… but he will be helpless again as even one soul has doubt on sita he cant bring her back…….. pity ram………

      3. Vanshika

        Yessss dii ?.. Absolutely ryt.. Lyk that Hanuman song he sang fr sita..

      4. ya vanshu…. during vanavas

  19. very nice episode

  20. Plz read it must…………
    Just One month left……….. After one month we will not see our favorite show………………..
    Just angry with star plus (mindly)…. Bcoz they could not give proper justice with their show…….. WHY THEY GIVE LIMITS TIME FOR THEIR SHOWS( (except Ekta Kapoor show)) ??? they dishonest to the two great epic Mahabharat and Ramayan……. They starts these show very greatly but after going 6 months they want force to stop it
    anyhow………………………… If you see any other channels like Sony.. Sab TV…. Colors…. They give much time to every show and when director wants than the show go off………….. But star plus is very different…. At least they should respect religious show like Mahabharat and Ramayan but they didn’t……. always star plus give value in Ekta Kapoor show……… I think star plus name will change and it will be EKTA KAPOOR PLUS……………………………… it’s not my fake or imagination thought…….. But it’s the big reality of present time…………………
    Plz plz Cmmnt…………..

    1. joy bro you are ryt but it is mythological show they can’t drag .a finite series is better then unnecessarily dragging shows

      1. @shivani…………….
        It’s not questions about dragging story…………… If you seen mahabharat than you realized that the team cut big and also main story bcoz of time short……………… Now siya ka ram……….

    2. Vanshika

      Crct to the point joy da.. Ekdum sahi. C Sony TVs suryaputra karn n maha Bali Hanuman they drag the shows n they’re going from so longgg. Maha Bali Hanuman started long b4 skr n end also long after it.. Bt star plus only do injustice.. Lets c what they do wid the brand new Ekta show, Chandra nandini.. Still I hate star plus fr the reason.. Start grandly end fastly ???

    3. Anushya

      i think u r right… ekta kapoor has the trp controls

  21. Does it really matter

    People who are confused with the current turn of events, let me clarify everything: Valmiki didn’t let Luv and Kush know about Sita’s exile since Sita didn’t want them to know. They sang Rama’s song and asked him about Sita, but Rama showed them Sita’s statue instead. When they got to know about Sita’s exile, they got angry and told him that they would never sing his song anymore. Rama let his Ashwamedha horse go and Luv-Kush caught it. They defeated Lakshmana, Bharatha, Shatrughna and would have defeated Rama if Sita hadn’t stopped them. Rama then asked her for a second agnipariksha, leading to her suicide.

  22. Vanshika

    @nabanita626 di add Ritz di in ur fan list..

  23. Shrinithi

    vry emotional epi…remined me all the past beautiful lovely epi’s….

  24. Shrinithi

    thanks vanshu ur links are mindblowing…it would be nice if its true

  25. Vanshika

    Guys how’s my new DP.. The complete family..

    1. Anushya

      love it wish it was true

  26. happy mahalaya to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may lord shiva and devi parvati shower their blessings on everyone…………

    1. same to u vaidehi and happy mahalaya to all didis

      1. NABANITA626

        Sorry for the mistake sis…please forgive me for that…..?

  27. Very emotional episode….

  28. Here someone have watched Ramayan in 2008 on ndtv Imagine

    1. I have watched it

    2. I have watched it

    3. Padmaja

      I also have watched it..

  29. ND ok guys…..even I want a schoolnd next day leave nd next day school nd then leave……

    ND ok ww varshini I just searched it nd I saw that it is remake of Devon Ki dev mahadev in Kannada as hara hara mahadev…….

    ND vanshu it will be difficult for me but I will be trying to comment in this page as its a very short time for all of us to be together like thisndmaking raising funny questions nd all na…..

    ND ya hello vips…..welcome……

    Nabanita di awesome work…….superb ……..

    S padmaja…..
    Ww it will be awesome if they keep school like this….. Ugh….but fate is our fate na???

  30. ND by the way what ismeabt by mahalya guys?

    1. Dear @ishita di,
      On the day of mahalaya, in every Bengali channel they show how Devi parvati or maa durga killed mahisasur….and did udhhar of heaven from the atyachhar of asurs…

    2. Dear @ishita di,
      On the day of mahalaya, in every Bengali channel they show how Devi parvati or maa durga killed mahisasur….and did udhhar of heaven from the atyachhar of asurs…okkk????

  31. Nice episode…song was superb..

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