Siya Ke Ram 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 29th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan asking what happened, why did you stop. She says I can’t come ahead. He says its my insult. She says forgive me, I have promised my Devar that I can’t go out of this Rekha, I will be happy to give you this food, you please walk ahead and take this food. He thinks both Sanyasis have tried best to protect Sita, but they don’t know Raavan’s cleverness, I will take Sita anyway today. He tells Sita that he will return without Bhiksha, but he can’t enter her ashram, its fine if she does not want to give him food, but she insulted him, she will bear punishment, its such sin that there is no repentance, you don’t want to cross this Rekha for them, they will get away from you forever. He curses her. She gets worried. He turns to leave and waits for her to stop him.


and Vibhishan meet Kaikesi. Mandodari asks Kaikesi to save Raavan and Lanka, and stop Raavan from doing this Adhram, just you can protect Raavan. Kaikesi says protecting Lankesh? It’s a wife’s duty to support husband, but you always became hurdle for his way, you don’t have any other way, so scaring me saying about the Grahs. Vibhishan says no Mata, I have checked Raavan’s kundli, its Grah and Nakshatra’s bad affect on Raavan. Kaikesi laughs off and says you don’t know Lankesh has captured those Grahs and their movement, he controls the Grahs, there can’t be any foolish thing than this. She asks Vibhishan not to give Gyaan like his father, Raavan and Lanka don’t need your knowledge. Vibhishan tells her how wrong expectations make a person blind, it may turn late till she understands this. He asks Mandodari to come.

Sita recalls Laxman’s words and Rishi’s curse. She thinks its not right for the guest to return without food, no Rishi has left from this ashram without having food or Bhiksha, its against Raghukul’s tradition, I have to stop him. She asks Rishivar to stop. Raavan stops and asks do you still want to insult me. She apologizes for her behavior and asks her to forgive her, but try to understand her state. She says I have to protect my promise, its my Dharm, if I break my promise, it will be bad for me, but it will be worse if I let you go from here without Bhiksha and ruin my kul Dharm. She says I can’t let my Kul Dharm break, I will break the promise given to my Devar, I will give Bhiksha to Rishi by crossing this Rekha. He looks on. Sita steps out of the Rekha.

She asks him to take the Bhiksha. Raavan throws away the food. She asks what did you do. He laughs and says I did not do anything till now, I will do it now, your haran. She gets worried. He holds her hand and laughs. She looks on shocked…….

She asks who are you. Raavan turns into his true form. She gets shocked seeing Raavan. She recalls Raavan’s humiliating words in her Swayamvar. She says Lankapati Raavan…. He says yes, you will become Raavan’s Daasi now. He laughs. She cries and tries to get herself freed. Ram and Laxman run through the forest.

Sita says Adharmi Raavan, you did not do right by cheating a woman. Raavan says cheat? Your husband did cheat by insulting my sister Surpanakha, I m just taking revenge, its not easy to escape after anyone insults Raavan’s sister, come to Lanka, decision will be made on you there. She gets away and steps inside the Rekha. He laughs. She gets shocked seeing the Rekha gone. He says you can’t go anywhere now. Ram and Laxman run towards the ashram.

Hanuman goes to that mountain and says Suryadev told me about his mountain, Brahma’s son Jamvanth will be here. Jamvanth sits doing tapasya. Hanuman walks inside the cave and asks Vishnu’s devotee Jamvanth to open his eyes. He greets Hanuman. Jamvanth also greets him. Hanuman asks do you know him. Jamvanth says I was in Anjan state before. Hanuman asks why did you come here. Jamvanth says I came here to do Narayan Aradhna, as I did not have any special reason to be there, why did you come here. Hanuman says I think that special moment has come, Suryadev has sent me here, Sugreev’s life is in risk, you can protect him from Bali. Jamvanth asks what happened to Raavan. Hanuman says we have to leave early, I will tell you everything on the way.

Jamvanth meets Sugreev and blesses him, saying Adharm will lose in Dharm fight, your father always taught both your brothers to protect Dharm, but Bali’s behavior makes me regret, but I m sure Bali’s end is near, no one can protect him now. Hanuman says you know Bali since his childhood, there will be some way to fail him. Jamvanth says Bali gets his enemy’s half powers too and gets more powerful, you have to find someone or such weapon that can limit Bali. Sugreev asks where to find such someone. Jamvanth says the man who can shoot all the seven trees together can make Bali lose. Sugreev says its impossible. Hanuman says where will we get such brave man. Jamvanth says whenever Adharm happens, someone will come to end the evil Adharm, no one to find him, he will himself come to us to end this Adharm.

Sita runs away and hides. Raavan laughs and says Sita, this is useless to try to get saved from me, I had to do so much to kidnap you, do you know how much I planned to kidnap you, I have sent Mama Mareech as Swarn Mrigh, it was my plan to make him call Laxman from Ram’s voice. She gets shocked. He says you were innocent and did not understand my plan. He sees her dupatta and laughs. He asks her to come out. She comes out. He says no one can save you from me today. She pushes the wooden stand on him. he throws that again and disappears. She tries to run. He appears infront of her. She gets away. She takes a knife and warns him that if he tries to come close to her, she will kill him. She throws the knife and he holds her. He says you are also skilled in wars like those two Sanyasis, but this is useful infront of Raavan. He breaks the knife.

Sita scolds Raavan asking him about his cheat to kidnap a woman, if he calls him trilok Swami. He says this is not called cheat, its called well planning. She asks him to fight with Ram. Ram is seen running towards ashram. Raavan says I will fight with Ram and kill him by my hands too. Raavan laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. riya

    I’ve a question. Both sita & ravan r frm south India. Thn why sita knows hindi so well,bt ravan doesn’t know hindi???

  2. riya

    Can anyone tell me where i can see star parivar award 2016 video? I cudn’t see it ystrday.was ram-sita dance only fr 30 second? I got a video of dm bt dat ws only fr 30 second.

    • SKR fan

      Yes Ashish and madirakshi performance was very short and that too in vanvaas look. Actually the whole performance consisted of four couples from different serials and siyaram was the Last one. I wanted to see their performance in normal dress as other couples.

  3. vanshika arora

    Why didn’t sita undrstnd ravan’s trick whe he refused 2 come frward a little?? A rishi will necer behv so rudely wid anyone sita sud’ve understood ravan cudn’t cross d rekha bt if he came a little forward she could easily give him bhiksha & laxman had warned her about d fake sages.

    • Mithrabrinda

      As goddess Lakshmi she knows from her heart… The only way to accept the curse of rishi that is to be away from ram and also stop the adharm… Is to caught by Ravanan … Be an Avatar of ordinary human being she is much more bound by feelings.. So she should follow the first and foremost dharm of helping and serving rishis insipite of their hard words or sweet blessings or wrost cursings….

  4. OMG ! Seeing the episode itself made me tremble . Gosh ! I didn’t watch the episode !! Now I got to know how Ravan, Shurpankha and Kumbhkarna got enough of negative and viral behaviour from and Vibhishan got those good vibes from !! 🙁

  5. My reply for sanju and Priya di :-

    I’m never blaming yhm bcoz that show is typically alluring and never doltish but I never ever critizise any other show. Every show defines a story a moral I never blame it. 🙁 I just said the stars act on it don’t shoe good attitude as of our skr actors show !! That’s what I meant !! I’m sorry sorry sorry sorry Sorry sorry sorry sorry Sorty sorry for discouraging the greatest show yhm and I’m 200% sorry to break the hearts of yhm fans !! Feeling so sad !! I’ll think twice before talking something !! ????? I’ve got used to see good people like my parents and sisters like you

  6. Mithrabrinda

    Good episode… ?

    I just wish to say something to all the writers… I randomly used to read daily updates… Fan fiction… Etc… I Just saw uniqueness in everyone’s writing…

    Amena – best at explaining the things or matters without expanding… Short and sweet..

    Angel- best at expressing the feelings of the characters…. Each and every line represents it…

    Sanju- best at delivering a re-written histroy in a fabulous way.

    And our Ranaji _ best at showing the mentioned love part of leads…

    And many more writters ?I really admire u all…

    Dear sanju thanks for ur support for my fan fiction prem charitra… Hope u will see this comment….

    Ur are unique… And so everyone..
    Only the uniqueness makes sense… A better view of you… Don’t compare it with others… Because no one do the best part better than you is being you..

    I really need ur support sanju…. And all my dear frnds….

  7. I just watched last part… But dont know y I felt like somewhat illogical… See ravan l never touch siya… Bcoz he got shrab that whenever he touch any pativrata stree he l be burnt….. But all shows of Ramayana show that ravan drag her , but they didn’t show ravan getting shrab….but here in skr they showed that ravan got that shrab… Then how can they show ravan touch her…ravan l never touch sita he l take her by taking the whole land under her foot…. If they didn’t show ravan getting shrab then its ok…but they showed then how can they show that ravan dragging sita… It doesn’t seems to be illogical???…

    • Mithrabrinda

      Dear in valmiki ramayan it’s said that it said that he will get sharb If he try to live with any girl without her consent…

      But in kambar’s ramayan… He rewritten valmiki ramayan… In that he entirely changed the fact of sitaharan…

      In that when sita crosses the line he just throw the food served by her and changes into real form… When he try to go near her to kidnapp … Fire comes covering sita.. He will remember the curse… Then inorder to fulfill his motive he just break the land where siya is standing… And take it along with sita’s hut.. And flew in his air chariot

      • Ya dear… But in prev epis they showed one women cursing ravan that if he forced any women he l get burnt…. But here he is forcing sita to come with him na???

    • vanshika arora

      Nakul gave him d curse dat if he’ll force himself on any girl against her wish dn he’ll get burnt.dat’s why he only kidnapped sita & gave her time 2 agree 2 marry ravan.bcz of dat curse he didn’t do any wrong thing with sita like what he did 2 rambha.

  8. SKR fan

    Yesterday I was happy as sitaharan got delayed by one day. Sita in trouble. Raavan’s voice was dubbed in today’s episode. Jaamwant’s condition will be fulfilled by shree ram.

  9. TV Time

    Madirakshi is not from south. She only worked in a Telegu movie where her dialogues were dubbed by someone else. Raavan is played by Karthik Jayaram who is from Karnataka and doesn’t speak Hindi fluently. I remember Madirakshi saying in an interview that she was brought up in Madhya Pradesh.

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        Some dialects of Hindi are spoken in rural areas …but normally Hindi and English r only language spoken in Madhya Pradesh… I know as my masi lives in m.p.

    • riya

      Ram-sita danced fr only 1 minutes.. Other couple dance time ws more dn them.ishita-raman danced on a full song.why didn’t they dance on other dresses like other couple. I’m sure ashish cud dance very well if he ws given other dress , song & more time as he ws winner of jdj..even madirakshi dances well.i’ve seen her dance in her telegu movie.

  10. Padmaja

    Today a sad epi. Can’t imagine the life of sita in ahoka van.I think it is sooo horrible.

  11. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Mitrabrinda di hearty welcome to our skr family ?..
    Tysm for links skr fan bro..

  12. Meghana

    Guys i agree wth u all,u all r saying the same that ravan ll never touch siya but he takes away her along wth land,even i say the same but skr???? This did nt show the same????

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        No sorry di…

        And ya., in all versions of Ramayana shown on TV ravan is shown holding siya hand.. While rishi valmiki Ramayana written that ravan uses his powers to kidnapp sita

  13. Meghana

    This is nt bit dragging dear its more dragginggg i m also soo sad v hv to get ready to c maa in lanka wth tears

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      No sorrrrerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy… N my comment r also posted twice sometimes soooo nooooo sorry….

  14. Vanshika crazy for skr

    What would have happened if—

    1.jatayu wasn’t killed by ravana
    2.ram would hv spotted ravan
    3.lakshman not made lakshman rekha..
    4.ravan hadn’t disguised as rishi..

    Pls answer …

    Dearies ravan was Brahmin or a demon… Confusing ? me..pls answer ..

  15. Vanshika crazy for skr

    My cutie dears.. Pls tell me if i shall continue my Mahabharata fan fiction… As no comments in last two parts I posted..

  16. starbright

    hi guys…im starbright or u can call me shinu. im from kerala n imstepping into 14th year of the life. hope u’ll welcome me into the group..!

  17. Sanju

    The episode was actually good
    Raghunandan Ram will bring the double faced culture of ayodha and the path is laid. It was disturbing me that Sita broke a promise and now I git the answer to my question she was representing Rama and no one could empty handed from Rams house
    And what does ravan say mere behn ka insult I mean wasn’t she the one who crossed Maryada ??
    Are u guys liking mandodari
    I mean she is just becoming a typical bahu I felt
    And what is the symbolism of that piercing 7 trees

    Actually precap is surprising I mean Sita questions his courage and what does his ego answer for that

    Btw when ram keeps a gold statue of Sita proving his fierce loyalty to her
    What was the yagna conducted

    The CV’s are doing a amazing job??????

    And won’t comment till June 12 th though u have written few analysis and have written 3 ffs am not getting time to post it
    Will try but my exams begin The day after tom till June 12 it would be there
    So yes
    Would u be interest in siam ff related to prophecy told by sage woman marriage will be long vanvas and an adverse reaction by chandrabagha and how Sita declares her love for ram by making her agree
    Like its u shouldn’t destroy old relation in any cause for each relation is important and deserves respect

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