Siya Ke Ram 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram-Sita and all couples coming Ayodhya. Kaikeyi and Kaushalya check final arrangements. Kaikeyi asks Mantra are the rooms of four sons ready. Mantra says yes, don’t worry. Sugni comes and some things fall off her hand. Kaikeyi asks Sugni is she fine. Mantra acts good to Sugni. Daasis tell about princes coming with their wives. Kaikeyi and Kaushalya rush. Mantra scolds Sugni for making all the things fall. She sends Sugni. She says I will shower flowers on Bharat and Mandvi and smiles.

Praja showers flowers on Ram-Sita and others. Ram asks the man to stop the cart. He gets down and greets the Praja. Ram Ram….plays……….. Ram and Sita greet the common people. All the other couples do the same. Ram hugs the men. Sita feels he is not the Ram whom she has known

till now, she is seeing a new Ram in Praja’s eyes and heart. Ram thinks Praja is my life, they live in me and I live in them, if they are happy and fine, I m happy and fine, they are my first Dharm. The Ram who stays in Raj bhavan is not Ram, Ram is the one whom people keep in their hearts.

Dasharath and his queens wait for their sons and vadhus. Kaikeyi asks why are they taking time to come. Dasharath says Ram would be coming after meeting Praja, it’s a merry moment for Praja as well. The princes and their wives reach Raj bhavan. Sugni blows the shank. Dasharath and his queens smile seeing their sons and vadhus. People shower flowers, play dhol and dance around.

Everyone smile seeing the jodis. Ram and Sita take Dasharath’s blessings. Kaushalya does tilak to Ram and Sita. Siya Ram….plays…………. She does their aarti. She makes Sita wear a garland. Ram and Sita take her blessings. Kaushalya blesses Ram and Sita, and welcomes Sita in Ayodhya. She goes forward. Kaikeyi stops and does aarti of Ram and Sita, much to Mantra’s shock. She asks Sugni not to waste flowers. Kaikeyi does rituals with Ram and Sita, and blesses them, till Kaushalya does rituals with Laxman and Urmila.

Kaikeyi says I was very willing to see you both, and goes ahead to Bharat and Mandvi. Sumitra does aarti and rituals for Ram and Sita, while Kaikeyi does rituals for Bharat and Mandvi. The mothers do rituals for all jodis and take them for Grahpravesh. Mantra smiles seeing Mandvi. Guru Vashisht says Grah pravesh for newly weds is for happiness and peace, that’s kumkum and rice are important things used in Grah pravesh. He tells about keeping kalash and applying kumkum in feet, to bring Annapurna, Laxmi inside home, the four vadhus will enter this Raghuvansh, welcome, Sita will make the kalash by her feet and start this new life. Sita stops and everyone look at her. Kaikeyi gets puzzled and looks at Kaushalya.

Kaushalya and Kaikeyi ask Sita what is the matter. Sita tells them something. Everyone smile. Kaushalya says we heard about Mithila’s daughters, and today we have seen them, its unique feeling to see such sisterly love, Raghukul is blessed to get you Sita. Kaikeyi says Sita believes younger one’s respect is elder’s dut, so Sita wants to do Grah pravesh with her sisters. Guru Vashisht finds it right. They all smile. Sugni praises Sita and Mantra gets annoyed. Sita and her sisters, make the rice kalash fall. Ram smiles.

The four vadhus then step in kumkum and walk ahead leaving kumkum marks on the floor. Dasharath and everyone smile. Siya ke ram…..plays…………….. Ram smiles.

Later at night, Mantra dreams of Kaikeyi’s words and Sita. She dreams that she is getting beaten up by people before…. She thinks what is this bad dream, they can’t let this happen.

Mantra tells some tantric about her bad dreams. She says no, I can’t let Ram become the heir, my Bharat will become the heir and shouts…

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SKR fan

    Today they have shown all the couples equally. Very happy .
    The songs of the show are just…..
    I can’t describe.

  2. Sneha

    Today’s episode was very good. Finally all the four couples reached ayodhya. Don’t know what had happened with manthara. Good they are showing things which other shows did not tell. Guys, how is my dp?

  3. Nita

    Guys in yesterday’s episode’s comment I meant my birthday with Siya ke Ram family.
    Sorry for the typo error.
    I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I m really really sorry. Trust me I didn’t meant that.

  4. Haripriya S

    I am in love with this serial… Each and every day is going to be verrry difficult to run…. Why mantra track soo soon they can show happy moments for a week na…. Actually Ram and Sita were married when they were 12 and 6 yrs respectively, they lived a happy life for 12 yrs, later during rajyabhishek kaikeyi tells abt her wishes… Not 12yrs atleast 12 days can be show happy moments na…..

    • verti

      Ram was 23 and and Sita was 16 when they married .. The Conclusion that Sita was 6 when she married, was the result of Non Sankrit Scholar who tries to translate the verses of Original Ramayana, with inadequate knowledge of Sanskrit.…/What-was-the-age-of-Rama-and-Sita

      • Haripriya S

        No in valmiki ramayan while vanwas Sita tells a rishi that it’s 10+2 yrs she had been with Rama… And kaushalya while Rama was leaving said that her children came back and stayed only for 10yrs approximately… And they are leaving me…. Actually people got confused because of the tough Sanskrit knowledge…. It’s not a fault…

    • SKR addict

      There is a lot of confusion/ controversy in their age…. yes sita actually told her age was 18 to a rishi(ravan) in dandak.. but somewhere i read ram & lakshman left ayodhya at the age 14 with guru Vishwamitra..
      Most of the indian epic marriage held at the age of 12-16 years…
      Ram & his Bros ages r same..all r born in same day…. but sita & her sis born with minimum one year gap…
      Sita is 6 then mandvi 5 urmila 4 then shruthakirthi was a born baby..!!!
      In that Yuga’s age was tough to compare with kali yuga…bcoz in that period Ram ruled ayodhya 11000 years…!! Ram age was 10000 years old when lav kush born…. Ram was born to dasharath when he was 60000 years old… So average human life in that yuga was in thousands of years…. my grandma says sita married at age of 12-14… Ram was around 16-18..who knows may be..

  5. Ohhhh wahooooo so fast update ………………Thanks amena di
    अखिरकार सब ayodhya पहुंच गए. ………precap अच्छा नही है ………

    मगर कल के episode का प्रतिक्षा है।

  6. Bhoomi

    The entry of ram & sita was awesome …. thanks amena di for update … 🙂 thank u so much frm Siya Ke Ram Fan club…. 🙂

  7. oh my God… l don’t have any words to express… such a grand entry… it was awesome… l loved it… thanks for the fast update Amena di…

  8. Haripriya S

    I am going to download this episode for sure on hotstar… After Mahabharat this is the only serial which forces me to get fixed in front of the TV without changing the channel even when ad is going on….

  9. nupur

    Thanks amena di 4 d superfast updates.Awesome epi.All d couples were resplendent of grandeur & beauty.

  10. amulya

    Thank for a fast update, di!
    Awesome mind blowing epi. Four sisters doing grah pravesh together is so good. It was so grand and colorful

  11. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan


    • Haripriya S

      Seriously speaking my exams finish on may 29th dear as we have to write entrance exams I will join a bit later

  12. aru

    Wow….. Such a nice episode. I really loved it. Hi friends remember me or not?………. I hope I can call you all friends…….
    Today most of the exams are over….. So I am really happy and then this grand episode…… Just loved it. Hope they don’t bring the vanvas sequence soon…….. Not for at least.

  13. aru

    Oh…… I really forgot…. Best luck for those who have exams…… May all your exams be a piece of cake for all of u.
    Wish you a good luck.
    There’s one for each…… I don’t know how many of my sisters are having exams but I hope they are enough for all

  14. Akanksha sharma

    But the precap was so so much horrible….i really just hate manthra…such a greedy and cheap person she was a black spot in raghukul….she is the face of bad omen

  15. Silpa k sivadasan

    Wowww wat an epi
    Never saw such grand serial

    Omg i fell in love with this serial

    I too want to see some more happy moments b4 vanavaas track….

    But guyz who is this sugni never heard abt her in ramayana…

  16. dia

    Griha pravesh was awesome…..but sthis stupid irritating brat manthara is…. >:) …..anywaya siyaram, bharavi, laxmila and shrusha rock

  17. dia

    Ksm se….skr best h….casting itni perfect h ki koi flaw nahi h kisi b cheez m…..and couples toh mashallah….and my ashish…nhis smile….hye rabba mar javan

  18. Nice episode but missed it. Anyway hotstar ki jai ! :p

    Willing to see more lakshmila, bharavi and shrusha scenes than ram and sita’s 🙂

  19. Ishita

    Hey everyone!! good luck for your exams ???i am also giving cbse 10 class board this time .Tomorrow is my paper but i got time to see skr it was a mindblowing episode??

  20. Riya

    Superb ,amazing ,mind blowing, fabulous ,
    Fantabulous, unexpected dazzling ep
    I wanna go to the set of skr …….


    • Haripriya S

      Yes di even I want to…. I am feeling sad that though staying at Hyderabad I am not able to go there…?

  21. amulya

    My comments are taking soooo long to get uploaded and some are even getting deleted, is rhe same happening to you guys too? It is so irritating.

  22. Akanksha sharma

    Thanxx aru for the cake but yaar i got very little ….btw i have not eaten the cake as my exams r yet to start i will taste it on friday my first exam…i hope it would be sweet as my chemistry exam is going to take place that which i felt quite easier…. thanx for the cake but i want more because somebody among our fan club has stolen my half piece…my complaint should be noted me lord…hahaha it was an joke..haha shayad zada acha na ho par has lo yaaron as laughter is best medicine….

    • aru

      It’s ok akanksha dear
      Here’s a special one for you ?
      Hope you enjoy it ……..
      And beast luck ? for your exams

  23. Bhoomi

    Sry guys i read your comments just now ..
    Thanks Haripriya & Nidhi….. 🙂
    Zara cute dp….
    Haripriya your dp is also cute 🙂 i guees dp is of parvati in mahadev ???
    Nita di sry i didnt read your comments in 28 feb cuz my phn is nt wrking propely …. Guys all the best 4 your exams ..

  24. Bhoomi

    Guys today is my practicle exam .. so i will not able to comment …..
    I will be back after 2:30 pm … guys pray 4 me that i will get good marks in praxticle exam

  25. Stuti

    Today’s episode is just awesome….. I can’t express my happiness in words….. All the couples were looking too good especially tara and lakshmila…… Hate precape….. But love episode …..SO FINALLY ALL THE COUPLES REACHED AYODHYA……AM SO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAppy……….,,,,,

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      oh wow…….. nice info…… i know no thanx so no thanx……….

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      seriously the info is too good……. shruthakriti, mandavi, shathrughna, bharata…….. actually we all know to some extent about SIAM AND URMILKA BUT ABOUT SHRUSHA AND BHAVI…………. WE DIDNT HAVE IDEA AT ALL…………. HATS OF TO ALL THE 4 PAIRS………

    • sarah

      very good info…thanks a lot
      i like everything about ramayan except that one part where ram sends sita on an exile when she was pregnant just to give importance to the words of a commoner with dirty thoughts.
      i still dont understand why the great lord shri ram took such a drastic step. someone pls explain if there is any strong and valid reason behind this.

      • Haripriya S

        Sita herself wanted to give birth at Forest….. She said this to Ram…. Ram was in dilemma if it is correct or not… But he did it for his people…. When Ram should do yagn he prepared a golden idol of Sita to substitute her….. Sita was never angry with Ram as she understands him…..

  26. Stuti

    HI friends ! This is my last comment ,…plz don’t forget me ….. I will be back after my exams on 19 march ….miss u guys

  27. Akanksha sharma

    Ya u r right ww no thanx…. and ur dp is so nice…..and ya stuti we cant forget u dear….come back soon and all the best for exams

    • Stuti

      Ya sure di i will definitely back….i can’t leave this skr fan club and thanks for wishes

  28. Supriya

    hey nidhi nd haripriya bye guys i’ll meet u on april 1 after my exams pls wish me nd pray fr me nd dont forget me miss u all 🙁

    • Haripriya S

      Sure dear we won’t forget you and we will also miss you…. All the best… Do try to contact whenever possible… Siya and Ram are always with you…..

  29. sarah

    i just hope that this serial ends by ravan’s death. i just dont want to see ram taking agni pariksha of sita, sending her on exile…..i cant see sita suffering…..

  30. Nidhi

    Hello everyone! I hope you won’t forget me 🙁 this is my last comment here ?
    Again I’ll be back after my exams on March 19th (may be)
    I wish everyone all the very best for their exams 🙂
    I’m sorry to everyone who asked me questions but now I won’t be able to reply them until my exams get over I’m really sorry to everyone if I hurt anyone’s feelings?


  31. Haripriya S


  32. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan


    SINCE IN THIS BIRTH SEND SITA TO FOREST IN ANOTHER BIRTH THEY BOTH WERE BORN THERE our heroine took revenge from our hero……………. AND VISHNU WAS AZHGAR……… DURING his sister MEENAKSHI THIRU KALAYANAM AZHGAR STAYED IN SOME OTHER LADY’S HOUSE….. THOUGH THEY BOTH SHARED BROTHER AND SISTER RELATIONSHIP goddess Lakshmi doubt him and made him stay outside their house for ten months……….. poor fellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I would like to thank amena di ………because she is updating the episode every day……and i get such sweet and lovely all part of India. ..Some re from foreign also…….even though I not see u all ………. but I’m really happy that I got like u all r????

    • Akanksha sharma

      Even i feel the same zara here people are from various places but they seem to be one as frndz or sisters…really we havent seen each other but we all share a very strong bond ….and this all because of siya ke ram and ya tellyupdates also may this serial never end and we remain in touch..our whole life…this provides us the platform where we can share our joys and sorrows joys most probably…. i feel to be very lucky and happy to get u all…i have never seen u all but i felt all of very sweet as ladoos..from ur talks…since my first comment posted here…..seriously guyzzz u all r just amazing i truly wish i could meet u all once in my life…..luv u all my sisters

  34. aru

    Hey sweeties…….. Before I forget all of u have a very awesome do…….. I wish I could do it but it’s ok . I’ll keep it after exams.
    But really what a choice……… Too good

  35. Supriya

    hey thy can include some scenes of bonding between the sisters and their brothers before 14 years of excile

  36. Akanksha sharma

    Adorable dp ww…but i havent seen sita in this colour may be in future…leave it its really nice

  37. Sunehri

    Guys … I’m sunehri. .. I have been reading all siya ke ram written update. .. I’m a die hard fan of siya ke ram …. can I join ur fan club too???

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      of course dear………. u r my best friend in beintehaa page………

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