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Siya Ke Ram 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Sita looking towards each other from far. Laxman sees a Asur and runs after him to kill him. Ram asks Laxman to stop and runs after him. Ram sees Asurs disappearing. He spots Asur and shoots arrow. He saks Laxman not to go. Laxman jumps down the cliff to catch Asur. Vishwamitra saves Laxman. Sita and her sisters have a talk. Vishwamitra says Asur powers are not killed like this, this is jungle and here are some rules, you both have come to fulfill a big duty, and I have duty to protect you, one mistake and all attempts will fail. Ram apologizes. Laxman says no, its my mistake, I followed Asur, Ram tries to stop me. Vishwamitra says its time to practice. Ram says we are ready.

Sita and her sisters climb the mountain to see Ram. Sita sees Vishwamitra talking

to Ram and Laxman. Urmila says we should go back. Ram shoots an arrow at the clouds. Ram Ram……….plays…………. Subahu and Mareecha tell Tadaka that they got to know about the ashram. Tadaka says she will see her enemies.

Vishwamitra tells Ram and Laxman that a best warrior is one who does not lose patience and control heart and mind, practice is necessary for this. He says you both will learn balavidya from me, which will make you increase bal/powers and bear hunger and thirst. This will purify the heart and mind. He starts teaching them and does the rituals.

Janak talks to Rishi and tells about Sita’s birth. He says many people have come to bless and see Bhoomija, but I m worried for her marriage, she has three sisters, if Sita does not marry, then their marriage will not be happen. Rishi says there will be her life partner in this world for sure. Ram and Laxman chant mantras. Vishwamitra blesses them. Janak asks how will I find that guy. Rishi reminds Parshuram’s words. He says the time has come now, keep the Swayamvar, invite all Rajyas. Janak asks will this competition to lift the dhanush decide the deserving guy for Sita. Rishi says its not competition, that’s Divya dhanush, who is away from anger, violence, jealousy, hatred and whose heart is like Sita’s, who values Sita. Janak says I can’t decide this big thing for Sita, I m worried and afraid how will I tell this to Sita. Shathanand tells them that Kushadwaj sent the message that Asurs may attack the ashram, so he took army there, he said he will send all the girls back. Janak worries.

Sita and her sisters throw stones in the river and laugh. Urmila asks Sita whats the secret. Sita says I throw stones with love, love is magical, and to see the nature. Urmila asks how is this possible. Sita tells about Lord Shiv and Mahadev.

Vishwamitra gives his Chakra powers to Ram and Laxman. A light circle forms around them. Vishwamitra names all the weapons and they appear in air. Ram and Laxman pray. Vishwamitra blesses them.

Kushadwaj asks Vishwamitra how will he face Tadaka alone. Vishwamitra says I have got two warriors. Ram and Laxman talk about Sita’s art. Sita tells Vishwamitra about a Raghuvanshi freeing Ahilya from the curse.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today epi is mass vishual treat to the viewers and ram and laxman both are too good in action scene especially laxman today too good viswamathira also very fabulous

  2. wellwisher(ww)

    superb………………….eagerly waiting for sita ram marriage………………

  3. Yr its awsmmmm

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