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Siya Ke Ram 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaikesi killing the messenger. Vishravas asks what did you do. She says how dare this man tell me that Lankesh has died, the one who is immortal, how can he die. Vishravas says this is the truth, this had to happen, we all knew this. She says no, I did not know this, I don’t want to know anything. She cries and says Lankesh is our son, how can he die. She hugs him and cries aloud. He asks her to accept truth. She says no, just say this is not true. He says but when Lankesh is not here, there is no use of this Anushtaan, we should stop this. She shouts no, this Anushtaan will not end, it will be completed. He asks but why Kaikesi, there is no use to create Sahastra Raavan, we could not save Raavan’s life. She says we have to awaken Sahastra Raavan, for my sake.


tells Trijata that Lankesh died, this is happiness for me and entire world, Dharm has won over Adharm, customs and good behavior has won, its day of freedom, see the birds are singing freedom, this air is roaming free, it seems entire world is celebrating independence. Trijata smiles and says yes, Lanka got free of sins and Adharm, Lanka got pure today.

Sita gets sad. Trijata asks what happened. Sita says my heart got sad thinking of a wife’s sorrow, don’t know what Devi Mandodari is going through. Raavan’s body is laid on a big black stone. Mandodari comes to see Raavan and cries. Vibhishan sees her and gets tearful eyes. He folds hands and sits to apologize. She cries seeing Raavan and shouts Swami…..

She holds his hand and says by fear of your power, earth used to get shaken, fire, moon and sun used to get dim infront of your brightness, but today your mighty body is wrapped in dust, fallen on the ground, you are very famous in entire world, no one has dared to come in battle ground to fight of you, you have made Kaal and yamraj lose by your might, then today why are you lying in this battle ground as orphan, why, entire world was in your control, whats the reason, you never listened to me, I told you many times and explained you not to fight with Ram, but you did not listen, now there is no one to cry for you in Asur kul.

Ram greets her and says its painful for a wife to see husband’s body, I can’t imagine that pain, trust me, I tried my best to avoid this war, every problem can be solved by peace, but fate had something else written.

She says you always obeyed Dharm, but today you did what was expected from you. She folds hands and says I have a request from you, handover Lankesh’s dead body to me for doing his final rites, I will always be thankful to you. Ram says Devi, we don’t have any personal enmity with Asur kul warriors, I have always followed Dharm path, I fought with everyone who became a hurdle, it was my duty, you are Raavan’s wife, its your right to do his final rites, you can take his dead body. She folds hands.

Kaikesi and Vishravas do the Anushtaan. She asks Sahastra Raavan to awaken to take revenge for Lankesh’s death. Raavan’s final rites are done at Lanka’s palace. Mandodari dressed as widow, cries. Vishravas continues the Anushtaan. Vibhishan does all the rituals. Ram, Laxman and everyone look on. Kaikesi says awaken for taking revenge and shouts. They see the soul going in Shastra Raavan. Kaikesi smiles. Vibhishan lights fire to Raavan’s funeral.

Fire blows near Sahastra Raavan too. Kaikesi and Vishravas look on. The fire gets blown off, and Sahastra Raavan gets awakened. He says Mata, whats command for me, whats the motive to give me birth. She says son, Raavan got killed, you have to take revenge. He says as you say, whoever is responsible for Raavan’s death, his death is definite. He screams. Kaikesi smiles.

Sita sees the sky thundering and feels something bad is going to happen. Sahastra Raavan steps inside Ram’s tent area. Ram and everyone come out and see. They hear Raavan’s laugh. Kaikesi shouts revenge……Sahastra Raavan I want revenge for my son’s murder, I want those vanvasi’s destruction. Ram and everyone see Sahastra Raavan high in the air, and get shocked.

Ram shoots down Raavan and Sahastra Raavan is born. Sita says Sahastra Raavan, now a woman will kill you. She takes Kaali’s avatar and goes to kill Sahastra Raavan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shriya...

    Nice episode … Waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

    1. Shriya...

      But today’s and Friday’s precap was same …

      1. Ho Shriya di wlcm here

    2. Yes Shriya . Me too eagerly waiting to tmrw’s episode . Since the precap is just the promo I am more eager to know what will happen in tmrw’s epi ?

    3. Padmaja

      Hey u can go to ur account and set dp there dear…. or there will be a notification bell in the right side u can go there and u can select settings there and u can set ur dp

  2. Aman

    interesting ep, but sad for mandodari

    1. I wonder what happens to her after ravan’s death.

      1. I read somewhere that ram convinces to marry king vibhishan and become the Queen of Lanka.

      2. Anushya

        you are right rose. this was because vibhishan cannot become king unless mandodari dies or she becomes his wife… thats why ram tells her to marry vibhishan to avoid mandodaris death….

  3. Tmrw this sahastra ravans chapter will be closed . Eagerly waiting for tmrws episode

  4. Aman

    Siam waiting ☺

  5. Felt bad seeing mandodri cry .

  6. Anushya

    wow.. super emotional epi… yay first to comment… how r u all my sisters… poor mandodari…. i have not read shahastra ravan story

    1. I am fine dear .how r u ? Even I have never heard this story but this story is written in a different verse of Ramayana .

    2. Anushya

      oh sorry not first

  7. The promo is shown again for the preview. Eagerly waiting for Sita-Ram Milan :$

    1. Yes they r showing the promo for precap and keeping us in suspense

  8. nice epii.poor mandodari she has follows path of dharm always.she had tried her best to convince to return but raavan in his ego never pay heed to her advice.kaikesi is more stupid then ravan.can’t she see the divine form of lord vishnu.she is blindfolded by vangeance

  9. Shriya, you were the first to comment 😉

  10. Priya15

    Wow yr.. Amazing.. Emotional epi.. I cried when I heard mandodari dialogues… Excited for tmr epi..

    Guys can anybody say Me.. What is the relationship of sahastra ravan and ravan.. I heard his name but don’t know abt his history.. Pls help me to know abt him..

    1. Padmaja

      And I also don’t know his history….

  11. Padmaja

    Wow a superb epi…and eagerly waiting for sahashtra ravan to die…. feeling sad for mandodari….

  12. whatever be the.outcome a woman will suffer in the end.look at mandodari she was not in fault but now she is compelled to become widow bcoz of kaikesi.she is one of the reason for ravan destruction.she had always encouraged his son for his misdeeds.poor sita has to give agniparkisha.why a women is questioned about her dignity

    1. True. Even i don’t understand. Actually ravan got mukthi that too in the hands of Lord vishnu. He escaped the punishment. Mandodari is actually suffering for ravan’s sins.

      And now sita’s chastity is questioned. Agnipariksha has set a bad example. People feel that it’s their right to doubt their wives. Ram didn’t question sita’s chastity and he wanted to prove the same to the entire world. But I ask what’s the need? When you know what your wife is, you need not prove it to the entire world what she is. I don’t understand why sita ma accepted the Agnipariksha by killing her self respect

      In spite of Agnipariksha, the society didn’t accept her. What’s the use. She was again punished, sent on an exile when she was pregnant. She was punished for the sins she never committed. Injustice! Ram promised [email protected] marriage that he will be always with her in every problem of her, every sorrow of her. But he didn’t fulfill his vachan/promises. Being a dutiful wife, sita went with ram for vanvaas. Being a dutiful husband, why didn’t ram go with sita to jungle? Why didn’t he fulfill his duty as a father? Why did he punish his unborn children who are innocent and didn’t commit any sin?

      Sorry if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments

      I know my comment will raise anger and disapproval in many but I am just presenting my opinion.

      1. yes such question arise in my mind .I hope skr gives us explanation

      2. Anushya

        sometimes i think ram was lucky to get sita but sita was not that lucky to get ram

      3. Shriya...

        I agree with anushya..

  13. amazing episode waiting for tomorrow.

  14. Amazing episode………. Tomorrow is Ashish Sharma birthday……. ????our Ramji ka birthday…… ????

  15. gokul krishnan

    Since this show is based on sita’s perpesctive, they also give equal importance to sita with ram by showing her as the mighty divine devi makaali! She is the form of three devi’s namely parvati,lakshmi and Saraswathi! Jai sita ram! Sahastra ravan is new to me too

  16. Mandodri was so caring and affectionate towards ravan . She advised him so much . He did not pay heed to her words at all now he died because of this

    1.’s so painful to see mandodari crying. She was such a good woman who always wish her husband well being.

      1. Anushya

        its so bad to see her crying and suffering for the death of a husband she didnt want to marry first of all

  17. A very big happy wala birthday to our dear ramji aka Ashish Sharma……. May lakshminarayan bless you all the time……… Many many happy returns of the day dear Ashish bro…….

    Best wishes…..? ? ? ??

    From suchetana

    1. Happy wala b’day to piyali di ……. May lakshminarayab bless u all time

  18. Swastika

    Today is our ram’s means hashish sharma’s birthday as ashish sir a very happy birthday from our SkR family …
    Episode was very nice loved it sad for mandodari and piyali munshi a very happy birthday to u also … Excited for today’s episode


  19. yay! today is ashish bhaiya s bday!!!! waiting for the photos of his birthday bash

  20. Padmaja

    Happy bday to u ashish bhai…. may lakshminarayan bring happiness and joy to ur life….
    And happy bday to piyali munshi… may lakshminarayan bless her all..

    1. Anushya

      happy birthday ashish….

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