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Siya Ke Ram 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lavnasur saying Ram, your end is definite by my hands. Sita smiles seeing her sons and hugs them. She asks them is Lavnasur killed. Kush says Ayodhya King killed him, but Lavnasur got alive again. Lav says but I m sure Lavnasur will die by that great warrior’s hands today. Sita says undoubtedly. Ram prays and gets an arrow. The ladies get their sons and ask Sita to come, this place is not safe for their sons. Sita looks at the cave and leaves. Ram shoots Lavnasur. Laxman goes to Ram and says I have sent all the boys out. Ram goes out and thinks Sita, I feel like you are close to me.

Lav and Kush see the small idol. Kush says I think this is Ayodhya king Ram’s idol, he looked similar. Lav laughs and says you think anything, this is Lord and Mata prays to him.

Kush says I m sure this is Ram’s idol. Lav says I m getting hungry, come. Kush says listen, maybe Ram is in jungle, we will go and meet him. Lav says no, we will go to Mata, come, she would be waiting for us. Kush sees idol and says I will meet Raja Ram.

Laxman and Shatrughan show the area to Ram, and tell about Asur attacks and the rishi ashram being close. Ram asks Shatrughan to assure the security in this area, and then we will leave from here. Shatrughan leaves. Ram looks around.

Sita asks Lav to see she made tasty food for them. She asks where is Kush. Lav says you know his nature, he thinks something always, he has seen the idol to whom you pray, and said the idol matches to Shri Ram. She gets shocked and asks where is Kush. Lav says he said he is going to meet Shri Ram. She says I will find and get him. She rushes.

Laxman asks Ram why does he appear worried. Ram says don’t know, since I came here, I feel like, Sita is around me, I feel her presence. Laxman says I did not wish to tell you, but truth is I left Sita in this jungle, if you permit, I will find out about her. Ram asks him to go and see the arrangements. Laxman goes.

Sita comes that way. She asks a lady about Kush. The lady says I have seen him going that day. Shatrughan tells Ram that area is secured. Ram says right, we have to proceed for Ayodhya now. Kush sees Ram and says now I will meet him. Laxman hears sound and shouts who is there, come out. Kush comes out. They see Kush. Ram smiles and asks why did you hide there. Kush says I was waiting to meet you. Ram asks me? Kush says when you fought with Lavnasur, I have seen you along with captured boys, I did not see any brave warrior like you, I want to learn Yudh vidya from you so that I can also protect my area from Asurs. Ram smiles and asks where do you stay. Kush says I stay in Valmiki ashram. Sita comes there and sees them.

Ram asks Kush his mum’s name. Kush says everyone call her Vandevi. Ram asks and your father’s name. Kush says even that’s Vandevi. Ram explains and says I m asking father’s name, mother and father are different. Kush asks him why are you asking same thing again, tell me whats your father’s name. Ram holds him and says my father’s name is Maharaj Dasharath and my mother’s name is Kaushalya, same way your father and mum will be different. Kush says no, my mum and dad are same, Vandevi. Laxman says it seems this boy has no father, and his mum raised him alone, and gave her name as father too. Ram says son, you will become a brave warrior like me one day, take care. Sita cries seeing them. Ram leaves.

Ram leaves with Laxman and Shatrughan. Sita comes to Kush. Kush says Mata. She holds his hand and takes him. Kush asks whats my mistake. Sita says if you fell in danger again then.. He says fine, I won’t go without asking you, tell me one thing, whats our father’s name. She says I told you many times, I m your Mata and Pita. Kush says no, Ram told me, how can mum and dad be same, they are different, tell me our father’s name, where does he stay, why does he not live with us. Sita asks does my love get less that you need to know your father’s name. Lav says no, its not about your love, we just want our answer. Lav and Kush refuse to talk and have food. She asks them to listen.

Sita explains Lav and Kush that some children stay with their mother, father, relatives, and some children have two mothers, and reminds that she stayed with her Kaka and Kaki, and she had her cousins with her when her parents left, then my parents became her parents. They ask where is out father. She says he stays far, he is busy in his work. They ask does he not want to meet us. She cries. Lav asks did we say anything wrong. Sita says no, your father loves you a lot, but by many reasons, he had to sacrifice his family, in such situation, I have fulfilled mother and father’s roles, this was right to help him in Dharm palan. They ask did he not come to meet us ever.

Sits gets paused for a second, and says he did not come to meet, it does not mean he does not love you, see that day is not far when you both will meet him and find his greatness, I want you both to know his name that day, till then think of me as mum and dad, if anyone asks you father’s name, tell them I m your mum and father. She smiles and says I have to meet Gurudev, I will just come. Kush says I understood what she said, but she did not say father’s name now. Lav says she said our father will meet us on right time, you did not see, Mata got hurt by our behaviour. Kush says but we should know our father’s name. Lav asks can’t you wait, don’t ask anything now.

Ram talks to Sita’s idol and says I felt your presence in the jungle, for a moment, I felt you are infront of me. Hanuman comes and greets him. Ram asks is everything fine. Hanuman says yes, I came to meet you and know about Lavnasur’s matter, how are you. Ram says you have the answer, there in jungle…. Hanuman asks what are you saying, what did you stop. Ram says I have met a boy, who has mesmerized me by his Tej and talks. Hanuman thinks to do something to make Ram meet Lav and Kush, it seems now time has come for fater and son meet.

Ram says I m such unlucky father, who does not know my child is son or daughter. Kush and Lav hear Ramayan from Valmiki. Kush questions why did Shri Ram accept vanvaas, and why did he allow Sita to give Agnipariksha, I think this should be called Sitayan, not Ramayan. Sita is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome epi but I want sita to change her hairstyle but still she is a mom of two…..but it I like old lady… skr team plzzz work on it nd krishnai …..tharu is not our age she Is di to us and she is 19…..just wanted to say……how r u all?by the way hw I ur all holidays r going on?

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      oh okay… thanks for letting me know…… sry tharu di by calling by ur name……… my holidays with lots of hometests and 1 project……

      1. It’s okay…

    2. Kishu

      Excuse me but madirakshi is not 19 but she 21 years old.

      1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

        hey not MM, we are talking about tharu di………

      2. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

        and cute dp u have……

  2. Ashish was looking so good in king’s dress with bow and arrow but I want to see him again in the warrior dress like he was in Brahmarishi Vishwamitra’s Ashram.
    Ram and Kush meeting was soooooooooooo emotional. He touched his son but see the fate but he could not know that he has his son.
    Luv-Kush’s questions reminded Sita of all her past.
    I feel very sad for Luv-Kush. They could never get father and mother love together. When they were with their Mata Sita Shree Ram was not there and when they lived with their father Shree Ram their Mata Sita was not there.
    Why Hanuman didn’t tell about Luv-Kush?
    Anybody has the answer to Kush’s question that why its not called Sitayan?

  3. Anushya

    such emotional episode, ram sita so close yet so far, so sad… sita explanation super

  4. now luv-kush r learning the ramayan . soon they will know about ram too . sita explained so well to luv and kush . just loved the father-son scene . poor sita , she was full of tears when she was seeing kush and ram talk

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      ncy dp…..

  5. Padmaja

    Wow wow wow a excellent epi.. short of words to expalin this epi. The scenes of sita ram lav and kush made me emotional. A awesome precap. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

  6. Hi guys tnx a lot fr ur wishes …. I’m the same stuti27 this is my 2nd mail ID I’m commenting from ????luv u all ……??

  7. very nice episode loved it

  8. Shrinithi

    i agree wit u ishita di…i also dont like sita’s hairstyle..and y she s not wearing her overhead dupatta nowadays..anyone can clear me????

  9. Nice episode……… Loved the father – son bond……. It was a very touching………… But what I say about the precap………. Just wait for tomorrow………. What a great line by kush………. RAMAYAN SHOULD CALLED SITAYAN………….!!!!!!!!!!
    What a great news for SKR fan……….. Siya ka ram got record viewership in UK………

  10. Vanshika

    OMG… They didn’t show shatrughn killing Lavanasur.. All other scenes were superb.. Precap super rombaa… Cnt wait till tmrw
    @Krishnai akka that’s nice nw don’t go anywhere plz try to comment it’s last month we’re together n plss gv ur fb, insta or twitter id if u r on any n also register as u’ll register we’ll b in touch..
    @Varshu akka n @anushya dear agree wid u epi was Romba emotional seriously my eyes were full of tears wen ram Kush talkin n siya crying
    @vaidehi I’ll read ff tmrw mrng.. I know its gonna b superb..
    Good NYT dears..
    I’ve updated next in skr.. Many hv read it who haven’t read n wish to cn read it ?
    Love u good night..

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      hey vanshu i m in twitter n wattpad…….. n i have already registered in tu but rarely use that id for commenting……

  11. Thanks for the update
    this is Epic

  12. Malvi

    I’m not at all watching siya ke ram and I can’t understand anything !! But I really want sita to change her hairstyle !! She lokked pretty b4 the 8 months leap !! Pls ! It doesn’t even suit her

    1. NABANITA626

      Yea previous sita is looking more good.but why are you not watching skr now?

      1. Malvi

        No time or sometimes I forget to watch it 😐

  13. loved todays episode.anushya ,kush had mentioned your ff sitayana .amazing precap. waiting for tomorrow

  14. NABANITA626

    Nice epi……….
    Which child actors are playing the role of luv and kush who is more attractive and good according to you guys?
    It has no doubt that both boys are very good but more good is who?
    For myself answer is guys?

  15. I will miss siya ke ram a lot when it ends?

  16. can anyone explaine me the original story of lavanusar please

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Lavanasura was an Asura (demon) who was killed by Shatrughna, the youngest brother of Lord Rama.

      During Rama’s reign, while peace prevailed in most places, Lavanasura continued to torment the innocent and destroy many sacrifices of sages and terrify them in many ways. Many kings were defeated by him and they were all afraid. Therefore, one day the sages headed by sage Chavana (a descendent of sage Bhrigu) came all the way from Madhuvan to Lord Rama with a plea to protect them. Lavana was the son of king of Asuras named Madhu. Madhu was kind and compassionate to Brahmanas, very exalted, made personal friendships with Devas and therefore Asuras and Suras were at peace. He was so pleasing to Gods that on one occasion, Lord Shiva gave him an expansion of his own trident for self-protection. Madhu built a palace and named the place as Madhupuri (possibly Mathura now). Madhu had a son named Lavana who had the qualities opposite to those of his father.

      Lavana was so evil that even as a child he would beat play mates, kill them, and eat them. Madhu handed everything over to his son including his trident and drowned himself in the ocean because of shame. The sages further described Lavana. There was a king named Mandhata (or Mandatta) who was a descendant in the dynasty of Iksvaku. Mandhata had dominated the whole planet and he became so proud that he wanted to rule heaven also. So he challenged Indra-either to turn over the kingdom to him or fight with him in battle. Indra said, “If you defeat all personalities on earth, then I will give you my kingdom.” Lavanasura defeated Mandhata’s army with the trident. Hearing all this, Lord Rama promised He would protect the sages and the kingdom of Madhupuri.

      Bharata volunteered to fight against Lavanasura. Shatrughna expressed his wish to fight Lavanasura, wanting an opportunity to serve Rama, stating that Bharata had served Rama very well in the past. Then, all brothers agreed that Shatrughna could go. Shatrughna, apologising for violating the etiquette of speaking against the wish of his elder brother Bharata, then prepared to leave for the war. Rama then gave Shatrughna a deity of Varaha, which manifested from Lord Kapila’s mind. When Lord Rama defeated Ravana, this deity was taken to Ayodhya. Shatrughna was then crowned as the king of Madhupuri. Shatrughna then left with a huge army to fight with Lavanasura. Rama warned Shatrughna to find a way to fight with Lavana without his holding the invincible trident. Shatrughna stood before the gate where Lavana resided and positioned himself alone. As Lavana returned home after hunting animals for eating each day, Shatrughna challenged him to fight. Lavana was very happy to accept the challenge because it was his dessert time. Lavana uprooted many trees and threw them on Shatrughna, and a big battle ensued. Later, Shatrughna removed the special arrow (used for killing Madhu and Kaitabha, given as a gift by Lord Vishnu) that Rama had given him. As Shatrughna strung his bow, the whole universe started to tremble. He struck Lavana right in the heart taking out his life-breath. Rama then installed Shatrughna as the king of Madhupuri, where he ruled for several years.


      1. Ohok Krishnai akka.. Cn u gv me ur twitter id if u wnt.. Plssssss

      2. thank you so much we wisher .I don’t know why skr show wrong story

  17. Nice melodrama. But all false – Shatrughan killed lavanshur. Ram & laxman didn’t at all come .
    WHY SKR changed the story ? THIS IS REASON their TRP rating drops . Ramayan is known to all
    Felt bad for Sita when luv & kush asked for their father identity.
    After all Sita was punished for no reason-how could she explain that to her sons?, Ram did whatever he could remaining in his mariyada -mariyada that made a WOMAN suffer even though that WOMAN always did her patnidharm. FElT bad for Sita .
    Had Ram came out of his Mariyada after becoming king he could have shown the world one should not be bound by rules . Rules should be changed if required . Just the way he did for ashwamegd yagna during Dasharath’s lifetime. Just the way He released Ahallya . BUT HE remained a king and did punished his innocent , chaste and pregnant wife for no fault of her . Never bothered to go see how she was . As a husband he could have gone and seen her from little far to ensure her well being.

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      agree to you…. but as a king he couldn’t he meet his queen… he was 24*7 a king not a husband….. thats why he send hanuman for her well being…. dont think i m supporting him but just trying to say he too was guilty of banshing his beloved wife…….

  18. Yesterday episode was nice as per as Sita is concerned. I did feel sorry for her.
    she was finding it difficult to answer her sons. What could she say ?
    She was abandoned by her husband due to dhobi’s remark about her chastity . And due to her husband’s rajdharma , Ram could not do her patini dharm & not PITA dhARMA
    ( duty of a father)
    What could Sita tell her son ? She was sent to forest when everyone was sleeping . She was punished but didn’t know the verdict of her fate .
    But SITA on the other hand remained very positive. WONDERFUL woman -so positive in spite of her adverse circumstances. Hats off to her.
    No reasoning in the world could justify Ram’s act of abandonment of SITA . Ram as a king should have supported a CHASTE , pure , innocent woman . That would have been the RAJDHARM in my eyes. That would have changed the social status of woman.
    And yes, lavansur was killed by Shatrughan and Ram made shatrughan the king of Madhupur.

  19. Oh….first to comment…..haappiiieeeeeee…….

    Nd ww namloda holydays mudiyappothu……???? opening on 3 Oct….ok bye……

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      ya same……….. i will be vanishing again……. so sad…….. days go fast na????

  20. Ram killing demon Lavansur ???Completely changed the story ! WRONG actually shatrughan did . Why not show the real story . Why follow wrong stuff? WHY variations to well known story of Ramayan ?
    IF at all SKR want to change – the change the fate of SITA , CHANGE the Ramayan and . SHOW that Ram could balanced Rajdharma & Patidharma.( POSSIBILITIES of other outcomes -HAPPY OUTCOME)
    Instead of abandonment SITA , show what Ram should have done . show how RAM could have cleared the doubt Dhobi. How Ram could done justice to a pure woman .
    Ram could have asked Hanuman to take Dhobi -show lanka where Sita was imprisoned .
    Or Ram could have asked to give test to both SITA & DHOBI- TEST of Truth , Purity.

  21. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

    guys chill…… in the update there is no mention of lavanasura gets killed and also in the epi as soon the arrow hits him he just vanished but his dead body wasnt there so i guess he will be back…….

    THEN OUR YOUNGEST HERO HERO WILL KILL HIM……. i hope my guess should be correct……. lets wait patiently…….. OKAY NA????????

  22. Vanshika

    Guys would u lyk an OS titled lakshmila a birthday surprise ???

    1. would love to read it . please…… write it vanshu dearie

      1. Vanshika

        Okie dii will ryt after exams ??

  23. [Luv & Kush Singing Ramayan for Lord Rama [Full Song] Brave Sons of Mother Sita Lav and Kush Ramayana – YouTube] is good,have a look at it!

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