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Siya Ke Ram 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram praying at the Ghat by stepping inside the waters. He sees Hanuman standing behind. Ram drops his ring in the waters and ends prayers. He goes to Hanuman. Hanuman asks what happened. Ram says my ring, I think it fell in waters, Sita gave that to me, it had Sita’s memories. Hanuman says don’t worry, I will find it, even if its in any Lok, you will get it, you go and rest in Rajbhavan, I will get the ring. He says Jai Shri Ram and jumps in the water.

Parvati says Swami, Hanuman is Ram’s biggest devotee, he has never got away from Ram, but what is the reason today that Ram is sending his dear Hanuman away from him. Mahadev says every incident has a motive, every work has a reason, Ram had motive to descend on earth, and now its fulfilled, his time for his Leela

to end, now Shri Hari has to return to his Dhaam along with his brothers, but Ram’s return from earth is not possible in Hanuman’s presence, Hanuman’s devotion and love is extraordinary, Hanuman will never let Ram go away, so Hanuman has to go away, it was necessary.

Kaal asks what is command for me. Mahadev says Kaal, leave for Ayodhya, your route got clear. Kaal asks about Hanuman. Mahadev says don’t worry. Kaal leaves.

Ram greets his ancestors and says I m lucky to get chance in your great Kul, I have tried to serve my Kul by true dedication, if mistakenly I did something wrong and stained Raghukul’s pride, I apologize for it, I have accepted Ayodhya’s throne for a great motive and served Praja as a king, I have regarded Praja as children, and gave importance to Kul’s Maryada and customs over my personal life, I have a request, free me of my duties now, I have handed over the duty to your Vansh with all the customs.

Lav and Kush come. Lav and Kush ask what are you saying, did we do any mistake that you want to go. Ram says no, its nature, dry leaves fall and get into soil, then new leaves are formed on the tree, what was yesterday is not today and what is today will not be tomorrow, the universe has run like this and will always run same way, I have nothing left to give like an old tree, but you both have to bring essence in this world by your good deeds, you have to lay new good customs, and do what I could not do, this is your duty.

Lav says you are out ideal, we want to follow you. Ram says no, its right to take inspiration from someone, its wrong to depend on someone, everyone has independent thoughts, every person sees world by his own sight by his sense and experience, you don’t need to become like me, you have to see world by your own sight, time always changes, and its necessities also change, I want you both to take decision yourself and get firm on it. Kush says if we decide anything wrong. Ram says always listen to your conscience/inner soul, such decisions are not wrong, don’t do anything for your ownself, if any mistake happens, then be ready to repent for it. They nod. Ram leaves.

Hanuman tries to find the ring in water and other lok too. He gets inside the dark place inside the water bed and thinks what is this light in this darkness, maybe there is way to go out. He kicks the mountain and sees some gold. He looks on. Laxman is shown fallen on the ground and Kaal takes his soul. Urmila wakes up by this bad dream and says Swami, what bad thing did I see, I won’t let this happen. Laxman comes. Urmila asks are you fine. She says I have seen a bad dream, a big abshagun. He smiles and says abshagun has become part of our life, whats there to worry. She asks what are you saying. He says come sit, what did you see.

She says you are not taking my words seriously, I have seen your life is in danger and you fell dead on the ground. He says so dream was of my death, whats there to worry, our death gets definite at the time of our birth, the journey from birth to death is called life, don’t worry, its time for me to change clothes. He goes. She says his words do not feel simple, does this have any relation with my bad dream. Hanuman sees so many rings, and says all rings are like Ram’s ring, I have to find Ram’s real ring from all of this. He goes to touch and can’t hold it. He says what is this Maya, this can never happen that Ram’s devotee Hanuman can’t do Ram’s work, its Ram’s command that I find ring, and I will surely fulfil his command.

He thinks does Ram want to explain me something by this ring, but what is there in this ring. Kaal says Hanuman forgot its impossible to stop Kaal, whenever a human’s life journey gets completed, I have to come. Ram sits praying. Kaal says maybe you don’t know, but many people’s life journey got over in Ayodhya. He taeks disguise of a Rishi. Ram opens his eyes.

Rishi/Kaal tells Ram that I want to talk to you in private. Laxman comes. Kaal says till we are in this Kaksh, no one should come in this Kaksh, else I will give him death punishment. Kaal comes to his real form and says all Devtas have a wish that you leave this human body and come back to your real Dhaam, but your brothers have to leave from the world before you. Ram gets upset.

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  1. Samarth

    It was a political issue firstly because it was not like only Ram accepted sita but it was about that our king accepted the Queen… when the titles queen and king are attached then your public life becomes more important she was the Queen although she has done nothing wrong but the question which were raised were Why did she cross the Lakshman rekha although she was fully aware of the atmosphere of jungle……and they say that even when queen has wrong way…than the society will go on the moves taken by her means they will loose the character and will move on wrong path and will justify their deeds by mata’s name…..and that was the only reason that people want her to be pure as she will be the role model for all and yes the character of Queen and king need necessarily to be clean that’s not like the politics of this time…that you maybe accused of murder, or other charges and you hold your position….that was like that queen and king were role models and I know you may say that Sri Ram presented a wrong way….but no he didn’t….if you have any charges against you you need to prove yourself with solid proof…..and that solid proof was not present as there was no AGNIPARIKSHA..which means no proof of chasity was given till now… you may refer to Ramayana only authentic one not of devdutt patnaik where it is clearly mention that shri Rama take back his sita and returned chaya sita to agnidev..if you don’t know about this then let me tell you that after killing khardushan shri Rama make the agniparvesh of maa sita and that he take back after killing RAVANA but some people make it AGNIPARIKSHA and people believe on that…..and 2nd Sri Ram sita are considered as most divine and understanding couple and they did have a discussion on praja’s happening and doubt and after that maa sita left for valmiki ashram as Lakshman ji were commanded to leave her near valmiki ashram……and 2ndly maa sita’s character was prove chaste after mother earth but and praja repent also….but that was too late…so all this happen due to her being status as Queen
    Now come to today’s scenario…….we have laws for rape and all such things….now there is a possibility that some might use it in wrong way so those who are right have to present the solid proof to win the case…and chaste basically means the person who is pure in inner self not to the outer body…and if we start giving punishment to those who are innocent but any wrong person had put allegations of him…let’s assume a girl accused rape charges on a male because of his personal conflict we can’t punish him directly but if doesn’t prove himself to be innocent how a person can be termed as innocent and yes trust is not a solid proof of being called innocent if we don’t demand proof from both sides..where would this society lead to…so one need to prove her chasity when he is accused of something…..and about reforms he was known as most just king and if solid proof were given then he had actually saved the life and accept the fact that not just women but a men if is accused of something he or she has to prove her chaste…..that’s also another point of that

  2. Happy Diwali to all…….. May lakshminarayan bless u all time…… Wishing u all a safe and lighting Diwali…….

    From vaidehi & siya ke ram……..

  3. HELLO everyone- how is diwali ?? Lots of sweets ???
    You are right-RANI -It is indeed going to be one year completion of SKR -HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the entire team of SKR . you are going to cross 300 -SUPERB.
    @ Sara – I shall like to add – The Bhagawat GITA is recited by many but in reality Lord Krishna transmitted all the conditions to Arjun and then showed his VISHWAROOP . It is therefore should read from heart .sitting in a meditation pose -voice should come out from naval while reciting with hands folded and in remembrance of lord.
    @ Samarth- about Avatar . Avatar is a special representative of GOD , sent for specific purpose with special powers required at that point of time . It is not about GUNAS as you have said.]
    When Kalki avatar will come at the time of Mahapralaya – he shall have a weapon like a plough/axe – and HE SHALL be the most powerful of all Avatars .So every other avatar supersede the previous one. All is mentioned in Bhagawat PURAN-please go through it .
    @Samarth – you know SAGE VAISHIT -Ayodha’s kul Guru is one among the Saptarishi – He could see the future as shown in SKR too. But Ram can’t visualize the future as HE IS NOT PURNA AVATAR . Ram could not visualize what would happen during his crown ceremony, when Marich took the form of golden deer -brother LAxman warned RAm that it must be a maya as Laxman is symbol of conscience but could not see Marich .
    ALL 4 brothers together make it COMPLETE due to that putra yagna KHEER factor
    At least , In SKR it is shown that Ram gets dreams but in reality he could not . SKR HAS indeed shown a nice picture of SRI RAM.
    I can give you lots of example but Rani & sara had already said a lot . Please try to understand and read correct books .
    Mata Sita makes Lord Ram purna -Mata is symbol of Absolute Shakti – without her , Lord is incomplete that’s why Siye ke Ram.
    And Marriage is between two person and if one person abandons another -then the marriage is broken . SIta never ever mentioned father name to his sons because of this factor of Paritayag so SKR showed SITA saying I am no longer your wife – is CORRECT only . Because of SIta’s sacrifice by going to MOTHER EARTH , her son luv & KUsh got their identity other.
    @ Samarth – as you know , Ram demanded 2nd time agnipariksha as per Sage Valmiki’s version – so suppose Sita had NOT gone to Mother EARTH to prove her chastity and then Would Ram accepted her as a wife ? Would Ram accepted his sons as his sons ????NEVER .SO question of good or bad husband does not arise .
    Sorry samartha bhai He was a kind , honest king, Mariyada purushottam but failed as a husband . A husband becomes husband when he fulfills his duties as a husband that is taking care of his wife , giving her protection & dignity and also taking care of kids .Ram did not do any of these duties -Ram did not take care of his wife -deserted her , by abandonment of SIta – He did not protect Sita’s dignity rather sided with dhobi in public and did not do father’s duties . And also did not give protection as sita was left alone in a forest.
    So argument must end here .
    I too like bold SKR SITA”S question – wonderful presentation by SKR team .

  4. Happy Diwali to all.

  5. Samarth

    Happy diwali to all


  7. Whats going on … Guys!! I am surprised, lots of different thinking for the Puranas, Avatars, Relationships etc…. It is good to hear that all you younger guys (I hope so…) has read the Mythological books & you are spreading whatever you have learnt as per your perspective among each others.
    Regarding Avatars of Lord, I want to say that all the avatars has taken as per the situation or demand of that particular Yug or the Demons wishes to die. There is not a question of whether its a Purana Avatar or not. In Treta Yuga, Ravan has asked the Boon from Brahma dev about the condition of his death i.e. by any Human being or Monkeys. So, this is the only reason Vishnu dev has taken the form of Human being without any supreme power to let the world knows that It is not necessary to have a supreme power to formalize the Dharma in the society.
    But, in Dwapar Yuga, there is no specific condition to kill the demons, so May be Lord Vishu has taken the birth with all supreme power.

  8. Shree Ram is being worshiped along with Sita Mata, Lakshman & Hanuman…. I believe that Shree Ram has taught the value of Relations among the society… The Love between Husband – Wife, Love with brothers, Love with his Devotee…. That is the only reason where Ramayan is being listened & reading in the family. All the puranas has different views like all of you guyz has explained above. This is our mind only to decide what is correct or what is wrong. So, beside arguing with each other, it would be better to accept each other feelings & emotions.

  9. Now, this discussions has become the fights between the Men & Women prestige. This is not correct way to think.. Men & Women are equally valued in the Society which is an Universal Truth. This is our own mind only to whether this Truth is to accept or not.

  10. Anushya

    A very happy diwali to all my lovely sisters and brothers… hope you all will forgive me for being so irregular in comments…. I feel so sad by not seeing Siya…. thank god for seethaaiyin raman ill be able to cheer up somewhat… Once again happy Deepawali… welcome Ram Sita and Lakshman to your homes once again!

  11. Anushya

    and one more thing dearies yesterday was my birthday and also i celebrate diwali yesterday being from tn

    1. happy bday anu dear … u should have told us anyway doesnt matter happy belated wishes.
      hope u had an amazing bday.

    2. Padmaja

      Hi dearie.. missed u alot and belated happy bday wishes. … hope u had a fantastic bdatmy and diwali..

    3. i mean u should have told us on the day of your bday I am sorry if i hurted u

    4. Cutieeee!!!!! Inform kyun nahi kiya . Belated happy birthday . Love u a lot . May u stay blessed and happy forever ???

    5. Anushya

      thanks everybody… your wishes made my day 🙂

  12. Happy diwali to all of you……hope you all remember me…how are you all ?
    Enjoy thus day.
    And this day may bring a lot of hapiness in our lives.☺❇✨❇☺

  13. Richu

    Guyzzz wish u all a very happy diwali…
    Sry for not being here…..
    May this day bring lots of happiness to u all!!!

    Richanshi mishra?

    1. happy diwali dear

  14. This is EPIC!!!!!!! I wanna see Sita again
    ??Happy Diwali Everyone???

  15. Stuti27

    Sorry guys! These two days didn’t comment coz of Diwali celebrations ….. making sweets, bursting crackers, lighting diyas etc ….. hope u guys had a happy and a safe Diwali ……
    Anushya dearie belated happy birthday ….. I’m very sorry fr late wishing ..S

  16. Hi all- how was Diwali Celebration?? Hope all had wonderful time out.
    And yes, waiting for completion of 300 episodes of SKR- GOOD
    but sad to think -now Laxman has to go- feel so sorry for Urmila . Laxman’s life was dedicated to his brother so he suffered in silence , first got separated from his wife & mother but then it was his own decision . Again he suffered mainly due to Sita ‘s second vanvas . He wanted to punish dhobi or teach him a lesson but Raja Ram objected .Laxman was ordered to leave Bhabhi mata Sita to forest and laxman was rebuked by his own wife Urmila – all happened due to RAJA RAM
    Urmila had to get separated by his Husband for 14 years also with her Sitadi , but again with Sitadi forever due to Raja Ram’s order And poor girl -she shall now become widow.
    I had a question to all viewers -We all know what Happened to Devi Sita but what happened to DHOBI”S wife ??
    @ Samarth bhaiya & Pradeep bhaiya – you were in favour of Raja Ram’s decision of sending Sita to 2nd exile – CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT happened to that Dhobi’s wife ??
    Dhobi overruled Raja Ram’s verdict of accepting his wife rather questioned about SIta’s chastity . And in turn Raja Ram abandoned his own wife SITA . We know about SITA .
    What happened to Dhobi badra’s wife ?? Did she get justice ??Dhobi already abandoned his wife . WAS it right on the part of Dhobi to abandon his wife ?? NO because Raja Ram himself ordered Dhobi to accept his wife but Dhobi disagreed rather he gave character allegation about DEVI SITA .
    @ Samarth & Pradeep bhaiya – Dhobi is one of the praja of Ayodha & his wife too ??
    THat means dhobi’s wife as a praja of Ayodha was also subjected to injustice by Ram’s act of sending Sita to 2nd exile – correct??
    @Samarth & pradeep bhaiya – it shows Raja Ram’s decision to abandon SIta not only made Sita suffer , Ram’s entire family suffered and Dhobi’s wife sufffered . Who gained ? Only the wrong person DHOBI…is it justice ???But Dhobi was not punished …is it justice ???

    And about – Purna Avatar- no comments . Only thing Avatar are representative of GOD – are born for specific purpose to do specific work with special powers depending upon the need of time & nature . And for more please read Bhagawat Puran.

    Thanks & regards to all of you .
    Have a wonderful festive time.

  17. Samarth

    @ rani about dhobi’s wife I would just say that shri Rama could not forcefully order Dhobi to live with his wife…and even if she lived with him what about the regular insults by Dhobi which she has to bear….anyways as I have already said given many reasons which proves his decision to be true…but this also led to change in society too…and yes if you think that he was wrong just try to imagine yourself in his situation as well….anyways I am waiting for the day when ramayana will be shown in complete details…as there is no Ramayana made till now which presents each and every aspect of every character

  18. Samarth

    And justice is not made only on your instincts but we have to look upon various proofs as well…so that is also the point….but I must say to you all that I have also got to think upon various perspectives due to your questions….

  19. Pujith209

    Nice episode. And now lakshman is going to die. Hope you all celebrated diwali very well. And still only four episodes are remaining.

    Wish you a happy beleated birthday anushya di……be happy…

    1. Anushya

      thank you pujith

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