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Siya Ke Ram 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram’s brothers not able to sleep in their heavy clothes and best beds. They miss the ashram’s environment. Ram smiles and says he has a solution. He gives them their ashram clothes and they all rest under the sky in open air. They all sleep. Its morning, they wake up hearing bhajan. Ram says its bhajan to wake up the king. Sumitra and Kaushalya come there and ask them why are they here, they should have told them to make arrangements here. Kaushalya asks them to get ready, its important day, this day is to meet Praja, Praja gets rights to say their problems, you all have to be there. Ram says sure. Kaushalya asks them to take bath and have food.

Sita does not eat food seeing Mandvi upset. Sunaina asks Chandra to have food, else her daughters will also not have

food. He feeds food to Chandra. Mandvi asks when will dad return. Sita says he will come soon by winning. She asks them to close their eyes and imagine his victory. Janak smiles seeing how Sita pacifies the girls. Mandvi asks for more food. They all smile. Sita eats food.

Ram smiles seeing the Praja. A guard stops the old woman. He says first Brahmans will come, you go that side. She says every time this happens, my complains don’t reach the king. The guards asks her to leave. Ram and his brothers look on. Bharat says this is partiality towards them. Kaushalya asks her sons to meet Praja. Dasharath says this Praja Darshan is important for him, as his four sons are with him, come and see how duties towards Praja are done. The minister says this is the day when Prajab gets one day in a month to keep their problems infront of Dasharath, welcome him and his sons.

Dasharath and his sons greet the Praja. The old woman looks on from far. The Brahmans tell the problem, and make a ghat for every Aryabhat. Dasharath asks them not to wait for a good work, and asks minister to provide them funds for making ghat. Ram sees old woman crying. The minister says this will be beneficial for the Praja and their Rajya. Next comes the businessman saying their problems. They ask Dasharath to reduce the prices. Dasharath agrees. Everyone say Maharaj ji Jai ho. Dasharath leaves. Ram sees the old woman.

Sita and her sisters play and run inside the jungle. Sita says she will show Sonarekha. Sita sees a black rock and hears the sound. Sita says we will go back, as sunshine will come here, which Urmila does not like. She thinks she will surely see Sonarekha one day.

The sons take permission from Dasharath to go on terrace. Dasharath tells Kaikeyi that Praja Darshan was good. Kaikeyi asks Ram did he see. They ask Ram why is he worried, is his health fine. Ram says I m fine. He asks did Dasharath go between Praja anytime. Dasharath asks why. Ram asks did you see their situation at home and fields, medical centres, I m talking about poor people, not Brahman and businessman. Dasharath says King does not go between Praja. Ram asks but why. Dasharath says this is the rule, Raja and Praja should be away so that Raja’s value and respect stays, else Praja will not take him serious, they will doubt Raja’s decision, one person can get benefit by one rule and other can feel its bad, whom will Raja favor, Raja has to be equal for everyone, so this distance is necessary.

Ram takes the child idol and asks Kaushalya about the idol. Janak says Kushdwaj will be King of another dynasty now. Sita asks Janak will Mandvi and Shruthkirti also go with Kushadwaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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