Siya Ke Ram 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

There is no new episode today

because of telecast of Star Parivar Awards 2016 from 8pm to 11pm.

Next episode will air on Sunday.

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  1. Raghupati raghava raja ram
    Awww Ashish such a humble reaction and Chotu falling in his legs multiple times
    And our team didn’t make a big show on getting a award
    Siya and ram all smiles
    Our Sita giving cute reactions like awwwwww so cute
    And the dance was divine and the steps were beautiful could have been bit more lengthy
    In chennai Kalakshetra I have seen better performances so maybe I felt this dance could have been a bit more lengthy

    And what does Ashish say
    Thanks for trusting me
    Jai Shri ram
    Is only what I understood what else did he mention

    1. Lol di ! He said thanks for the star parivaar for including him into the family. He thanks his director Nikhil sinhaa fr giving him an opportunity and bring out his talent .. And…… Jai sri ram 😀

  2. saw many pics do u want link I guess u would be watching
    Ashma in same frame it was lovely pic
    What if no selfie? It’s ok na
    The pics of Siya ram laughing I have got it but will share it later

    1. Saw the 1 st one already but 2bd pic is looking so lazy ?? ROFL

  3. Ashish speech was short and sweet and his Hindi is really clear na

  4. During ad they put Sathiya latest promo did I hear mb krishna song or am I mistaken
    Chotu or whatever he touched ram feet many times lol

    1. Hi sanju. Can u tell me whom did u mention as chotu?

      1. The guy who gave award to ashish I mentioned as chota as I guess that’s the name that was displayed in to screen maybe his fictional name

  5. Hey what is this favourite jodi and favorite international jodi went to yhm only… I thought skr would get it…

    1. Dear ya I divan won it…and by the way they deserve it…n u know wt siyaram dont need awards to prove they r in next level?????????

    2. Hi achu. I think u r new comer. Welcome to skr family.

      1. No tejashri di achu is not a new family membershe just commented after a long time

  6. I am browsing [POV of readers regarding mythological characters (siya ke ram and mahabharata) part 5]. Have a look at it!

    Links of part 5….

  7. Hi guys after many r u all? Actually I couldn’t watch siya ke ram after Monday and yesterday also i didn’t watch spa. How was star parivar awards programme? How many awards did skr win? how were the episodes this week? Was it emotional? Any one pls reply.

    1. Hi brindha… We r fyn. How r u ??? Spa was great for me being an ishra fan…skr won 1 award and ashish won it….fav beta… But nominations was there for skr….mostly all the awards gone to yhm??? and ashmad dance was NYC….ashish danced like a professional dancer….. Ya spa was great for me…..but it fully sounded like yhm nyt…as all the awards won by the castes…. That’s an awesome nyt overall…..but one worry for me is I can’t see yukti in screen???

      1. Di ashish is a professional dancer only he was the winner of khalak dikhlaa jaa. He will dance even more than this ! I’ve been watching yhm but did u see how raman talked !! I hate the fatty ishita ( sorry fr hiring any one)

      2. They just shown Janak ji, rama and sita !! Then mostly diya air bati hum and yhm team !! I hate yhm !! I love the serial but the people working in it have unbelievable attitude including that small girl pihu who was earlier ruhi !

      3. Malvi I m yhm fan…I love all of them a lot… Especially ishra / divan and pihu all r my fav…I love yhm …thats ok …it is ur POV….but dont use words like that dear….Its ur di’s request….

      4. Hi priya di… I am fine. Oh so skr won only one award….. But y urmila was not shown in sp…. I too missing her….. She will come after vanvas is over na . and malvi don’t critize yhm dear even I don’t see it so don’t know how is it…..but u can’t criticize other shows just bcoz u don’t like it…. So pls don’t do like that…. And in this page we usually talk only abt Ramayan…… Thank you both of u for saying abt spa…… (Even though I am not supposed to).

      5. Di yes but I’m not using any harsh words !! You’ve never saw the personal interview of them. If used it you will accept ! But anyway YHM rocks

  8. please share link of dance

  9. Guys have like 20 pics of ashma laughing and all dif reactions
    Should I share it
    Did u see video link it is ?????????

    1. Ya share it….

  10. Tu stop deleting my comments
    I posted a video link I don’t have now

  11. @ malvi sp I don’t like any yhm for that matter any Indian soaps except mb and Skr but there are many fans for it. I don’t watch serials bcoz it just is a negative impact and addictive according to me
    But still we need to respect people’s feelings and many like the couple for their talent than the ekta kapoor storyline maybe u are irritated that they got all awards. I don’t know if they are deserving but sp is kinda biased I felt in promoting ektas show just my PoV and yesterday it was really evident as all dances had a fixed duration like ashma but ishra dance was the lengthiest maybe because they are fav jodi. They did show our ashma a lot of times but other cast were not shown.
    We have no right to criticise anyone as fatty and all that too in this page where we discuss Ramayana

    So pls refrain from doing this dear

    Guys a question do u think Skr will be over by the time next parivaar awards is telecasted I mean 2017 May

    1. And for the young girl Ruhi
      Maybe stardom brought in some attitude I guess but she is cute na

    2. I don’t know sanju but i think it will be over by next year may .we’ll hv to wait and see coz I don’t know for sure.

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