Siya Ke Ram 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita telling the man that we had food here because of your love and devotion. She asks will you drop us across the river, or do you have any other wish. The man says sure, that’s my work but… Laxman asks what but.. Sita asks him to say. The man says I m hesitant to say, I can’t make Prabha Ram sit in my boat. Laxman asks him does he know what is he saying, what do you want, do you want anything else than our love to drop us across the river. The man says you can take my life, but I can’t make Ram sit in my boat. Laxman shouts. Ram asks Laxman to wait, I will talk to him. Ram asks the man will he not make him sit in the boat, then how will he make them cross Ganga. The man says I heard that by your touch, Mata Ahilya became a beautiful woman from a mere stone, I m afraid

that the boat can become woman by your step/touch of feet, what will happen then, there is one way, you make me hold your feet, only then I can make you sit in the boat. Ram smiles. Ram asks if my step won’t change the boat into a beautiful woman, it will be good that you hold my feet. The man thanks him and falls to his feet. Ram smiles.

Sumitra tells Kaushalya that Sumanta should have come by now. Sumanta comes there. They both look for Ram. Kaushalya cries and asks Ram? Sumanta bows down. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry. Sumitra asks where did you leave him. Sumanta says I did not have wish and courage to leave him, they have left all of us and went towards the van, when we all were sleeping. Kaushalya says Ram is always compassionate in this tough time, he knew that if he left when Sumanta was awake, then Sumanta would be hurt. She hugs Sumitra and cries. Sumitra consoles her, and asks Sumanta did he send message to Kaikeya. He says yes, Bharat and Shatrughan would be heading to Ayodhya by now.

Bharat and Shatrughan are on the way…. The man says horse is riding since long, we should take some rest. Bharat says it will then take 3 days to reach Ayodhya, nothing is more important for me than to reach Ayodhya. The man washes Ram’s feet with water. Laxman and Sita look on and smile. Prabhu charan….plays………… The man makes Ram wear the wooden slippers. He greets Ram. Ram holds his face and wipes his tears. He says I m indebted to your selfless love and devotion, and hugs him. The man gets glad. Laxman asks the man can Ram sit in his boat now, is there any doubt now. The man says I will make Ram sit without any doubt now. Ram smiles.

Sumanta tells Guru Vashisht that Dasharath commanded me to get Ram, Laxman and Sita back, I could not do this work, what will I answer him, if Dasharath knows this, he will be broken. RajVaidya says Dasharath’s state is bad, he can’t bear this, we have to hide this matter. Guru Vashisht says but we have to tell Dasharath this truth some day and Dasharath has to accept this. Sumanta says I did not get such worry and fear before, how shall I give this bad news to him. Guru Vashisht says I know your dilemma, you have to do your Dharm, your Dharm is to tell truth to Dasharath.

The man asks Ram, Laxman and Sita to come… they all get seated in the boat. The man starts rowing the boat. Dhanya mai kewat…..plays………………..

Guru Vashisht and Raj Vaidya go to Dasharath. Dasharath asks Gurudev, where is Ram, why did Ram not come with you. Guru Vashisht says you are the king of Ayodhya, remember this, you are not just a father, this helplessness does not suit you son, Ram’s decision to leave for van was right for his Dharm and duty, you are forgetting everything being emotional, even Praja is like a son, get up, take care of Praja, do the duty by sitting on the throne. Sumanta comes there. Dasharath looks at him.

The man stops the boat at the other side of the boat. He asks Ram to come. Kewat bhagya….plays….. Ram holds his hand and says the love and service you gave us is incomparable, I m very much impressed and glad. The man touches Ram’s eyes to his eyes. Sita says for your selfless love and devotion, accept this ring. The man says Mata, you are making me stranger in one moment, Bhakt’s life is successful by getting a chance to serve you all, such person does not need anything else, I have become world’s happiest person at this moment. Sita asks him will he not accept as a gift. The man says your blessing is my gift. Ram says Sita, we can’t win over his love. He thanks the man for his help. He asks him to allow them to walk ahead on their way. The man greets them. Ram, Sita and Laxman proceed. The man looks on.

Dasharath asks Sumanta about Ram, why are you alone, why did Ram not come with you, where are Ram and Sita. Sumanta says sorry, Ram has gone ahead to van with Sita and Laxman, leaving me behind at the river bay, when I was sleeping. Dasharath shouts Ram and falls. He calls out Ram and asks Kaushalya to stop Ram. Guru Vashisht cries seeing Dasharath. Ram is shown.

Dasharath cries in Kaushalya’s lap. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry and Kaikeyi looks on. Dasharath tells Kaushalya that everyone is over, do my Mukti, Kaikeyi will not agree to anyone. Dasharath hallucinates Ram and calls out Ram…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Hi mam for fast update and ww i have ended dehleez ff due to heavy burden pls reply yaar to me i am waiting


      sure bro…. actually i m planning to stop commenting in dehleez page…… bcoz i feel like i m making myself quite busy….. so with ur ff i m stopping…..

  2. SKR fan

    Awesome episode. Ayodhya scene after many days. Would be better if they would have shown Urmila,Mandvi and shrutkirti and how they are feeling. Waiting for Bharat and shatrughn reaction.

    • Nita

      Ya agree even they are the part of Ayodhya family and as this story is from Sita’s viewpoint so I feel her sister’s r getting less scenes than they should…. Well just my opinion guys….n personally I love all the 3 sisters… I wish to see more of them…

  3. SKR fan

    I am happy ram was shown in the royal look. I thought I will get to see this look after months. Happy ?


      haha…. even i thought the same…… i m eagerly waiting for bharat’s reaction…..

  4. Nice episode , the boater did his acting very well ! ? Feeling sad for Raja Dashrath 🙁 It seems like Dashrath is concerned about siya-ram but not about Lakshman ???? I think Dashrath will die in tomorrow’s episode ! 🙁 🙁

    Yesterday somebody said about that boatman’s story related to Ahalya , I don’t know who is that , but his/her guess were correct 🙂 😉

    And I also think that in 2-3 episodes they will show that Urmila will sleep for 14 years, feeling sad for her 🙁

    # Can’t wait for tomorrow ! ????✌✌?

  5. Sanjana

    We Di have sent request for the link
    Dhruv bro how are u
    Jay Di glad ur back missed u
    Bhoomija Di glad to have u back
    How was ur exams
    WW Di how was ur computer exam
    Thx for informing about nidhi Di
    How is Zara Di bro
    As I said my comments will be rare for few days
    I don’t understand why laxman gets so angry easily
    Must learn from his brother
    Siam scenes and eye locks are sweet
    Loved the bg scenery and the boating scene was captured beautiful
    Nice episode as always and I think
    New promo of Skr is released
    And thanx amena Di for fast update


      will miss u n ur analysis but studies is important….. now i dont want my sis to break her promise….. n my computer exam went well….. a very easy paper….. hope to get above 90….. lets see………. n yes lakshman gets angry above his nose (muku mella kovam)……. my sis was seeing on friday the precap in tamil of swayamvaram….. n she was teasing him the one getting angry above his nose……. anyways all the best my dear sis……


      yes i too….. dia di, sumi…. by the way where is sumi? long time missing………… dont comment here that u r ill………… pls come back soon sumi…. does anyone know about sumi?

  6. nupur

    Good epi.No RAVAN:) I thnk maybe 2moro Dashrath ll breathe hs last.
    YAY!!!My xams ovr atlast bt still i may nt b able 2 comment regularly till june 5 due 2 my entrance xams

    • jay

      Don’t Worry Dear its Ok … Just concentrate on your Exam ……All the best for your entrance exam….I hope you will do good………

      • nupur

        Thnx 4 d wishes jay…May I knw about which cls r u in n whr r u frm?if in 12th wat entrance r u preparing 4?Sorry if its personal….

  7. Tanu............:-)

    Nice epi……….
    Thank u sanjana di and Nita di
    U clarified my doubt yesterday

    And feeling bad fr dasharath as his character will end soon……

    Dia di wt about ur results

  8. Brindha

    Hi everyone. How r u all???? Episode was emotional and touching…… I was sad while seeing dasarath part . kaushalya and sumitra part was emotional……. All the best for ur exams whoever has exams……
    Miss nidhi di…… Zara di…. Take care both of u……
    Miss all others who are missing here……
    Come back soon all of u…..
    Take care everyone……
    All ur dp are awesome….
    Gd night everyone…… Sweet dreams…….
    See u all tomorrow……..

  9. Sanjana

    Without dreams, we reach nothing. Without love, we feel nothing.
    And without God, we are nothing.posted by madrakshi on Twitter

    U have the ability to change someone’s life don’t ever waste it

    Forget all the reasons why it won’t work out believe in the one reason why it will

  10. Sanjana

    In the Ramayana, Ram does not compete with his brothers and gives up all claims to the kingdom, something that is mirrored by his half-brother Bharat too. Ravan, on the other hand, competes with his brother Kubera, eventually drives him out of Lanka and lays claim to the city.

    In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas collaborate with each other, sharing kingdom and wife, and standing up against Kauravas. They are unable to collaborate with the Kauravas. And there is a hint of resentment at being forced to collaborate with each other, for Arjuna gets only 20% of the wife he wins as trophy in an archery contest. No one asks Draupadi, wife of the five Pandavas, what she wants. Whether she wants the winner of the competition (Arjuna) or the participants of the collaboration (Pandavas). Competition between Pandavas and Kauravas results in her public humiliation. Collaboration amongst Pandavas enables her to avenge that humiliation.

    Both competition and collaboration has its advantages. Competition helps us identify who is the strongest and smartest. Collaboration enables us to take advantage of everybody’s talents.

    Hope u like it didn’t have time to post it in analysis

  11. Joshna

    Feel sorry for Dasharath. The boat man was kind and compassionate. Today there is no ravan ‘S scene. Waiting to see tomorrow’s episode.

  12. Sneha

    Hahaha Kewat is so tricky. He tricked Ram so that he could wash his feet. LOL! Dasharat is doing this wrong. This much love for someone is also not good. Well.. its about his son and 14 years are very long but others are also living with the hope. Anyway it was the curse of Shravan’s parents that’s why he died…..

  13. Sanjana

    1. The Mystery
    The Mystery
    Ravana is depicted as the king of Rakshasas. He is said to have ten heads. But not many people know that he was not born with ten heads. Let’s unravel the mystery…

    2. Ravana’s Penance
    Ravana’s Penance
    Ravana performed an intense penance – tapasya – to Brahma, lasting several years. During his penance, Ravana chopped off his head 10 times as a sacrifice to appease Brahma. Each time he sliced his head off, a new head arose, thus enabling him to continue his penance.

    3. Brahma’s Boon
    Brahma’s Boon
    At last, Brahma, pleased with his austerity, appeared after Ravana’s 10th decapitation and offered him a boon. Ravana asked for immortality, which Brahma refused of course, but gave him the celestial nectar of immortality, which we all know was stored under his navel.

    4. Anti-Hero Like No Other
    Anti-Hero Like No Other
    Ravana, one of the most powerful beings ever to roam the earth, is also known as the supreme anti-hero in Ramayana. He was the king of rakshasas and is depicted with 10 heads and 20 arms, which lent him the name “Dasamukha”.

    5. But Why Ten Heads?
    But Why Ten Heads?
    Ravana’s 10 heads symbolise the six Shastras and four Vedas, making him a great scholar and the most intelligent person of his time. But the question still remains unanswered…Why ten?

    6. Hidden Meanings
    Hidden Meanings
    Indian mythology is very tricky. On one side you see the story, but on the other side, there is a deep, hidden meaning to every story. The 10 heads of Ravana signify the 10 forms of love – yes, love!

    7. Ten Loves
    Ten Loves
    The ten loves are: 1. Loving your designation, your post or qualifications – ego or ahankara; 2. Loving your family & friends – attachment or moha; 3. Loving one’s perfect self – which leads to regret or paschyataap; 4. Loving/expecting perfection in others – leading to anger or krodha; 5. Loving the past – leading to hatred or ghrina; 6. Loving the future – leading to fear or bhaya; 7. Loving/wanting to be no.1 – this is jealousy or irshya; 8. Loving things – which brings in greed or lobha; 9. Loving parts of the body of the opposite gender – which is lust or kama; 10. Loving fame, money, and children – brings inertia/insensitivity or jaddata;

    8. Love As A Negative Feeling
    Love As A Negative Feeling
    An important thing to notice here is that all the negative feelings are also forms of love. Actually, they are said to be “distorted forms of love”. Indeed, every action, everything, every feeling is a form of love. Ravana too was said to be obsessed with these negative feelings, which led to his destruction.

    9. When Knowledge Fails
    When Knowledge Fails
    Despite Ravana being a master of 64 types of knowledge, of what use was all the learning when he did not put them into practice? Though he had all the wealth, he could not enjoy anything because of his excessive desires. He became a slave to his feelings which finally led to his death.

    10. Ten Heads Are Useless
    Ten Heads Are Useless
    Thus, Ravana’s ten heads signify that when you have more than you need, it serves no purpose…

    • Nita

      Wow Sanjana from where do you get all such info????? But really nice….but the heads depicting love n points thereafter are new for me as well…..


      amazing sanju….. from where did u take these info? the answer for But why ten heads is there here self……… lord Brahma was checking ravan’s bhakt…… being pleased by his devotion lord brahma granted him all the 10 heads………..

  14. Sanjana

    the ocean may transgress its shores but I will never violate the promise given by my father.

  15. athira

    dear frndzzzzzzz……..i won’t be able for almost 4 days as i am going to hosp.
    my condition is bad now… last day onwards i had severe headache…
    I was not able to watch the epsd. but i read the updates….

  16. Veronica crouze

    Ram is called maryada purusottom…dat means d person who follows all d rupes of d society… Bt he changed d rules of aswamedh yajna…dn how he followed all d rules? Today i hv read an article… There it was mentioned that when luv kush was born shatrughna was at valmiki ashram…nd he met them & sita…is ds true??dn how ram didn’t know about his children???!!!does anyone know about ds?

    • Sanjana

      He changed the wrong tradition but followed rules
      And yes even in books it is mentioned that shatrughn knew and since Sita requested him to hide the matter I guess
      He arranged for luv lush coming to ayodha to sing Ramayana


        no dear…. shatrughna will never know about sita being there……. sita will only see him…. so ram doesnt know about it………..

  17. Sanjana

    When a daughter steps out of her father’s house after marriage, the father is supposed to say, “May you find happiness wherever you go.” But Janaka told Sita something else, “May you bring happiness wherever you go.” Perhaps because Janaka was a good father who had brought up his daughter to be autonomous and responsible for her life and those around her or perhaps because Janaka knew his daughter was a goddess – the earth itself.

    The earth can be wild or domesticated. Wild, she is the forest. Domesticated, she is the field. Wild, she is a woman. Domesticated, she is the wife. In Hindu mythology, wild earth is visualized as an unclothed goddess, Kali, fearsome, naked, bloodthirsty, one with hair unbound. Domesticated earth is visualized as draped in cloth, Gauri, the goddess of civilization, gentle, and beautiful .

    Sita is Gauri – the clothed goddess. As Gauri, she is the wife who follows her husband wherever he goes. When Ram prepares to set out into his exile, she follows him – not because he asks her to follow, but because it is her duty to be by his side. He tries to stop her but she insists on fulfilling her role as wife. Ram cannot dissuade her otherwise. And so he sets out with her. Sita thus is not the obedient wife – she is the dutiful wife, the one who knows her responsibilities.

    Sita’s role as Gauri is further reinforced by Anasuya, the wife of the Rishi Atri, who gifts Sita with a saree which never gets soiled. Later, when Sita is abducted by Ravan, she starts leaving pieces of jewellery, ostensively to leave a trail behind her so that Ram can find her. But by abandoning her jewellery a subtle symbolic message is been given to Ram. It means that his dharma is being challenged; Ravan has defied the civilized code of marital fidelity. Ravan wants to make Ram’s field, his forest; he wants to make Gauri, Kali. Every jewellery dropped is a reminder of how close civilization is at risk of being overrun by

    This clearly is meant to highlight the difference between Ram, the husband, faithful to his wife and Ram, the king, sensitive to the wishes of his people. Ram, the king, has Sita sent back into the forest but Ram, the husband, never remarries. He places next to him an effigy of Sita made of gold, the metal which symbolizes purity, suggesting that he does not doubt his wife’s fidelity but he does respect the laws of Ayodhya and its royal household, however misguided they may have been.

    Who is this Sita in the forest? Gauri or Kali? She is Gauri to her children – raising them as powerful warriors who on their own are able to defeat the mighty army of Ram. But she is also Kali – the one who has shaken off the mantle of civilization. When asked to prove her chastity once more she returns to the bowels of earth, whence she came from. When Ayodhya asked their king to abandon his queen, they inadvertently ended up losing Janaka’s daughter who took away all happiness with her.

    I don’t know why Tellyupdates rejected this analysis will repost next week for everyone to read
    For now I want u all to read and comment

    • Nita

      Very nice dear…. But why did tellyupdates reject this???? It is very much related??? U can try again….

    • Silpa k sivadasan

      Outstanding analysis sanju

      U gave me a new dimension of ram & sita to ponder
      Anthr side of ramayana

      If sita was dutiful wife then urmila was obediant wife
      Urmila didnt ask to go with lakshman as she knew it will b a hurdle in his dharam palan

      Wow two diffrnt aspect of patnidharam

  18. Sanjana

    Guys as I promised from Tomorrow no comment
    all these articles I posted to Tellyupdates since it rejected it I posted here
    Will surely repost again In episodic analysis during the weekend when I will be free

    • Ohh…pls do share… 🙂 we are eager 2 gain knowledge !

      And didi yesterday u commented that ‘Malvi how r u’ I just now noticed . don’t feel bad that I haven’t replied u . I can’t ask sorry as it is prohibited here 😉

  19. Sita

    Nice episode . But i have doubt guys
    i have studied n read that the boat man was kuhan m i crt .
    I have planned to write all facts about ramayan after my exams especially about ram his power importants etc whether u ll support me guys pls reply yr
    n yazhini how do u did ur bio exam i didn’t do it well yr n what r the entrance u have applied dear

    • Yazhini

      Hi my dear frnd sita…hw r u…s me too didn’t dne my xm well…v r unlucky …ths year nly che,maths nd biology everything s tuf…seriously …I was vry mch dsspntd…no at all intrst f wrtng phy…It vil also cme tuf…I hve appld for aims.l,aipmt,comedk,manipa ,jee nd finally jipmer….tdy epsd s awsm….did u appld fr any entrance…???. K dr bye…hpe phy vil cme East …thn everything s n God hand….gud n8 swt drms ……dr

      • Sita

        Ha I to agree with u . N i have applied for aipmt,aiims,jipmer ,jee,bitsat, amrita n what is meant by comedk. Is ur aim is to become doc n do u have fb id can u give if u wish

      • Yazhini

        Hi my dr frnd sita…hw r u..i dnt hve fb id….nd i dnt lke fb…once i sign n fb tht slve i wuld addct fr tht…so i dnt lke fd dr….S my ambition s to bcm a dct dr …comedk k s also an medical entrance xm…it’s Karnataka state medical xm…it’s better to apply fr tht to…dr..bcz it’s half prtn s our state board syllabus…so plz apply fr t also…nd wat s bitsat?

      • Sita

        Don’t feel dear there r so many options to become a doc so don’t give up ur hope prepare well for phy n meet u in api1 tc all the best do well

    • Nita

      Yes dear plz do it….I would love to read the facts….we will gain knowledge…. N yes dear don’t take tension u have given your best so don’t worry abt the result… just chill….

      • Sita

        I applied for jee ,jipmer ,aiims,aipmt,bitsat,amrita n i think u to 12th if do u have applied for entrance

      • nupur

        Hi too in 12th cbse.u too in cbse?
        For entrance xams m giving jee,aipmt,manipal,comed-k,aiims,jipmer,bitsat.
        u wrote u giving amrita…is it 4 medical?do tell me wat it is?n which state r u frm?

      • Sita

        No dear i m state board it is a eng college in south india n can u say comedk is open to apply now

    • Jeevi

      No dear, kuhan was hunter, he is king of ganga bay people’s… Kewal was boat man who helped to ram for cross the ganga river… Both man are different people…

    • jay

      Haiii Sita…..Tnks for telling about the mahabharat in yesterday Comment….. i liked it ………thnk for the info dear

  20. Sanjana(Sara)

    Nice episode. Finally showed ayodhya but if they showed urmila,mandavi and shrutkirti it would have been better.
    Stuti di i told you how to change dp in twitter inbox please check. And you will get zara di id in my followers her dp is a collage of madirakshi mundle.

  21. Silpa k sivadasan

    Nice epi
    Cant watch epi till april 30 due 2 entrance xam

    My aunty says that aftr vanvas
    Ramji used to go to lakshmila room without their knowledge evrynight one day lakshman c it & act as sleeping
    He saw ramji touchng urmila’s feet & praying
    Lakshman askd ram y he do that
    Ramji replied that she is the one who sacrificed the most
    & i am touchng the feet of that woman who taught d world meaning of tyag

    Dont know if its true or not bt felt like sharing with u guyz

  22. nupur

    Hi FRNDZZ!!! How r u all???
    Nidhi & Zara get well soon…
    Ishitha pls accept my condolences for ur grandmother.May her soul rest in peace…Actually I havn’t been commenting 4 d last few days,so sorry 4 late wishes…
    WW cn u pls give me d link whr we hav to be a member of WordPress but I wont b able 2 send u d request 4 d fansite till 10 April.I ll tell u wen I ll send so tht u dnt get confused…And also after being a member I wont be able to comment on d fansite regularly bcoz of d entrance xams n my mom ll give me nicely if m nt paying attention 2 my studies…?And do include me in ur fun banter wid d other skr family members wen i comment dere in d month of June…

    Also All d Best to those who have still dere xams left n come back soon with a bang!!!!!???????

  23. Hi guys I’m zara’s bro. …….. guys now I’m not able to comment properly because from tommorow my school will open….then tution also…… di is fine but hand is paining alot. …..and ww di is send u request on behalf of zara di….zara di use my email id comment hear……In I’d 308 number is there …please accept it…..please. ….sanjana(sara) Haripriya di….and one more I didn’t remember zara di follow u on twitter. ….Ww di if u want find zara di twitter I’d u can go through sanjana (sana)or Haripriya di follower list….zarakhan name is there with madirakshi and urmila’s collage in dp…….please ww di response on twitter. ..please please. …..Nidhi di get well soon. …..bye guys good night. …please please please please please please please please please post my comment please contact us.


      Zara’s bro i had found zara IN TWITTER…… both of us r following each other….. but which id ur talking about having 308?????? and all the best for ur next grade….. u r in which grade? sorry if its personal……..

  24. Soujanya kundu

    So happy today my last ICSCE ,computer exam got over …
    From now i can see siya k ram everyday in tv… happy….

  25. Sita

    Ha I to agree with u . N i have applied for aipmt,aiims,jipmer ,jee,bitsat, amrita n what is meant by comedk. Is ur aim is to become doc n do u have fb id can u give if u wish

  26. Stuti

    Boatman is so intelligent…. So sad for ayodhya:-(:-( overall gud episode…… So finally vanvas is started…. I did not want this and i know that many others also did not want this becoz now we will not be able to see our lakshmila scenes, yukti kapoor…… I know that they could not change this track but atleast they could delay this track….. Now we have to satisfy only in siam scenes….,

  27. Stuti

    Hi everyone…. Athira plz get well and come back soon…. Ww ur surprise is superb…. Thanx sanjana for those articles and info….. Nupur di welcome back…

  28. Sanjana

    Yazhini Di and Sita Di are u trying for Jipmer Pondicherry??????
    Pls reply as I am from Pondicherry
    My sister is preparing for Jipmer entrance

    • Yazhini

      S Dr….I M pprng fr jipmer Dr…..hw r u sanju…ur analysis s really nce …sry I culd nt reply u ystrd…bcz I dnt wrt my xms well …Dr…so I was jst upst…tc ….nd hw s ur studies gng n…

    • Sita

      Is it dear ya we r preparing for it only is ur sis ia also 12th n did her board exams finished n one think sanjana the comment in ur question below was actually posted for sanjana sarA but it has be posted her sorry for that dear

  29. Sanjana

    A question for u this morning I know the answer
    Will post the answer evening
    Ram is from solar dynasty raghukulam and they worship the sun and all that
    Then why is he known as Ramachandran
    When we know Chandran means moon????


      i had approved u now…. now u r a member in it….. u can open it n check it…..

  30. jay

    Haiiiiiiiii ……….. Frdz ,sisters,, Bro…….How R U Guyzzzzz
    The episode was awesome ….I love siyaram Scence……
    Feeling very bad for dashrath…….I wished to see bharat and shatrugan reaction ……..I hope it will be in next episode……. Suprrr Background music & Songs……

  31. jay

    sorry guys Missed something ……..Tnks Sanjana for sharing the so much Information..

    Get well soon Nidhi ,Zara & athira.We Miss U SOOOOOOOOOOO much………… Love U Guyzzzzz


    Man should achieve VICTORY through his own righteous and desire

    — Thought for the day….

    Gudmrng guys…..

    nearly 9 of u requested me yesterday in the club… i had added u all….. pls check it out…. for confirmation i will tell u all r the members:
    Yazhini di,
    Sita (oops sorry di ur id got removed by mistake…. pls send again a link di…. i m extremly sorry di)
    Jay….. thats all………….

    Sita i m extremely sorry……. pls send once again a request……….. i m so sorry………….

    Okay coming to the episode

    I really loved the dhasarath’s scene……….. the bg was too good……. Guru Vashistha really acted well……… a perfect guru………. i really got teary eyed with the last scene……….. perfect acting……………

    Telllyupdates pls post all my comments……………. ppppllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz………….

  33. dia

    Hyyy frnds…..i am in class 12 now but i didn’t get good marks…..but 11th doesn’t matter so m not that sad but still…..sanju u r writing good

    i too agree….mandavi, urmila and shrutkirti are not shown much…..


      dia di dont worry……. marks r just a part of our life……. not always it decides our life……… dont worry u will do ur 12th exam superbly……… n true the sisters have gone missing………….

    • nupur

      congrats dia on entering 12th…may all ur wishes com true in 12th….no worries dear about marks as dey r just a part n parcel of life,so dont giv them too much importance or these marks will sit on our head;) n i knw u ll do great in 12th…..

  34. jay

    Loved Yesteraday Episode……. Feeling really Bad for dashrath ……. I wanted to see the reaction of bharat & Shatrugan …….. Hope it will be in coming episodes……… and also missing the sisterssssssss

    NIdhi , zara & Atira Get well soon Guys…….. We miss U Soooooo much………….

    Sanjana dear thanks for sharing the information


    Hw long will my comments get moderated tellyupdates?????????

    GUYS Today Rani Sunaina aka Bhargavi Chirmule Birthday…….. those r in twitter r fb can wish her……….

    and tu pls post all my comments………. pppppplllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz

  36. priya a

    Sanjana di…i think the answer for your question is…that ram,lakshman n sita returned ayodhaya on the day of amavasya when there is no moon…diwali is a day of joy n happiness so moon asked god that why u came back on the day of amavasya when i am not there…i also want to celebrate…am i not precious for u ? Asked the moon…so god means ram ji replied that chandra u r precious for me… frm now onwards after my name your name will come that is why he is called ramchandra…
    I don`t know that it is correct or not but i read about it somewhere …i am new to this grp…n sanjana di information which u shared was superb

  37. Stuti

    Ww, zara , sara,jay, haripriya…i followed u in twitter…. Ww, zara , sara i have sent u something on twitter… Plz check it out… And ishita have u followed me on twitter as ishita arora…. Happy birthday siya’s great mother sunaina….

  38. Stuti

    Where were u akanksha di… After a long time u r here… How r u…. Rachu di is missing… Jai siya ram

  39. athira

    hi evryone i’m athira’s sister aiswarya… she asked me to comment on behalf of her…
    she is admitted in hospital for almost 1 week…… she said she is missing evryone here…..
    she is suffering from viral fever……. condition is almost bad now….

  40. priya a

    Thank u everyone for such a nice welcome in this sweet skr fan club…yazhini di…i am in 8 th standard n i think i m the youngest person in this grp…in which grade u r ?

  41. Brindha

    Miss u athira di……. Get well soon…… All of us are missing u di……
    Sorry everyone nowadays not getting enough time to comment with u all….
    But if I get time I will reply to all of u…..

    • jay

      Haii Brindha Its Ok dear ………..once again sorry is prohibited here …

      Offcourse we miss you….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.