Siya Ke Ram 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita telling the man that we had food here because of your love and devotion. She asks will you drop us across the river, or do you have any other wish. The man says sure, that’s my work but… Laxman asks what but.. Sita asks him to say. The man says I m hesitant to say, I can’t make Prabha Ram sit in my boat. Laxman asks him does he know what is he saying, what do you want, do you want anything else than our love to drop us across the river. The man says you can take my life, but I can’t make Ram sit in my boat. Laxman shouts. Ram asks Laxman to wait, I will talk to him. Ram asks the man will he not make him sit in the boat, then how will he make them cross Ganga. The man says I heard that by your touch, Mata Ahilya became a beautiful woman from a mere stone, I m afraid

that the boat can become woman by your step/touch of feet, what will happen then, there is one way, you make me hold your feet, only then I can make you sit in the boat. Ram smiles. Ram asks if my step won’t change the boat into a beautiful woman, it will be good that you hold my feet. The man thanks him and falls to his feet. Ram smiles.

Sumitra tells Kaushalya that Sumanta should have come by now. Sumanta comes there. They both look for Ram. Kaushalya cries and asks Ram? Sumanta bows down. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry. Sumitra asks where did you leave him. Sumanta says I did not have wish and courage to leave him, they have left all of us and went towards the van, when we all were sleeping. Kaushalya says Ram is always compassionate in this tough time, he knew that if he left when Sumanta was awake, then Sumanta would be hurt. She hugs Sumitra and cries. Sumitra consoles her, and asks Sumanta did he send message to Kaikeya. He says yes, Bharat and Shatrughan would be heading to Ayodhya by now.

Bharat and Shatrughan are on the way…. The man says horse is riding since long, we should take some rest. Bharat says it will then take 3 days to reach Ayodhya, nothing is more important for me than to reach Ayodhya. The man washes Ram’s feet with water. Laxman and Sita look on and smile. Prabhu charan….plays………… The man makes Ram wear the wooden slippers. He greets Ram. Ram holds his face and wipes his tears. He says I m indebted to your selfless love and devotion, and hugs him. The man gets glad. Laxman asks the man can Ram sit in his boat now, is there any doubt now. The man says I will make Ram sit without any doubt now. Ram smiles.

Sumanta tells Guru Vashisht that Dasharath commanded me to get Ram, Laxman and Sita back, I could not do this work, what will I answer him, if Dasharath knows this, he will be broken. RajVaidya says Dasharath’s state is bad, he can’t bear this, we have to hide this matter. Guru Vashisht says but we have to tell Dasharath this truth some day and Dasharath has to accept this. Sumanta says I did not get such worry and fear before, how shall I give this bad news to him. Guru Vashisht says I know your dilemma, you have to do your Dharm, your Dharm is to tell truth to Dasharath.

The man asks Ram, Laxman and Sita to come… they all get seated in the boat. The man starts rowing the boat. Dhanya mai kewat…..plays………………..

Guru Vashisht and Raj Vaidya go to Dasharath. Dasharath asks Gurudev, where is Ram, why did Ram not come with you. Guru Vashisht says you are the king of Ayodhya, remember this, you are not just a father, this helplessness does not suit you son, Ram’s decision to leave for van was right for his Dharm and duty, you are forgetting everything being emotional, even Praja is like a son, get up, take care of Praja, do the duty by sitting on the throne. Sumanta comes there. Dasharath looks at him.

The man stops the boat at the other side of the boat. He asks Ram to come. Kewat bhagya….plays….. Ram holds his hand and says the love and service you gave us is incomparable, I m very much impressed and glad. The man touches Ram’s eyes to his eyes. Sita says for your selfless love and devotion, accept this ring. The man says Mata, you are making me stranger in one moment, Bhakt’s life is successful by getting a chance to serve you all, such person does not need anything else, I have become world’s happiest person at this moment. Sita asks him will he not accept as a gift. The man says your blessing is my gift. Ram says Sita, we can’t win over his love. He thanks the man for his help. He asks him to allow them to walk ahead on their way. The man greets them. Ram, Sita and Laxman proceed. The man looks on.

Dasharath asks Sumanta about Ram, why are you alone, why did Ram not come with you, where are Ram and Sita. Sumanta says sorry, Ram has gone ahead to van with Sita and Laxman, leaving me behind at the river bay, when I was sleeping. Dasharath shouts Ram and falls. He calls out Ram and asks Kaushalya to stop Ram. Guru Vashisht cries seeing Dasharath. Ram is shown.

Dasharath cries in Kaushalya’s lap. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry and Kaikeyi looks on. Dasharath tells Kaushalya that everyone is over, do my Mukti, Kaikeyi will not agree to anyone. Dasharath hallucinates Ram and calls out Ram…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. jay

    sorry guys Missed something ……..Tnks Sanjana for sharing the so much Information..

    Get well soon Nidhi ,Zara & athira.We Miss U SOOOOOOOOOOO much………… Love U Guyzzzzz


    Man should achieve VICTORY through his own righteous and desire

    — Thought for the day….

    Gudmrng guys…..

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    Jay….. thats all………….

    Sita i m extremely sorry……. pls send once again a request……….. i m so sorry………….

    Okay coming to the episode

    I really loved the dhasarath’s scene……….. the bg was too good……. Guru Vashistha really acted well……… a perfect guru………. i really got teary eyed with the last scene……….. perfect acting……………

    Telllyupdates pls post all my comments……………. ppppllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz………….

  3. dia

    Hyyy frnds…..i am in class 12 now but i didn’t get good marks…..but 11th doesn’t matter so m not that sad but still…..sanju u r writing good

    i too agree….mandavi, urmila and shrutkirti are not shown much…..


      dia di dont worry……. marks r just a part of our life……. not always it decides our life……… dont worry u will do ur 12th exam superbly……… n true the sisters have gone missing………….

    • nupur

      congrats dia on entering 12th…may all ur wishes com true in 12th….no worries dear about marks as dey r just a part n parcel of life,so dont giv them too much importance or these marks will sit on our head;) n i knw u ll do great in 12th…..

  4. jay

    Loved Yesteraday Episode……. Feeling really Bad for dashrath ……. I wanted to see the reaction of bharat & Shatrugan …….. Hope it will be in coming episodes……… and also missing the sisterssssssss

    NIdhi , zara & Atira Get well soon Guys…….. We miss U Soooooo much………….

    Sanjana dear thanks for sharing the information


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  6. priya a

    Sanjana di…i think the answer for your question is…that ram,lakshman n sita returned ayodhaya on the day of amavasya when there is no moon…diwali is a day of joy n happiness so moon asked god that why u came back on the day of amavasya when i am not there…i also want to celebrate…am i not precious for u ? Asked the moon…so god means ram ji replied that chandra u r precious for me… frm now onwards after my name your name will come that is why he is called ramchandra…
    I don`t know that it is correct or not but i read about it somewhere …i am new to this grp…n sanjana di information which u shared was superb

  7. Stuti

    Ww, zara , sara,jay, haripriya…i followed u in twitter…. Ww, zara , sara i have sent u something on twitter… Plz check it out… And ishita have u followed me on twitter as ishita arora…. Happy birthday siya’s great mother sunaina….

  8. Stuti

    Where were u akanksha di… After a long time u r here… How r u…. Rachu di is missing… Jai siya ram

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      Offcourse we miss you….

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