Siya Ke Ram 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 28th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita telling Ram that she felt like knowing a new thing about Raghukul, after meeting Shanta. She says I heard a lot about Raghukul in childhood, and did not know I will get related to them. Ram asks what stories did you hear. She says about your ancestors. FB shows Janak telling little Sita about Raghukul, who never broke their promises. Ram tells Sita that I will tell you about the pillars Raghukul is balanced. He recalls Guru Vashisht. FB shows someone final rites being done. Young Ram tells Guru Vashisht about his ancestor Raja HarishChandra, who always kept his promise, once Vishwamitra came to test him and told him that you promised to give your Rajya to me, in my dream yesterday. Raja Harish Chandra then donated his Rajya to Vishwamitra without any question. Guru Vashisht

says he could have refused it as well.

Ram tells about the tradition to keep the promises, even if its given in dream. Guru Vashisht tells the first pillar, that’s promise keeping. Ram says Vishwamitra said Daan and Dakshina too is important, but Harish Chandra did not have anything to give in Dakshina. He says that’s why he took the decision that he will do Shram and will give Dakshina from his earnings. He then reached Kashi, no one wanted to make him his servant, then Raja Harish Chandra gave his wife and son to a Brahman as servants, but the money from Brahman was not enough to give Dakshina to Vishwamitra, then Chandaal gave a chance to Harish Chandra to help him and do the work, after some time, Harish Chandra’s son died by a snake bite, his wife reached to do final rites of her son, but they had nothing to give to Chandaal. Harish Chandra identified him and did not take his help, he was obeying his Dharm, he did not do biasing, I think its not cruelty to obey Dharm in tough times, but its good thing.

Guru Vashisht smiles and says serving own Dharm is the second pillar. Ram says but is this just Raja Harish Chandra’s greatness to obey Dharm, is this not his wife’s greatness to obey her husband’s Dharm. He says his wife was ready to give her jewelry and accessories to get her son’s final rites done, then Devtas appeared there and told them that they were just testing them. Vishwamitra returned the Rajya, Devtas made his son alive, Devtas were so happy with them, that they gave a place in heaven to them, Harish Chandra said he will accept this place when entire Praja gets Moksh.

Guru Vashisht says Raj Dharm is the third pillar. Ram says Raja Harish Chandra told Devtas that he will use all his good deeds of his life to get his Praja Moksh, and he would accept to go to hell for them.

Guru Vashisht says this is the fourth pillar, Tyaag. He says Vachan-Palan(promise keeping), Swadharm (self religion), Raj Dharm and Tyaag/sacrifice, if any one of the pillar falls, then Raghukul will be ruined. FB ends. Sita says I always felt lucky that I m Janak’s daughter, but today I m feeling proud that I m Raghukul vadhu. Ram says Sita, I m also lucky. They smile.

Mandodari tells Vibhishan that she got Amrit, how to give this to Raavan. Vibhishan says no Bhabhi, if Raavan knows this, he will become more worse, his Adharm and injustice will increase. She asks is there any way that he does not know anything. He says we should make him unconscious and then drop this Amrit at his waist, he will not know it.

Raavan calls out Mandodari. He asks Daasis about her. Daasi says we don’t know anything about her. He calls them fools and asks them to find the queen. Mandodari comes and says Swami, I m here. Raavan smiles seeing her and asks where were you, I was waiting for you. She says I made this good perfumed flower garlands for you, I went to garden to get such flowers. She sends Daasis out and asks him will he accept her gift. He says sure. She makes him wear that garland and asks him to take rest. He asks her to sit. He smiles and is about to hold her. He falls down and gets unconscious. She says I have done this for your good, this will protect your life and its for Lanka’s betterment. Vibhishan comes there with the Amrit Kalash. He drops the kalash on Raavan’s navel. He says Raavan is immortal from today, till Amrit is safe in his navel, no one can kill Raavan, you are the first Pativrata woman in the world, who made Raavan immortal by your dutiful powers, Sati Mandodari’s name has become Amar too along with Lankesh, such wife and such love for husband are blessed.

Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that it happened really bad, Raavan has become Amar after getting Amrit, now his Adharm and tortures will increase more. Mahadev opens eyes and says no one can erase whats written by fate, this is a phase of that fate, Narayan will appear and solved problems of the humans when Adharm happens for many generations and established Dharm, Lord Vishnu will have solution for Mukti of Adharmi Raavan too.

Raavan wakes up and Amrit in his navel appears bright. He walks ahead and the place shakes. He gets thinking and lifts a vase by sign on his hand. He looks at the diyas and they blow off. He moves a huge pillar form and it falls back by just a slight touch. Raavan turns more powerful and smiles realizing his powers.

At Ayodhya, an announcement is made that four princes and their wives will be arriving in Ayodhya in some time. Dasharath and his wives get happy. Dasharath claps and calls Daasis. He throws gold coins for the common people.

Back in Lanka, Mandodari asks whats happening. Vibhishan and Mandodari rush to see. Raavan goes to some mountain area and lifts the mountain by his strength. Mandodari and Vibhishan look on, as Raavan lifts mountain. She asks what is he doing. Raavan laughs aloud. Vibhishan says Raavan’s body has got more power by Amrit. I m worried that will he use this powers for good or bad. She gets worried.

Ram-Sita and all couples arrive in Ayodhya. Siya Ram …..plays…. Ram thinks Sita, I live in Praja and they live in me, obeying them is my first Dharm, the one who stays in Raj bhavan is not Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nidhi for me SST is biggest hurdle ever…….even in home exam also ……..especially history. ……because we have 2 study revolution of my countries. ………and renaissance

    1. Same here zara even I hate sst??
      Especially history …?

      1. Hey ye SST means Social Science hei na……….So History is tough for u……Ohooo just take it easily yaar…….Try to conclude the the topics in history into a story by Ur mother tongue……. Like a fairy tale……..Even I also used it in my 10 standard…..&one more thing ,When we start to write exam na,before that U have to be strong by believing Ur own talents……Just think & assure that U CAN DO IT….???

      2. Thank you so much reshma di for your tips?
        I’ll definitely using this fair take trick in my exam to memorise 😀
        Once again thanks!??

  2. Nidhi in one comment u have mentioned that mandodari did not deserve Ravan but I have read in many reliable sources that ravan was faithful to mandodari. He kidnapped Sita only was taking revenge for himself n his sis Surpankha.
    He never touched Sita during this whole period. Because he had pledged not to touch any other women without her permission.
    Also he was very knowledgeable and administered Lanka very well. People even did not lock doors of their houses as there was no fear.
    When he was at his death bed at that time Ram had asked Laxman to take some tips from him as he was a great ruler.

    1. Oh thank you so much for sharing this information di 😀
      So sweet of you?

      1. Thank u ??????
        I guess u only made rule of no thank u n no sorry.

        I just shared what I knew abt Ravan.

      2. Sorry to tell thank you di 😛
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  3. I feel the clock running slow can’t wait to watch today’s episode….??

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  4. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

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