Siya Ke Ram 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishwamitra, Ram and Laxman reaching the ashram. Ram says I m glad seeing the people happy. Vishwamitra says when I left from here, they were not like this, I don’t know what happened in my absence. Ram looks around and sees the waterfall. He says I want to go there, as the ashram is safe, and that’s one point from where ashram can be attacked. Vishwamitra says sure and blesses him. Ram and Laxman leave.

Sita and her sisters come there and greet Vishwamitra. He says so you are the one by whom everyone look happy, I just gave them protection, you gave them internal peace, how did you come. Sita says Janak sent us to meet you, we came with Kushadwaj, we came to know about Asurs, he went to get army and we stayed here to serve people. He says I don’t need any army

now, I got two warriors with me, who will save everyone from Asurs. Sita asks where are they. He says there… they will stay here, you would have met them if you came earlier.

Janak tells Sunaina that man can’t be strong when its about his daughter, one day Sita will get married and leave from her. Sunaina says you married someone’s daughter too, you got me, did you forget. She says I m very lucky, my father is satisfied that I m very happy, I wish Sita also feels lucky post marriage. He says yes, don’t worry, till we get a deserving guy, I will not do her marriage.

Ram looks at the ashram from far. Sita sees the horse with the cloth she tied, and recalls its Ashwamedha yagya horse. She goes to the horse and hugs him. She sees his wound fine. She asks how did he got saved. The boy says this horse is of him…. Sita says I will ask him whose heart is similar to mine. She goes to Laxman and asks about the horse. He says yes, that’s our horse. She asks is he from Ayodhya. He says yes. She says this horse went for digvijay yatra, he came in our Rajya too, but Ashwa is sacrificed in yagya then.. Laxman says this credit goes to my elder brother Ram, he stopped his sacrifice, he is best, he changed the old tradition, and praises him a lot. She says you love your brother a lot. He says yes, if you meet him, you will also love him, sorry I did not mean that. She asks did he come here. He says yes, we are here to save the ashram and kill Rakshasi Tadaka. He leaves. Sita looks on.

Urmila asks her what is she saying. Sita says we have to cook food, come. Sita cooks food and recalls Laxman’s words about Ram. Sita tells her sisters about Ashwa getting saved, and Ram is staying at the mountains, she wants to see him once, he is a great man who is brave and best warrior. Urmila says we should meet such man for sure, he did a big thing. Janak would be glad meeting him. Shruthkirti asks why can’t we go there. Urmila says see the mountains, how will we do. Sita says we should go and smiles.

Dasharath recalls Shravan’s death and the old man’s curse. He worries. Kaikeyi tells him that nothing will happen to Ram and Laxman, Vishwamitra took them as his students, he will protect them, I get sad seeing you like this. He says that curse scares me, what shall I do. She says fear is about things occurring in future, person should not think that, you need rest, come with me. She makes him rest and pacifies him.

She asks him to recall Ram and close eyes, recall when Ram was born, when he started walking, when Ram smiled seeing you. He recalls Ram and sleeps. She kisses his hand and cries. She comes out and asks Mantra did she get the herbs. Mantra says yes and gives her. She asks why is she giving imp to Ram. Kaikeyi says you know my mum was selfish, I sworn that I will become a very good wife, I loved Dasharath a lot, he broke my trust, when he is ill and worried, its my duty to take care of him, its my nature too, if Ram is the medicine, then its fine. Mantra asks what is Ram becomes a poison for you and Bharat…. Then….

Laxman talks to Ram and gives him food wrapped in art piece. Ram says there is someone who is giving them peace, we have to come to remove their external fear, but someone removed their internal fear, it can’t be any ordinary person. He sees the art and recalls the cloth. Laxman says its simple food, but great taste. Ram looks at the ashram. Sita serves food to everyone. Sita looks at the mountains.

Subahu says Vishwamitra is giving the powers to two warriors. Tadaka asks who are they. Vishwamitra does yagya and gives powers to Ram and Laxman. Janak tells Sunaina that he wants to give Sita the freedom to choose her life partner.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Great father – son chemistry. Loved the scenes between Ram and Dashrath.

    1. Right. Nice bonding between father and son.

  2. sita and ram scenes were nice….

  3. In precap, its wrong..its not Janak says sunaina that he wants to give freedom to sita to choose her partner.

    It’s Janak worries to sunaina that how can he tell sita about his decision of not allowing sita to choose her groom.

    please dear, don’t take wrong.kindly give correctly yaar

  4. sama episode………………….

  5. samaira tanya

    I love the scenes between ram and sita…..bcoz this Jodi looks fabulous!!!!

  6. very nice

    1. yt3c ugy7

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