Siya Ke Ram 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update (UPDATED)

Siya Ke Ram 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our visitor, Anil, here’s today’s update.

The episode starts with child asking hanuman why we came here, then hanuman replies you should complete ur study at gurukul. child says, that is impossible, then hanuman tells him nothing is impossible in this world . child says i don’t like that study then why should i learn that and i want to be good doctor. Hanuman says u want to be doctor then i will promise u that should happens in future, but for that u give me word that u vl return to gurukul.
Then child says now i vl definitely go to gurukul now.

Then story shifts to asur place where virad eating meat and there comes nar and dhushan and they says u forgot ur promise to ravan then virad says no and i will

attack an those three people and leaves that place.

Laxman asks sita u r not coming with us. Sita replies both of u go, i will stay here. laxman says no bhabhi here rakshas vl come we won’t leave u alone. Sita says u don,t worry about myself laxman. Laxman draws laxman rekha around hut and and says bhabhi please inside this rekha it is safety for u and ram and laman leaves the hut.

Surpanaka looks eating of kumbhkaran, he completes his eating and drinks water. Surpanaka says brother i want ur permission to go there. Kumbhkaran feels sleepy, she says u just wake up and again ur feeling sleepy, he says iam getting sleep and he slept. There comes meganad,sulochana and ravan. Surpanaka is very angry and throws water on kumbhkaran face and says ur not listening to my words. He won’t wake up. And ravan laughs seeing that ands goes from there.

Rishi says to child father that take ur son from gurukul to home. Child father asks give him another chance he vl learn and there comes child saying pithaji, his father with angry asks where u went and why u are not doing well in ur study. Child says i don’t like this study and hanuman comes there and greets rishi and says why u put ur dreams on child future and once u asks ur child what he wants to achive in future.child father says he his my son i know what he vl do in his future. Hanuman says child don’t like this study so he goes for sucide. This mistake is not only by you, all parents are thinking like this only. This child is very good in helping the people and he want to continue that then rishi says now onwards i vl give training of doctor to this child. Child father says sorry to his child and hugs him and he says thanks to hanuman for saving his child life.

Sulochna practicing with megnad talvar and megnad comes there and asks give his talvar.

Precap: someone attacks on sugreev and roma.

Update Credit to: Anil


  1. Sanjana

    Actually guys I know I had promised not to comment but I had also promised to post my last analysis but tu has some problem it seems here it goes
    And sulochana will become friend with Sita
    The difference between Rams ekapatni virath and that of megnand or indrajeet I guess both are same is that ram never considered it an obligation

    The difference between them would arise when Mandodari inspire of her dedication would fail to show Raavan the path of righteousness and change him. She paid for bearing his unrighteousness and being helpless to do anything other than stay devoted to him.
    Sita would stand up to Raavan and in due process avenge the numerous women who he wrongs. She would do it confident of her husband and his righteousness, confident that whatever happens she would not give in to Raavan even when threatened. Blackmailed, tortured..
    I guess it was this that would make a difference for Sita.
    It’s a lesson that says that however devoted ones karma, it also matters that one stands up against evil and side with
    righteousness even of it means standing
    up to one’s wedded husband. The difference was that of good vs evil
    The one u just now read is about mandodari and Sita were pure but what is the difference

    AYODHA sand is gold
    MITHILA gold is sand

    When you say even the sand is like gold, it represents a culture of illusion. Your priority is more on how you present yourself. The over emphasis on vachans, pradha’s all talk about a rigid culture which shows a fakeness where human emotions are given little value. In fact it is a culture where human emotions are suppressed and a facade is put everything is fine. It doesnt matter who gets hurt but the pradha has to continue. It kind of represents our present society where the so called happiness is an illusion. You buy the latest car, have the latest smart phone, bio-metric access wala apartment, gold, diamond but the relations are hollow. They are on the verge of break up. They cannot even stand a minor issues. Yes sand looks gold, but we need to understand sand can never be gold. And of course you cannot eat and drink gold. You need food and water for the same for which you need sand.

    Now come to the second part. Gold of Mithila looks like sand. That means it is a culture sans any pretense. That culture has the right values. Direction is given, but no control kept. More than the facade a culture where actions speak. Emotions are allowed the free flow. There are no suppressed emotions. Happiness and sadness both are shared. Relationship bonding is strong. It is a culture where understanding is there that even gold comes from mud, from earth. A land which can distinguish the real gold from sand, unlike in Ayodhya where fake gold will also pass of as original gold. 

    Culture of Ayodhya is steeped in wealth and the upkeep of image in a society and culture of Mithila is steeped in the knowledge. 

    Ayodhya gives importance to self, while Mithila is more about sharing. And now this culture of self is going to get mixed with the culture of sharing. 4 girls from Mithila is going to step as Putra Vadhu’s in Ayodhya. 

    To the land where sand is passed off as gold, the real gold or Lakshmi’s armed with knowledge are coming. So that the when the illusion breaks, the family doesnt break. 

    And the difference between shatrughn and Dasharath as a King
    Dasharath followed ayodha tradition
    But shatrughn he wanted change
    the need for change brings about change

    And Veronica Di about that ram analysis will post it soon
    And guys I will never come back it is a final goodbye as I said surely on April 14 2017
    I keep reading ur comments
    And many newcomers and thks for keeping the pg active and after I left many have left maybe that was good decision for education is our first priority
    I really won’t come back since I had promised a last analysis when my holidays begin and today my holidays start and thanks for remembering me

    Skr fan bro thanks for ur constant update
    Amena thanks a lot for update
    And sruthi Di keep going with ur analysis
    And others too will always be a silent reader
    And the people I know jay Di Veronica Di vrinda Di gokulkrishnan bro thanmathi Di yazhini Di twinkle iqura Sita Di who are still part of the page
    A big goodbye from ur sis
    And newcomers I am also a tamilian
    And keep going with commenting here
    Will post one more analysis
    God bless u
    Loads of love❤️❤️❤️

    • will miss u sanju… l don’t know what to say.. u won’t come back..?? ok. study is really important.. so study well dear.. and ya u have to come back on 14th April 2017… l won’t forget that day because it’s our new year day… waiting for that day… gud nit dear…

  2. SKR fan

    Oh no!? please come soon amena. Your updates are really good.
    The episode was a little bit boring especially the hanuman scene. Instead of that they should have shown siyaram scene.

  3. Sanjana

    This one actually is the last scene of your ram an analysis
    where Ram comes to meet Kaikeyi. Hearing the voice Kaikeyi still melts. But she is unable to open the door because she remembers what Dasrath told her. And her anger against Dasrath wins over her love for Ram because she didn’t open the door. If she had opened and had seen Ram, the love in his eyes and the tenderness in his voice when he says love you a lot mother, the pain Dasrath inflicted would have vanished in a second. But alas she refuses to do so. I melted watching it. If a son had told me those words the way Ram told Kaikeyi  I wouldn’t have even demanded anything else from God. Because I would have considered my pot full with such a child.
    How many times, how many times we have closed the doors to the voice of sanity. How many times we have closed the door for a better opportunity because we thought it will take our anger away. How many times we have allowed our ego to rule our heart. And what is the end result we get, when we ourselves go against our heart. Destruction, sadness, regret and all the negative things. If only we could listen to our heart in a better fashion. Because the feelings of heart cannot give immediate results. But time will ensure our feelings are validated. It will bring enrichment, love and positivity into our life. The voice of conscience from which Kaikeyi turned away laid the foundation of destruction that Raghuvansh is going to witness. 

    A lesson for life from ayodha

    How selfish the world has become today. When people are competing for the same slots it is told not to share anything. If you are preparing for competitive exams it is advised that you keep your notes to yourself. You don’t help anyone. Because even 1 mark can make all the difference. Really. Yes I had got this advise multiple times. Don’t share you will lose. Haan I have lost here and there by sharing my notes, but then it had always overshadowed what I have got in return for those sharing. Because when I needed help the most, there was someone out there to help me the problem I was in. So if you ask me if I have an oppourtunity to help or give to someone deserving yes I will give. No matter what others say.

    in Ramayan we see the sharing by the queens. Yes Dasrath gives the Payasam to his elder queen Kausalya. Kausalya could take the decision whether she will have it all or she share it, because at stake was the kingdom of Ayodhya. The heir will get the throne. Elder can be her son or even the sons of any of the other queens. But Kausalya shares she gives to both Kaikeyi and Sumitra. And Kaikeyi she too gives to Sumitra.
    And what do the queens get in return. 4 brothers united, loving. The unity of the queens gave Ayodhya 4 noble princes. And not only that. When Ram went to jungle, there was a Lakshman to accompany him. There was a Lakshman to stand by him, fight along side him. Yes Lakshman was Ram’s biggest emotional support and he wouldn’t have been there if Kausalya had not shared with Sumitra the Payasam. Haan maybe Ram would have got the throne, but would not have got a loving caring brother Lakshman. And can anyone imagine Ramayan without the angry young man Lakshman
    So think the pros and cons of giving. You will find the greater emotional satisfaction is always in giving. And we humans are emotional and we need to connect to our emotions. Giving allows us that. Make ourselves more human than machines. If you give wholeheartedly what you receive will far outweigh what you will lose. Today make a choice to give. Even Ramayan tells that.  

    Actually such men have physical strength, they are emotionally very weak. And to mask this emotional weakness they take strength from all the physical things. Material, women, wine, and they instill fear in people for control. Their kingdom runs on fear. If you speak against me will cut your head type people. 
    No one actually respect them and the moment the power and wealth with which they instill fear goes from their hand, these men lose allies. As there will not be anything to fear. 

    If you see world’s dictators always had a tragic end. Either suicide, or in jail or lonely. Because you get control easily with fear and it goes easily out also. 

    Different is the case with respect. it is hard to earn. Your actions , circumstances leading to action creates respect. And respect is something that keeps allies together even in adverse situations. That’s why even being a nomad with no power and wealth Hanuman services Ram with great loyalty. That’s why Lakshman is willing to with Ram to jungle. Because he commands respects because he gives respect. 

    And that line Shiv dhanush and your daughter. Does Ravan even understand Sita’s swayamvar is over. Only formality is remaining. Sita has already put the varmala to the man she has choosen. She has already told him what kind of a woman she is. The one who wants her independance and his heart only for her. Does he understand she has got answer in affirmative. 

    And the one who is someone’s wife already, how can she be Ravan’s. How can Mahadev allow such adharma to allow a man take another’s wife using
    But he has not understood Shiv and what real Bhakti is. Real Bhakts dont boast around. Only empty vessels make noise. He has not understand God is not an external object to be possessed but an internal potential to be realised

    And yes Priya I had replied to Veronica Di I couldn’t resist replying
    But this time I am pucca sure I will never come back
    Goodbye and farewell

  4. Hello today there is lot more to share wid u all. 😉 good episode.

    Madirakshi in red carpet of star parivaar awards :-
    Madirakshi Mundle (Siya Ke Ram) at Star Parivaar …:

    Yukti kapoor in red carpet of spa:-Yukti Kapoor (Siya Ke Ram) at Star Parivaar Award…:

    Off screen photos of siya ke ram in star parivaar awards :-

    Ram and Kausalya

    Yukti kapoor & snigdhaa mam supporting skr

    Shathanand with SKR cast


    Madirakshi reharsing :-

    Ravan and bajrangbali

    Ashish sharma with the entire cast of SKR

    Ashish Sharma with is director :-

    Oops its too much na !
    And only our beloved Ashish Sharma aka Ram have got award in star parivaar awards for best beta 🙁

    But anyway awesome !

  5. Sanjana

    And one more thing I was pondering over Dasharath Shravan story and
    I understood that Dasharath was a great hunter but he coudnt distinguish sounds well
    This is the danger of half knowledge and I didn’t watch the episode so anyone a summary pls
    Thanks in advance
    Will miss u all but pls don’t expect as I don’t want to disappoint u as I will never come back

    • Sanju we all will miss u but pls don’t say goodbye dear Its a request I know u r n tenth and in tenth std we should concentrate on our studies . but pls post ur comment in the last episode of siya ke ram after ur boards got over as I m also from Tamil nadu I know it here boards will be completed before 2nd week of April. So if skr runs after that too pls come back with ur wonderful comments like before if it ended pls comment in last epi page I l be waiting for ur comment dear… Pls it’s a request from my side. All the best for ur board exams dear… Do well.. I know u l do well my sis…. Till then miss u a lotttt………. And love u loadssss

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Bye ? di will u miss a lot,
      I guess the last epi page will b full of comments na

    • Thanmathi

      Will miss you dear and remember I’ll be waiting for your comments I don’t know what else to say OK dear studies is more important my best wishes to you achieve your goal of getting 490 I. Public and come back with a bang

  6. SKR fan

    Today I also have many links.
    Raja janak, shatrughn, Urmila and maharani kaushalya at star parivaar awards.
    Maharaj dashrath and ram with the producer.
    Raavan, ram, laxman, Urmila, shatrughn and shatanand at star parivaar awards.
    Mother-son at star parivaar awards. Ram and maharani kaushalya.
    Maharaj dashrath maharani kaushalya sita shatrughn maharaj janak star parivaar awards.
    Exclusive selfie of sita and maharaj dashrath at star parivaar awards.
    Shatrughn selfies with maharaja dashrath, ram, maharani kaushalya, shatanand, sita and Urmila.
    Siya ke ram actors with the star parivaar award won by Ashish.
    And here comes our bubbly Urmila at star parivaar awards.
    Maharaj dashrath different avatar at star parivaar awards.
    Madirakshi, sohana Sinha, dalip tahil and snigdha akolkar at star parivaar awards.

  7. nabanita

    Dears what is happening???? I am so sad, siya k ram is reaching only vanabas but updates r not regular:( Amna does a great job, but there should be a back up as she might not be available always. Please some one tell me why Sanjana is leaving??!?

  8. Meghana

    Sanju di I use to read all ur comments and u cleared all our doubts. If u leave,……..then
    Please come back di

  9. Meghana

    Di can anyone tell me did they show lakshman Rekha scene first 10min yesterday.bcoz I missed first 10min

  10. pooja

    heyy !!!!!!!!! all of u…….
    how r u all
    all pics r just awsm …
    loved it!!!!!!!!! 😉 😉

  11. Meghana

    Di anyone pls tell me did they show lakshmanrekha scene in first 10min?bcoz I missed 10min and I can’t even c repeat. Amena di is also nt available today so……….

  12. what happened to our beautiful family…?? everyone are leaving from here… l thought that now my exams are got over so l can talk to all my sisters… but when I came here nobody is here… missing everyone here… ww, rachu, ishita, sanjana(Sara), akanksha, mahe, haripriya, haripriya S, anjali, iqura,nippy, sreeranjani,Abhi, bhoomija, abi, diya, Riya..etc.. where are u all…?
    Nidhi.. come back soon dear.. missing u a lot…..

    • Yes dear missing all ww, sanju left but others hope to see them all sanju for her studies, we bcoz of some personal problems. Other l come back hope for it diii

    • jay

      S ahana Sanjana & Haripriya left as they have to concentrate on their studies……..
      Nidhi will be back once she get well ……….
      Itoo miss everyone dear………….., Hope to see them soon ……………

  13. Rahul Mishra

    Are bhai kitna main story to manipulate karoge. Kahan kahan se ye stories bana rahe hain.

    Siya ke Ram .. Ramayan of Kaliyug


      thanks for ur appreciation about Siya ke ram…. let me see hw long u can give ur negative comment… anyways i welcome both negative and positive comments……

  14. I just loved Hanuman’s explanation to that son’s father I think that words are true bcoz in our country many of the engg students are committing suicide bcoz of lacking interest but they are studying that even though in some cases student marks are low . but in some of the cases. some parents are saying that u should fulfil my dreams so that many of the children without interest joining in that group. when they can’t progress in it they are committing suicide . I think I won’t hurt anyone with this comment actually when I heard that dialogue this only going through my mind . sry if I have said anything wrong. I just want to share my opinion that’s it.

    • actually y I felt like that means near my home in chennai one bro committed suicide bcoz of that reason. he wanted to become a photographer but his father wants to make him an engg . that bro can’t able to score good marks so that he committed suicide . at that time I felt that as very bad so that only I shared this sry if it hurts anybody…..

    • Supreetha (Soups)

      Hanuman is a person who truly understands that children can’t be with forced dreams and they should have wilful dreams!!!! Great projection in SKR hats off 😀

    • Anil

      Don’t say thanks sis…it’s our duty when amena sis unavailable… Took sometime thinking someone vl post update…anyway nice episode.. Hanuman rocks with dialogues..

  15. Haripriya

    Hi everyone, I never thought u all remember me and missing me . I’m missing u all too but don’t worry I ‘m reading all ur comments . Thank u Priya di for commenting, Sanju di for the info , skr fan for all the links ,nabanita di for commenting ,Malvi for those lovely pics and all others for keeping the page active . Sorry if i forgot anyone. As I said I will comment rarely , I will do so but don’t expect me to comment regularly. Luv u all and missing u all . Welcome back Ranaji bhai,and all the old members who came back.

    Sorry for this long comment everyone

    • No tqs btw sisters dear….. Ya I Miss u toooo i can understand that u can’t comment regularly I just give one comment daily we l be happy with that and all the best for ur studies…. Don’t forget dear no tqs…..

      • Haripriya

        Will try to comment Priya di and thank u for wishing me luck for my studies. I know no thanks and sorry but I get habituated to it so I can’t be without saying thanks and sorry.

      • Haripriya

        But remember one thing Priya di , I have holidays till May and once my school starts I won’t have time to comment . I am going to 9th std and according to ICSE syllabus it is tougher than 10th std . That’s y I want to study sincerely

      • Of course dear I can understand even I cant be able to be regular when my schools reopen… Till then u l comment na we r happy with it

    • Supreetha (Soups)

      Haripriya dearieeee!!!! Missing you so much! Do keep commenting like this whenever you can! And wish you luck with your exams and our wishes are always with you!

    • jay

      Haii Dear You forget me naaaaaaaaa……………

      Just kidding….Happy to see ur Comments dear……..

  16. stuti

    Hi everyone. The epi was quite boring. Today only ravan nd hanuman scenes. Hardly there was any siyaram scene

    • Hi dear but Lanka kumbakarna scene was nyc that’s funny but I can’t believe that ravan can do that with his brother ( sulochana said) ya that can be true too he is that much cruel… Yes dear we get siam scenes hardly as now they want to show more Lanka part bcoz for sitaharan that’s important dear


    Good episode……. never heard of this plot but lets see…… i will check in my Sita’s book…..

  18. stuti

    But what hanuman said 2 the boy’s father was true. Many ppl commit suicide because they cannot fulfil their dreams. What u say is true priya di.

    • Dear sanju is our sis and ya she is not posting ur post in her name she is just sharing the information which she knows sorry if I had hurt u and sharing information’s is not wrong but u r writing” I ” in that she may copy and paste it so that “I” had also copied that I refers to the writer… She is giving the information’s to her sisters. If u feel hurt bcoz of this comment or sanju posted ur comment that is hurtful to u sorry for that…….. But dear sharing information is not wrong……

  19. hi all….how are u………..
    Actullay i m unable to watch siya ke ram ..due to some problem
    so just reading only these updates……

  20. jaya

    Those who have read Shruthi’s posts on IF know that these are directly extracted from her posts. Guys give some attention while reading the posts and realize whatever has been posted here is not the new one as the scenes were from older episodes. No one will write afresh for a old episode as if it was watched few moments back.

    • jay

      Dear Priya has already explained it clearly that sanju was just sharing the information i dont think anything bad in it .Sorry if it hurt u .

    • Dear all the members of this page are not visiting to India forums page so who r not visiting there they feel its new and ya we people don’t feel that gaining knowledge r reading that twice (who visit if posts) is wrong… I don’t mean to hurt u .. Sry if I had hurt u

  21. Sanjana

    Actually I have clearly mentioned that it is not my article
    I had already told that the one I will post will be from india forums in siya ke ram fan site here I forgot to mention I am so sorry dear shruthiravi Di and I love ur analysis
    really great hats off
    I posted it for everyone here respect Ramayan and I wanted to share with them
    Thanks Priya for supporting but it’s ok dear I forgot to mention clearly
    I had mentioned in fan site so I just posted
    Thanks Priya but it’s fine sis and thanks for always being there
    Thanks a lot jay Di for understanding appreciating and always being there
    Loads of love ❤️❤️❤️
    God bless u
    And ww what a surprise
    I had a doubt when that day comment was posted as ww and that I am caught
    I had doubt but since I had promised not to comment
    U can never leave this family Di
    So happy see ur comments

    And sorry if my analysis has caused trouble I mean affecting peace of our page

    And PS to the people from indiaforums
    I never mentioned it was my own as Priya said
    And same way really sorry but I had mentioned in fan site and I totally forgot to mention here
    And it is late but I apologise as I just wanted to share
    And yes dear sisters and brothers it is shrutiravi analysis
    Hats off
    I was busy pasting it and yesterday crucial time went out and in really forgot to mention
    Thanks for standing up against my mistake shrutiravi Di

    • Sanjana

      Thank u wholeheartedly jay Di and Priya for ur support
      And haripriya and Zara Di happy to see ur comment

    • Hi sanju no tqs dear and its our duty to clear misunderstanding and dear u don’t clear any prb and u r our Page’s pride …… Don’t worry about that dear in fact I have a doubt too after that comment of ww but I left that thinking after sometime.. Ww can never leave her family miss u my dear sis and love u loads don’t say thanks its our family’s rule na!!!

    • jay

      Sanajana no need to thnks we are sister….We will be in your side always……….Hope We will thr whenever u need us………….

  22. Sanjana

    Thanks twinkle for supporting
    And Pls shrutiravi Di I hope u don’t get hurt by priya comment
    She was just being a lovely sis
    And I was reading an article just wanted to post and in seedhayin raaman yesterday Janak Sita beautiful relation was highlighted so will share this with u
    I know it’s totally irrelevant but it’s beautiful
    And u guys have made me comment
    By supporting me and for ur sake I had to reply
    Maybe till June 1 it won’t be a final goodbye
    And commenting here has made me learn for eg today I made a mistake by being absent minded
    And I have learnt from mistakes

    Narayna murthy ( infosys founder) letter to his daughter

    “Your birth raised the benchmark of my life, in every aspect. My interactions at the workplace became more thoughtful and measured; the quality of my transactions with the outside world more considerate, dignified, and mature. I felt a need to deal with every human being more sensitively and courteously. After all, some day you would grow up and understand the world around you, and I didn’t want you ever to think that I had done anything even remotely wrong,” Mr Murthy says in his letter.

    He also talks about the challenges he and his family faced when Infosys had just begun its operations and how that shaped his children. “Life has changed for us since then and there is enough money. But, you know, our lifestyle continues to be simple,” says Mr Murthy to his daughter

    Aside from the advice and anecdotes, the thing that stands out most in the letter is the role Mr Murthy’s wife, social worker and writer Sudha Murthy, played in the upbringing of their children. “I am often asked about the qualities that I have imparted to my children. I tell them that it is your mother who shouldered this great responsibility and I am ever so grateful to her for bringing you up to be the fine individuals you are. She communicated values more by action than by talking about them. She taught Rohan and you the importance of simplicity and austerity,” he says.

    The letter makes for a brilliant read and describes perfectly the bond shared by dads and their daughters. Read it below in its entirety:

    Dear Akshata,

    Becoming a father transformed me in ways that I could never have thought possible. I could never go back to being the person I used to be before. Your arrival in my life brought unimaginable joy and a larger responsibility. I was no more just a husband, a son, or a promising employee of a fast-growing company. I was a father, who had to measure up to the expectations his daughter would have of him at every stage of her life.

    Your birth raised the benchmark of my life, in every aspect. My interactions at the workplace became more thoughtful and measured; the quality of my transactions with the outside world more considerate, dignified, and mature. I felt a need to deal with every human being more sensitively and courteously. After all, some day you would grow up and understand the world around you, and I didn’t want you ever to think that I had done anything even remotely wrong.

    My mind often goes back to the initial days after your birth. Your mother and I were young then and struggling to find our feet in our careers. Two months after your birth in Hubli, we brought you to Mumbai, but discovered quickly enough, that it was a difficult task to nurture a child and manage careers side by side. So, we decided that you would spend the initial years of your life with your grandparents in Hubli. Naturally, it was a hard decision to make, one which took me quite a bit of time to come to terms with. Every weekend, I would take the plane to Belgaum and then hire a car to Hubli. It was very expensive, but I couldn’t do without seeing you.

    What never ceased to amaze me was how you created your own little happy world at Hubli, surrounded by your grandparents and a set of adoring aunts and relatives, oblivious of our absence from your life….
    I am often asked about the qualities that I have imparted to my children. I tell them that it is your mother who shouldered this great responsibility and I am ever so grateful to her for bringing you up to be the fine individuals you are. She communicated values more by action than by talking about them. She taught Rohan and you the importance of simplicity and austerity. There was this one instance, in Bangalore, when you were selected for a school drama for which you were required to wear a special dress. It was in the mid-eighties, Infosys had just begun its operations, and we did not have any money to spend on non-basic goods. Your mother explained to you that we would not be able to buy the dress and that you would have to drop out of the performance. Much later, you told me that you had not been able to understand or appreciate that incident. We realize it must have been a bit drastic for a child to forgo an important event in school, but, we know you learnt something important from that- the importance of austerity.

    Life has changed for us since then and there is enough money. But, you know, our lifestyle continues to be simple. I remember discussing with your mother the issue of sending you kids to school by car once we were a little comfortable with money, but your mother insisted that Rohan and you go to school with your classmates in the regular autorickshaw. You made great friends with the ‘rickshaw uncle’ and had fun with the other kids in the auto. The simplest things in life are often the happiest and they are for free.

    You would often ask me why there was no television at our home when the rest of your friends discussed stuff they watched on TV. Your mother decided early on that there would be no TV in our home so that there would be time for things like studying, reading, discussions, and meeting friends. She insisted that it was important to create an environment conducive to learning at home. Therefore, every night we dedicated the time between 8 pm and 10 pm to pursuits that brought the family together in a productive environment.

    It is quite a well-known fact that when a daughter gets married, a father has mixed feelings about it. He hates the fact that there is somebody else in his daughter’s life with whom she shares her affections-a Smart, confident, younger man who gets the attention that was earlier his alone. I, too, was a little sad and jealous when you told us you had found your life partner. But when I met Rishi and found him to be all that you had described him to be-brilliant, handsome, and, most importantly, honest-l understood why you let your heart be stolen. It was then that I reconciled to sharing your affections with him. A few months ago, you made me a proud grandparent. If holding you in my arms for the first time gave me indescribable joy, seeing Krishnaa, your lovely daughter, for the first time at your home in Santa Monica, was a different experience altogether. I wondered, whether from now on, I would have to behave like a wise, grand old man! But, then I realized the bonus to growing older and becoming a grandparent. I would have the joy of pampering a child silly! Besides, you know what they say about grandparents and grandchildren having a common enemy-the parent! I am convinced Krishnaa and I will eventually exchange notes and crib about you and be completely on the same page when it comes to criticizing you!

    As you pursue your goals and live a contended life, remember that there is only one planet for us to live in and that planet is now becoming endangered. Remember that it is your responsibility to pass on this planet to Krishnaa in a better condition than you got it from us.

    Take care, my child!
    Lovingly, Appa

  23. Sanjana

    And yes supreetha siya ke ram portraying beautifully
    WW Di and jay Di semma telepathy
    And good episode too
    All ur discussions were semma good too
    And mr Rahul mishra pls type in English as u always do so that we can give proper reply
    Actually I didn’t like precap
    Anyone can u give me detailed convo of Sita and laxman

    • Actually sanju telepathy is happening btw me , ww and jay di and tdy with u too I thought to ask u pls comment till ur holidays got over but u itself told that….

  24. Anil

    No thanks in this skr family….and I can’t understood Hindi perfectly some mistakes happen in update…anyway hatsoff to amena sister for her updates.. this job is really tough…

  25. Sanjana(Sara)

    Hiii all. How r u all. I missed u all so much.
    Sanjana di i am very happy to see your comments again. Please come back soon.
    Ww di glad to see u back.
    Hari di glad to see your comment.
    Thanks for the update anil bro.
    Thanks for the links malvi di and skr fan bro. Pics are very nice.
    Welcome to all new comers.

    I am very sorry for not commenting. My exams are on 22nd may. So, i need to concentrate on my studies. Will try to comment.

    Episode is nice. ram and hanuman will meet soon. Missing urmila
    very much. Hope to see her back soon.kumbkaran is so big. Ravan looks so small infront of him.

    Nidhi di get well soon. Missing you very much.

    Bye everyone. Keep commenting here.

  26. shruthiravi

    Thanks Sanjana for clarifying yourself. I am not against information sharing. It is because of that I am making the post for healthy discussions.
    I have had previous experience of people copy pasting my posts without giving credits.
    When you share information always mention the source on the bottom. That will ensure no MU happens.

  27. stuti

    It is said that sita was the first child of ravan and mandodari. Mandodari had a wish to have godess Lakshmi s her daughter. Her wish was granted but it was predicted that their first child will be the cause of their destruction. So they buried the child in earth and was found by king janak of mithila ……

  28. Meghana

    S Priya di and jay di are always right sanju di just shared the info she gathered but she did not tell us that she written or posted all these.she just want the info to be seen by all her family members pls don’t misunderstand her.

  29. stuti

    It is said that when mandodari was widowed she was about to commit sati but ram stopped her and advised vibhishan to marry her and free her from widowhood. He agreed and mandodari married vibhishan

  30. Geena

    Thank you Sanjana for clarifying about Shruthi’s post. Sharing knowledge is good. But we have to give credit where it is due. Mistakes can happen. But see how much it hurt her. Just hearing about it we who regularly reads her post felt hurt. But felt relieved that you never meant to hurt anyone. Thank you once again

  31. Sanjana, thanx a ton for clarifying urself. But instances like these do shock ppl like shruthi, me and many more. Sharing information is never an issue. What bothers us is sharing our work without our knowledge. Seeking permission and giving credits is not a big deal. We at IF spend hours together in analysing and posting. By taking a stand for ourselves we don’t mean to be narrow and reserved. Its an honour for us that our writings or specifically shruthi’s posts are circulated for the wider audience. We mean to help. We have vowed to ourselves. But smthn like this did give us a jolt.
    And yes it takes a heart of gold and guts like iron to justify your stand on a public platform. And I applaud you for this. Thank you for making yourself clear. And we really hope something like this doesn’t happen in future. We as a team on IF mean positivity and collaborative effort. So if smthn like this happens with one of us it really hurts the whole team.

    DD (Jan)

  32. Aditi

    Sanjana there’s nothing wrong in sharing info, but you could have given due credits to the writer… After all she is taking so much effort in making these posts.. It really feels great when someone acknowledges our work nd share it with others.. Even I am like u, an admirer of Shruthiravi’s posts nd even I share it with my friends, but I post the IF link of her post nd give due credits to her..
    Hope in future u will post Shruthiravi’s IF post link along with sharing the info with ur friends and give due credits…

  33. Fouzia

    Sanjana when you share someone’s post / knowledge pls give due credit . It is very wrong to post someone’s post without permission or due credit.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.