Siya Ke Ram 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita going to a trishul. She holds trishul and says no Asur of this world can harm my sons. Ram makes Sita’s idol to converse with her. He says Sita, I feel like you are in big danger. Valmiki calls out Vandevi and stops Sita. He says I understand your state, but your going to Lavnasur alone is not right. She says its mum’s right to save her sons. He says not just your sons, there are many boys there, its Ayodhyas king’s Dharm to save the boys, I m sure he will do his duty well. She says its my duty to protect my sons, allow me to leave. She leaves.

Ram is in his Sabha. A metal weapon enters the Sabha and strikes in the middle of the Sabha. Everyone look on. Ram takes that weapon. Laxman asks who can do this, who did this bad thing. Ram says Lavnasur, this Shul

is related to him. Bharat asks whats the meaning of sending this Shul here. Guru Vashisht says this is challenge, it means Ayodhya King Ram has to leave Ayodhya and leave somewhere, else that evil man will kill everyone. Shatrughan asks Ram to command him to go and kill Lavnasur. Ram says no, this challenge is given to Ayodhya and king has to accept this challenge, I will end Lavnasur. Guru Vashisht tells Ram that Lavnasur has Mahadev’s weapon, using which he can kill anyone, we have to be careful. Ram says sure, but no one can save Lavnasur now, he did big crime by kidnapping innocent kids/boys of Ayodhya, he will surely be punished for that.

Lav and Kush are brought to the cave, where they see many boys kept captive. The Asur Rakshas come and call out Maharaj Lavnasur. Lavnasur laughs and comes there. Lav and Kush look on. Rakshas says we have got Ayodhya boys here as per your command. Lavnasur says lovely, Ram loves his Praja, he will come to Madhupuri for saving these boys, but he won’t go back alive, then I will have rights on entire Ayodhya, if Ram gets scared of me and does not come, then these innocent boys have to bear the consequences. He laughs.

Ram and Shatrughan leave in the chariot. Sita walks through the jungle, holding the trishul. A woman calls out Vandevi. Sita stops and sees the women. The woman says along with Lav and Kush, Lavnasur also kidnapped our sons, so we all will come with you to fight with Lavnasur. Shatrughan says we reached Madhupuri. Sita and the ladies some there. Ram enters the cave. The women ask Sita why did she stop, we should not waste time. Sita says we don’t need to go, Ayodhya king Ram has come with his army. The woman says but we should go and see our sons. Sita says have belief, no one can harm our sons in Ram’s presence. The cave stone falls and the entrance gets shut. Shatrughan tries to push the huge boulder and says I have to find some other way to enter the cave. The Rakshas laugh and attack. Ram shoots on them.

Laxman comes there and asks Shatrughan where is Ram. Shatrughan says Ram is inside the cave. Sita and women look on from far. The boys shout for help. Ram says don’t worry, I have come to free you all. Lav asks did you come to save us. Ram stops and sees Lav and Kush. He walks to them. Lavnasur comes and says if you take a step ahead Ram, all boys’ death is certain. Sita prays for Ram’s victory and protection.

Laxman shoots at the cave rocks and blows it up. Shatrughan and Laxman enter the cave. Ram looks for Lavnasur and says you kidnap boys like a coward, come infront of me and fight with me. Lavnasur laughs. He appears and tells Ram that you are the reason of the boy’s abduction, I knew very well that you will come to protect them. Ram asks what do you want from me. Lavnasur says Ayodhya, after your death, Lavnasur’s rule will be there on Ayodhya.

Shatrughan and Laxman get surrounded by the Rakshas. Laxman signs Shatrughan. They get their swords and fight with the Rakshas. They hear Lavnasur laughing. Shatrughan asks Laxman to go and help Ram, and I will manage Asurs. Ram says I promised my wife Sita that I will give a chance to any sinner to change and repent for his sins before I punish the sinner, so think well and then you won’t get any chance. Sita prays to Maa Gauri to protect Ram.

Lavnasur says thanks for giving me this chance, but Maryada Purshottam Ram, I will not give you any such chance. He closes eyes and gets a fire ball. He throws that at Ram. Ram shoots arrow and it blasts. Lavnasur tries other powers, and Ram defends. Ram shoots at him and Lavnasur shatters. Lav, Kush and other boys get glad. Ram Ram….plays……. Laxman comes there and frees the boys from the cell. Ram turns to go, and hears Lanvasur’s laugh. He sees Lavnasur forming back. Ram, Laxman and boys get shocked. Laxman asks the boys to go. Lav and Kush look on. Kush says he died, how did he get alive again. Laxman stops him from saying and says we have to leave from here soon, come.

Lavnasur says Ram, your weapon can’t kill me, there is just one weapon which can kill me, I have it, Mahadev gave me that Maha shul, no warrior in the world can survive by that Mahashul attack, not even you Ram. He gets the Maha Shul….. and aims at Ram.

Laxman asks who is there, come out. Kush meets Ram and says I have to learn yog vidya from you. Ram agrees to teach him. He asks who is his mum. Sita looks on. Kush says everyone call her Vandevi. Ram asks and your father. Sita cries….

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. |Registered Member

    wow , awesome episode , and the moment when luv and kush asked u have come to save us?omg , ram’s reaction was so natural , it was very nice but that stupid lavanasur called ram . what to do . precap is just awesome ,eagerly waiting for the father-son scene

  2. Veena

    Lavansur was killed by Shatrughan . Only Shatrughan came but here Ram & laxman are also shown ???? story changed !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And Shatrughan killed him by Vishnu’s powerful weapon. And then Ram made Shatrughan the king of Madhupur.
    And it all happened during the birth of Luv & Kush not when the twins were grown up

  3. Malvi


    |Registered Member

    Omg ! Is ram playing or really he don’t know his sons ? Confused! But good episode and nice precap ! ✌
    Guys pls let me know as I’m good wid my dp. Though this is skr’s page I can’t keep some other serial’s photos? Pl let me know

  4. vaidehi


    today there is no end of my happinessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    such an amazinggggg epiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my exam is over today!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and such an emotionalllll precap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Guys.. Some links..
    Vandevi Sita..
    True love siya ke ram
    She’s blazing lyk fire 🔥
    Ram sita ke Putra luv Kush.. So cute
    Siya in vanvasi attire
    Mata Kaikeyi with 4 sons
    Gud nyt dearies.. Leave a comment if u lyk pics ..

  6. Shriya...


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys!!! How r u all doing…commenting after many days bcoz was having tests…awesome episode…just loved it especially precap…and I’m having exams after I’ll be very busy may be i won’t get tym to comment but I’ll make sure I comment on last episode…and love
    ur links vanshu dear…good night everyone. …

    • wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

      hi dear…… welcome back….. i m a very old member commenting after a long time….. so u may not know me……. its okay if u r unable comment regularly but pls dont forget to be on the last the day…….

  7. joy

    SKR is not following only Valmiki Ramayan……………………… SKR following these books ((( Valmiki Ramayan… Adbhut Ramayan….. Sita by devadatta pattanaik…………)))) so some stories are mixed….. But Ramanandasagar Ramayan following only valmiki Ramayan….. So don’t worry………….

  8. Anushya


    |Registered Member

    loved the pics vanshu… and the poll too but it reminded me of the sad ending…. tomm is my last exam sst….. im dead scared pray for me….. anyways great epi i could not wait till the update… but update time i went out!…. story is wrong only shatrughan came also twins were not grown up that time….

  9. Stuti27


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys I’m back happy to see u all my exams were very good ….. tnx a lot guys … and ya tmrw is a special day fr me .. any gusses?G

  10. |Registered Member

    Awesome episode…luv Kush and ram scene was really heart touching…omg the precap….eagerly waiting for today’s episode..

  11. Sara

    NICE EPISODE . Very touchy . Family reunion- SUPERB
    But sad part is that all unreal & imaginative . Hope it was real.
    Shatrughan killed Lavansur and not Ram. God Knows what will be shown today .
    And Lavansur died , Ram made Shatrughan the king of Madhupur. Secondly Shatrughan came all alone with the ayodha army but here 3 brothers were shown .
    And it happened when Sita gave birth to twins at the Sage Valmiki’s ashram and Shatrughan blessed both the sons without his knowledge that they were his brothers sons-THIS IS THE ORIGINAL VERSION.
    But still liked yesterday’s episode -really hope it had happened the way it was shown .

  12. Shrinithi


    |Registered Member

    guys i hav a doubt….when sita was n valmiki ashram…she itself change her name as vaidehi na but here n skr her name was vandevi…????

    • wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      no dear…. sita didnt change her name…. it was valmiki who gave her the name vandevi….. it is there even in valmiki ramayana……

  13. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

    Hi all…… i had replied all of u in yesterday’s page……. so check it anushya, varshini, vanshika, padhu, ishita n priya……

    And want to all of you are having wonderful dp…….

    ncy epi……. but it was shatrughan who fought with lavansura……..

    guys in which version it is mentioned about ram fighting lavansura… bcoz there has to be some version thats why skr is showing it……. does anyone know it????

    • wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

      check this link

      In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Lavanasura was an Asura (demon) who was killed by Shatrughna, the youngest brother of Lord Rama.

      During Rama’s reign, while peace prevailed in most places, Lavanasura continued to torment the innocent and destroy many sacrifices of sages and terrify them in many ways. Many kings were defeated by him and they were all afraid. Therefore, one day the sages headed by sage Chavana (a descendent of sage Bhrigu) came all the way from Madhuvan to Lord Rama with a plea to protect them. Lavana was the son of king of Asuras named Madhu. Madhu was kind and compassionate to Brahmanas, very exalted, made personal friendships with Devas and therefore Asuras and Suras were at peace. He was so pleasing to Gods that on one occasion, Lord Shiva gave him an expansion of his own trident for self-protection. Madhu built a palace and named the place as Madhupuri (possibly Mathura now). Madhu had a son named Lavana who had the qualities opposite to those of his father.

      Lavana was so evil that even as a child he would beat play mates, kill them, and eat them. Madhu handed everything over to his son including his trident and drowned himself in the ocean because of shame. The sages further described Lavana. There was a king named Mandhata (or Mandatta) who was a descendant in the dynasty of Iksvaku. Mandhata had dominated the whole planet and he became so proud that he wanted to rule heaven also. So he challenged Indra-either to turn over the kingdom to him or fight with him in battle. Indra said, “If you defeat all personalities on earth, then I will give you my kingdom.” Lavanasura defeated Mandhata’s army with the trident. Hearing all this, Lord Rama promised He would protect the sages and the kingdom of Madhupuri.

      Bharata volunteered to fight against Lavanasura. Shatrughna expressed his wish to fight Lavanasura, wanting an opportunity to serve Rama, stating that Bharata had served Rama very well in the past. Then, all brothers agreed that Shatrughna could go. Shatrughna, apologising for violating the etiquette of speaking against the wish of his elder brother Bharata, then prepared to leave for the war. Rama then gave Shatrughna a deity of Varaha, which manifested from Lord Kapila’s mind. When Lord Rama defeated Ravana, this deity was taken to Ayodhya. Shatrughna was then crowned as the king of Madhupuri. Shatrughna then left with a huge army to fight with Lavanasura. Rama warned Shatrughna to find a way to fight with Lavana without his holding the invincible trident. Shatrughna stood before the gate where Lavana resided and positioned himself alone. As Lavana returned home after hunting animals for eating each day, Shatrughna challenged him to fight. Lavana was very happy to accept the challenge because it was his dessert time. Lavana uprooted many trees and threw them on Shatrughna, and a big battle ensued. Later, Shatrughna removed the special arrow (used for killing Madhu and Kaitabha, given as a gift by Lord Vishnu) that Rama had given him. As Shatrughna strung his bow, the whole universe started to tremble. He struck Lavana right in the heart taking out his life-breath. Rama then installed Shatrughna as the king of Madhupuri, where he ruled for several years.

    • |Registered Member

      Hi ..well-wisher aka krishnai…It is the first time I am talking with you…I am Tharu 19and from SL

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