Siya Ke Ram 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying we all will swear that no woman will get insulted in Ayodhya Rajya, no woman will be tortured/abused, every woman will get her respect and pride, and by this, you can respect Sita’s sacrifice truly, obey this command…. They all chant Ram’s name. Ram cries and says Sita. Everyone look on. Ram Ram….plays…….

The announcement is made in the village. The man asks Praja to hear Ram’s command. Nar Nari ka bhed hataya…………..plays……………. The Praja gets glad, especially the women. Years pass. Ram does rituals of the three Matas – Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra’s final rites. Hanuman, Bharat, Laxman, Shatrughan, Guru Vashisht are seen along with Ram.

Ram ignites fire to Kaushalya’s pyre, Laxman gives fire to Sumitra’s

pyre, while Bharat and Shatrughan light Kaikeyi’s funeral pyre. Time passes, Kumar Lav and Kush arrive in the Rajya Sabha. Ram looks on. Everyone smile seeing them. Lav and Kush touch Ram’s feet and takes blessings. Ram hugs them. Bita samay……plays……… Ram does Raj tilak of Lav and Kush and make them sit on the throne. Guru Vashisht does tilak to Lav and Kush, and also their aarti. Ram takes the crown and does Rajya Abhishek. Ram crowns Lav and Kush. Everyone shower flowers and smiles.

Some more years pass. Ram is seen standing alone in his Kaksh and looking outside. Hanuman and Laxman come to Ram. Laxman says you called us. Ram turns to them. He says I got free of all my duties, and now I want to live with peace, I don’t want no one comes to meet me, I want to live the rest of my life alone, that’s why I called you both here, can you do this for me. Laxman says your wish is equal to command for me, your words are like Ayodhya’s fate for me, you can stay here till you want, no one can enter this Kaksh. Hanuman says not just humans, even Kaal can’t enter here. They leave. Ram sees Sita’s idol.

Ram says the time left in my life will be spent in your memories. Hanuman flies in the sky and says Ram said he does not want to meet anyone, it would mean something else, I have to be extra careful. He reaches top of the mountain and says whoever will try to enter Ayodhya now will not be saved by my sight. He sees someone and says who is he. He asks Kaal to stop and asks who are you, where are you going. Kaal says I m Kaal and going to Ayodhya. Hanuman says no one can enter Ayodhya, go back. Kaal says I can’t go back without fulfilling the motive for which I came, move off my way. Hanuman says its Ram’s command, I won’t let you go. Kaal says its not right to become hurdle in my way, result won’t be good. Hanuman asks him to get ready for the war. Hanuman fights with him. Kaal falls down. Hanuman asks Kaal not to see towards Ayodhya again. Om Hanumanta…..plays……… Kaal goes. Hanuman says till I m here, Kaal can’t enter Ayodhya ever. He says Jai Shri Ram……..

Kaal tells Mahadev that its time for Ram’s leaving, whoever is born on the earth has to leave, but Hanuman stopped me, he is your Rudra avatar and I did not know how to win over him, what shall I do. Mahadev says don’t worry, no one can change fate, whoever comes infront of fate has to move away. Kaal says as you say. Mahadev says I know to move Hanuman off the way.

Ram is in his Kaksh, praying. Mahadev comes there. Ram opens his eyes and his soul leaves from his body to meet Mahadev. Ram greets him. Ram asks him about his coming. Mahadev says Prabhu, you know the motive for which you took birth on earth in human avatar, that motive is fulfilled, now its time for you to return, but your biggest devotee Hanuman is stopping Kaal, Kaal can’t come to you till Hanuman is there, if this happens, fate’s Maryada will be ruined. Ram says don’t worry Prabhu, everything will happen as per fate. Mahadev goes. Ram’s soul goes back in his body. Ram looks at Sita’s idol. Hanuman comes to him.

Hanuman says Prabhu, you know Kaal was coming to Ayodhya, he was entering Ayodhya, I stopped him, and punished him, I have sent him away, he will never come here. Ram says you should have not stopped him, he was doing his duty, like you do your duty, fate has written some duties for everyone in this world, you stopped him from his work. Hanuman says but wherever Kaal goes, its just destruction, Kaal won’t reach you till I m here. Ram thinks Hanuman I know you can’t see anything wrong happening with me, because of your love and devotion, I have to do something else to move you from Kaal’s route. Hanuman says allow me to leave, I have to be careful. Ram stops him and says I will go for darshan tomorrow, you come along. Hanuman says sure, this will be good luck. Hanuman goes. Ram removes his ring and looks on.

Kaal says Hanuman, you tried to stop me, you forgot you can’t stop me, I have to come when anyone’s life gets completed in the world, but many people’s life journey completed in Ayodhya. Laxman is seen fallen unconscious. Ram drops his ring in waters.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow no words to explain this epi.. omg!!! Matas died….. and Lakshman is going to die…. the serial is heading towards the end….

    1. Cynthia

      Padma di, please include my name on the thing you were dojng something like listing all the skr fans names. THANKS…

  2. superb episode


    Its hard to believe that show will be ending soon…but i was missing siya more

  4. Today precap was very confusing !!!! ???? Lakshman falling unconscious on the ground with some leaves on his body?????????? and in the same scene he was moving with kaal !! ????????
    Will they not show his parityaag by Ram ?? ??? What’s going on !!! ???????

  5. Another heart touching episode…… Sad episode….. But interesting….. Precap is also interesting…………
    Today three Mata died next Laxman will die….. Then Ramji……. Show is near end……
    Missing Madirakshi……..
    One of the heart touching fan fiction…. Must read…. You must be sad….. Don’t miss…….

  6. One more week remaining . Good to see kids grown up! looks nice only kids of other brothers are missing
    Tomorrow Laxman has to give up his life for the sake of saving Ram & Ayodha from RIshi Durbasha ‘s curse.
    Today it is shown Shiva appears before Sri Ram but I knew that Narada came to Ram to tell that his time on Earth is over anyway , as Ram was not Purna avatar , he had no clue that his time was up.
    @ Samarth- you have full right to have your views but i do believe that Lord Ram was Lord Krishna in his next incarnation & I have no hatred against Ram .
    But having said that again saying Ram was not purna avatar – Sages , saints have already mentioned that from centuries on. Ram had no knowledge of what he was so showing virat roop & vishwas roop is out of question.
    You want prove ??? let me say
    1) Ram had got weapons from Brahma Rishi Vishwasmitra but Lord Krishna already had Sudarshan Chakra -MOst powerful . .Krishna could kill demon puthna without weapon but Ram had to get weapons to kill taraka.
    2) Ram did not know Saveri waiting for her as he was not Purna avatar but Saveri knew Ram would come but Lord Krishna always knew where is devotees waiting and could be present in 2 places at the same time .
    3) Same ahallya knew Ram would come Ram did not know till Ram reached Mithila .
    4) About Dhanush of Lord Shiva – Sita could lift is when she was 5 years old so why not Ram ?? As Dhanush could be lifted by a person who is full of love and devoid of ego & anger
    5) Ram could not have won the battle from Ravaan if Vibhishan had not revealed many secrets including how to kill Ravaan.
    6) Ram could not have won the battle if Laxman had not give up his sleep to kill meghnad . Meghnad had most of the weapons that even Ram did not have
    7) Ram could not have won the battle if Hanuman was not there with him . Lord Krishna did not take up weapon but he had the key-he kept his third eye open and whole destruction happened
    8) Ram could not have won the battle if SIta had given up her life but Sita saved her chastity from Ravaan and her hopes & faith won at last.
    8) Ram had no clue that Marich was golden deer eveb Laxman warned Ram but Ram did not listen
    9) Ram could not have saved Ayodha from the curse of RIshi Durbasha if Laxman did not give up his life but Lord Krishna saved Padavas from the curse of Sage Durbasha .
    10 ) Ram could not have gone to Lanka if Naal and Nil did not prepare the bridge along with all vanar sena buit Lord Krishna made it possible for Pandavas to make Indraparastra and also Dwarika was his plan .
    11) Lord Krishna saved draupadi;s honour even when He was not in Hastinapur but Ram could not support his wife from Dhobi’s remark and could not save Sita’s kidnap rather Ram fell into the trap laid by Ravaan. If Ram was purna Avatar as you said , he would have acted differntly.
    I could give you ample examples to prove Ram was not purna avatar . HE had no knowledge of what he was .
    And yes , Ram is worshipped with Sita and laxman & also Hanuman – because Sita is a symbol of love and Shakti, Laxman being the conscience and Hanuman being the power & devotion. With all thses Ram is complete
    whereas Lord Krishna is himself complete -he is the ultimate , he came with all the powers- he is the YUG PURSH. HE is the purna avatar
    Secondly Devi sita is worshipped for her sacrifice , she went to Mother Earth -from that time onward Sita was worshipped ,but when Sita /laxmi came as Rukminiji/laxmi -she did not take part in anything -peaceful life , Rukminiji is worshipped in few places like in one place of MP.
    @ Samarth But why not you start doing it

  7. Was a bit disappointed the speed the story moved in one episode. Could have shown a bit more of father Sons relationship and how they missed Matha Sita. How the boys got transformed into young lads etc. Too too fast and the precap was confusing.

    1. Meena

      They were given short extension. May be that’s why they had to show this fa

  8. Supreetha (Soups)

    Missed the episode today ?

  9. can anyone please explain me devi laxmi took birth as radha???

  10. niharikamalhotra

    Hi everyone..
    Super duper as usual…
    Seems that..salyug scene will come soon…

  11. People say Shri Ram gave exile to his wife just because of a dhobi but after seeing Siya ke Ram they all would have known that how much pain he also has to bear. I am not saying that Mata Sita didn’t bear any pain but why people ignore Shri Ram’s pain. Mata Sita went to Vaikunth but Shri Ram has to bring up Luv-Kush, rule the kingdom and all this without her wife. I am wondering how Shri Ram would have lived after Mata Sita went to Vaikunth.
    Well now talking about the serial. Now we won’t be able to see Madirakshi as Sita onscreen. That’s very sad.
    It was the fourth and the last leap of the serial. The three Matas also gone. Soon Lakshman also will proceed towards Vaikunth.
    WOW Hanuman ji stopped the kaal.
    Yeah I forgot about that women empowerment part. Sita’s sacrifice would really be returned by Ram and Luv-Kush.

    1. @skr fan……..
      Agree with you…….

    2. @ SKR fan it is very sad that you are unable to understand and differentiate the pain bearded by Sita and Ram.
      Sita was considered not fit to live in the society and was sent to Van, isolated from family, lived without an identity, Every thing she had was taken away from her. Had to deliver and raise her children by herself. The mental trauma she faced was thousand times more than the physical pain.
      In the other hand Ram lived in Rajbhavan with all the comfort with the support of his family as King Ram, the only pain he suffered from was the separation pain and guilt.
      Hope you could understand the difference of the two.

      1. Samarth

        @Skr you are not getting the pain which shri Rama suffered no doubt maa Sita feel the pain but SHRI Rama feel the pain more than her because the pain of separation…..the pain of being a father who does not know about his child’s…the pain of allegations made on Sita….although he had comforts of raj bhavan but he never get joy of them….hope you geto my point that not only maa but shri Rama also suffered the pain…..

  12. Yes , even I did not understand the precap. Laxman w had no option but to die as sage Durbasha would curse Ram & Ayodha if he was not allowed to meet Ram when Ram was in meeting with YamRaj!!!!!! Sita’s 2nd Agnipariksha was not shown too.
    And also Kush was Ayodha’s Raja and Luv was the Raja of present day Lahore/Harappan culture which is 4700 years old but here it is shown both luv & Kush seated in the same throne.
    Anyway, a week more to go I must admit Television versions have lots of variations therefore better to read books.
    @ Pradeep & Samarth — yesterday Bro Pradeep mentioned that if Ram had punished Dhobi bhadra it would have same as today’s corrupt politicians . ANd Bro Samarth supported him.
    I want to share my views if in this male dominate society permit me to do so- Corruption and Woman’s prestige are two different things. For example Japan is a prosperous country we all know but woman are not at all respected – I have heard if man thinks a woman is not upto the mark , then they are punished and woman are made to stand in snow for days without proper warm clothing .Japan ‘s has no corruption issue -japanese are very hard working too and prosperous BUT THEY DON”T respect Woman.
    Same way , Ram Rajya was a happy land , no corruption because Raja Ram was honest & Kind too but in his Rajya his innocent and chaste woman did not get justice . If Ram had supported his chaste wife , he could have been the reformer but he remained a king . A KING /leader can bring change into society as they have the power , Kind does not have to listen to praja always , he can listen if he wants but he feels , people demand is wrong , he has the right to punish .
    Ram did not punish the dhobi rather indirectly supported the dhobi by abandonment of Sita – till date woman is victim for no fault of her .
    @ Samarth & Pradeep- suppose any man molests your daughter , your wife or your sister -whom shall you support ? Suppose any man questions about the chastity of your female member -whom shall you support ? WILL YOU BACK OUT LIKE RAM DID or will you stand by them?
    Yes , a king is bound by rules but who makes the rule ???? The society but it can be broken by the KING -THE LEADER .
    Ram never ever tried to do so , rather he asked for 2nd agnipariksha — was it justified in your eyes ?? Will you ask your female member to go for DNA test if required ?????????
    Do you think it is justified ?????????
    Ram as a king and as a Avatar should have done the reform . As we all know there used to be Sati daha pratha before independence ( 18 th century _INDIA) , – it was abolished by the effort of great Reformer RAja RamMohan Roy , girls were not sent to school during Muslim period but rules were changed By Great person Vidhyasagar . So reformers can make the change and be the change rather than accepting the IMPROPER rules of the society .
    Ram’s verdict did not help woman’s status rather male dominance increased . Till date woman are questioned about chastity .
    And yes , Sita had unconditional love for Ram otherwise with her power of Chastity & purity-she could have destroyed the whole Ayodha the way Sita lit up fire around her in Lanka when Ravaan tried to touch her . She was BHoomija , she could have cursed the whole ayodha -ayodha would have destroyed . But SHe showed immense patience and bore the pain of false stigma of impurity and SHUT everybody’s mouth by sacrificing her life and going back to mother Earth and saved LUV & KUSH’s future . After this everybody accepted her as a chaste , pure woman . For Ram -she got blame of impurity but for her powers -she removed that blame but everybody is not SITA . How can everybody prove her CHastity ??????????

  13. Why Laxman was lying down in Precap??? he gave up his life God knows what SKR would show tomorrow.
    I feel the character of laxman was not given enough justice in SKR .
    After sita’s kidnap -Laxman was the pillar of strength for Ram .As per original Ram says he would not go back to Ayodha as Sita is lost but Laxman said you being the Mariyada Purushottam -don’t break down , we both will search bhabhi and all of us would return to Ayodha -NOT shown in SKR
    Then Laxman & Meghnad lasted for 3 days both were great archer , but here shown war with sword and moreover meghnad had all the powerful weapons more than what Ravaan & Ram had . it was due to Laxman’s 14 years of sleeplessness + Urmila’s silent contribution, Laxman could defeat Meghnad and ensured Ram’s victory
    Anyway, at last it was for Laxman Ram & Ayodha was saved from the curse of Rishi Durbhasa but Laxman gave up his life.
    Anyway let’s see what SkR shows tomorrow.
    @ Sara -pl don’t argue with Samarth bhaiya -he won’t understand. He is a man after all. How can he understand woman’s issue and Same with pradeep bhaiya too .
    Otherwise ,Sri Ram is lord Krishna and Sri Ram is not PURNA avatar , every hindu knows .
    But here , you have to give proof? I can add to your list- Lord Krishna saved Vridavan from the anger of Indra and flood by lifting Govardhan mountain . whereas Lord Ram cried when Laxman became unconscious and Ved Sushena & Hanuman helped . Same Bharat fell down but ram was helpless , there laxman & shatrughan ran for help.
    Again Lord Ram needed help of Hanuman, Laxman , , Vibhishan -all for ensuring victory but Lord Krishna opened his third eye for 18 days – destruction happened without lifting weapon.
    Lord Krishna removed the pain of bhisma when Bhisma was lying on bed of arrows , but Ram could not removed the pain of his wife . lOrd Krishna knew that he would be killed by Jara as he himself promised that to Bali in his previous birth as Ram whereas Ram waited for Narada /here Lord Shiva to come and tell him
    So examples are so many , sages & saints have narrated . But @ Samarth does not want to understand . @ Sara you have lots of work – leave this fellow .
    At last , I shall like to add Laxmi ji was Sita and Rukmini – but many says Sri Radha as they don’t understand the difference between devotee and wife . Radhaji was elder than 11 year Krishna . But later many degraded versions came – devotee was portrayed as something else . Problem is our mindset, when Hanuman/laxman is there with Ram -fine but when female devotee is there with Krishna -we have issues .
    Anyway , kali yuga is going to end . new yuga /era will dawn on light on the this -as our conscience will be clearer so leave it LORD KRISHNA .

  14. Radhika Malhotra

    Nice episode the serial is heading to the end

  15. if you people wanto watch skr means.pls watch vijaytv it’s timing is 9.00 am

  16. @shivani……………….
    No….devi Laxmi didn’t took birth as Radha………… She took birth as Rukmini………………………… Lord Krishna’s wife…………

    1. thank you joy bhai

  17. Richu

    Happy dhanteras to u all!!!!!
    May this day bring lots of happiness to everyone!!!!!

    1. happy dhanteras to u too di

    2. same to you dear

  18. I agree @ Sara ( yesterday she wrote), Joy & Veena as all have mentioned devi laxmi was born as Sita with Lord Ram and then as Rukminiji with Lord Krishna . Radhaji was a greattest devotee may be Bharat of Ramayan . Because both have the feeling of swamarpan /surrender & immense love for the beloved .
    @Veena -I agree as Laxman was underestimated in this show , as you have pointed out he was not shown fighting with arrows -he & meghnad were great archer . laxman supported his bro Ram when Sita was kidnapped otherwise as per original version Ram wanted to give up his life.and as Laxman left Sita in a the forest as per brother Ram’s instruction- his relation with Urmila got little strained As Urmila along with Ram -rebuked Laxman too.But Laxman took good care of Urmila and they had two sons . As per original version at the end , to save Ayodha & Ram from Durbasha’s curse , Laxman gave up his life ( nobody killed him) -it meant Urmila became widow .
    @ Pradeep bhai & also Samarth bhai -In reply to your yesterday’s speech -I already pointed out in above message that corruption & woman ‘s prestige is different .I shall like to add few more points if allowed & male dominated society permit me to do so- as you know it is well know fact – as king as people means jasha Raja washa praja . If King is corrupt then praja is corrupt like today’s situation, if King is adharmi like Ravaan , then praja is adharmi, if King pays respect to a woman ,like sugreev accepted his wife Roma( even though she was a victim of Bali) -praja accepts . If a king does injustice to a woman like the case of Sita , praja follows -TILL DATE in India woman are not considered at par with Man -be it education or property , son’s are preferred , Till date , question is raised against woman even though man molests or rapes , kidnaps -it is always the woman who is being questioned .
    Sara or myself – both are not against RAM . We all know Ram is lord Krishna -the purna avatar . but in his incarnation of Ram -Ram did terrible mistake of abandoning his chaste wife on the basis of a remark made by a dhobi . Dhobi was not punished rather a chaste woman was punished for no fault of her . SO till date in India -woman’s chastity is being questioned .
    In Vedic yug /Satya yug -woman were educated and had full freedom . Downfall started in Treta yuga .
    Now Ram after abandonment of SIta -He did suffer , he slept on the floor but his suffering was not made visible so indirectly Praja did not understand that Ram was in remorse , he suffered in pachayatap agni . Praja thought abandonment of SIta was RIGHT and Ram asked for 2nd time agnipariksha ( not Shown in SKR)- giving WRONG SIGNAL to praja /people of Ayodha that Woman needs to prove chastity even though he himself knew that Sita was the purest of all.
    Therefore message went wrong -till date from Treta to Kali yuga -woman’s chastity is being questioned never a man who does wrong, woman is considered to be the property of man , woman can be thrown out of the house in many places in India .
    @ Pradeep & Samarth So how far is it justified in your eyes ? How could you say it was his message ? if it was his message then it is completely against woman /nari .
    Ram understood the magnitude of SIta”s pain & suffering and his mistake when SIta went to Mother Earth making everybdoy quite about the issue of chastity.
    RAM DID not give right or identity to his son, Ram could not fight for the right of a chaste woman , Ram could not give justice to a innocent woman actually it was SIta who made it possible for Ram to give identity to their son and also proving her chastity once for all by going to Mother Earth.
    WITHOUT SITA _RAM IS incomplete .Without Laxman , Ram is incomplete Sita is perfect wife and laxman a perfect brother -both made Ram complete along with great devotee HANUMANJI

    Ram as a ruler could have set up example but he failed as a husband & father . sorry to say non-purna avatar who does not know about himself cried his heart out but could not do leela . It is not leela , there is no message by sending Sita for exile and his suffering remained to himself , did not help anyone -NOT SITA , NOT FAMILY MEMBER & NOT WOMAN
    ANd moreover Sita was queen -she should have had the equal right as King Ram but Ram gave the wrong signal to the society that King has the power to desert his wife but queen had to obey that’s why Yudhistira also did the mistake of putting his wife on the dice play . Ram’s act of abandonment is a kala dhaba on his image . That’s why when Lord Ram came as Lord Krishna in his purna avatar – he did every bit to uplift the status of woman, he did every bit to erase adharmi, he saved dharma , he protected his devotee, he did miracles to protect the general people , he started the bhakti yuga .He showed the world that useless ancient rules if makes one do aharma then better change it rather to accept . He is the protector of DHarma ,He is the reformer of society , he is the leader of the society , he is the beloved of the devotees ( both male & woman as God is above gender), he is the changing agent , He is the Yug purush. He is the Narayana.

  19. why don’t this world take krishna and rukmini name together while it has always been radha and krishna in front of the world .why rukmini’s name is not attached to krishna????please clear my confusion

  20. I watch SKR , I like Ramayan and Mahabharat .But i shall request all viewers to read the genuine books of Ramayan & Mahabharat -you can get answers to all your question – Books from Escon/iskcon, Swami Narayan- Akashar Dham , Ramakrishna Mission etc . Television serial always have variations a
    @Sara & Rani and also Veena -you must be reading the books of those mentioned that’s why your knowledge is so profound. I am glad that in today’s world -girls like you are still there who have open-mindedness & have lots of knowledge of our sanskriti. You guys have really understood Ramayan and Mahabharat .

    @ Shivani- I think Sara yesterday has already answered your questions . Please read her today’s comment and yesterday’s too. But I too add something on this issue
    And Lord Krishna is worshipped alone in South , with Radhaji in North India & also with yoshodamaiya & sheshnag , with Balaram & Subhadra in Orissa , with Rukmini’s IN MP etc . And yes Krishna is a purna avatar from his since his birth and his greatest devotee Radhaji came first in his life ( 11 year Krishna ) later devi laxmi as Rukminiji came . Moreover separation of greatest devotee Radhaji is given more importance in North whereas Ram is not Purna avatar and Ram became Mariyada Purushottam once he went to VANVAS/exile that too with Sita & laxman -he is completed with Sita and Laxman -so all 3 are worshipped in Temple .

    @Samarth – Ram did not show his virat roop as he himself did not know his swaroop .He cannot as he had no idea of his swaroop .One famous example is was while making bridge -vanaras threw stone and it floated as they put the name of Ram & with his remembrance Monkeys threw – stone were floating. Amazed by this Sriram tried and his stone sank – he asked Hanumanji -how is it possible mine sank? Hanumanji said by we throw stone in your remembrance . There are many such examples.
    @ Sanjana – leela means divine play of GOD and his devotees. Like Sudama came to Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna ate beaten rice from Sudama after washing his friends feet. Sudama was poor but could not ask for help. He went back home and Saw LOrd Krishna has turned his poverty into richness- THIS LEELA
    Draupadi was in danger of getting disrobed in Hastinapur – Rukminiji asked Lord Krishna what happened ? In Dwarika -Lord Krishna mentioned my devotee is in danger. Rukminiji says -send help. Lord Krishna says waiting for my devotees call- she is yet call me and surrender. This is leela of Narayan.
    LEELA happens when Narayan wants to help his devotees or test him/her . But what Ram did to Sita was not LEELA , Leela can’t take place where -wife crying and lord crying and both remaining helpless .
    ABout Mariyada- Mariyada sometimes result in adharma – like Yudhistira remained mariyada purush -followed every bit of Mariyada and lost everything. Lord Krishna himself said after war that Yudhistria is responsible for the war because instead of following Mariyada/rules of dice game -he should have said if Duryodhana can have representative as Sakuni , then I shall have Krishna with me. DICE game would never ever happened -Adharma happened as Yudhistria followed Mariyada of those days of DICE GAME .
    REST IS history .Like that Bhishma remained in his Mariyada could not help or do justice to Pandavs since childhood nor Draupadi during her chir haran.
    Lord Krishna on request of Rukminiji -did Rukminiji haran as Rumin- the brother wanted to marry Rukminiji to sishupal( Ravaan of last birth) But Rukminiji did not follow the custom of listening to elder brother rather ran away with Lord Krishna .

    Wishing you all a very happy diwali . Instead of crackers burning , burn away darkness inside you and embrace good things and new thoughts . Don’t just believe the general conceptions – think and believe .

  21. oh ,what an emotional epi it was . just now saw it . missing madirakshi mundle as sita . missing her a lot ……felt really sad when ram and his bros gave fire to the pyre . will miss all the three matas too . nice coronation ceremony of luv and kush . atleast now they could have shown lakbarshat children but they did not show it . precap is confusing . eagerly waiting for next episode . i cant believe that today is 28th of october ,time runs fast , soon skr will end . will miss u all guys . i dont know how i am gonna live without this skr page . happy dhanteras to u all

  22. The episode was really awesome..

  23. Samarth

    Shri Rama at the time of taking birth hide his last 2 kalas which were Paripurna and swarupavasthitha which means that he would be able to see the past, present and future and actually it was very essential to hide these kalas because if he had these 2 kalas then he would have not remain HUMAN and according to the boon given to RAVANA only human can kill him so he has to hide these 2 kalas but these does not mean that he was less than krishna in any way and there are certain texts and scriptures as it is written in shri krishna upnishad that some sages went to shri Ram in heaven and also during tretayug many girls wanted to ma try him so he give books to them that he will fulfill their desire in his next incarnation and there is also a story of maa vaishno which I will share if someone wishes so…also the mention of Ramayana is there in Rigveda and there is also an upnishad named as RAM RAHASAYA UPNISHAD which tells that Shri Ram as being the most supreme you may refer to that upnishad for details….
    And there is a verse in geeta 15.17
    UTTAM PURUSHSTAVNAY PARMATMEYADAHAT which means that supreme person is the other who is called supreme self and the next verse is ATASAMI LIKE VEDAN CH PRATHIT PURUSHOTAMAH here shri krishna is telling I am as PURUSHOTAM in other world’s as well as in vedas and in Katha upnishad it is also said there is nothing higher than purusha and there is a verse in valmiki ramayana that Lakshman while killing meghnaad said oh my dear arrow Ifor shri Ram the son of dasharath is righteous,always keeps his promise and is shri Ram is second to none in his powers as he is purusa then destroy Indrajeet…See I am not saying that shri Krishna is less than Sri Rama but wanna say that there is no difference among them and both are one and the same and equal..
    And I would like to tell when bharat went to Sri Ram during exile Sri Ram told him that how to rule Kingdom and rajdharma which was a very great and detailed discussion but never shown tI’ll now..if discussed that may have clear the concept of Rajdharma and I would like to say that why he take help of vanar and get weapons from gurudev because he wanna teach that family and friends and well behave can make a human do great deeds and successful life and why he didn’t save sita maa from kidnap because the message was to convey that don’t trust all sages blindly as some of them maybe wrong person..for dhobi’s remark that if a king is facing dharma sankat then one should be up from his happiness and think in a professional manner…I fully agree that maa sita was wronged and get injustice but that doesn’t make Rama culprit because he done his best possible decision…also in 2008 , NDTV ramayana maa sita goes for vanvaas without order of Shri Ram and he said to maa sita that he will go with her but she denies so there is a possibility of this situation also and about 2nd AGNIPARIKSHA that we are not sure that it was demanded or not but maa come along with valmiki ji and he swear that she is pure but actually the true politics implies that person holding the position must be spotless and praja want her to prove herself pure to be the Queen and yes maa was wronged I fully agree but these were situations and time that goes wrong yes he could do reform but we don’t know what time and situation were prevailing and the reforms must be done at proper time…and yes he didn’t failed as a husband and father because as a husband he dropped her near the valmiki ashram so that she is safe and there is a story too that maa want their child to be born in a very good environment and as a father I would say that Sri Rama lived thousands of years and lav kush resides with him after Sita maa he succeeded his these duties as well..and one more point maa was cursed by a parrot that she will be separated from her husband in this life and Shri vishnu also got curse from Rishi bhrigu for killing roshi’s wife who provide protection to demons while lord was on his mission of killing demons….JAI SIYA RAM

  24. Nice coronation ceremony -Luv & Kush looked cute but both sat on the same throne ??
    KUsh was the Ayodha Raja and Luv got the other part of Kaushal Rajya -you all can verify my words.
    Indeed Precap is fully confusing -could not guess what it was.
    @ Shivani – Rukminiji eloped with Lord Krishna to prevent her forced marriage with Shishupala ( Ravaan in previous birth) and she was in love with Lord Krishna. In this incarnation both Devi Laxmi and Krishna knew they were to become one.
    So this is one of the reason for not worshipping Rukminiji with Lord Krishna as our human mentality says how come Devi Laxmi asked Lord to kidnap her and get married . It is sort of our low level mentality , we want Perfect marriage – to be in the mariyada even though that Mariyada could cause lots of pain. But Lord Krishna knew Rukminiji is Devi Laxmi ( sita in her previous birth) so He saved her honour and never bother about Mariyada ( society ‘s rules) .
    Otherwise Rukmin -the brother of Rukminiji would have married Sita/Rukminiji to Shishupal/Ravaan.
    But there is temple Madhavpur where Rukminiji is worshipped with Lord Krishna -the place where both got married . every year there is a celebration
    Secondly -Having said that I shall like to point out Radhaji along with Sri Krishna is worshipped in UP& North India . Not everywhere in INDIA as asked by Samarth & you Shivani .
    AND it is said Radhaji was totally merged into Lord Krishna in spiritual sense due to her immense devotion . Radhaji must have been a great devotee of Lord Rama. that ‘s why in this incarnation she totally merged with lord . You must know how Meera bhai merged into Lord . So she is worshpped along with Lord Krishna , it happened before rukminiji came into Lord Krishna’s life
    Again as I mentioned not everywhere , Radhaji is worshipped with Lord Krishna .Lord Krishna is a complete avatar so He is worshipped alone. Let me take you for India tour .

    Please visit ORISSA –the famous Jaganathan Temple -Rath yatra – there Lord Krishna along with Balaram & subhadra is worshipped . Rath Yatra is very famous festival
    COme down to SOUTH – Sri Krishna is worshipped alone in many places -Famous Parthasarathy Temple of Chennai -only Lord Krishna .
    Then Tirupati- THE FAMOUS Venkateshwar Temple in AP . Only the 8th Avatar – LOrd Krishna is worshipped .Only Krishna
    Dwarkadish Temple of Gujrat – ONLY Lord Krishna is worshipped .It is said to be built by great grandson of Lord Krishna .

    @ Shivani & Samarth-hope I am clear.
    And yes SPM -thanks for understanding & appreciating. Yes I do read not watch . I have never watched NDTV Ramayan etc .
    It is better to read than to watch
    HAPPY DIWALI to you all.

    1. sara thank you so much for information

  25. Samarth

    @some I would like to answer that when Sri Ram asked that why stones thrown by him were not floating then hanuman ji answer that stones we threw by writing your name means they are reciting you they will float and you throw means you are making them apart from you so the drown so jisko aap apnI sharan mei lelo vo tar jata hai and jisko apne se door kro vo doob jata hai….

  26. Samarth

    @Sara I also want to know that in which codicil scripture it is written that Sri Ram was 14 kalas samoorna because wherever I have read this I got no mention of that vehicle scripture if you have read the name of the source pls tell me because I also wanna read that….n yes I am not offending as considered by many people here it’s just a question which came into my mind..

  27. Samarth

    @Sara I also want to know that in which codicil scripture it is written that Sri Ram was 14 kalas samoorna because wherever I have read this I got no mention of that vedic scripture if you have read the name of the source pls tell me because I also wanna read that….n yes I am not offending as considered by many people here it’s just a question which came into my mind..

  28. lets see what will happen in skr

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