Siya Ke Ram 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita asking Laxman what are you thinking now. He says I will go to find Ram, you have to promise me that you won’t go outside ashram. She says fine, I won’t go outside ashram. He says its possible Asurs can come inside ashram, so I have to secure this ashram, I m going to make a Rekha/line to secure you and ashram. He holds an arrow and says Lord, if I have sincerely served my brother like a true brother, with true efforts, if I served my Bhabhi like a son, give me such powers that no Mayavi power, Asur or Adharmi cross the line I stretch here. He prays. He gets a lightning powers from the sky in his arrow. He thanks Lord and takes the lightning arrow. He makes a Rekha there on the ground. Sita looks on.

Laxman says Bhabhi, this is the Rekha made your Devar Laxman,

who is equal to your son, no evil power can cross this Rekha, there are many Asur powers who take avatar of birds, animals or Rishis, in any situation, you will not cross this line, you and this ashram are secured with this Rekha, this Rekha will hold power and significance by your promise, if you promise to not go out of this Rekha, its power will be intact, if you step out of this Rekha, its power will end. She says fine, but you now proceed towards the jungle. He says sure and goes away from the ashram. Akampana looks on. He sees Sita alone and goes to inform Raavan. He says Sita is alone in ashram now. Raavan says my revenge time has come, now Sitaharan will happen, those Sanyasis will know what is the meaning of cutting nose.

Akampana asks what is the command for me now. Raavan says your work is completed, whatever will happen now will be from my side, go to Lanka and inform everyone that Lanka will get a new maid, Raavan’s Daasi, tell Surpanakha not to let her revenge fire calm down, Sita will fall to Surpanakha’s feet and beg for her life…. revenge, insult, Sita….. He fumes and walks to the ashram.

Mandodari tells Vibhishan that her heart is restless and worried since Raavan went to Panchwati, you have knowledge of fortune telling, can you see Raavan’s kundli and tell about his future problems, if there is any danger. He says sure, I will see his kundli and predict his future. He checks the kundli and gets worried. She asks is there anything to worry. He says according to Grah and nakshatra, Lanka and Raavan’s future isn’t safe, I feel Raavan will do big Adharm, which can become a reason of Lanka’s destruction. She says Sitaharan, what can be bigger Adharm than that, we have to stop Raavan from doing this. He says but that Adharm is very close now, we can’t stop him so soon. She says Mata Kaikesi, just she can help us now.

Sita worries and says I hope Laxman did not get late to reach there. Raavan walks to the ashram. He smiles seeing Sita…. Sita says now just Prabhu Shiv Shankar and Mata Parvati can help me. She prays to Mahadev and Parvati to protect Ram. Devi Parvati says fate is such, problem is coming on Sita, and she is praying for Ram. Mahadev looks on. Raavan laughs and says that moment has come, when Raavan will take revenge.

Sita goes to tulsi plant and prays. Raavan walks close to the ashram’s entrance and stares at her. He recalls Surpanakha’s words. Parvati says this time is not bad that Sita is going to get kidnapped, but its because a woman is going to get burnt in two men’s war, I m afraid that in future, evil men can take Raavan’s step as an example and torture women like this. Raavan steps ahead and gets back by the Laxman Rekha. He says whats this and steps again. He is pushed away and thinks what kind of power is this, it seems a protection line, maybe those Sanyasis made this by their Divya Shakti for Sita’s security, they forgot every Divya Shakti is waste infront of Raavan. He tries to break that Rekha by using his powers. He fails and says this Rekha can’t fail me, I have to think some other solution.

Laxman shouts Bhaiya….. Ram calls out Laxman. Laxman says I m here, I m coming. He meets Ram and asks are you fine. Ram says I m fine, but you here. Laxman asks about that call, that was not yours. Ram says no, that was Tadaka’s son Mareech’s call, we got cheated, where is Sita, I told you not to leave Sita alone, why did you come then. Laxman says I was not coming to you, but Sita asked me to go to you, she commanded me to leave, when I did not agree to you, she tried to end her life, what could I do. Ram says Sita is in problem, we have to reach ashram soon, come. They both run hurriedly towards the ashram.

Raavan smiles and takes a Rishi’s avatar. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Raavan smiles holding the empty utensil, and says I can’t go inside this Rekha, but Sita can come out of it. He starts acting and says Bhiksham Dehi/give me alms….. Sita is lost in her prayers. He shouts asking for Bhiksha/charity….. She hears him and turns to see.

Sita says forgive me Rishivar, I could not hear your call while doing Shiv Aradhna. He says foolish woman, no Devta is greater than the guest, you insulted me. She says forgive me, I was thinking something in worry, come, you are welcome in the ashram. He thinks if this Rekha was not here, I would have not needed your welcome. She asks him to come. He asks don’t you know about Rishis, I don’t enter any family oriented/householders ashram, go and get food for me here, else I will go. She says sorry, I will just come. He smiles and moves back. She looks at him and walks to him. She stops near the Rekha recalling Laxman’s words. She gives him food. Raavan says its insult if Bhiksha is giving by hesitance, don’t you know this, why this dilemma. She recalls Laxman’s warning. She looks at Raavan….. He thinks does Sita get doubt on me….

Raavan asks is it imp to insult me more. She says I will break the promise to my Devar and do my Raghukul Dharm to give Bhiksha, as guests are like Lord. Raavan smiles as she crosses the Rekha. He throws away the food and laughs. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SKR fan

    Nice episode but as well as sad. powerful. Sita will cross this rekha and then raavan will show himself and then sita will run inside the ashram but as she crosses the Line it will become ineffective and then raavan will enter the ashram and kidnap her.

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Wowewww here sita is saved frm getting hurt and there ram is hurt during shoot.. ???

  2. Awesome episode !! Guys I think I won’t be able yo comment fr the next 3 days as I’m ill. 🙁 but I’ll try my best to comment !! Feeling bad fr lakshman !! He gets scoldings from both Ram & Sita 😐 !! Actually the real story is sita shouts badly at Lakshman only ! I’m sorry fr the wrong info ( last tym sorry )

    Guys font forget to watch star psrivaar awards tomorrow at 8 pm

  3. Oh no …sitaharan will be soon,my heartbeats sound more n more…hmm..waiting for Sunday episod n but I happy also because Tom starparivar award will be published on tv.Hi,dears.How r u?hi new members…welcom,sry for late welcome bcause I was going2 out of town so…

  4. stuti

    Hi guys sry I’m not commenting nowadays. Heartly. Welcome to. All new comers sry fr late welcoming . Did. Any. 1. Forget. Me??

  5. SKR fan

    A day off from siya ke ram after months. Last time when there was no episode was on 21st February and it was bidaai scene going on.
    Well don’t forget to watch star parivaar awards tomorrow at 8:00pm on star plus.
    Siya ke ram this week trp is 1.5.

  6. Padmaja

    Ya im also feeling very sad for sita haran.But nice epi loved lakshman’s respect towards his bhabhi sita…

  7. Guys actually I have typed strdy….. Dont know whats the prb but the submission is failed….I l update now by seeing wts the fault….. Just wait guys.,…pls understand….

  8. Thank god it is submitted… Now only I submitted it …may be it l come in mrng or eve tdy…. Then I l give links here pls refer to it guys…and pls do cmnt…

  9. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Dearies last part of Lakshmila ff check it out ? the ones who havent seen it read..

  10. Sanju

    Guys I wanna ask u something which I asked in yesterday’s page no reply so let me connect with ramayan see pls note SUPPOSE ram tells Sita that she is free of this relation before agnipariksha and if Sita too does not do any agnipariksha and just goes. What would be Rams reaction I mean how would u feel when relations betray u. Would u lose faith in love. Can u still maintain ur principles. I am asking this if u were betrayed in today’s world just giving a connect to skr for clarity don’t take me wrong
    Just want a PoV of ur guys pls don’t take literal meaning
    Jai Siya ram

    @meghana are mithrabrinda and priya same

  11. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Saw repeat telecast.. A qn.. Y sita didn’t realise as lakshman had sad that asur rakshas danav daitya is eekha k par Ni ja skte to Vo rakshas h rishi Ni??

  12. vijay

    guys, I need to one thing…
    why lakshman eyes were down while speaking to siya bhabhi always???
    while vibishan has straight eye contact with mandodari bhabhi ???

    can anyone explain this plz…
    its looks to be strange for me and also i have seen many mythology. I HV never seen like this..

    • vijay

      sorry, i need to ask this questions for long time.

      plz don’t mistake me..

      answer if you wish.

      I’m not to hurt anyone’s feeling..

      • Sanju

        Laxmam respected Sita so much that he saw down only while speaking
        Whereas vibhishan of course respects mandodari but they say respect manasuilla irundha podhum I guess. U are tamilian right
        In my PoV Sita deserved all respect but mandodari she should have voiced more like now she reacts only after knowing that sitaharan can bring destruction.
        And if u see in the later part of epic after ravan dies mandodari marries vibhishan though it holds no reason to ur question am just sharing but am not sure
        Ram will not let her give up her life though stating that she was a warriors wife
        And mandodari will be the main reason for Sita to stay in Ashok vatika
        She speaks diplomatically and secures her position as per devdutt book Sita

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        First of all bhaiyya no sorry allowed..
        C lakshman consider his Bhabhi as mother u all know very well..
        Secondly Vibhishan consider his Bhabhi as a sister acc to valmiki Ramayana so..

      • vijay

        thanks for your explanation sanju,priya and vanshu…

        doubt cleared…✌✌

        waiting for nxt episodes…

  13. stuti

    Frnds tnx a lot and saw all ur ffs and polls really really nyc hope all of u study well and get good results. I may not comments fr some days or maybe this is my last comment here. Due to studies and school can’t find time to comment ….. hope u guys can understand … my exams r starting next month and there’s a lot to study…

  14. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Dearies tellyupdates hasn’t posted any of my comments from 3 hours so am writing agn,.

    Thnx for links skr fan bro…
    I hv posted last part of lakshmila ff check out
    N priya di it’s okay ? post it when possible
    A hearty welcome to u padmaja di

  15. joy

    omg…on the first day shotting they ( ravan and sita) taken selfie..and give interview togather….but what happen to our Ram-siya selfie or interview?? skr running about 7 month’s… but we not find togather in one frame……frnds have you any answer??

    • Ya but I know one thing…actually I have saw many selfies and IVs of raglak and ragsan intact I saw all…….sometimes telly bytes, telly masala and entertainment tadaka etc… L conduct IVs gift segments and all..sometimes they l conduct for fans….sometimes of their own wish they l gift that to fans….and in some ways like birthday and all fans l request them to do so….they l request in fb twitter n all….the way I know is my bro is a lover of raglak he said me this…so i just said this to u as u asked it…and cmng to selfie that’s the artist wish….. And cmng to iv if they didn’t give we can request them in their site…. That l be very funny iv’s too….

  16. joy

    hey priya i did not understand what you said….plz describe it…..what u mean raglak and ragsan…….
    ……..cmmnt plz

    • Joy ragsan and raglak are of swarginu serial…. Actually we l get a lot of iv’s of them….u know telly bytes , telly masala , entertainment tadaka etc…they l conduct iv’s and all…..

      Sometimes fans l request for iv’s gift segments and role swap and all….and those industries l conduct it ….so if we want IVs and all we can request to them for that…. In the fb and twitter site of telly bytes, telly masala and all…

      Hope u understand… If u all want the people in social sites may request them….I m sure they l do it….bcoz they did many IVs for swaragini cast at the request of fans…. So they l conduct….

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Joy… Raglak is Ragini lakshya and ragsan is Ragini sanskar from serial swaragini








  18. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Priya di pls gv links for ur pov.. Did u see I had posted a quiz 2.. Skr n Mb quiz 2 check it out

    • Meghana

      Woww stuti congrats dear dont worry it ll b posted soon if it is nt posted send it as a cmnt our priya di ll try to post it okkk

  19. vijay

    where can i get star parivaar award full video… can anyone send me link..

    frnds, if u hv any skr fan GRP in WhatsApp or fb.

    plz tell me.
    its hard to time type here…
    stories n written updates of episodes can be easily done without delay…
    it takes so much time for tellyupdate to post here..

    • Meghana

      Its nt much easy to post in groups bro bcoz everyone cant c only a few can..n v hv group in fb n hangouts

  20. vijay

    we can hv discussion fastly…

    feeling sad star plus channel is blocked in our local cable..

    I watch skr in hotstar only….

    i use to watch sitaiyin Raman (skr) in star vijay TV channel is only happiness but its far behind episodes going now..

    send the fb GRP links here

  21. Sanju

    @ skr fan what about red carpet
    When fav pita is announced as deepak awwww such a cute reaction from our Sita
    Glimpses of Siya ram were shown smiling and pls note they were sitting together first

    • Haha but I didn’t like siam per4rmence ! I expected a lot from Ashish sir as he was the winner of jhalak dikhla jaa earlier !! Is that is hit a of yhm really acting well ?? I’ve been watching yhm but I don’t think so every awards should be given to her :@

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