Siya Ke Ram 27th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sita says everyone is sleeping, we shall proceed for van by leaving them here, this will be right for everyone’s future. Ram says yes, we don’t have any other option. Laxman says yes, even I find this right, we shall leave. Ram says Praja has proved that not just Raghukul members, but Praja also knows to sacrifice, but its time that we head on our paths, as this is for ours and entire Ayodhya’s betterment. Kaise hai ise…..plays….. Ram says but I m not going alone, but I m taking your love and trust in my heart, and I will always be indebted to this love, trust and sacrifice. They greet the Praja…. And proceed.

Its morning, Sumanta calls out Ram and asks where did they do. Praja wakes up. The old man asks where did Ram, Sita and Laxman go. Sumanta says it seems Ram has gone to van,

anyone go there and see. The old man says maybe Ram went for bath and sends a man to see. He cries and asks how will we leave without Ram….

Ram tells Laxman that we came very far in van, they will not come after us. Laxman says we have to cross Ganga ghat and then relax. Ram says its not that far, we will reach there soon, come.

The man says we looked for him everywhere, we did not get him. the lady says it seems he has left all of us. Rishi Jabali asks what would Ram do then if he did not leave, would he take you all along, he took vanvaas to obey Dharm, not for his heart joy. The old man asks did we do crime to love him. The old lady says Ram ji has left us, its our bad luck. The man says we wish to give up our live. Rishi Jabali asks will you get Ram back then, he did not go to van forever, he will be back after 14 years, whose king will he become, for whom will he come, we should save ourselves for Ram, when he returns and finds us apply, he can get happiness. This is Praja’s duty towards their Rajya.

Ram asks Sita are you fine. She says yes. He says we are walking since night, did you not get tired, you would have not walked so much before. She says I did not get tired as you are with me. Ram says Sita you are my strength, I m lucky to have you as my wife, my life got blessed getting you. They smile. Laxman tells them that Ganga bay is near, we will reach there soon. They reach Ganga river bay.

Laxman says we reached here. Ram says we have to do arrangements to cross the river. Laxman says yes. They look around and see a boat… Sita says there is no one here. Laxman says I will see. He calls out anyone there. A man comes and says they look Ram and Laxman, and Janak Nandini Sita. He runs saying Prabha and falls in Ram’s feet. The man says I m blessed that Ram has come here. Ram smiles and holds him. The man says its great to see you, your sight makes one rid of all problems, I welcome you on Ganga ghat on behalf of everyone. He tells Sita that the land has become pure again by her arrival. He says our village is close, come, I will arrange your stay and food. Ram says I m glad seeing your love, but we are vanvaasi now, its our Dharm, we can’t enter any village and can’t accept any food provided and consumed by families, we have to have food as per vanvaas rules. The man says I understood, you don’t want to come to our house, as we are poor fisherman, you are Ayodhya’s prince, we are fishermen, why will you come to our house, I heard Ram does not differentiate between rich and poor, but its truth that no one is there in world who accepts us. He cries. Ram holds him and says friend Kewal….. Ram hugs Kewal…… The man gets glad. Ram says I did not say we won’t have food, I just said we can’t accept food which families/settled villagers consume, we can have food consumed by vanvaasi. The man says fine, I will arrange that, you take rest till then.

Surpanakha cries in her Kaksh. Raavan and Mandodari come there. Raavan calls her out. Some daasi keep the food plates and leave. He asks did she not forgive him till now, how long will she keep crying like this…. He asks her to have food. Surpanakha says I should apologize, I did big mistake, I trusted the enemy Vidyuthjeeva more than you, he tried to kill my brother, he cheated me by acting of love so that he can take revenge from you, I made all Asurs ashamed. She cries. Raavan says he got punished for his crime, don’t hurt yourself thinking that. He wipes her tears. She cries and hugs him. Mandodari looks on teary eyed.

Raavan tells her that its was my mistake, you could not tell me whats in your heart, if I gave you freedom, you would have asked me before marrying Vidyuthjeeva, this would have not happened, but now I will rectify your mistake, its my duty to make your life joyful, I give you full freedom, I promise you, whoever you love in three loks, married or unmarried, I will make him your servant, whoever you love, I will get him for him, I will give three loks for your happiness, I m sure when your fate will take you infront of that lucky man… Mandodari gets shocked.

Ram says this food is enough. The man says I will get more of it, this is not enough. He goes. Sita smiles seeing Ram. Ram asks what happened. Sita says I did not know whom I love, the world loves him so much, their devotion and love for you is much, I m glad. Laxman hears them and smiles. Ram says seeing their love and belief, even I m shocked, this makes me go ahead to do my duty, my foremost duty gets high because of their love. They smile.

Sita asks the man to drop them across Ganga. The man says sure, but…. Laxman angrily asks what but…. Do you want us to push the boat by means of our power…….. The man says I can’t make Prabhu Ram sit in my boat. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

    Thanx for the update ameena di…. guys pls check out yesterday’s page….. i had replied u all……

    • Hi di… di fine. …..but hand is paining alot. …….I saw ur yesterday’s comment …….even I had a elder bro…….when he was 7th year old he died due 2 illness. …… and di not saw him……di is asking how was your exam……,

      • Sanjana(Sara)

        Hi, how is zara di? Tell her to take care of herself. I searched her id in twitter but can’t find. Can you search my id? My id name is Sanjana and dp is of shraddha kapoor.

    • wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

      Today s epi superb….. guys pray for India….. kohli n raina r batting….. 49 runs with 2 wickets…. quite tensed….. we need to take 161 runs…. hope we win…….

  2. Brindha

    Hi everyone. How r u all? I liked the episode…… Ravan cares for his sister…….
    Sita, ram and lakshman left that place leaving praja there it self….. Their love for ram is evident right????

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Ww i am not angry and i am giving reply to all my ff commenters and i am writing 5ff now so only and i need to study and play chess so only sorry guys

  4. amulya

    The background music was so good! And I think I know what the precap is about. I heard a story that the boatman will say that if rams touch can turn a rock into a woman(ahilya) then what will happen to my boat?
    Sorry friends if this is wrong, but this is what I heard.

    • Nita

      Oh yes…even I have read about it….he says the boat is mine n if it becomes a woman she will be my responsibility…. N also my boat which is my source of income will be gone so how will I feed my family n her….so let we wash your feet to remove all sand particle….
      Actually it was a trick by the man so that he can wash Ram’s feet. Because otherwise Ram wouldn’t have allowed…..

  5. SKR fan

    I think the tree under which three of them were eating food was the same tree where sita was born in Mithila. I think the show makers are using the same location again. They are also not showing the real forest. All the scenes of forest were of Mithila.
    What you think?

  6. Yazhini

    Hi my dr sis nd bro …hw r u all…mssng evryne a lot…tdy epsd awsm…ravanan scene nce to c..guys plz pray fr me tmrw s my xm…k bye gud n8 swt drms

  7. SKR fan

    Siya ke ram new entry
    Have you been missing Daddaji of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai?

    Then time to welcome him back on TV in a completely different avatar.

    Veteran and talented Abhijeet Lahiri who made us fall in love with his character in YRKKH has bagged an important cameo in Star Plus’ mytho drama, Siya Ke Ram.

    The Triangle Films daily will soon embark upon Ram (Ashish Sharma) and Sita’s (Madirakshi Mundle) journey as they will leave their palatial lives and head towards the 14 years exile.

    And, on their way, they will meet a sage who will welcome them in his house and impress them with his hospitality.

    The above mentioned character, Rishi Bharadwaj will be essayed by Abhijeet.

    Added the source, “The character although a cameo will help in the story telling as Ram and Sita’s nature of selflessness would be projected.”

    As per sources Abhijeet will begin shoot from tomorrow and his entry will air sometime soon.

    Also actor Virendra Singh has been signed to play the character of Kevat, the boatman who ferries Ram and Sita.

    Abhijeet confirmed his entry with us.

  8. Brindha

    Oh I miss everyone who are not present here…… I miss nidhi di….. And Zara di …….
    Get well soon both of u ……. Waiting for both of them to return…… Take care both of u…… I am worried abt u two……

  9. Silpa k sivadasan

    In malayalam version of ramayanam
    It was a tribal king guha helped the trio to cross river

    Ravan’s Love 4 his sis
    Is very gud
    Bt he does not know d fact that love is not abt giving the lovd ones wat they want but wat they need…

  10. Veronica crouze

    Soon entry of hanuman is going to happen…i think sita’s kidnapping is not so far to show…i’m waiting to see d quarrel between sita & ravan…

  11. Tanu............:-)

    Hi di’s
    Today’s. Epi was nice
    And can anyone tell me why will the boatman deny for allowing ramji into his boat
    I know he ask fr something good but I am nt getting wt he asked

    • Sanjana

      Because he thinks Ramjis touch made stone into ahilya so due to ignorance he thinks Rams touch can turn his boat into human and he this is my only source of livelihood

    • Nita

      I have read that….he says the boat is mine n if it becomes a woman she will be my responsibility…. N also my boat which is my source of income will be gone so how will I feed my family n her….so let we wash your feet to remove all sand particle….
      Actually it was a trick by the man so that he can wash Ram’s feet. Because otherwise Ram wouldn’t have allowed…..

  12. Sneha

    Everyone loves Ram a lot. It only shows his greatness. Episodes are going good. But Ravan said that wrong. even if married he will have to marry his sister. Though it was destined cause of which sita’s abuction will happen but if he loves his sister so much he should also remember that that person’s wife must also be having a brother who would love her very much. so being a brother how can he do this

  13. Sanjana

    Guys somehow though I enjoy commenting here
    It proves to be a slight distraction to my studies
    I have promised myself that I won’t comment till April 15
    Maybe 4 or 5 comments maximum
    Since I am starting 10th I want to start with full vigour concentration focus and discipline
    After April 15 will post 5 analysis on Ramayan
    Also have some beautiful articles to post
    Hope u understand and won’t forget me
    All the best for exams
    Nidhi di and Zara di get well soon
    Already many are missing and now don’t think I am also going just temparory
    Hope India wins though it is difficult
    Stay blessed and keep smiling
    God bless u?
    And coming to the episode the vanvas will give us values for life
    Though didn’t watch the episode loved it
    Will miss u guys
    But Ramji has taught me duty is foremost
    Love skr
    Tomorrow school and tuition having monday day morning blues already
    Today I didn’t comment sorry spent full day with family ,had gone to chennai
    Good night sleep tight

  14. Hi Guys. ..I’m commenting on behalf of zara di ….how r u all. ……zara di is fine now…..but hand is paining alot. ………she’ll back soon….may be after 20 days…….Thanks for information skr bro…….All ff is mind blowing. …….dia di ,places write more mandvi urmila. ……..Nidhi di get well soon. ……bye guys good night. …I’m going to see the match with devil (zara di ??)…….India is playing supber. ……telly update please please please please please please please please please please post my comment. ….

  15. Sanjana

    Ravan loves himself not others
    He thinks that money and power can satisfy anything
    He has so much wisdom but his ego doesn’t make him understand love

  16. Silpa k sivadasan

    All the bst sanjana
    May u fulfil the promise u hav taken

    Zara nidhi get well soon

    How r u haripriya ishita brinda ww ranaji sarayu skr fan
    And all othrs

    Sleep tight
    Gud ni8 tc

    • Tanu............:-)

      Thank u sanjana di fr a good thought r proverb
      All the best
      Be the best
      And start your 10th class with full of joy

  17. Sanjana

    Today episode was light with love and humility ?
    WW Di all the best for your last exam computer
    Hope you have prepared well
    My prayers with U??
    All the best haripriya
    U are so sweet sis and narendra bro
    You will Do well ?
    Brinda nice dp will miss u ?
    Zara Di take care I pray to god that ur pain
    reduces will wait for ur comeback?
    Amulya Di didn’t watch episode thnx for description ?
    Silpa Di even in books I have read about tribal King guha☺️
    Veronica Di Sita ravan quarrel will be nice but Siam separation won’t be nice?
    But we have to expand our mind to accept it?
    Skr fan thanks for info bro?
    Sneha Di how are u long time I guess?
    Malvi Di even i love Siam everybody does?
    Yazhini Di I am fine how about u sis
    Will miss u
    Will surely pray for u ?
    Malvi and abhi how are u
    Stay blessed and keep smiling ?
    Brinda till when do u have hols?
    Zara Di bro enjoy the match?
    All ur dos are awesome watching match so not able to mention individually
    Do u think India will win??????????

  18. Sanjana

    Thanx for update Di
    WW Di checked out ur comments
    Nidhi Di take care
    Missing u nippy Di
    Anybody what happened to Indian woman’s match today

  19. Sanjana

    Yay India won
    Guys what a match
    Kohli God he is great and he won the match for us
    And dhoni finishes in style
    Really never expected them to win
    India has made me positive again
    The last 4 over what an innings filled with fours
    And India has entered the semis making us all wonderfully proud
    The hosts have saved the honour and showed t20s are their cup of coffee
    Is the semis with West Indies????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

    Hey… INDIA won guys….. i m so happy…. tellyupdates pls post my comment plzzzzzzz….

  21. Sanjana(Sara)

    Congrats everyone india won the match.
    Ww di my id on twitter is Sanjana and my dp is of shraddha kapoor.

  22. Niharika

    so much happiness wellwisher di. I guss you all jave forgoten me. I could not comment cause I have to study and study for exams which is on 1 april otherwise my parents will make me into gauve pulp. By the way Happy Easter to everybody.

    • Stuti

      Hi niharika.., how r u…, what r u saying…. How can we forget u…, what about ur preparation for exam…. Have u done all practice…. Gud luck for exam

  23. Stuti

    First of all hats off to skr team…. Yar everyone has perfect dialogues…. Perfect location…. Perfect bg songs …… Perfect costumes……. In short skr is perfect……………, now am so happy…. Yippe hurrae hahahaha we won the match …., 2ndly hats off to indian cricket team….. They played very well and won match 2day…:-):-):-)

  24. Stuti

    Hi….. all of u have awesome dp…. I have no words to describe them…. They r just amazing…….. Now ww gud luck for ur last exam… Hope u will score gud in comp….. Haripriya all the best for ur exam… I am sure that u will do best…… Thank u so much skr fan for info and thanx zara’s bro for informing us about zara….. How is she now hope she will be back soon…. Plz zara and nidhi come back… Missing u a lot…. Dia di ur ff is awesome…. Thanx to everyone who has shared info about skr…, once again thanku….. Hi ishita plz reply me for this… Do u study in D.P.S….. Yes/no…. Sorry if it is personal….’ jai siya ram:-P

  25. Stuti

    Hello guys …. M so much sad ;-(;-(;-(…. What happened to our family…. So less comments:-|…. I have seen once they crossed 300 and yesterday they just crossed 100 by 1 comment;-(…. I know that some r busy in exams like nippy , ww , haripriya…. And some have broken their bones and have fracture like nidhi and zara… But still we have less comments becoz we have a huge family…. Agree or not

  26. Stuti

    Hi sanjana and zara i could not find u both on twitter….. Plz search me as shreya agarwal with a white and green dp….. Plz tell me how can i change mx dp on twitter plz plz plz…………. By the way now am feeling sleepy…. Gud night… Have sweet dreams….. I know the moderation of my comments will over till morning… So gud morning all of u….. Have a gud day…. Today i will be busy as some construction work will be start at my home…. Plz forgive me if i will not be able to comment 2day;-(….. plz telly update post my all comment its a humble request plz plz plz.,.. jai shri ram:-P

      • Stuti

        Ya dear…. I found u and have followed u,… Plz follow me also and tell me how can i change my dp on twitter….. Haripriya are u also on twitter? Plz tell me ur id and everyone who is on twitter plz give me ur id if its not personal….

    • Haripriya

      Di I’m in Twitter as Haripriya but if u type Haripriyachillu u can fine me di and my dp is a pic of me and my cousin

  27. Stuti

    Belated Happy birthday zara, bhoomi and akanksha di… I know its very late as i was busy in my exams from 2 to 19 march and then in holi…. So sorry for late wishes… Plz pardon me for that and akanksha di now u have to give double treat… One for birthday and other one for winning singing competition…. So treat is pending

  28. Veronica crouze

    They’ve shown ram’s vishnu avatar many times…bt they hv n’t shown d laxmi avatar of sita after her grown up….i want tp see her goddess avatar.


      ya even i want see. longing for it from MM entered………… hope they show it………

  29. jay

    Hiii.. Guys Hope U haven’t forgetten me…… Sorry for not Commenting I was busy with some work.But I had read all your comments……..

    Haii Nidhi & Zara Dear Get well Soon ………Missing U Guys…………..
    Sanjana I had also read your analysis it was just awesome dear…Loved It ……………
    Nita , amulya & Sanjana Tnks for the information ……………..
    Miss U GUysssssssss

    Regarding Episode it was Suprr……. The Background music was so nice …….Love It…


      Welcome back dear……… even ur dp superb…… n yes really ncy bg tune……….

  30. jay

    Sorry Missed in Last Comment All the Dp are nice guysss…….Suprr Dp……Love SKR Familyyyyy……………

    • Stuti

      Don’t be tensed dear……. I know u will give ur best…. And plz write ur exam with calmness

  31. Stuti

    Hi jay,…. How r u ??? Missed u a lot….. Hope u remember me…. Now your work is over na so plz comment regularly becoz dude everyone is missing u….,. And awesome dp,.. Madrikshi is looking superb

    • jay

      S Dear……………. I remember U …… Me too missed U ……….
      Tnks for Dp….
      I will comment Iam too missing our Large SKR Family………..
      Hope to see all back soon ….

  32. Ishita

    A very heart braeakinv news for urmila’s fans
    Actually yukti kapoor (urmila ) had a breakup with her boyfrnd rohan mehra who work as naksh in yeh rishta kya kehlata h
    They were expected to be seen in nach baliya
    But they recently had a split??????????

  33. Bhoomi

    Hello guys i m back ….. ?? Remember me …. Missed u all a lot ..

    All the new comers welcome …????

    Where is nidhi ??????

    Ww waiting 4 your surprise ….

    Everyones dp is superb ..

    • jay

      Hii Bhoomi How R U dear??
      Nidhi & Zara di havin fracture so on bealf of zara di her bro is commenting & Nidhi is on rest…

  34. Dhruv

    ww di i am fine and with all your wishes my exams went well .glad to know that you all are well but what happened to zara and nidhi?


      glad that ur exams went well……

      nidhi meet with a accident few days a ago…… she has leg fracture…….. and zara fell down from staircase and has hand fracture……… nidhi is feeling okay…… zaar her brother everyday comments on her behalf………

  35. Stuti

    Hello bhoomi…… So finally u r back so happy:-):-)…… Missed u a lot…. Ur exams are over now right….. A bad news bhoomi about zara and nidhi:-(;-(….. In actual nidhi has fallen from scooty and has fracture in leg….. And zara has fallen from stairs and have fracture in hand….. Missing them a lot…… Bhoomi my previous comment is 4 u … Plz check it out


    Hi everyone…… hey my exams r over……. my computer paper was quite easy………

    sorry everyone i got nidhi’s msg on 25 march but read only today……… sorry nidhi n all……… guys she s okay but her parents r angry on her……. though the mistake was in drunken lorry driver her parents r blaming her seems……… she is missing u all seems……. she wished gud luck all having exams………

    nidhi n zara this is for u:

    about the surprise:

    i actually had created a fan club site in…….. here u can only comment but cant have any post…….. in the comments u can have links……… if there is any problem pls let me…..

    Some instructions:

    1. note: whoever becomes a member here ur email id will be only visible to me……. so if u trust me send a request in the following link:

    this is mainly meant for all of us to have private chat n those who r not in other social websites……….. here ur privacy is sure……… but all comments will be moderated till all members have joined r confirmed not be fake……. so sorry guys bcoz i cant risk u all…….. so till then no props………..

    and those u have account in wordpress only can become member in this………. hope u all got it………..

    if u have doubt pls tell me…… i will try my level best to help u all…………


    • wellwisher

      GUYS I M FEELING A BIT TIRED…….. So no more visiting here bcoz might sleep now………

      sara i had found u……. is haripriya the one in skr family? stuti i m also in twitter……….. u can find mine in sara’s followers……… n zara’s bro unable to find her………… pls give detailed description.

      tellyupdates pls post all my comments……..

    • wellwisher

      and 1 more thing……… i got nearly 4 request but i dont how far its skr member so i need u to comment here if u had sent request…… sorry guys…… but pls understand it.

      tu pls post all my comments,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  37. Sita

    Hi everyone i think here most of them r Mahabharat fans also
    so if u want to know more about Mahabharat after war them u can read ff Mahabharat Beyond war write by Sv it just nice


      yes di…. i read the 1st one but since no time i stopped reading it………..

  38. jay

    Haiiiiiiiiii WW………….good to know your exams went well…… Tnks for the surprise dearrrrrrrrrrr

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