Siya Ke Ram 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram telling Sita about the birth of four brothers, by Rishi’s yagya. He says Shanta stays in this ashram. Sita says when you asked permission from Dasharath to meet Shanta, I also wished to meet her, I understood it now. Ram says she stays a simple life in the lap of nature, you are also born by nature’s womb, its natural. He asks her to come. They all go ahead. Shanta opens the door and gets surprised them(her brothers with their wives).

They all greet Shanta. Ram says Didi…. Shanta says Ram…. And gets teary eyed. She names all of them. Ram says after marriage, it was not possible to go Ayodhya without meeting you. Shanta gets very happy and goes to get aarti plate. She does tilak to Ram and Sita and does their aarti. She blesses them, and does same rituals

to other couples.

Mandodari comes to Chandralok and meets her mother’s friend. She greets her. She introduces herself. She says I have come to find Amrit kalash in Chandralok, my husband Raavan’s life is in danger, if I get Amrit kalash, his life will be saved, just a woman can understand a woman’s pain, show me the path to get Amrit kalash. Devi says I can understand your situation, nothing is more imp than husband’s life for a wife, even if I tell you the location of Amrit kalash, it won’t be of any use, as anyone can’t get Amrit kalash. She says humans can’t get it, just pure hearted and pure soul people can get amrit kalash. Mandodari says take me to that pure place Devi.

Shanta tells the girls that she always knew the girls will be lucky to marry her brothers, and now seeing them, she feels her brothers are lucky to get them. She says I m sure they will keep you all very happy, expectations are natural, if they do any mistake, forgive them. Laxman smiles and says you are taking their side. Shanta says now I m taking their side, once you reach Ayodhya, three Matas and Pita ji will also take their side. Shatrughan says you said true, we should accept this truth before going to Ayodhya. Ram sees Sita and tells Shanta that Sita wants to tell you something. Shanta asks Sita to say, she has full right. Sita tells about Bhabhi and Nanand’s relation, happiness and sorrow can be shared with Nanand, she obeys sister and friend’s duties, so we all have come to take you to Ayodhya. Everyone smile.

Shanta says whenever I heard about Mithila, I have heard a lot about you Sita, but today I have seen your inner beauty is more than your external beauty. She praises Sita and says I would be happy to spend time with all of you in Ayodhya, but I m married woman, like you all are going Ayodhya after leaving Mithila, I also felt my Maayka, now this is my world, its my duty to take care of my husband and sasural, I m fulfilling my Dharm, I know its tough to be away from Maayka, but I bless you all, you get so much love and happiness that you don’t miss your Maayka. She says I wish you all the best to start a happy married life. She asks them to rest here today and leave for Ayodhya tomorrow. Ram says sure, but Dasharath and three Matas are waiting for us at Ayodhya. Shanta says you have some after many years, that too with your wife, will you not stay here, last time even Maa did not stay here. Sita says we should agree to Shanta. Ram agrees. Shanta gets glad and asks them to rest, she will prepare dinner. Sita says I will come along.

Devi takes Mandodari to that sacred place. She tells Mandodari that Kalash is here, you can get Amrit kalash by your capabilities and powers. Mandodari walks ahead and looks around. She prays to Lord to help her, a woman’s purest thing is her husband’s love, if I m loyal to my husband and if I love my husband selflessly, if I have that power of purity, then I pray to you to give me that Amrit kalash. The wind blows.

Amrit kalash appears. Devi asks Mandodari to open her eyes. Mandodari gets happy seeing the Amrit kalash. Mandodari takes the kalash. Devi says you made impossible possible. Mandodari thanks her for helping her in saving her husband’s life.

Shanta tells Sita that I have seen much love for Ram in your eyes, I m very happy, such love and compatibility between you both soon after marriage, its great. She asks her to say what qualities she likes about Ram. She asks her not to be hesitant and tell her. She says I accepted marriage with Rishi for some reasons, I did not know about him, I just knew I had to marry him, such love was possible when I started my life with him, I m very happy today. Sita says your happiness is evident. Shanta says I asked you as you look happy with Ram. Sita says any girl would like to find the qualities in her husband which she has seen in her father. She tells her about Sunaina and Janak. She says I have seen Janak’’s qualities in Ram, Ram has given importance to me, his heart has compassion for everyone in the world, he has knowledge, compassion, patience and courage, if a man has so many qualities, love is natural to happen, right. They smile.

Mandodari makes Raavan wear garlands. Vibhishan and Mandodari make Raavan immortal by using the Amrit kalash. Devi Parvati informs Mahadev about Raavan getting Amar. Raavan wakes up and looks around.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. I am a tamilian,I don’t understand Hindi but I saw the episode
    A short summary
    Sita and ram talk about their childhood
    Sita tells about janak to ram and ram tells about King harishchandra and raghukul to Sita
    Mandadori and vibhishina make ravan unconcious and pour Amrit over him
    Vibhishina praises mandodari for her Patna dharma
    An announcement of princes and putravadhus coming to ayodha is made. Dash arhat hand queens becomes happy.
    Ravan wakes up and as he walks Lanka starts shaking he goes and try’s to lift some mountain
    Mondadori and vibhishina are shocked by ravan’s deed
    The episode ends with ravan laughing
    Pre cap: all the princes and vadhus come to ayodha and ram tells something about praja to Sita

    1. Thank you so much sanjana!?
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  4. Its 9:10 now 🙁 plssssssss tellyupdates post the siya ke ram episode 28 feb 2016 fast ….

  5. All the best nidhi di
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  9. Not at all that much good.I think they will never reach Ayodhya but what can we do when the script writers themselves are gone case and mental like anokhe lal saxena.

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  11. if any one has seen episode please tell us can’t watch episode till exam end.

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  14. And ameena di it’s request please update episode fast till the exams end.

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  17. Here is short summary of today’s episode

    The episode starts with sun rising and all the couples leaving from the ashram.
    Sita says Ram that she feels happy after meeting Shanta di and also says about her father said about proudness of raghukul kingdom and flashback comes and in that Janak
    saying about dasharatha and his before people to his daughters.
    Ram smiles and he also thinks about flashback in which he talks about King Harichandra to Guru Vashistand the flashback ends.
    On the other side Mandodari and Ravan’s brother talking about Amrit kalash and Ravan searches for Mandodari everywhere .
    Mandodari comes with a garland and tells Ravan that she herself wants to make him wear it and put it on him.
    They both sit on bed and suddenly Ravan fells unconscious and Mandodari apologies to Ravan as she did something in garland to make Ravan fall unconscious.

    Ravan’s brother come and he pours the pot in Ravan’s navel and it spreads all over his body.He also says Mandodari that Ravan is an Amir and no one can kill him also appreciates Mandodari for her pathi vrat.

    In Himalyas , Parvati talks to Mahadev about Ravan being Immortal and Mahadev opens his eyes and says about one day Narayan (Ram)
    will come and kill him.

    Ravan wakes up and starts walking from the bed and the kingdom starts shaking and he lshows his hand the pot is lifted and is doen and he kicks a table which has candles and they are blown.He keeps his hand on pillar and it moves away and he turns and shouts and most of the things are broken.

    In Ayodha , people come and say to the three queens and Dasharath that their sons are coming with their wifes and all of them are happy and Dasharath throws gold coins for the people.

    Mandodari and Ravan’s brother are scared seeing what has happened and they go to balcony and see Ravan lifting a mountain. They both get worried about it .

    All the couples are going to enter Ayodhya.

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