Siya Ke Ram 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with many people playing shank and dhol to wake up Kumbhkaran. Surpanakha looks on. Kumbhkaran is very massive and sleeping. She asks the people to play aloud. The men go near his ear and play sounds. He does not wake up. The soldiers hit his feet with pointed sticks, even then he does not wake up. He moves his hand and they move away. She screams angrily and says Raavan would reach here any moment, I have to wake Kumbhkaran anyway, he won’t like this, but he won’t wake up by any other way. She calls the soldier.

She asks them to throw the pointed weapons. They throw weapons and pull him by ropes. She asks them to try hard. They pull him and his head falls in the big water vessel. He wakes up and asks who has dare to do this, who woke me up. She smiles and says I have

woke you up. He asks Surpanakha, my dear sister, was this necessary, could you not wait for sometime. She says no. He laughs. Sulochana comes there and greets her. He asks Surpanakha what does she want. She says your permission. Raavan comes there and says you woke up….. Kumbhkaran, my brother……. And smiles.

Chatayu says I feel very glad today, meeting you all I feel I met Dasharath. Sita says our vanvaas will end soon, you can come to meet us at Ayodhya. He says it won’t be possible, I can’t leave my brother alone, I have to arrange food for him. Laxman says its fine, we can come to meet you. Chatayu says I will be glad, but result maybe bad, Sampati hates anyone related to sun, even Suryavanshi, I don’t think we can meet again. She says we can’t say who meets us and when, I feel I will meet you again soon. Chatayu says when I met you for the first time, I attacked you, I would wish to serve you by working hard and get free of my mistake. She greets him. He blesses her.

Ram says I m glad meeting you, accept my greetings. Chatayu keeps Ram’s hand over his head. Ram caresses him. Laxman greets and hugs Chatayu. Chatayu turns into hawk and flies away.

Kumbhkaran greets Raavan, and says why do I feel that six months did not complete till now. Raavan says it did not complete, it seems you are made to wake up. Surpanakha says I woke you up, I have to ask you something. Kumbhkaran says then ask…. She says I…. he gets the food smell, and sees Meghnadh coming with the servants. Meghnadh looks at Sulochana. The servants get all the great dishes. Meghnadh greets Kumbhkaran, and says I got all these great dishes to calm your hunger. Raavan says you are hungry since many months, we can talk after you have food. Kumbhkaran agrees. Raavan asks him to have food first. Surpanakha gets angry. Raavan says come, we have to give him one day to calm his hunger. Raavan looks at Meghnadh and they leave. Surpanakha gets annoyed and leaves. Kumbhkaran smiles seeing the food.

Hanuman talks to the kid. The kid is hurt and says I can’t even talk. Hanuman says don’t worry, I will make you fine and holds his leg. The kid screams. Hanuman says I think his bone broke. The boy whom Hanuman saved, checks the monkey kid. He says his bone did not break, hold his hand, I will make him fine, what are you looking at, hold him. Hanuman holds the monkey kid’s hand. The boy pulls and twists the monkey kid’s leg and makes him fine. Hanuman smiles. The monkey kid says my leg pain disappeared. Hanuman tells the boy that he has talent to cure people. The boy asks whats the use of this. Hanuman thinks your parents and Guru did not realize your talent, you lost your self confidence, but I understood what to do.

Its night, Sita pulls out flowers from her hair. Ram asks Sita what is she thinking. Sita smiles and asks how did you know I m here. He says this world brings me to you by numerous ways, and gives her flowers. She smiles and gives the old flower string. They sit. He says you did not answer me. She says I was thinking of Chatayu and Sampati, I was thinking we live within limits. He says get glad by Maryada. She says I m saying about bounds, both limit humans, and explains difference between Maryada and Bandhan, she says Chatayu is protecting his brother, its his maryada, but Sampati is angry and does not come out in sunlight, its Bandhan, its important to make him free of this bandhan. Ram says what good deed I did that I got a great wife like you. She says don’t say this, you have great qualities. He asks her to see there and shows the flower string. She smiles….. and turns…. He smiles and ties the flower string to her hair. He says you are the thread that strings my identity. Laxman comes there. Ram asks Laxman to come. Laxman says I worried on not seeing you both in hut. Ram says its all fine, we will go to Chatayu place in morning to free someone of bandhan. Sita smiles.

Laxman asks Sita won’t you come with us. She says no, you brothers should go to show a brotherhood example. Laxman says its not safe for you to stay alone and makes a Laxman-Rekha. He asks her to stay within the Rekha limits.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Thnx for the fast update mam.. I am back to syr family.. Sorry I was busy now I am back to comment

  2. Awesome epi ! Seems to be a awesomely Lakshman Rekha not the Ravan’s one !! 😉 As my vacations have started I will regularly comment ! Thanks Amena di for the fast updates 🙂

  3. Nyc episode loved the Lanka part it was very funny I mean kumbakarna part. Siya ram scene was also nyc. Sitaharan will be within this week bcoz of precap that’s confirmed but in this the lakshman rekha is different!

  4. veronica crouze

    Will they show sita haran tomorrow??how cn dey show sita’s kidnapping during 11 years of vanvas?will they show sita’s confinement at lanka fr 4 years?

  5. pooja

    hey!!!!!!!!!! all of u how r u all???????
    hope u guyz r remembering me …………. 😉 😉 😉 😉
    now a days i feel epi were bit boring…… don;t u guyz..think……
    love u alll my dear sisters & bros………..;) 😉

  6. Anil

    Epi started with funny note (kumbhkarna woke up)….and ends with meaningful dialogue (maryada and bandhan) by sita…

    as usual nice episode…

  7. SKR fan

    Very good episode. Siyaram love scene after many days.
    I couldn’t comment yesterday. I wanted to know about devaasur sangram in which dashrath participated. Can anyone tell me about it in detail?

    • Anil

      Devasur sangramam…dasharatha helping to devatas but in war once he was unconscious… then kikei helps him to save his life…On that day only dasharatha gave her two boons…
      I knew this info only…. if someone knows about this explain in detail…iam also want to know about devasur sangramam..
      Sorry if any info is wrong….

  8. SKR fan

    Madirakshi tweeted:-
    Rehearsing for my first performance in #StarParivaarAwards In your city Mumbai ☺️ #StarPlus Love Madi.

    • Srinidhi

      Thx for all the links bro…happy to see SKR cast @star parivaar awards…yay! Ashish won!!!

  9. Hi, I am new here.I have read all the episodes within these past 3 days only.I wish I am not a disturbance to any of you. I stay in Tamil nadu.I speak Tamil.all can speak to me as a elder sister and I don’t revel my name,sorry.

  10. Tanu............:-)

    Hi di’s
    Nice epi
    Anyone remembered me……….
    Or should i introduce myself again

  11. Sita

    I think there r many new comers can anyone introduce them n about me i m sita frm TN . I have just completed 12th n preparing for entrance xams……

  12. Yazhini

    Hi guys hw r u all…!!!hw s ur hldys gng n…frst f all I hrtly wlcm all my new comers….I M Yazhini… I’m frm TN…I hve just cmpltd my12 th xm nd pprng fr ntrnce xm…hi ranaji hw r u… Hpy to c ur cmnds here…hw s ur chess class nd cmptn …do well all the bst fr ur brght future…my pryrs fr u…nd my Dr swt sis Zara hw r u Dr…hw s ur hlth…nd hw s ur hldys gng n…take care Dr…B sfe nd careful…hi sita Dr hw r u …I was tensd fr my rslt…all the best fr ur ntrnce xm…do well Dr…hi twnkle hw r u Dr…hi priya I dnt knw who u r…bcz I hpe u r new here …if u r new I hrtly wlcm u…I M Yazhini frm TAMIL NADU,I M frm villupuram dt….. U r the one who s gvng cmmnnts to all …nce f u Dr…nd i f u dnt thnk t as prsnl cn u tell me abt u …nd guys whoevr I dnt mentn here dnt mstke me…k guys byebye tc gud n8 swt drms…tdys epsde s nce bt smewat brnyg…

  13. savi

    Confusing is the Ravan kiddnaping scene will it be different? Meeting kunkaran isn’t that suppose to be when ram in search of Sita? To me this episode I’d dragging n has add on which confused the entire fans of this new series. Still get my eyes glue very interesting but hope it’s doesn’t confused from the actual story.

  14. Siya

    Hey guys yes yesterday episode was amazing and ram and sita bonding is amazing..
    And sorry for not replying as I’m still busy with my gujcet so…I hope u understand… Miss u guys

  15. Meghana

    kumbakarna scene was funny and siya and ram scene was too cute:-):-):-).and finally epi was nice.
    Dont mss today’s epi its going to interesting right.
    Any how every epi in skr is interesting.S dis i 2 think sita haran is showed tommorow
    it looks sad but no one can change an epic right!

  16. Meghana

    kumbakarna scene was funny and siya and ram scene was too cute:-):-):-).and finally epi was nice.
    Dont mss today’s epi its going to interesting right.
    Any how every epi in skr is interesting.S dis i 2 think sita haran is gng to be shown looks sad but no one can change an epic right!

  17. Thanmathi

    First of all welcome back Yazhini di Malvi dear Sita di Ranji bro I’m Thanmathi from TN waiting for my 10th results. And welcome to all new members. Nice episode but a little bit dragging I can’t post my ff this week a small technical fault in our PC that’s why.

  18. This is the current published awards . most of the important awards was given to yhm. There is some more awards that’s not published. I will update here when it is published

    Favourite Beta: Aashish Sharma aka Ram for Siya Ke Ram
    Favourite Maa: Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    Favourite Sasur: Varun Badola aka Raghav Srivastav for Mere Angne Mein
    Favourite Pati: Karan Patel aka Raman Bhalla for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Favourite Patni: Divyanka Tripathi for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Favourite International Jodi: Raman and Ishita (Karan Patel, Divyanka Tripathi) For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Favourite Jodi: Raman and Ishita (Karan Patel, Divyanka Tripathi) For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Most Stylish Actor: Shagun (Anita Hasandani) For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Favourite Bahu: Ishita Bhalla (Divyanka Tripathi) For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

  19. Nabanita di I think madirakshi doesnt get any award bcoz she was nominated in the category of best patni, best jodi and digital sadasya but this all gone to ishita of yhm . may be it is wrong sometimes but the pic was posted (all awards of yhm) . anyways madirakshi has the great award that’s her fans.

  20. Hi frnds gd mrng!! If anybody here is in Twitter then there is a pic of yukti but not single ,a group photo only there are many pics of skr family. I can’t share it as I m not twitter . that is in star parivaar awards 2016 twitter site . I noticed that site for awards list but I got skr families pic pls share it here whoever in twitter pls share it dears.

  21. Thanmathi

    Just wanted to share this info. We know Bharath is the incarnation of sudharshan chakra you know whose incarnation is Mandavi she is the incarnation of Devi Vijayavalli the consort of sudharshan chakra.Malvi dear where did you get the information about Devi Bimla? I searched in net hoping to get more info about her but couldn’t find it

  22. vaidehi

    i am new in this page and i am a silent reader…………… i have been reading all ur comments since long
    precap is somethig different
    hope so

  23. stuti

    Hi I’m new in this page have been reading ur comments since long….
    Would u mind accepting me in this skr family? I’m stuti from TN

  24. Meghana

    Priya di i think madirakshi did not nominate for fav beti if so she would hv won. Its damsure

  25. Meghana

    Thanmathi di &priya di r wtng fr 10th results right! Is jay di also wtng?if so i hope u all will good score

  26. Thanmathi

    Hurrah comments reached 200+today jay Di can I share a video with you on Twitter actually I made the video it’s a clip from seedhayin Raman. I want to share this with all but unfortunately I am not a member in group and I want to know your opinion about it as well hope you don’t mind. I’ll share it next week di if u don’t mind

    • Thanmathi

      I don’t mean to hurt others as it is from seedhayin Raman I wanted to ask opinion from a tamilian

    • jay

      U hv to dear………u don’t hv to ask permission dear ……………. We will wait for the video………..

  27. Thanmathi

    Jay Di u gave me a lifetime surprised u don’t even tell me since no thanks between sisters ??? ‘

  28. jay

    Priya dear ..
    New Sadasya (Male) – Adarsh – Harshad Arora
    New Sadasya (Female) – Swadheenta – Tridha Choudhury

  29. jay

    Haii Guyzzz….really feeling happy…comments are 231+ …
    Happy to see some of the old mates are back like Ranaji, Sita, pooja,yazhini,zara..…
    Whr is Krishnai , Haripriya…….AND other who R missing…
    Miss U Nidhi,Sanjana,WW………Get well soon Nidhi …….come back soon….
    Happy to have priya,twinkle thanmathi,anil,nabanita,malvi,vanshika,SKR Fan, Meghna,supreetha,ahana,brindha….. Sry if I missed any 1…
    Warmed to welcome all the new members…………………
    Love U all guyzz………………


  30. pooja

    thank u dear
    awwwwwwww nidhi still is not ok ………..:0 :0
    i thought after some tym she will be ok ………….

    • Don’t worry di she l be OK soon as our prayers are with her….. Get well soon nidhi dear hope to see u back here………

    • Welcome dear ofcourse u can join us!!! I m priya and I completed my 10th and waiting for my results and from Tamil nadu..can u pls introduced urself?? Sry if it is personal

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