Siya Ke Ram 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Valmiki doing the aarti. Sita, and everyone pray. Sita smiles. Ram goes and sees Sita’s handprints on the wall. He touches that and gets sad. He imagines Sita with him. Sita keeps her hand over the print. Ram smiles seeing her. She says you in this Kaksh. He says yes, I m here in this Kaksh, your handprints are here. She sas after marriage, I have been with you in jungle for 14 years and then 12 years spent in jungle alone, such time gap has made the prints so blurred, same way our love has faded. Ram says no Sita, everyone can get erased and blurred, but not my love, till I m alive, no one can make your love out of my heart and soul, this love gives me strength to live life, that lights my heart like a Deepak and makes the darkness away, King Ram has made you away from

Ayodhya, but no one can make you away from Ram’s heart, never. He holds her.

Kaushalya calls out Ram…. Sita smiles and leaves from there. Kaushalya comes there in the Kaksh. Ram looks at Sita leaving. Kaushalya goes to Ram, and calls him out again. He sees Kaushalya…. She asks son, do you remember the special day today. Ram says yes, Sita came in my life today, in my wife’s avatar, she came as my entirety’s avatar. Kaushalya says yes, but not just your and Sita, Laxman-Urmila, Bharat-Mandvi and Shatrughan-Shruthkirti also, since Sita left for jungle, the three sisters are not happy, even on their special day, I m coming from their Kaksh, they all are very sad.

A rishi greets Valmiki and says our RishiBalak are getting kidnapped since few days, we don’t know who takes them and where, they go to get flowers from jungle and disappear, we have come to you, you see who is it, who is taking the kids, you can see that by your Divya sight. Lav and Kush see the dangerous hawk. Lav says Kush, we have to fight with him, our lives are in danger. Valmiki closes eyes and sits to see.

He sees the hawk, and opens eyes. He says I have seen by my Divya sight, it’s a violent bird, don’t worry, I will find solution to face this problem. Sita makes garlands. She asks Maruti did he see Lav and Kush, they are not seen since they got flowers. Hanuman says they will be close to ashram, don’t worry, I will find them and get them to you. He goes. A lady asks Sita why does she make garlands every year on this day, is this special day that she is making garlands. Sita tells lotus is for devotion and this white flowers is for love, I make these flowers garlands to show her devotion and love. She smiles.

Ram asks his brothers do they remember which day is it, what crime they did by forgetting, you three got married along with my and Sita’s wedding, you all should celebrate, you are sorrowful. Laxman asks how shall we celebrate our wedding anniversary in Sita’s absence. Ram says you all don’t think for yourself, atleast think for your wives, and their happiness. Mandvi says but Sita.. Ram says Mandvi you know Sita’s happiness is in your happiness, if we all stay unhappy, Sita will get upset, so we have to celebrate today.

Sita makes Ram’s idol wear the garland. She says Raghunandan, the way you left me and doing a Raja’s dharm and protecting Kul maryada, same way, staying in jungle, I m also obeying Patni Dharm and Sanyasi Dharm and Maryada, its that day when you promised to protect me all my life, I m waiting for that day when I handover our sons Lav and Kush to you. She cries.

Everyone celebrate in Ayodhya. Ram looks on. Sita appears and asks Ram what are you doing alone here. Ram says when you are always in my heart, how can I be alone, but why do you go so soon after coming close to me, I had to talk a lot and talks are left incomplete, I won’t let you go. She says when I had to talk to someone in childhood, I used to make an idol and talk to it as much as I wanted.

Lav and Kush see the Rakshas bird. The hawk flies down and turns to some wicked Rakshas. He laughs and says today I will capture both of you. Sita calls out Lav and Kush. Hanuman says Mata, I tried to find them, but they are not here around ashram, I think they went to jungle. Sita worries. Lav says we will capture you and take you to our Gurudev. The Rakshas laughs. Lav and Kush shoot at him. He defends the arrows. They shoot at him again. He tries to throw his weapon. They shoot arrows and make his weapon fall.

They aim at him and walk ahead. More Rakshas come there. The Rakshas laughs seeing his group coming. Lav and Kush get shocked seeing so many Rakshas birds coming. Valmiki prays. Sita comes to him and says Lav and Kush are nowhere seen in the ashram, don’t know where did they go, I m worried that they can be in some problem, you tell me where are they by your yog Shakti. Valmiki closes eyes and sees Lav and Kush surrounded by Rakshas birds. He says Lav and Kush are surrounded by danger in jungle, the Rakshas birds have surrounded them. Sita gets shocked. The Rakshas birds laugh. Lav and Kush stand in the middle. Sita asks what are you saying, my sons Lav and Kush are in danger. Valmiki says the Rakshas Lavnasur has kidnaped them. She asks who is he. Valmiki says he is Raavan’s nephew, he is an Asur, he has kidnapped many boys, all the boy’s lives are in problem, not just Lav and Kush. Sita says no one can harm my sons till I m there.

Ram says this challenge is given to me and I will end this. Sita takes Trishul to save her sons and leaves from ashram. The Rakshas says Ram will come here to save the boy’s lives and then he will not go back alive. He laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ram’s scenes are so painful when he was touching Sita’s handprints. I thought I would never get to see Sita maa royal attire. Feeling sad for other couples also. They have also lost their happiness. But Shri Ram is convincing them to celebrate their marriage anniversary keeping aside his personal pain. And Mata Sita talking with Shri Ram’s statue was also emotional.
    Well in between got to see some action by Luv-Kush. But why to fear of this demon if Hanuman ji himself is present there.
    Luv-Kush’s archery skills reminded me of Shri Ram’s archery skills in Guru Vashisht’s
    How many asurs of Raavan were there? This Lavanasur is also his nephew.
    And the precap was awesome. Mata Sita and Shri Ram both going to kill this Lavanasur. Beware Lavanasur, you have kidnapped Shri Ram and Mata Sita sons.

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      ya me too….. i too badly want to see the kids of other pairs….. n ravan had this nephew who was killed by our untold youngest hero SHATRUGHAN……. WE NEVER GOT CHANCE TO SEE HIS BRAVERY TILL DATE…… N ya before leaving to war he will come to valmiki ashram to get sita’s blessing…. some version say she came infront of him n blessed him n some say she hided her identity n blessed him……… LETS SEE WHAT SKR HAS FOR US……

  2. SKR memories. Why is ram smiling? Describe the situation if you remember. That episode was really good.
    SKR memories. Mithila days. Remember the episode number.
    Behind the scenes. The making of Siya ke Ram. Posted by Sampada Vaze aka maharani Sumitra.
    Posted by Grusha Kapoor aka Maharani Kaikayi. “Mere chaar onscreen bachche, charon achche, chaaron sachche”.
    Kaikayi, Urmila, Mandvi and Shrutkirti.
    Offscreen fun. Prithvi Hatte aka Mandvi and Tanvi madhyan aka Shrutkirti.

    1. Padmaja

      Thanks for the links bro.. loved it..

    2. Awesome links as always:) ty bro

  3. Shrinithi

    super epi….waiting for tommorows epi

  4. Ekta’s Arjun Bijlani-Drashti Dhami Show Will Replace Siya Ke Ram

    Yes, Siya Ke Ram is going off air. But it’s not going to be Chandragupta Maurya- as some reports in sections of the media suggested recently- that will replace it.

    Chandragupta Maurya will replace Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein.

    Ekta Kapoor’s new show starring popular TV actors Arjun Bijlani and Drashti Dhami will occupy Siya Ke Ram’s slot.

    Shaleen Malhotra was almost finalised to play the male lead in this, but Arjun beat him at the finishing line.

    The Arjun-Drashti show was earlier called Pardes Mein Hai Meraa Dil (rumoured to be inspired from Subhash Ghai’s film Pardes) but you know how particular Ekta is with the naamkaran of her shows including their spelling, courtesy numerology— so the title is not going to be final until an official announcement is made. For now, it’s Immigrant.
    This will make it 3 in a row for Ekta from 7.30 pm onward on Star Plus.

    1} Ye Hai Mohabbatein starring Divyanka Tripathi at 7.30 pm.

    2) Immigrant at 8 pm.

    3) Chandragupta Maurya at 8.30 pm.

    So while she may have hit a ‘Pause’ button on the film front, Ms Kapoor is still very much on a roll.

  5. Padmaja

    Wow wow a faboulous epI afer a long wait..

  6. what ap episode .superb

  7. loved todays was soo good.loved siam scenes,guys has 12years passed since sita says that i have been without u since 12 years. omg ram and sita are going to kill the asur.yaaaaay!! and jayani plz reply to my questions and i am meeting u the day after tomorrow.dont forget!!!

  8. Anushya

    mindblowing episode… ram talking to sita in imagination waas great….loved the links as usual skr fan and the info too… ram was looking better today with both sides of his dress on top… hope mata sita and ram see each other… i know im hoping too much but yeah pls… ram putting aside his pain made the day enjoyable for his brothers… but one questions where are luv kush cousins??

  9. Priya15

    Msg to edkvians In skr family……

    I request u all to visit 23rd edkv page… U l know the things clearly… I just want to say.. The show which made u people feel the real meaning of frndship.. Need ur support now… We want #JusticeForEdkv….. Pls support… #DontEndEdkv… #EdkvCantEnd… PLS GUYS… NIMIK NEEDS UR SUPPORT..

    1. Vanshika

      OMG EDKV is ending ????

  10. Loved the today episode……….
    Very happy after see some happy scene of SITA – RAM……………… Omggggggg our Mata siya in angry mood………
    What a precap…….. The action will coming…… Wait to see many action scenes…………….
    Busy in some work….. So did not posted any link………… HOPE FREE IN TOMORROW…………..

  11. Loved the Siam moments…saddening but still amazing. I just keep loving this show (and all the actors)? ? ?

  12. Can’t happen to see Urmila in this episode . Need to see luv kush cousins…?

  13. Poor ram ,he is living in the imagination of sita but still he wants to give happiness to his bros . A mother can do anything for her child . Sita showed it today . She took trishul and is going to stab that mad fellow . I think ram sita will not meet . Urmila was missing In the episode . I wanted to see her in the episode but they showed only three bros mandvi and shrutkeerthi . The first part of the episode was the best where sita ram talk about their viyog . It was too imotional

    1. Sorry its not imotional but emotional . I am eagerly waiting to the next episode

      1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

        ncy dp…..

  14. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

    hi all…. sry was out of station for three days so couldn’t reply u ishita n priya.

    priya i m fine dear. i have my holidays so just thought of coming back. so hw r u? hw s 11th for u?

    ishita yes na bio tha…… n u write science paper for 200 in quarterly self??? government question paper illaya???? for us it was 150……

    okay coming to episode….. as usual skr rocking….. pity ram….. waiting for bhavi, lakshmila n shrusha kids…… cant wait anymore………. sita going to save luv kush…. not heard of it….

    1. hi akka , i think i am talking to u for the first , i am varshini and i am from tn , nice meeting u akka .i am too waiting for bhavi,lakshmila and shrusha kids . hope they show them soon

      1. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

        hi varshini…. i have seen ur comments often n ncy meeting dear….. so there are many tamilians i guess……. n ya all r badly waiting for the other pairs’ kids….

    2. Vanshika

      Krishnai akka u frgt me na ????… Yup nvr heard of siya saving luv Kush.. Really really happy m on cloud nine after seeing ur comment dii missed u soo sooo soooo much,. Hw r u akka?? Hw were ur exam?? That’s nyc u r back.. Dnt go away soon.. Luv u ?

      1. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

        oyyi vanshu hw i will forget you????? i remember all of you……. sry was busy so didnt come……. i m f9….. my exams weren’t that gud but hope to do better next time…… n hw about u n ur studies?????? i wont go soon…. will be there till this week…….. luv u too…….. n siya didnt save i guess…. like shown yesterday epi……….

    3. Padmaja

      Hi krishnai happy to see ur cmnt and ya badly waiting for bavi lakshmilla shrusha kids..ya I also not heard of sita saving lav kush..

      1. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

        same…….. maybe she will come but before that the kids will be saved……

    4. Anushya

      hi wellwisher aka krishnai akka i am anushya from tn in grade 8… nice to meet you akka… i think its first time im talking to you….

      1. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

        ncy to meet u too….. and i replied to u last time itself in the next day’s page…. i guess u didnt see it

    5. Priya15

      welcome back yr…i m fyn..i dont have holidays dear,,,,my schl is gng on,.,11th boring but still some wt interesting…haha for me all paper for 200 yr…time is not enough

      1. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

        thanks yaar…… no holidays????? its okay… another 1 n half years more then college……. same bit boring but interesting smtimes…..

    1. Padmaja

      Hey thanks for the link..

      1. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

        no thanks n sorry among friends…… did u all forget the rule in these days????

    2. Anushya

      nice link akka

      1. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

        the original credit goes to the who credit it……..

  15. Vanshika

    OMG what a Precap…..

  16. Vanshika

    Won’t they show lakshmila bhardavi n shushra sons ???

    1. Anushya

      ikr i wanna see them so badly

    2. Priya15

      vanshu i badly need ur help..pls visit 23rd edkv page…yr..pls…..

  17. Tiyasa

    Nice epi

    1. Vanshika

      Hey Tiya cutie u here.. WOW happy seeing ur comment.. welcum n ??? luv u..

      1. Tiyasa

        Love u too vanshu sweetie……

  18. Kishu

    Very beautiful episode.

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

      superb dp……

  19. Sudeshna

    Hy guys episode was awesome first part wheb ram sita talked inimagination was mind blowing.. Luv kush archery is like their great father Ram only. Omgg sita in angry mood but still looking soo preety.. Precap was full too powerpacked.. Waiti g for today’s episode eagerly

  20. WW……yes 150 marks only but school q paper only d……only 5 days remaing q leave…..not fair?????

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai skr fan

      oh ok……. for us government q paper……… n what s q leave????

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