Siya Ke Ram 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita asking the Dharti Maiyya/earth to take her in her lap if she has always stayed in her Maryada and did an ideal daughter’s Dharm, if she has fulfilled all her Dharm, Mata Vasundara, take me in your lap. She prays and stands. Everyone cry. Ram shouts Sita. Lav and Kush say Mata. Everyone say no Sita. Sita says Mata, you promised me that whenever I like to come in your Sharan, you will give me a place. Shatrughan asks Sita not to do this. Sita says the time has come Mata, accept my request and take me in your Sharan. Sita cries and prays. Badra, Laxman and everyone else ask Sita not to do this. The storm comes. Ram shouts stop Sita. Everyone is pushed away by the storm. They all cry. Ram shouts Sita…… The earth shatters, volcano and water is shown. Everyone can’t

go ahead to stop her. They all call her out to stop.

Sita starts going inside the earth. Bhoomija Janaki……plays………… The dust storm stops everyone. Hanuman stops Ram. Everyone cry in shock, as Sita dips inside the fire. Janak and Shathanand come. They get shocked. Janak shouts Sita and forwards hand. Sita sees Janak and cries. Sita sinks inside the fire. The earth forms back after a bright light appears. Everyone get shocked and cry.

Ram runs and holds the ground. He says Sita, come back, you can’t go leaving your Ram alone. He prays to Vasudha Mata to return his Sita. He shouts Sita and cries. Everyone mourn. Ram holds earth and says if this earth does not return Sita to me, I will ruin this entire earth. He gets angry and gets up. He closes eyes and gets his bow. Hanuman says no Prabhu….. Ram prays and gets an arrow…… Janak says no Ram, this won’t be right. Ram says no Pita ji, no one can stop me from getting my Sita back, my earth snatched my Sita from me, earth has to return Sita else….

Janak says no Ram, I witnessed when Sita was born by this land, and today I witnessed this when Sita has gone inside the earth, you have to understand son, that the motive with which Sita took birth on earth is fulfilled now, now its impossible for her to come on earth again. Janak cries sorrowfully. Guru Vashisht says Janak is saying right, Devi Sita is not on earth, you have to accept this bitter truth, Sita herself took this decision, any way to get her back will be insult of her last wish, will you wish to do this. Ram cries and stops himself. The bow and arrow disappear.

Ram says its right, I will not insult Sita’s wish, but what is Ram’s identity without Sita. Ram takes a knife. They all shout Ram…. Lav and Kush run to Ram. They say Mata already went leaving us, you are also willing to go, if you wish this, then end our lives too. Janak says Ram, you did not get free of your duties yet, you must do father’s duty and live for your children, instead yourself. Kaushalya says yes, you have duty to raise hem, don’t do injustice with them. Ram cries and stops. Hanuman cries and says come back to Ayodhya. Ram drops the knife. Everyone cry.

Lav and Kush hug Ram. They cry. Ram goes to some place and cries recalling Sita’s words. Ram says why did you give such big punishment to me Sita. Hanuman comes to him. Ram says Sita was the basis of Ram’s life, she was my support, I was alive being away from her, I had belief that she is with me, but after she went inside earth, what is left in my life. Hanuman says don’t say this, return to Ayodhya. Ram says no, I won’t return Ayodhya, the throne and Rajya are meaningless for me, the Rajbhavan where I have taken birth and got raised, that rajbhavan has become reason for losing Sita. Hanuman says if you don’t return, how will you do duty which Sita gave you, she started this war to get justice for women, who will complete this work, if you don’t return, then Sita’s guidance and sacrifice will get waste. Ram says no, Sita’s sacrifice will not get waste, I will fulfil her incomplete dream for sure.

Lav and Kush cry and think of Sita’s words. Ram comes to them. Lav says how will we live without Mata. Ram hugs them and says I know, how to get Sita again, by fulfilling her incomplete works, we will always feel her presence, this is the only option, to be alive with Sita, in her absence.

Scene shifts to Ayodhya: Ram addresses Praja and says I always thought I have done right for Ayodhya, but Sita has did a big sacrifice and such work which guides everyone right, she proved that till woman is given respect and justice in society, our success has no value, so I decided that Ayodhya Rajya will have many rules for women rights and justice, Rajya’s every man will have duty to protect women and their rights, if any man insults or tortures a woman, he will be strictly punished, a woman raises a family by her love, sacrifice and dedication, but we forget this and we don’t give her any right in our property, that’s why a father and husband can make a woman leave from home anytime, this wrong behaviour has to end, so I decided that from today, Ayodhya Rajya will have every woman getting share of property like a son gets, so that no father and husband can make her leave the house, so we all will swear that no woman will get insulted in Ayodhya Rajya, no woman will be tortured/abused, every woman will get her respect and pride, and by this, you can respect Sita’s sacrifice truly, obey this command…. They all chant Ram’s name. Ram cries and says Sita.

Ram says I have got freed by all duties, I want to live alone in peace, I don’t want to talk to anyone. Laxman and Hanuman worry. Hanuman goes to guard Ayodhya’s limits. He stops Yamraj and asks who are you. Yamraj says I m Kaal, I m going to Ayodhya, to Ram…… Hanuman gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Niharikamalhotra

      |Registered Member

      @Padmaja..hi dear,how r u..and all of my tu frnds of this pg..
      Well,first of all,I wanna tell u that..this is a sorry cmmt…
      Guys,sorry for everything.. Actually, I didn’t come to this pg…ya I knew that skr will go off sir,as this was known, but till I didn’t come.. But today,when I read padmaja’s cmmt on cn pg..then I thought to come here,after all we share a relationship of friendship, r not we???
      Guys,this is kittu(priya15 Di sis),remember???
      But,leave allll the above soory sentences..
      Please forgive me…
      But today onwards I’ll definitely come,touch wood….
      Sorry to allll ..
      N padmaja,u asked…if we r the fan of skr,so dear….m really a very big(not like u all).but choti moti fan of this series.. Because u guys r super se upper wala…
      Well,thank u those who helped me in registration…
      N #lovesiyakram!!!!!!
      Will miss this fantastic cast…
      N especially siya n ram..
      Well @padmaja…n all
      Please include me in yr fan list.. Pleaseee
      Well,needless to say..that this n all mythology based series come to an end….because all r preplanned.. But still we’ll miss this…n one thing more,I only watch the precaps but still I love this yaar…
      Anyways..just chill pilll…ram n sita r spiritual.. They will not go anywhere…
      N again thank u padmaja…
      Love u sita Ji…

  1. Sanjana

    @pradeep bhai I can give u a very different perspective on why Shri Ram didn’t inform Sita? Because he wanted her to do bhoomipravesh just as the King was forced to reject a queen. He gave his wife the power to reject him. If he had told her she might not have been able to do bhoomipravesh. Ram showed the world through his Leela just like a man can reject a woman, a woman can reject a man. Mahalakshmi does what was expected.

    • Samarth

      Fully agreed with you…you are truly correct so instead of saying Ramji did wrong we should focus and change what made him to do wrong that is the thinking of society….there are many people who curse Shri RAM for 2nd vanvaas but at the same time respect for women is missing…they should understand that this was a way to teach the society the importance of women and Lord Rama had taken this blame on himself that he does wrong with maa sita but actually they are never apart because they are connected by the supreme connection that is the connection of heart…and yes even those who blame shri Ram for his this action must note that shri Rama would be happy as they all are feeling good of Maa sita but the true meaning is that we should create a society where there is no injustice and women should also understand if laws are made for their protection they must not misuse it..

      • Samarth

        The only thing that hurt me was that end of relation words used in this version of Ramayana as these words spoken by maa sita are completely false….I am 200% sure about it…that even shri say that maa had spoken those words..I won’t even believe on it….and indeed actors are truly doing great work..

      • Sanjana

        Blaming in that intend of action of ram is lost. Go deep into the ramayan with a resolute the lord couldn’t have been wrong. Layers of ram will open up in front of u and u will understand why he is worshipped.

    • Pradeep

      Sister… Thanks for the information & I am totally agreed with you. I think lots of people are speaking against Lord Rama & they should understand these things.

  2. Sanjana

    Also pls refrain from calling it a suicide. A person who commits suicide leaves his worldly duties incomplete. Janaki completed all her earthly duties including justice for woman through her ultimate sacrifice which ram will complete.

  3. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Omg… The first 5 mins was like a night mare for me….

    Poora Ka Poora epi… Rula diya mujhe….

    The way janaka cried I was like… Tears control hi nahi hota mujhse.. How a dad would have felt when he saw his daughter going inside the bhoomi…

    It l be hell feeling for a dad.. He couldn’t even here pita JI from her mouth for the last time.. How he would have felt at that time…. Seeing his daughter after decades that too like that.. Omg.. Sochne Mei hi bahut dar lag raha hai… Being in that position…..

    Feeling bad….

  4. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    Where is mata bhumi?the scene is not good that sita is going back to earth alone.and when ram decided to finish the earth god bramha come to him and then tell the truth that they are none other than Vishnu and lakshmi.
    Today eisode has realy heart me.

  5. Anushya

    |Registered Member

    tears could not hold themselves after this episode… what will we do now… Sita!!! Madirakshi you were the best actress ever may mata sita bless you to achieve greater heights in your life…. i cant stop this flow of tears….. never

  6. Shrinithi

    |Registered Member

    emotinal epi………i accept with u sanjana sita fulfilled all her duties and gave justice to all women n this world by her sacrifice……vey sad to see ram…..kaal came!!!

  7. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    no words for today’s episode.I just want to say that people are looking within perspective of women and men while ram and sita are above those .they are divine couple .they took birth on this earth to teach human beings a lesson so instead of criticizing what they have done,we should make this society a better place for women ,this way we can give tribute to siya and ram

  8. Stuti27

    |Registered Member

    I am only crying after seeing this epi …… not speaking … wat to say such a sad epi it was ….. very good acting by madi ma’am and ashish sir … hats off to skr team …

  9. Sanjana

    @ Sara and Veena Di firstly Hari maya is complex. He was creating perceptions. Swayam Narayan was with Sita. U can visit indiaforums, SKR forum we analyse each episode in detail there. If Sita was right yesterday fine but her questions were for the society she knew the answers. We at IF could understand Sita but we don’t wornt wrong message for this generation.
    Also blaming ram for exile which u are doing right now complete blame that’s what Narayan wanted blame for him, vindication of Sita and he successfully succeeded after all he was narayan.
    P.S be kind when replying we come here with open mind for discussions. We can discuss in a more refined manner and consider others PoV and be progressive in our thinking.

    • vidhya

      Sanjana – Look at them only as Ram and Sita & not as Lord Vishnu and Lordess Lakshmi..Ram and Sita are human avtars. They are just like us bt unique charaters. Ram himself cannot deny he was helpless to take only better possible decision which is not the right decision..Now in SKR’s flow, Sita, accepts it as her fate and supports him to perform his duty without making him feel guilty or cursing Ayodhya..Her only anger on Ram was –
      1. The way he banished her. Ram lied to take her to forest to get the blessing of Rishi’s & Muni’s and secretly ordered Lakmanan to banish her in wild forest. Is it not a break of trust/belief. Is it not cheating??? The word Cheat so apt for this situation.
      2. When Sita seeks to see Ram before leaving, he doesnt even come out of his room after hearing her continuous call for him..Why he has to do this to his sita? Is it not an Insult??
      Women always have great expectation’s on little things. When they get it, they don’t regret to do huge sacrifices..Ram may have so many reason for this, but in sita’s view, dont you think it would hurt her deeply…What were wrong sita questions??? Even single sentence was so intense and apt for the show and situation..It did not convey any wrong message or put down Ram or Sita.. These are qns asked by a wife to her husband..she has all rights to do it..She made him realize that she was not hurt by his decision of sending her to 2nd vanvas, bt by the way she was treated by him..Why did he lost trust in her, why did he not remember her sita would undergone anything for his Ram..??
      The may be critics abt this – Sita telling, their Relationship has ended that moment when he decided to sacrifice her…Wht is wrong in this??? Is it not true?? Their relationship end but their love which is beyond boundaries..Now, she cant say I love you though she would still..She decided to complete her duties and gt back her mom that moment when she was left alone in forest and finally succeeds in her motive..

      • Samarth

        He came on earth to teach humans and told that humans do have limits so to teach us all that in case of dharma sank at one should do the thing which is beneficial for people in general and not consider your personal interest superior…you should take best possible decision that’s the only reason he didn’t use is powers

      • Uthra

        Vidhya – I accept your views. All those questions asked by Sita to Ram, they were apt and perfect in every sense. Ram has already been questioned by his wife, sons and he is also repenting and willing to make amends. So I think we can stop criticizing Ram and rather realize that it is not possible for any human being including an avatar to be perfect at all times.

  10. varshini

    Awesome episode . Very very emotional . I was crying like anything while sita was going into the earth. The father son hug after ram consoles his sons was awesome . Really loved that hug a lot . Will miss madirakshi mundle as sita .

  11. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    as you all know on 4th nov our favourite serial siya ke ram will end. So please comment in last day update page of skr.and all the fans and silent readers who has not anyday comment in skr page please tell us your name to us by replying here or to comment in skr page. So we can add you in the final list of skr fans which we shall publish in last day update page of skr.

  12. Sanjana

    Skr bowled me over today again. Ram doesn’t need justification. He raises woman today. He had lived his life for others. He does the change in mindset alone. No need for his vindication.

    • Yazhini

      Hi sanju HW r u Dr…culd u rmbr me…??? S tdy epsde s awsm…I nvr tht skr s gonna end …vry sad…jst ths serial gave me a grt fmly full f brothers nd sissy’s… Gonna mss u all…though all were busy with their tght cnt c anyone cmmnd
      ….hpe ur skr family mmnts vil b here @ last episode
      ….vry glad to c all their msgs….tc sanju

      • Sanjana

        Hi akka I can remember u. It has to end one day and yes a beautiful journey coming to an end.
        How are u srinidhi. Long time no see.

  13. Supreetha (Soups)

    Totally agreed Sanjana and Samarth! Today was a little happy-sad feeling…. sad because Sita ma went back to the womb of the earth and happy because from a woman’s perspective she took the right decision and also that Ram ensured the law of “PROPERTY RIGHTS”…… but any day I will never disrespect the decisions of either Lord Ram or Sita Ma! Both are my gods and I can never be convinced as to who was wrong or right. In their respective places both had taken their decisions and taught the world…all I would say is instead of getting into any argument of who was right or wrong, we should just learn all the good things the two did and take all bad things as a lesson not to be done in our lives. That goes for every character in all our epics, puran etc……
    Jai Siya Ram 🙏🏻

  14. Supreetha (Soups)

    Special Mention of Rajarshi Janak! So far of all the versions of Ramayan that have come on tv, when I have actually compared them to the books I’ve read, Janak of Siya Ke Ram is chosen perfectly. This is the first Rajarshi I’ve seen who actually looks like One. Take a look at Bijay Anand ji and you can actually feel the knowledge he has on his face…. he’s the first Janak I’ve seen who didn’t wear a crown and yet was a very grand king! Whoever has done the casting for this show, I will give a standing ovation for Selecting Bijay Anand ji as The Rajarshi. He’s just too perfect for words.

  15. joy

    Siya was no more in Siya ke ram………………..
    Can’t believe this…. Awesome and heart touching episode…. But full story is changed bcoz when Ramji angry than LORD BRAHMA came but here full concept changed…… Ramji and Sita ji are two souls but one body so plz don’t find any difference in them….they love very very much each of them… Their love is unconditional……. Don’t fully believe in SKR bcoz this is modern time show and it’s story made many versions of Ramayan………………
    But I expect some more scene Ramji angry mode……..
    Must see…. Our SKR music team…… They did great job…….

  16. Pari miss

    I’m really teary-eyed 😢 Right now after reading the updates, if I watch the episode I believe my tears 😭 can provide water 💦 for about 5 families or more!😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😥😥 plz siya ke ram don’t end, I’m a big fan of u plz don’t end ignoring ur fans!😥😥😥😥😭😭😭

  17. Sara

    Sad ending .Tragic ending. But Sita’s journey and sufferings too ended . I agree with you Supreetha that we must take lessons from these great epics and move on
    Secondly , it is also true divine plays are beyond human comprehensions . We all become sensitive on that issue .
    But having said so , I shall like add to taking Ram’s example of divorcing Sita -paritayag is divorcing for the reason of chastity never ever helped the society especially WOMAN.
    And secondly , in ORIGINAL version -RAM did not do anything for woman’s right -IT IS NOT MENTIONED dear Sanjana .
    Thirdly – it is shown in SKR Ram requested Sita to come BACK to Ayodha & that too with respect -COMPLETELY FALSE as per original version . RAM ORDERED Sita or rather demanded for 2nd time agnipariksha to prove Sita’s chastity and Sita decided that’s it and Went to Mother Earth for making everyone quite. YES it is true She never uttered those words as shown in SKR yesterday but then SKR depicted the way they wanted to show Devi Sita’s point of view . After all Siye jke Ram is from SIta’s perspective . The questions raised by Sita in SKR are for us to contemplate and change our mindset.
    Ram and SIta descended on EARTH around 5000 BC – did our outlook towards woman have changed ? NO . It remains the same
    Till date It is the woman who is blamed if she is kidnapped , molested etc But never the culprit . So as a King -Ram could had brought the reform . He had that opportunity but did not take the right action . He followed the way what every body does – abandonment of SIta /Paritayag of SIta or divorcing the SIta as understood in today’s world. And it is mentioned in original version -Sita never ever mentioned the name of the father to her sons – WHY ?? Because Ram paritayag SIta for Chastity issue . It is a very huge stigma on a woman who left everything for her husband and went for 14 years of exile /vanvas for patnidharm but sadly that husband Ram abandoned her when SITA needed RAM the most – most importantly she was pregnant and as well as innoncent too . Ram knew she was pure because RAM ASKED for 1st time agnipariksha in original version , then Why not RAM supported and stood for the fight of a woman ??
    Why Ram Succumbed to the pressure of Society ?????? Because his decision of paritayag /abandonment of Sita did not help sita or woman in general. you can call it leela -but I beg to differ
    @Sanjana & Samarth -if these happens to your daughter , yourself or any family member -what would be your reaction ? Pl be frank
    Ram was lord or 7th Avatar – but he was not full avatar . He came from Maya region , He did not had the full knowledge of what he was . He did what he thought to be right but in his wife’s case he turned out to be wrong .
    As per original version , he understood all his mistakes and ADMIT it in public as per original version when SITA WENT TO MOTHER EARTH . SIta gave up her life to prove her chastity , safeguard her sons future and made Ram realized his mistakes of abandonment of an innocent woman .
    yes Ram regretted after Sita went to Mother Earth and rest of life he cried and cried and cried for his mistakes towards Sita . Sita gone and she is indeed great
    WELL DONE SKR – depiction was indeed great -Acting suberb.

  18. srinivasarao

    Both ram and sita are spiritual ,there is no death for both of them , as they themselves sanathan/eternal supreme lord.
    Ram was vishnu’s incarnation on earth ..
    Incarnations does not die but disappears from earth ..
    Agreed with sanjana, samrath, supreetha ..
    Sri ram was very realistic,had patient, always followed right path without using tactics and maya magical powers as like lord krishna,
    I’m not saying lord krishna was wrong ..
    So that’s why u can see lot of Sri ram temples , even in small streets. .
    Ram doesn’t gave message,
    He never told anything like bagavath gita,
    His life itself a message (bagavath gita)

    This is Srinivasarao.

  19. Devga

    |Registered Member

    Omggggg wat an emotional episode … aftr quite a long time I watched today’s episode since I was free at tht tym …. but t my surprise it was the episode of sita’s end ….. it’s a best decision by sita devi for respect and justice ……
    Felt bad for luv Kush …. it’s difficult to stay without maa ….
    Grt new rules and guidelines to respect women …. but This transformation NEEDED A BIG SACRIFICE FRM SITA ….. its painful ….. ;( ;( ;(

    And aftr this no more sita in skr…..

    Grt team grt work grt combination…. wil miss skr …..

  20. Veena

    Awesome ! Truly emotional . Extremely well-volcanic eruptions showed Mother Earth’s anger towards the injustice done to Devi sita
    WHat does it matter if lord Brahma is not shown in SKR ?? @ Joy Because it didn’t matter to you joy when Ram’s demand of 2nd Agnipariksha was NOT shown in SKR ?
    @ joy -unconditional love was from Sita ‘s side even though I believe that Ram & sita were one soul because due to true love of Sita , she merged into RAm and about Ram- Ram showed how to become a perfect Mariyada Purushottam . Love ??? if love was there from his side , he would have supported sita not deserted her in a forest and not taken away everything from her.
    @ Sanjana – What Ram sending Sita to vanvas was a part of leela ??? Leela in Sanskrit means display of all reality including the cosmos or activites between God and its devotees . Ram not a full avatar could not do leela . He just followed rules and become the best Mariyada purushottam .
    He was a kind king but could not become a reformer by changing the old rules of the society towards woman. If an avatar could not do then what to expect from mere humans????
    @ Sanjana – please try to listen to other opinions , Ram was not perfect husband rather failed as a husband . suppose all these happened to you -what have you done ?????? I mean abandonment , snatching all rights , taking away relatives and all and sending in a forest by your own love ????

    • Meena

      |Registered Member

      I agree with you didi… What if ram had supported or today’s world husband had supported his wife and let her stay with her husband…. But will she be able to live in peace…. The society will always blame her and her life would be of misery and unhappiness…. Atleast as someone commented earlier ,in valmiki ramayan ram asked lakshman to leave sita near valmiki ashram… But in today’s world no husband will do that I think…. Well it is wrong from Rams side and he suffered for that after siya departure… In kalyug the man will go for second marriage… And live happily

  21. Rani

    WONDERFUL and emotional too. Episode was very emotional too. Mata Sita gone but taught us lesson
    Lord Ram did lots of mistakes -followed rules and suffered also deserted his chaste wife – biggest mistakes of his life , remained entangled in rules , remained Only Mariyada Purushottam and suffered and made others suffer- family members .
    LOrd Ram came as Lord Krishna in his next incarnation and and did lots of reforms . BEcause Lord Krishna was a full avatar . He had full knowledge . He did leela . He showed what is dharma , he showed if required throw away old set of rules because that might make you do adarma & injustice as Ram did to his wife , Bhimsa did to pandavas etc
    Lord Krishna started bhakti method – therefore we have meera bai , Saint Kavir , chaitanaya Mahaprabhu, Swami Narayan etc so many followers of Lord Krishna .
    Lord Krishna always cared for his devotees like sudama , draupadi etc
    Lord Krishna ‘s life was inspirational , his life is itself a book – his life teaches us how to live , how to become a true devotees , how to fight for the right cause . how to avoid doing adarma –
    So Lord Ram came as Lord Krishna and gave real messages and showed that we should NOT be entangled in MARIYADA -set of rules if rules are making us do injustice or adarma .Lord Krishna showed how to respect and UPhold the prestige of WOMAN .
    BUT did we learn our lessons ? NO rather we try to justify Ram’s abandonment by stating that’s narayan’s leela
    Still woman are subjugated , woman’s respect are always at stake . we did not want to change as it was and is male dominated society in Treta yuga , Dwarpar yuga and kali yuga too

  22. Abhishek

    All good things come to an end and so do all bad things, that’s the cycle of life . The Union of Ram and Set was good but the end was sad as Ram had to take JAL Samidhi.

  23. Lord7Naruto

    This is EPIC!!!!!!!
    But Ram’s kal is coming Sad this Ep make people want to cry 😢😭 I haven’t even watched it yet and I still can feel that feeling

  24. Tharu

    |Registered Member

    Really heart wrenching episodes…sita is no more in nailed it asdevi sita…skr is going to end..only 7days are left…will miss you so much…😓😥

  25. Samarth

    For all those who are saying that Sri Rama was not God just tell me one thing…..If he was not God then why ahilya was freed from curse???why he was able to lift the dhanush of shivani ji as well as himself????why did the great devotee Shabri wait for her since long time????why does everyone pray for him??why did shri Hanuman does all his tapasya????why did Lord Shiva utter his name everytime????why he was able to build the floating bridge???how would he hadid been able to kill RAVANA??why does vibhishan came to him denying his own brother???can you all answer this please…..and sis @sara Maa sita and Shri Rama are none other that mom and dad for me so I feel the same pain as a child losing his mother but still I know this was the mistake of time and situation not of Sri Rama…and if all these doesn’t happen we all must be telling him that he was just wife lover and he has nothing to do with society…and maa sita’s character would always been in controversy and all those who think shri Rama doesn’t do anything for women’s in society after Sita maa dhartiparvesh there is no solid proof of this that he doesn’t do anything and Ramrajya is symbol of happiness and prosperity so he must have done something….and don’t we have laws today for women’s security…does this change the thinking???no…it doesn’t because society is never changed by making laws but by change in thinking and when maa sita was senthe for exile the feeling of empathy and sympathy rise towards women….for those who are saying that Krishna was complete avatar and doesn’t do adharma…(I had great respect towards him but juz wanna know) I wanna know why does he do Rasleela…why rukmani ji is not worshipped with him and why does he do so many marriages??

    • Meena

      |Registered Member

      Rasleela is not what we think it is… The love krishna had for the ladies was the one between a god and his devotees .. please don’t misinterpret krishnas love…..

      • Samarth

        What about other things and why he didn’t marry Radha?actually we don’t know the leela of the supreme so we can’t understand his doings….asking the reason is good but giving verdict and not understanding the rest of aspects is somewhat we call wrong….and rest apart I really want to know why he is not worshipped along with Rukmani ji…I really wanna know answer

      • Meena

        |Registered Member

        Radha didn’t want to come with krishna to mathura… As krishna won’t be the one like in vrindavan and radha was right as krishna got into state affairs radha lived a life then only worshipping krishna … The love between radhakrishna is eternal and maybe that is why they are worshipped

    • Uthra

      What saddens me is that the compassion Ram had for Ahalya, he didn’t express the same towards his wife in terms of action.

    • Meena

      |Registered Member

      Bhai I’m not taking your question in the wrong sense… I just said what I know about radhaji from some stories… Some stories says she was married and some says she was not…. Forgive me for my short knowledge..

      • Samarth

        |Registered Member

        Yeah it’s alright because actually wherever I had read or listen everyone say she was married but in reality she was actually the form of krishna itself (some people told me this also) and there is no difference among them but not you but there are some members who didn’t understand the question

  26. NS4

    Hai to all SKR And especially thanks…to Mr/mrs.NABANITA626 I am not a silent reader .. But I watch episode daily….
    I am from “jaana na dil se and DABH ”
    As u requested I just thought to keep one of my comment In SKR
    Thanks alot.

  27. Sara

    First of all, for me Lord Ram & Lord Krishna are same . Lord Ram was born in Treta yuga -7th Avatar and Same Lord Ram born as Lord Krishna at the end of Dwarpar yuga – 8th Avatar.
    But Ram was NOT purna avatar , he had no knowledge of what he was and when He came as lord Krishna -he was PURNA AVATAR , He could see past , present and future -He showed his VISwarupa to Arjun .LORD Krishna had Trinity within him .@ Samarth before speaking out-please do enough research . LORD KRIshna was full avatar -it is not my word , It is told by many saints and sages -PLEASE do research .
    Yes Ram Rajya was a symbol of Happiness – because Mata Sita did not curse AYODHA for Ram’s act of abandonment IF SHe had done that Ram Rajya would not have become Ram Rajya Sita had unconditional love for Ram so Sita could overlook her husband’s fault even though in human form Ram did injustice with her.
    Secondly Ram is ALWAYS worshipped ALONG with SIta , Laxman and sometimes Hanuman -you know why Samarth ?? Because with all these three , Ram becomes complete . Sita is a symbol of Absolute Shakti , Laxman is symbol conscience and Hanuman of Bhakta . Ram is never alone in any Temple
    Whereas krishna is worshipped alone or sometimes with Radhaji ( greatest devotees) also Balaram etc but Many times alone you know why ? LORD Krishna is Purna Avatar , He is yug pursh . He has the control over Dwarpar + Kali yuga .
    And yes Lord Krishna had two wives . story goes 16000 girls were abducted by demon Narakasura , Lord krishna freed those girls but they wanted to suicide as society would not accept them so Lord krishna gave them shelter so that they would live with honour -NOT MARRIED .Manipulated versions says marriage . WHat Lord Krishna could not do as Ram in his previous birth to his legal wife , he did for others in this life.
    And about gopis & Rassleela – @ Samarth it shows you don’t know what RASLEELA is all about .
    First of all , gopis were all elders than 11 years Krishna , even Radhaji . Before going to Mathura , Lord Krishna showed to gopis that he is with all . He is divine and He is with all even though he is one .This Rasleela has special spiritual significance – please don’t use useless words .
    ANd when Lord Ram was with Vanaras /monkeys -nobody questioned . But when Same lord Ram as Lord Krishna was with those monkeys turned into gopis in next birth that too as a devotees [email protected] you are raising questions
    @ Samartha – May i know what is the difference between that Dhobi who raised question about Mata SIta and you who raised question about lord Krishna ? NOTHING you both are same .
    Mentality remains the same , dhobi did not understand the purity of mind soul and body of Mata Sita and you don’t understand the relation of GOD and devotees of Krishna & Gopis , Sudama , Draupadi , Arjuna ETC .

    • Samarth

      Dear @sara if you people raise questions on Shri Rama for no reason thats alright as you say I can’t understand the their relation but you also didn’t understand the situations of that time and yes the pure reasons too but I can’t raise on shri krishna….so you should also do proper research before doubting shri Rama and yes the activities done by Sri Rama makes him superior of all whether he is purna avatar or not but his actions let him make the supreme as depicted by Shri Hanuman a and Shri vishnu itself..the maxima of Ramnaam BTW I did know the reasons of all these actons of shri krishna…..and yes they both are one and the same..

  28. VEENA

    Agreed with Sara – Lord Ram came as Lord Krishna in his next birth /incarnation .
    When Lord Ram killed Bali by chal /trick/deception, Bali argued & questioned Sri Ram that why HE did not come upfront and killed him- So Sri Ram pacified him saying in my next birth -you would kill me from behind . Bali came as Jara -the hunter and killed Lord Krishna .
    Again Lord Krishna reveals to Arjuna that I remember my past lives -you don’t . So detach yourself from all maya and fight . Also Lord Krishna says in THE GITA ” YEDA YEDA ……….famous shlokha , meaning I shall come again and again when Dharma is at stake .
    @ Samarth -you asked why did not Lord Krishna married his greatest devotee Radhaji ? Radhaji was elder than Krishna and moreover Devotees are NOT married , they merged into lord in spiritual sense . Hanuman was devotee of Ram , Laxman even though devotee of Ram , Vibhishan even though devotees of Ram – so only male can be devotees ? DO you mean that @Samarth ? But for your information URmila was a devotee of Ram & Trijata too -why Ram did not marry them ? Urmila rebuked Ram for Ram’s act of abandonment of SIta , bhakta /devotee can ask questions to Lord . ANd you know -SUBADHRA is Urmila in next birth.
    @ Samarth why Hanuman is shown with SriRam in Temple ? because greatest devotees get high place , same Radhaji is shown in many Temples with LOrd Krishna . Samarth- Hanuman is not a problem for you -but Radhaji being a woman is your problem ? Kindly see what type of mentality human have .
    Avatar /God is above gender /s*x . OK Samarth ?? If you are true devotee of Lord Ram -then you should search him in your heart – NARAYAN resides there . LOrd will show you there is no difference between Lord Ram & Krishna . Lord Ram was not purna avatar as it was need of the time but when his wife Sita ‘s had so much suffering and he could not do anything , HE came as Purna avatar it was need of the TIME .
    @ you can verify these statements of Purna avatar as Sara pointed out it is revealed by Many saints and sages . And if you yourself want to know-CLOSE you eyes , pray to lord /NARAYAN ( Nara means Jiva and aayan means residence ) .He is there in your heart , in all of us .
    That is what was revealed to GOPIS in Ras leela by Lord Krishna . Lord wanted to show even though I am going to Mathura , I am always with you all. I am Narayana
    In Kathak dance it is said that if one can dance to a such level of devotion – then one can feel the presence of LORD KRISHNA .
    Krishna started bhakti yuga – He is the mentor of bhakti yuga , he taught no need to renounce the world -with love , devotion and faith one can feel LORD”S presence in oneself .
    About Sita’s going to bhoomi _ Mother Earth, it was indeed tragic and SriRam himself admitted after her departure that he did mistake , he cried as Sita was the Shakti roop for RAm , it was because SITA & Laxman too -RAM WAS COMPLETE . both SITA AND LAXMAN gave up their lives for RAM . SO both are respected and worshipped with LORD RAM
    About Rukmaniji- there are few places -where she is worshipped along with Lord Krishna .But Lord Krishna was the PURNA AVATAR -please read THE GITA . Sages , Saints can still feel the Gita’s vibration as it is recorded in Akashshik memory .
    @Samarth – RAdhaji’s love is pure , eternal and divine like Hanuman’s so please don’t mix s*x with divine love. Meera bai loved Lord Krishna , Chaitnaya Mahaprabhua loved LOrd Krishna – one male and one is female -is there any issue with female devotees ???

    • Samarth

      Hlo miss veena I don’t think about that no doubt she was the devotee but the relation was of lover in them whereas not on that and I also mentioned the name of Shabri ji just read it

      • Samarth

        And yes I really don’t think such but I have got to know your mentality…..OMG whatever I even can’t think you said it I mean what do I say now…..ya truly there were great devotees and Sri Ram did admitted that maa sita was wronged and that too because of him but it doesn’t mean that he was responsible for this and it was praja who forced him to do so…..and you are saying due to need of time he took different avatars and 8n the same context due to time he was forced to take such decisions….

    • Meena

      |Registered Member


    • Aman

      veena sis,lakshman wife urmila was the inc of nagalakshmi,wife of sheshanag,she incarnated as revati,wife of balaram
      though i am not sure but sometimes Ram and bharat are considered as nar and narayan,just as arjun and krishna,so subhadra may be mandavi
      acc when bharat spent14 years worshipping ram,mandavi kept chanting ram’s name ,both of them were great ram bhakt

      • Aman

        BUT yes what i read,5 pandwas were born from 5 gods
        arjun,son of indra just as krishna considered draupadi as her sister,same was subhadra,they may be adishakti as parvati considers vishnu as her brother

    • Aman

      plz refer-

  29. Samarth

    And one thing too that shri Rama does not reveal his virat roop because there was no need to do so and @Sara you said krishna ji has control over kaliyug and dwaparyug but before the birth of shri krishna shri Rama did have control tretayug and dwaparyug but after birth of shri krishna the control of krishna avatar comes and when kalki avatar will be there he would be having control…

  30. Aman

    sad episode but really great performance by all,will be missing the show,can anyone tell,when will dvd be available

  31. Rani

    @ Veena – well said. it is true if you pray , Lord does give direction and I used to argue who is great Lord Ram or Krishna -then one fine day it was revealed to me both are one & the same .
    @ Sara – Exceptionally profound thoughts . You know once Swami Vivekanada was asked after Chicago lectures , why gopis ran after Lord Krishna ? Swamiji smiled and started walking -all folks started walking behind him , then he said the same reason for you are walking. It is devotion .
    I also used to think how can I develop that level of devotion for my lord ( inner lord-the ULTIMATE) -now from your words I can make out it is built up birth after birth. Indeed monkeys were GOPIS . SO they loved Krishna so much .
    But Radhaji -I feel was Bharath in his previous -their is a similarities between the devotion they have for their lord.
    @ Samarth – about you I agree with Sara , It is Ghor Kali yuga , had Lord Ram was born in Kali yuga you would have termed him as GAY as you said very offensive words against Lord Krishna
    Samarth bhai- some of the Gopis were of Yushodha’s age , some of the were young but married quite elder than 11 year old Kid krishna and Sri Radha was also elder than elder and her marriage was fixed with someone.
    If some woman /girl loves the LORD- does it mean the lord needs to marry that devotee ??
    What do you understand by the meaning LOve ??? To you -love may be confined to physical level. BUt love of true bhakta are above s*x – LOVE of Hanuman , Love Laxman , Love Sri Radha , Love of Yushodha , love of Meera bai , Love of Arjun are all above physical level -THEY ARE ETERNAL, divine love. The love where lover and beloved merged together .
    @Samarth – Can you answer me one question ?? What do you think of Vibishan ??? A dharma purush or Ghar Shastru as told by Ravaan.
    To me , He was Dharama purush because he gave up everything to be with lord Ram and Dharma. if he had not come to Ram’s side , Ram would have lost the battle with Ravan as Ram was not PURNA Avatar , he had no knowledge of how to kill Ravaan .
    @ Samarth – Have you properly read Good version of Mahabharat and Ramayan ? I think you did not read any of those . Otherwise you could not have commented that type of remarks about Ras leela .
    @Samarth – you know because of Durbasha ‘s curse , Laxman gave up his life to save Ram and Ayodha . But same Rishi Durbasha wanted to curse Pandavs and draupadi during their exile of 13 years , Krishna saved them eating only 3 morsel of rice .
    @samarth – you know Karna was full of hatred towards Pandavs but he was gem of a person. To remove his hatred ,Krishna on the request of Kunti revealed Karna about his true identity and thus paving the way for his liberation even though Karna sided with Adharmi Duroyodhna.
    Because by knowing the true identity Karna did not kill his 4 brothers and his heart was turned into compassion towards Pandavs & Karna understood Duryodhana had always cheated Pandavs.
    @Samarth – Usually worship is done when someone sacrifices , in Treta yuga Ram along with Devi Sita and brother Laxman sacrificed and both sita and Laxman gave up their life for Ram. That is also one reason Ram is worshipped along with Ram but in case of Rukminiji – no sacrifice is there .
    Moreover as pointed out by Sara – Lord Krishna was a purna avatar , from his childhood he knew what he was . For Arjun- he is Parthasarathi/Keshab For Sri Radha- he is kanha, for Sudhama , he is krishna , for Draupadi- he is Govind , for gopis -he is leeladhari . HE is so many but he is ONE , he was lord Ram in his previous birth .

    • Samarth

      @rani then you have also not read ramayana properly of you had done you would have not spoke such things about Sri Rama feminism is good but you are also leading it towards wrong direction

    • Samarth

      |Registered Member

      Sis which offensive words I have used for shri krishna I wanna know????and didn’t you used offensive words for Sri Rama???just look at your own comments about it

  32. Samarth

    Dear @sara you are saying that I am doing wrong by doubting shri krishna I agreed I did wrong and you also said that I can’t understand the love between gopiKas and krishna but the same thing you did by not understanding the situations and time which let shri Ram 2nd vanvaas……let me tell you the reason for 2nd vanvaas here are
    Actually shri vishnu and maa sita got curse to get separated
    2nd the politics are meant to be pure so anyone who is on supreme position so that person must be spotless and the character of Maa sita was stained by Dhobi and which become the mass opinion later and she actually a sort of resign from that position let me tell you one thing that is in some version of Ramayana maa sita goes to vanvaas on her own and Shri RAMA stops her to go but she doesn’t agree and goes alone and it was shown in NDTV ramayana I can share link if you wish so…and about shri krishna I must say that I did know the reasons of all these but I really wanna know that why he is not worshipped along rukmani ji…and just asking question…but actually you have shown much haterd for shri Ram ji which is not actually true…….sorry if my words hurt you
    And dear @veena what do you think of me…I have not even thought of all these infact you have not read properly I did have mention the names of ahilya ji and Shabri ji which are FEMALES and yes I really don’t know about trijata ji…you said that the it was need of that time for Ram avatar and Shri krishna so does in case of maa sita’s exile…….you have actually spoken those things which I would not have even imagined and for your knowledge there are certain scriptures who let Sri Rama to be supreme…and yes shri Ram is worshipped along with maa Janki and Lakshman ji and hanuman ji….but they are worshipped for their great deeds and it’s wish of devotee that he want to worship him alone or not and I have seen krishna ji 99% with shri Radha… it’s up to the devotee that in which roop he wanna worship the supreme hope you get my point and @veena everyone doesn’t think the way the way you have accused me…hope you get out of so called feminism which actually stops a women to think from all perspectives and let her think from only one perspective….and again I say for me Lord krishna and Rama are same….hope u get my point…Jai Siya Ram

  33. Pradeep

    What type of conversation are going now…. Horrible!! I have a doubt whether you have SKR intentionally or just for entertainment only. Because, if it is intentionally then you must have seen some of the episodes when Shri Ram was totally disturbed by the wordings of Dhobhi and the aftermath opinions he has received from his elders & Guru. And, it is clearly shown that at what situation he has to take such unconditional decision against Sita Mata. It is the battle between his mind & heart only, why he could not able to meet Sita Mata before She leaves (forcibly) from Palace. If you remember, in Lanka itself, He has shared his doubt about the thinking of Society to Sita Mata & then Sita Mata was in full confidence that Ayodhya praja is treating her as their Mata and they will not raise any doubt as Shri Ram is thinking. Thirdly, just imagine, if HE will punish Dhobhi because of his statement against Sita Mata, then it would be ADHARMA for a King’s perspective as King’s role is to sacrifice his life for the benefit of his Praja. This type of thinking are not having in our Current Politicians and that is the only reason all Politicians are corrupted.

  34. Samarth

    I am sorry for my questions which were actually my just questions but some of the members consider that I was just doubting shri krishna and lead to whatever which I had not thought so if anyone hurts by my questions then m sorry….

  35. Samarth

    And yes he shri Ram had punished Dhobi then praja may be silent for some time but they will doubt maa Sita forever and it would have been in doubt even till now…

  36. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    I just want to say that ram is not complete form of lord vishnu.he is unawared of his divinity .he is confined by the human laws and regulations of ayodhya.shri krishna and shri ram are same .their ways of establishing dharma is different .ram was confined by the laws and regulations of ayodhya .our constitution is doing similiar thing they are giving position to the candidate as per majority .it is not his personal decision .ram has suffered in his entire life after this decision.heis not completely failed as a husband because he would have married someone else but he didn’t do that because he knew somewhere that he had done injustice with sita .as per his promise he won’t marry someone .he was completely shattered after sita ‘s abandonment.he knew that he didn’t do justice with innocent women.he knew that his character is going to be stained on his decision.he had never doubted on her chastity because he knew that she is purer than purity .it can be considered as biased decision because he had given verdict on dhobi’s words who wants to take revenge from shri ram for her daughter’s sided decision always leads to disaster.

    • Samarth

      |Registered Member

      Can you please tell me what was this case of dhobi’s daughter abandonment and I wanna know that when kaal come to him he was completely aware of It all so he must be knowing his divinity….I am not opposing but juz wanna know

      • Shivani

        |Registered Member

        shatrughan took such harsh decision by sending her daughter for vanvas of two year without any fault in the absence of ram during his vanvas.her fault is that she had lived one night in someone else hut due to storm .people designated her as impure was shown in skr already

      • Samarth

        |Registered Member

        But I have heard a different story but as sources of skr are different but in valmiki ramayana there is no mention of this story instead this was case of his wife who slept at somebody else’s house and he said I am not like Ram who would accept his wife after living so many months in somebody else’s Kingdom….BTW tysm for sharing 😀😀

  37. Preethi12345

    |Registered Member

    guys i have to stop my lakshmilla ffs from now on due to personal reasons.. i wont publish any more ffs
    but the ending which i had thouht is that utthara,lav ,kush, malini and shreya get married
    utthara gets married to the prince of magadh..
    ram and sita reunite together
    basically the entire ayodhya family is complete

    anyway i will see u all in the last episode of skr or i will try my best to comment
    bye for now

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