Siya Ke Ram 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita asking Laxman why is he waiting, just go and protect Ram. Laxman says I know Ram well, wait for some time, truth will be out. She asks are you saying this after hearing his call. He says I m sure its not his call. She asks why, don’t you identity his voice. He says I know his voice well, I can identify his voice even in sleep. She asks then who will call out in his voice. He says my guess was right, this deer is Mayavi and its his call. She asks him how can he stand so carefree after saying its Mayavi power, you have to go to Ram and protect him, if Ram is trapped in some plan then, there is no time to think, just go. Laxman asks her not to worry, Ram is the one who saved everyone, what will I protect him, his one arrow killed Tadaka, entire Asurs, and the Asur army, he

has alone made Dandakaranya free of Asurs, he does not need help, the truth is that deer is in problem right now, not Ram, you don’t worry. Sita says I have seen Laxman not worrying for Ram for the first time.

Mareech says I did not wish to die by that sinner’s hands, so I chose to die by your hands, forgive me. Ram asks whats Raavan’s plan, what does he want. Mareech says Sita….. and dies. Ram says Sita….. and worries. Sita reminds Laxman his motive to come in jungle, its true that Ram is brave, but can’t you go to protect him on my saying, this danger is not ordinary, Chatayu has alerted us about Raavan, maybe its Raavan’s plan, he may have surrounded Ram alone in the jungle, you don’t know Raavan, else you would have not stayed here, you have been with Ram as his shadow, today Ram needs you, just go, listen to me, don’t leave me alone, don’t know in which danger I have put him by sending him after the deer. He says you are right that this can be Raavan’s plan. She asks him to go then, what are you thinking, will you go or not.

Laxman says no, if this is Raavan’s plan, then his aim is not Ram, its you. She asks how can you say this Laxman. He says if Raavan had to attack Ram, he would have done this before, but he did not do this, he left and wanted to take Ram out of ashram, so he has sent that Mayavi deer, so that he can harm you. She gets shocked. He says I did not forget my motive to come here, its my duty to protect you and Ram, I m not going as its Ram’s command to not leave you. She says I m also commanding you to go and protect, without any delay. Laxman apologizes folding hands and says its Ram’s command, till he comes back, I don’t go anywhere leaving you, even when you send me away from ashram.

She takes the bow and arrow….Laxman asks what are you doing. She says if you can’t go, I will go to protect Ram. He says stop, this is not right. He comes in her way, and says its not right for you to go out of ashram, try to understand me. She asks him to move off her way. He takes the Dhanush from her and says I m not going anywhere leaving you, I will not let you, try to understand, our one mistake can become a curse for entire life, go inside ashram.

Raavan tells Akampana that its all happening according to my plan, Mareech played his role well. Akampana says Mareech made Ram may miles away from Panchwati, even if Ram wants to return, it will take much time. Raavan says its good news, but why are you worried. Akampana says Laxman is still there, Sitaharan is not possible. Raavan says the way Mama Mareech has called Laxman in Ram’s voice, Laxman has to leave from ashram. Akampana says they knew about your arrival here, Laxman will doubt and not leave from ashram. Raavan says he will go for sure, you don’t know women’s nature, if Sita believes her husband is in danger, her senses will go nil and she will just think of Ram’s life, she will cross all Maryada and send Laxman to Ram, you just see, Laxman has to leave from the ashram. He shouts Surpanakha, your revenge moment is close, very close……

Hanuman flies in air and goes to meet Surya Dev. He greets Surya Dev. Surya Dev says you have saved my son, I m thankful, I was worried that Bali would try to hurt Sugreev, but you have protected him. Hanuman says the promise I gave to save Sugreev is my Dharm now, nothing will happen to him. Surya Dev says you have to be alert, you will need some knowledgeable man to understand Bali’s plan and answer him, who can become a minister in this Dharm yudh. Hanuman asks who can it be, where will be get him. Surya Dev says such person is there, Brahma’s son Jamvanth….. Hanuman says Jamvanth? Jamvanth is shown. Surya Dev says there is no one more sensible, knowledgeable than him, he is born for such special motives, he is immortal, he will be on earth till the end, Jamvanth will help when there is problem. Hanuman asks where will I get him. Surya Dev says he is doing tapasya on some mountain, its time for his special part in this yug now. Hanuman says I will surely go to meet him, and greets him.

Sita says you did not obey my command today and disrespected me. He says no, I have vowed to protect you. She says I m thinking there is no one who loves Ram more than you, but I understand I was wrong, you just pretended to protect him, you cheated him, you were waiting for this time. He cries and asks what are you saying. She says yes, your love, service and care was a fake show, you were waiting for Asur powers to get Ram, you would be happy today as this chance came. He asks her to punish him, but not stain his feelings for Ram and his character, my life is to serve you both, I m not going to Ram by leaving you, as I m bounded by my duty towards Ram’s command, this time my Dharm is to protect you. She asks what will be Sita’s life importance when Ram won’t be there. He asks what are you saying, if anything happens to you, how will I face Ram. She asks if Ram is not there, whom will you face. He asks how can she say this. She says I have identified you today in this tough time. He asks her to say what to do to prove his dedication. She says there is just one way, go to Ram and protect him.

Ram recalls Chatayu’s warning. He realizes Mareech’s words meaning and wonders does Raavan want to harm Sita, Sita is definitely in danger, I have to reach ashram soon. He runs. Laxman requests Sita not to send him, and cries folding hands. She asks will you go if I m not alive. She holds an arrow to hurt her neck. Laxman stops her. She says no Laxman, you made me helpless to give up my life to send you to protect my husband, this is only way to make you free of Ram’s command, I m doing Stree dharm to protect my husband’s life. Laxman says no, I m going, please move away his arrow, I m breaking Ram’s command for the first time in my life, please move away this arrow. She moves away the arrow. Her neck gets bit hurt by the arrow tip. Laxman looks on worried.

Laxman makes a limiting line/Laxman Rekha and tells Sita that no Asur power can enter this, but this Rekha will not bound her. Akampana tells Raavan that last hurdle got clear too. Raavan says now Sitaharan will happen…..

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Voted already dearest di.. Bt u r vry unfair.. I hd thought I’ll write this poll on star plus shows.. It’s okay ? m NT angry ? with u sissie.. Voted for skr only.. But don’t thnk it ll win.. I think yhm, sns , yrkkh, will b in top 3…

  1. Anil

    Lakshman thinking in a right way…anyway sita thinking that RAM was in danger so ravan’s plan working….
    Nice epi….
    Lakshman was the hero of the epi…

  2. Meghana

    Sooo sad guys v ll miss siam a lot nd lot,mataaa pls believe ur Devar

  3. Oh god I couldn’t watch tdy epi but its so emotional…..

    Guys I submitted my POV guys hope they l post soon….

  4. SKR fan

    Awesome episode. Laxman knew about raavan plan? I am feeling very bad for laxman. Here he has to listen to sita’s harsh words and there when ram will see that laxman has left sita alone then he will also scold him and when they will find sita has been kidnapped then he will feel so guilty. And I knew jaamwant was there in Ramayan but did not know he was before that also. Anyone knows what was his role in satyug and in dwaaparyug and is he still present in kalyug? Please answer.

    • CAA

      I don’t know about satyayug, but in dwaparyug his daughter Jambavati gets married to Krishna.. she was third of his pattaranis (favorite wife) after Rukmini and Satyabhama.. the samyantak mani was taken by him from the lion that killed Satyabhama’s uncle and later he presented it to Krishna along with his daughter.. at their meeting he requested Krishna to show his Ram roop and Krishna agreed..

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hmm caa Is ryt.. He’s present in kaliyug also as he was one of chirjivis.. Me also don’t know abt satyug

  5. Meghana

    DEEPIKA DI N VIJAY BRO welcome to our skr family sure u ll njoy here N RESHMA dear i m frm ap and i m gng to step into 9th ths june

  6. M

    This is not true I don’t think. Sita would not taunt Laxman or emotionally blackmail him. She would explain nicely. I don’t know. Besides I don’t like the actresses that plays Sita. She seems incredibly fake. I know that I’m going to get a lot of hate from the other commentors but I am entitled to my opinion and this is it. So please don’t criticise me or say I’m insulting something because no…just like film reviewers judge actors I am for the show…

    • krishnai aka ww

      na…. none will criticise for ur comment……. i promise this is the only reply from the family…… i understand ur point of view…… see just relax…… i hope all members agree to me

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        We wont criticize you.. Bt siya emotionally blackmailed lakshman and dats true..

      • Nupur

        No no we won’t criticise u at all…As u mentioned u have a full right to voice ur opinion and whether u like the actors or not…so chillax dear?

    • Meghana

      No dear v wont criticise u at all nd i too feel the same tat madirakshi is nt that much set fr our maa character

  7. And sry to say guys but tdy I dont like sita’s dialogues …how could she speak like that ….she said that lakshman is pretending that he loves ram….really it hurts me when I read itself thank u so much to god that I didn’t watch the epi….sry whether my words had Hurted anybody…

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      I wtchd d epi bt not full.. It was the first time I chngd d channel wile watching skr.. Couldn’t c lakshmans sad face?..

      • Haha mei ne toh dekha hi nahi…. So happy meine lakshman ko rote nahi dekha……agar dekhliya toh mujhe bahut bura lagega….

    • vanshika arora

      i know sita’s words were harsh bt it ws Normal & obvious. when u’ll hear that ur husband is asking fr help u’ll become panic.laxman thought it as a warrior bt sita thought only as a wife.many people hold sita responsible fr her own kidnapping… cz she forced ram 2 go behind d deer.she forced laxman 2 go behind ram,she crossed d rekha even knowing d danger.i dn’t wanna talk about d 1st & last 1.mayb it ws destiny which she couldn’t as far as sending laxman behind ram ws correct frm her place cz no woman in ds world can stay calm when she hears d screaming of her husband fr help.obviously she’ll lose her temper & do anything 2 save her husband…

      • Ya I agree with u …I m not saying she was wrong, I m just say that it can be in a polite way… Bcoz it would hurt lakshman a lot….that’s it dear….

    • Meghana

      Agree wth u priya di but its nt true actually,i mean siya should nt hv scolded lakshman like this as skr shown,siya mata would hv requested lakshman

  8. krishnai aka ww

    i welcome all new comers to our family and fan club…. sry for late welcome…..

    i m from tamil nadu stepping into 11th……..

    n coming to epi…… really superb……. they way sita n lakshman each others love n maryada for Ram…….. really superb though siya was hurting lakshman for it she didnt really mean it as she knew its time for her to separate from LORD VISHNU…………. i m eager to see the next part r abduction from Sita’s point of view………

  9. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Guys dont take me wrong ? but I think that Danish sir is not doing role of Hanuman much gud now.. Only opinion.. Dnt b angry ? wid me pls ??????

    • Haripriya

      We won’t take ur sis as wrong dear . Me too thinking like that but they have put him as to lift the mountain. The character as to be strong and huge

  10. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Amena di it’s stree dharm not shree dharm pls check it.. As I hd predicted that full epi today went in lakshman siya convo.. Friends can any1 tell me that in tellyupdates they only post ff on TV shows or also imaginary stories without any relationship to serial characters, jus askin if any 1 knows tell me.. Lakshman got it right but sita didn’t… Surprising ?

  11. Nupur

    Hello everyone!!! How r u all??? Hope u r doing great?

    Coming to epi, reading the update only I felt really bad when Sita accuses Lakshman although I know she didn’t mean it but it really hurts. Can’t watch Sitaharan would be too painful???

    A hearty welcome to all the newcomers- Starbright, Vijay, Reshma, Deepika, Queen…Hope u enjoy being a part of our lovely family?
    I am from Odisha, recently completed my 12th and currently giving my entrance exams hence I’m quite irregular on the page for the time being.

    So Sorry Priya for the late wishes…I know no sorry but here the situation demands…CONGRATS!!!! You should be really proud of urself for such a stupendous result dear…may all ur wishes come true in future too…stay blessed?

    Nita if u r here…did u check out my reply on 18th may page…If not do check it out buddy when u have time?

    WW how are u? Glad to see u active in this page…btw do you comment on any other pages? Can u tell me where only if you want…

    Ok that’s all for now. I know I have ranted a lot but please bear with me.

    Miss u all a lot and lots of love and hugs for all???

    • Hi di how r u??? We r fyn di……no sry di its ok…I know u l be busy in preparations….. Thank u di….miss u a lot di….love u too…and lots of hugs to u..????

    • krishnai aka ww

      hi di… i m f9…….. yes i comment in some other pages….. but not regularly…….. in dehleez, krishnadasi and chakaravatin ashoka smarat page….. thats it…….

  12. Meghana

    Priya di pls pls excuse me i think i cant come even tdy in ho missing u guys a lot and lot priya di pls tell me did anyone leave the group if soo pls tell them to wait till tmrw i ll hv a last chat wth them pls pls pls do this

    • Its ok megs…. And soups di and brinda left …..soups di l come after 2 weeks….and will u be not in hangouts till June 3????

  13. Hello guys !! I’m back ! Was missing you all very badly. I enjoyed my vacations.

    First of all I seriously didn’t like sita’s avatar today. She didn’t blackmail but she just hurted and critisized the bakthi that lakshman has in ram. And I think this is literally false. The writer of skr :- Anand neelkantan , donno from where he takes the story 🙁 . in valmiki’s Ramayana sita will start crying and ask Lakshman to go. By seeing her sad he goes. This is wrong !! Sita is never such a woman ! 🙁

    Ive a new link from where you can vote your favourite jodi’s, serials, famous personalities. Here it is –>
    I’m done . its your turn now !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      It’s not a new link di., already posted in ystrdy pg., already voted.. V. Also missed u alot.. Vlcm bck????????

    • I missed u malvi…. And ya dear even u think that this phase of sita is wrong… There are many versions of Ramayana… May be its some version of Ramayana….

      • Sounds great priya di . Missed u too ?! Donno why they potrayted
        Sita like this 🙁 And watching sitaharan today is a nightmare 🙁 😐

    • riya

      But i’ve read valmiki ramayan frm scribd.there she really spoke such harsh words 2 lakshman.she also accuses laxman if he wanted sita aftr ram’m i dn’t think skr showed wrong in ds case.

  14. Meghana

    No dear v wont criticise u at all nd i too feel the same tat madirakshi is nt that much set fr our maa character

  15. jay

    Haiiii haii haiiiii friends,……. How r u all….missed u all so so much….. sry for late….but iam back wil be regular…..
    Heartly welcome all the new comerss….sry for late welcoming…

    I really enjoyed my trip ….how was your journey anil bro…
    I so sry priya for late congratulation on your result…..
    What about others results sry dears i pls if possible tell me about your result …..
    About episode sita words were really hurting…..felt very bad for

    lakshman….will miss siyaram scenes…

    • Hai di I m so happy….. U r back…. And di no sry u forgot han????and thank u so much…. I missed u a lot di….and I have done di work which u gave…..

      I m so happy that u saw my results in that enjoyment too….thank u so much di …I just love u…..???now I may chat with my sis….

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Haiii di wlcm bck …. Hw r u.. Nyc u enjoyed trip… Siam scenes wuld b missed by evry1 ????????‼‼‼‼ ..

  16. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Hi dearies r u angry ? with me ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ very less comments in my ff and quizzes and also u not rply me❔❔❔❔❔❔⁉ did I make a mistake eh??? Pls tell me…

  17. Sanju

    @ Ww aka Krishnai Di it was really a sweet and wonderful gesture I remember it was one of the most beautiful evening of my life. And Di that small arguement can’t change our equation Di and how do u think I won’t mention u??? After all u are ….check the link

    @ sanjana haripriya srinidhi missing u a lot and srinidhi no thks between sisters and all the very best for life and stay rooted in our culture and u are the first American best friend I got
    Haripriya u are a lovely sis and I too promise not to forget and try to write
    And I heard from Ww that 9th icse is tough than 10th so get ur foundation right

    @ priya how can I forget u and pls try to write
    @ skr addict from pondy right Di missing u di

    @ nupur Di my id in wattpad is siyaram1
    Pls note srinidhi and Sara

    Nupur Di thks for u wishes which keeps me going all the best for entrance and I won’t be in hangouts I guess but will be visiting Tu
    Am loving ur ranting di?
    @ anil bro do cont
    @ vanshika loads of love sis and u are keeping the skr page really active
    Sorry for making u emotional and u know what I am having the feeling from day 1 Danish just doesn’t suit it won’t just workout
    @ priya Di congrats for results
    @ jay Di pls cont with thirukural
    @ joy thks for promo link am surprised that Sita has loose hair

    Sita will force laxman but as u guys said she will get emotional also

    • Haripriya

      Missing u too di and ur also a sweet sis and yes I will write some more facts. My school is planning to change to cbse due to parents wish but don’t know what will happen di

    • Sanju tq so much for ur wishes dear….I know no tqs but ww said we can break rules to reply for congrats… And I l write dear….I updated part 3 see to it dear….l miss u… u loads sanju dear…..

    • krishnai aka ww

      hey sanju i agree that small event wont change n hope we forget about it…… thanks a lot for everything dear

  18. Sanju

    @ skr fan ur questions are mind boggling will find out why hanuman didn’t rule and will tell
    @ Mythilli good question why ram didn’t shout back will reply soon
    @ riya why Sita didn’t go with laxman it’s bcoz she thinks ram is in danger and if she goes it will make it dangerous for all three u get it she wants ram to be protected and only laxman can do it

  19. Vijay

    THK u priya,meghana

    I’m vijay from tamilnadu

    today episode show the strong brotherhood of ram-lakshman…
    I really liked each other strong bonding…

    feeling worried for sita..

  20. Sanju

    Most of u did not like yesterdays episode I won’t be justifying it but my take would be
    They are introducing jambavan and hanuman is a good disciple as u can see his obedience
    And in the last 2 episode ravan has become a bit sensible leader
    A leader who believes his staff who he has given responsibility but for his own destruction
    Coming to Sita laxman part..
    The one scene was uneccasary I felt was Sita taking the bow and arrow
    Otherwise the bhabhi devar relation which is actually a mother son relation
    Sita today let her emotions conquer her she failed to conquer her emotions which was humanly
    Ram too does the same with logic in the mareech incident
    A mother who wants her son to do his duty for the greater good that is of the world And indirectly blesses him by questioning him of his service to ram and assured that his service and love for ram is never ever questioned by the world
    A man who keeps his virtue during distress is the virtuous among virtuous men and laxman is such
    He is in dharm Sankat he chose to protect ram eventhough his brother was safe
    And ram asked him to protect Sita and Sita by keeping knife in her neck makes sure laxman fulfils Rams command and she would have given up her life
    Here too Sita enables laxman to fulfil ram and her order

    Btw was madrakshi bad in acting I don’t think so maybe the episode got u guys emotional or u didn’t like the character sketch but am not sure
    The whole week eventhough a drag had a implied meaning and depth wished I had been here to post analysis one I have got no time to post

    Mythilli the only logical explanation might be that if ram shouted back too they would have been confused and worried and I don’t think Sita would have not sent laxman

    And the promo is bugging me I mean Sita will let her loose only when she gives her hairpin to hanuman to assure ram so how can Sita have loose hair now itself
    And I hope they change Rams look as shown in promo

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      U really made me emotional ?????….. N u r ryt all u said., n
      missed u alot
      Siya won’t give hairpin she’ll give bangles to hanuman

  21. Sanju

    Sir fan pls note kesari was never a king but a chief and the story proceeds showing hanuman sugriva relation
    Source: Wikipedia


      really terrible……… so sad but offscreen videoing made me smile……… the way JK n MM acted n in btwn their jokes really made me smile. now i m ready to watch the epi………

  22. Keerthi

    Hi…friends I am new to here..I am from ap..and i am going to study 7th … i like skr soo much..

  23. krishnai aka ww


    Siya Ke Ram:

    Sitaharan’s planning has been started by Raavan. Raavan has sent Ram and Laxman away as per his plan. He goes to Sita and could not cross the Laxman Rekha. He moves back and takes a Rishi’s avatar. He calls out Sita and asks for Bhikshak. Sita gets food for him. He starts scaring her about her husband if she disrespects a Rishi. He asks her to step out of the ashram and give him Bhiksha. Sita goes out and he holds Sita’s hand, getting to his true Raavab’s avatar. He throws the food and shows his evil side. Sita tries to run away and gets far from Raavan. Raavan catches her.

    Jatayu tries to stop Raavan and gets hurt. Jayatu gets injured and falls down. Raavan takes Sita in his air chariot and leaves for Lanka. Ram and Laxman reach the ashram hurriedly and get shocked seeing Sita missing. Laxman blames himself for Sitaharan. Ram and Laxman find Jayatu. Jatayu informs Ram about Sitaharan done by Raavan. Jatayu takes his last breath and dies in Ram’s lap. Raavan takes Sita to Lanka. Ram and Laxman will go to Lanka to get back Sita. With the final 14th year of Vanvas getting tough for Ram and Sita, it will bring many twists leading to Ram-Raavan’s war. Keep reading.


      • krishnai aka ww

        forgetting the rules now a days u guys…….. NO THANKS AND SORRY IS ALLOWED AMONG FRNDS……….

        It goes for u too @Keerthi……… 1st rule of this family n fan club……

  24. Belief is the basis of any relationship.
    Please sita maa believe laxman. …….
    N krishnai ??(instead of tq) for spoilers

  25. Sanju

    Ww Di ur doing all this not for any particular reason na
    Are u quitting?????

    Guys I was reading a book in wattpad and would like to know ur opinion what do
    U think of betrayal of trust in relations?? How would u react ?

  26. Sanju

    Nupur Di thks for following me in wattpad
    A coincidence the book masked I was reading and u too are reading it

    And I loved the horror story book in ur list

  27. Sanju

    a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God.
    Ww Di if this is the meaning of agnostic
    Is it that u believe in a supreme power ?

  28. stuti

    Hi guys sry didn’t comment fr some days. Heartly welcome to all newcomers myself 9 th did. U guys. Forgot me???Hi

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