Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram, Sita and Laxman proceeding. Praja cheers for Ram. Siya ram gaye vachan nibhana…..plays……….. Sumanta tells Ram that cart is arranged for them, kindly sit in the cart and leave for van, I will take you wherever you say. Ram says things should be used as per motives, we are leaving for van by giving up Rajya’s luxuries, will using cart be right, we have wish to walk along Praja. Praja cheers for him. They go ahead.

Ashwapati asks Bharat why does he want to go Ayodhya, you both came few days back. Bharat says don’t know, I feel restless like something happened there. Ashwapati says if anything happened, Kaikeyi would have sent message. The man says Ayodhya’s messenger came with imp message. The messenger greets them and asks Bharat and Shatrughan to return

to Ayodhya soon. Shatrughan asks why so soon, what happened. Bharat asks him to say. Messenger says I m not allowed to say anything else. Bharat says I told you Nana shri, there is something not right there. We shall leave soon, allow us to leave. Ashwapati blesses them. They leave.

Ram asks Praja to return back to Ayodhya. The old man says no, we won’t return to Ayodhya, we will go to van with you. Sita says I have known your love and devotion for Ram when I came to Ayodhya, undoubtedly, Ram is Praja’s Ram, but I request you all to let him go on path of his Dharm and duty. The lady says we are supporting him in his path, we believe he is our king, if king is following this path, why should Praja move back. Ram says not me, Bharat will become Ayodhya’s king, his behavior and qualities are not different than me, if you accept him with same love and devotion, you will see my reflection in him, give him same love and trust, my brothers needs a Praja like you, and also your blessings.

The man says how shall I return to Ayodhya by leaving you alone in van, when we sit Bharat on throne, we will think of your sorrow in van. Ram says happiness is not defined by sitting on throne, Dharm, duty and Kalyaan are the motives of Raghukul. He tells more of his ancestors, how Mata Ganga was brought on earth by his ancestors, for the human race, was his Tapasya waste? If Ram’s ancestors can do tapasya for years to do good to human race, can’t Ram do 14 years vanvaas? The old man says we can’t fail you in words, you always make us speechless, but today we will not listen to you. Sumanta says Maharaj asked me to get you back to Ayodhya, even Praja wishes the same, return to Ayodhya with us. Ram tells them that its sunset time, going ahead will not be fine, we will rest on lake shore, we will start journey tomorrow. Praja agrees.

Raavan comes back to Lanka. Malyavaan asks him to meet his mum. Raavan goes to Kaikesi. She welcomes the three lok’s Swami Raavan. He greets her with respect. She cuts her finger by his sword and does tilak to him. he asks is he seeing pride, self esteem in her eyes, you have taken revenge of Nana Somani’s insult by making Indra lose, I m lucky that you are born to me. He says I m lucky to fulfill your dreams, whatever I got in life is by your blessings, you always trusted me. Mandodari comes and asks whats the use of winning world, if you had to kill own relatives. Raavan shouts Mandodari… she asks is this not true, that you killed your sister’s suhaag to win the world. He says I did not kill Vidyuthjeeva to conquer the world, he is himself responsible for his death, I went to meet Surpanakha on the way, I came to know Vidyuthjeeva married her by his plan, he attacked me. She asks him to tell this to Surpanakha, you are her culprit. Praja sleeps. Ram and Sita cover them up with blankets and take care of them.

Raavan tells Surpanakha that he did not kill Vidyuthjeeva to conquer the Daanav lok, it was Vidyuthjeeva’s plan. She does not believe his words and says you have killed Vidyuthjeeva to win over the world, you ruined my life, look at me. He turns his face away. She says you gave me widow’s avatar as your blessings, I felt you love me a lot, the truth is you just love yourself. She cries. He gets hurt too. She says I hate you a lot, like person hates an enemy, kill me too. He shouts Surpanakha and gets a sword. He says I don’t want to be alive with my sister’s hatred, take this sword, kill me. She takes the sword. She says murder is definite, not yours, but mine, don’t come ahead. He asks her not to do this. She says I don’t want to be alive.

Malyavaan comes there and asks her to stop, don’t be foolish. She says Vidyuthjeeva was my life… he says no, Vidyuthjeeva was your enemy, he was just using you, wanted to win Raavan’s trust and kill him, he made you a medium to reach Raavan, Raavan went to daanav lok on my saying, Vidyuthjeeva attacked Lankesh using this chance, even then Lankesh explained him, but your husband did not agree, when he said he will kill Lankesh and made you Daasi, Lankesh could not bear it and did what a brother should do for his sister. She gets shocked. She cries and drops the sword. Raavan says Surpanakha….. She says I want to be alone, and shatters. Raavan looks at Malyavaan. Malyavaan signs him and they both leave.

Laxman asks Ram how can we take entire Praja with us to van. Ram says I m also worried thinking the same, we have to convince them to return to Ayodhya. Sita says they are Ayodhya’s Praja, Shri Ram’s Praja, they will not leave supporting you, when they go back, their life will be full of problems… for their good, you have to take a decision… they are sleeping now, we should leave them alone and proceed for van.

Ram says its time that we leave for our path. Ram, Sita and Laxman leave from there. Praja looks for Ram and ask for him. Rishi Jabali says what do Ram do if he did not leave, would he take you all along and walk in van.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sanjana

    Ram explains praja beautifully
    And thank god Sita had a dialogue
    My god one side a mother blesses and is proud of her sons dharm and on the other hand a mother feels proud on her sons a dharm
    Missed the episode

  2. SKR fan

    Shri ram is a great king. So is sita a great queen.
    Won’t they go to real forest for shooting?

    • wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

      Oh…. so yesterday was his bday… belated wishes sir….. n dude all r really ncy….

  3. Sanjana

    Rams love for Bharat is evident and true
    Happiness does not lie in anything
    Ram never thought ayodha as his own and so he never claims
    This is true wisdom

  4. Sanjana

    Mandodari questions when she has to and
    Ram and Sita really care for everyone just like God cares for us

  5. Sanjana

    Ram doesn’t even look at Sita while she speaks
    Sita does not make ram feel incomplete and is there for him whenever needed

  6. Sanjana

    So shurphanakha trusts ravan
    I feel sometimes good even happens with bad but it won’t last till the end
    Shurphanakha is saying true ravan loves only himself that will be evident when he abducts Sita and tries to woo her

  7. Sanjana(Sara)

    Missing urmila very much?.
    Hi how are you all??
    Nidhi di and zara di missing you both a lot. Please take care of yourself.☺
    Dia di your stories are very funny?
    Everyone’s dp is superb..☺

  8. Sanjana

    Today is bijay aka janak birthday
    Good happens for bad but not forever
    Bad may happen to good but God will never leave their hands

    Everything happens for good
    Draw a line to ur past and begin your future anew
    Don’t ever feel insecure dear sisters
    Just a simple advice don’t take it too seriously

  9. Brindha

    Hi everyone. How r u all? Episode was gd. Praja’s love for ram can be seen clearly in this episode. It was touching and somewhat emotional. But in between 2 times ravan interrupted…. Right?????
    Shurpanakha and ravan scene showed his love for his sister…… When all the people will be sleeping ram and sita were covering them with blankets….
    Miss everyone who are not present here…..
    Get well soon nidhi di…. And Zara di……
    Miss u both…..
    Gd night everyone……
    Where is bhoomija di…… Is she busy with her exams or something else……. Can anyone tell me……
    Sanju dear come back soon…. Miss u….. And ur comments abt each episode……
    Rachu di….are u having any exams????

    • Haripriya

      I’m fine di and what about u and Bhoomi di is busy with her exams .
      Good night di and sweet dreams

  10. Yazhini

    Raavan lve fr his sister really good… Raavan prvs that a coin has two sides…though he was more araugant to evryne he was true for his family…

  11. Nice episode !! Sorry fr my abscense yesterday…as i wasn’t well… 🙁
    Raavan is just so amazing !! ??
    #Can’t wait for tomorrow

      • Haripriya

        No di my exams are not finished yet and will end on Thursday . I don’t know the reason but it was boring

    • Brindha

      Hi di… How can we forget u di… ? today was a nice day except that me and my sisters were fighting…… She is very naughty…. Throwing her things here and there…….

  12. Veronica crouze

    Can anyone explain me what does “maryada purusottom” means?? & will they show whole 13 years of their vanvas or they will show some leap? I hv not seen mahabharat….how did they show the vanvas there?did they really go to jungle fr shooting & did they show any leap?

    • Silpa k sivadasan

      In most simple way ‘maryada purushotham ‘ means ‘the ideal/perfect man’
      Ramji is the perfect son brothr king so he is called like that

      I disagrè with him being perfect husband due to exile of sita
      But its only my opinin

    • Brindha

      Hi Veronica di…. In Mahabharat they did not show whole 13 years they showed only some important parts…..
      I think that in siya ke ram they will show only some important parts of vanvas…..
      But I don’t know what means maryada purushottom……

    • Sanjana

      Silpa Di a small correction
      Maryada purushottam mean a perfect man who follows rules Di
      Whereas Krishna was leela purushottam

  13. Tanu............:-)

    Nice epi………
    Dia di I am waiting fr ur Ss
    Sry if I hurt u

    Get well soon Zara di and nidhi di
    Ishitha may ur grandma’s soul rest in peace
    Hi to all my dear di’s

    • Ishita

      And wellwisher may i ask u something if it is not personal what happened to ur brother
      U had mentioned abt it in yesterday’s comment
      And thanks everyone for ur condolence

    • wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

      Ishi actually i have a elder sis n bro….. unfortunately my bro lived in this world only for a day….. not even 24hrs….. yet i miss him…. i had never seen him but still i understand his importance……

  14. Silpa k sivadasan

    In malayalam there is a drama trilogy of ramayanam
    In which ravanan is potrayed as a grt king who took his vansh frm depths of apaman to heigts of abhiman

    In it there is a famous line
    “sthreejithanalla sreejithananu raavanan”
    I dont know how to translate it into eng

    Bt it implies that ravan kidnapped sita becoz he need all the most precious things in lanka
    He needed sitaji to increase the fame of lanka
    Not to fulfil his physical thngs

    In that drama v will c ravan as a grt king who wil go to any extent 4 his country

    • Sanjana

      Silpa Di
      He might have been a great King
      But a king should follow rules and should not amplify fear
      He abducted Sita for his lust
      He demanded her submission
      And bcos he was cursed he didn’t touch her but he wanted her to marry him

      • Silpa k sivadasan

        In that drama
        Ravan abducted sita not for lust but as an addition to the fame of swarnalanka
        To complete the oath he took that everythng precious in 3 worlds should b in lanka

        When v read dat drama our perceptiom abt ravan change completely
        Mine did

  15. dia

    Surpnakha scene was emotional…..guys my result day after tomo……i have submitted the lasr oart of my ss

  16. Haripriya

    Hi my sweet sisters. I have written some facts about Ramayana and if u all like reading it please do so . I will write some more facts after my exams

    • Stuti

      Hi haripriya…. How r u….., i will definitely read that facts but plz tell me from where can i read them….. Love u skr

      • Haripriya

        I have written the facts of Ramayana and it is under the category fan fiction di
        I’m fine di and what about u

  17. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    Great epi….. now praja will be shocked….. i was really touched my ravanan n surpanka scene…..

  18. MIHIR

    I am truly inspired by Ramayan or so called Siya me Ram. I get motivated by watching this. Everyday that 30 min I think I am outside world and feel great about tradition and culture. This is the way of life. I work on a MNC but I like the Indian culture and tradition which gradually our society is forgetting .

    • wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

      Hi Mihir welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club….. n hari u r correct dear…. MNC Means Multi National Company…. sanju u would have heard about in katthi movie….

  19. Dhruv

    hi friends how are you all?sorry for not commenting these days bcoz of examinations but now my exams are over and i can comment regularly.


      Hi Dhruv….. thank lord all of u r back……. hw did ur exams go? hw r u? we r fine…… except for zara n nidhi who will soon be alright……………..

      • Dhruv

        ww di i am fine and with all your wishes my exams went well.glad to know that you all are fine but what happened to zara and nidhi?

  20. Silpa k sivadasan

    Good mrng guyz

    Ramji will leave praja and goes to van there the trio wil come across a lake and a tribal king named guha will take them across
    There is some story 4 guha who is a grt devotee of ram

    Latr wen barat comes to know truth he wil disown kaikeyi which shocks her
    Then dasarath will pass away making kaikeyi shatter completely
    Barat then decides to acompny ram in vanvas & goes to him lakshman behaues rudely with him ram bcom sad knowing abt dasarath bt not alow barath to do vanvas nor he returns
    Bharat then ask 4 his chappals &keep it on his head ,takes it 2 ayodhya ,places it on throne & rule ayodhya as rams binami
    He didnt sit on throne 4 14 yrs & also took a promse frm ramji that he wil return in 14 yr or else bharat wil kil himself
    He did puja of ramji’s chappal everyday

    I thnk the story goes like that

  21. Haripriya

    Hi my sweet sisters and brothers , I won’t be able to chat from Monday till Thursday because of exams. Thursday evening I will chat with u all. I will be missing u all a lot


      Will miss u a lot dear…… all the best for ur exams……. come back soon…….. and yes i will read all ur facts about ramayan from tomorrow………

  22. Hi..I’m zara’s bro …. …good morning. …how u all r??. ……

    Ww di all the best for computer exam. ……and zara di is on twitter. ….

    Ishita di……may ur grand mother soul rest in peace. …..

    Welcome all the new comers. …….

    Thanks wishing my di……

    Bye guys

  23. Stuti

    Yar am extremly missing nidhi and zara….. Plz get well soon and come back….. This page is looking so dull without u…. Even nippy is missing

    • wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

      Nippy will be back on april 11…. busy with her exam….. u can chat with her in dehleez page…..

  24. Sneha

    Hello everyone!! I was not commenting for so long cause of some persona problems. The episodes are just awesome as always. The way Ram explained the praja was so good. Though Ravan was an asura he was so caring about his sister. I like how he cares about Surpankha


      Hi Sneha……. hope all u r personal problems are set right……… welcome back dear,……. how r u studies going? and yes i really love the bro sis bond……….. surpanka is actually licky to have ravanan as her brother…….. ravana acting is also amazing………..

      • Sneha

        Thanks ww di. My studies are going very well. School will reopen on 30. I have got my books so I am just preparing myself as this time in 8th class we have got 9th class science books. I wish you all the best for your result. if I am not wrong your result will be our in mid-may, right?

    • Sneha

      Hi athira. I think you are new. welcome to siya ke ram fan Club. hope your health is alright now. take care??

      • athira

        Yeah sneha I am alright . I had a severe headache from morning. I am new here. I am from Kerala and now in 12 …

      • Sneha

        sorry di for taking your name. actually I thought you were in 8th class. some misunderstanding. Again sorry di

  25. athira

    Ravan as a bro is really good..
    Ram too treats the praja as his relatives and yeah how are u reshma di?
    Y no inf. About Bhoomi di?
    How is Zara & nidhi..?
    Get well sooon dear ones….


      sure what a doubt….. welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram fan club and family dear…………..

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