Siya Ke Ram 26th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita telling Raavan that you got mad that you want to hug your death, you make me out of your heart, wishing to get me is a big crime for you. Raavan laughs and asks how to get my heart away from you, you are the best in women, your beauty is making me restless, accept me, become my queen, the satvik bhojan you taught to Mandodari, I m ready to eat that all my life. She says I m married, my husband has right on me, the Kul/family I was born is, that is regarded most pure, I got married in a great family, Lankesh is called knowledgeable, sensible and a scholar, but you have proved your ignorance by wishing to get me. He calls her a fool and says I will kill your husband, I will see how long will you think of him, one day you have to become mine.

A lady tells Raavan that

your Kaniksh/younger son Akshay has returned after getting education from Gurukul. He goes. Sita says your face’s smile will go soon, your bad deeds will become a medium of destruction. Hanuman sees Lanka and thinks its beautiful Lanka, how can that Adharmi Raavan be its king.

He hides seeing the security and says there is much security here, I have hide and go. He gets into a miniature avatar, and says now no one can stop me from entering Lanka. He goes ahead. Jai Hanuman………. plays………….The guards talk. Hanuman is stopped by Lankini. He thinks to come to his real form now. He got to normal form. Lankini asks who are you, whats your motive to come here. Hanuman says I heard a lot about Lanka, and wished to see it, so I came, its really beautiful and Manohari. She asks really, did you come to see Lanka by hiding, do you think I m fool, say my truth, I m Lankini, Lanka’s Rakshak, no one can enter Lanka forcibly.

Hanuman says I did mistake Mata, give me permission to enter Lanka. She stops him. He asks what happened, I asked your permission. She says you did not say any motive to come here. He says no, I did not come to find anyone. She says you are some Mayavi, say me truth, did anyone not stop you in sea route. He thinks she got after me, I think I have to explain her too. He says who can dare to stop me Mata. Lankini says I will stop you. He says I have travelled from far, let me just see around, I don’t wish to do anything else, don’t worry. She hits his back. He thinks she is very dangerous, Raavan has kept just women for security, sorry Prabhu, but I have to punish her unwillingly. Hanuman throws her sword away. She gets a knife. Ram Ram……plays…………..

Hanuman fights with her and beats her with his Gada. She screams. She asks him not to beat her, forgive her. She asks who are you, tell me. He says I m Kesari Nandan Hanuman. Jai Hanuman…………plays……….. Hanuman says I m Shri Ram’s devotee and messenger, I came Lankapuri with the motive of finding Mata Sita. She folds hands and says Prabhu, its time to leave from Lanka. He asks who Prabhu, are you Ram’s devotee. Lankini says Brahmadev has blessed Raavan that no one will kill Raavan, Brahmadev told me the sign that will begin Lanka’s destruction, he said a monkey will make me lose and then Lanka’s destruction will commence, you made me lose today, so its time for me to leave. He says stop, tell me about Mata Sita. She says Devi Sita is Ashok Vatika.

Mandodari meets her other son Akshay and asks about his stay in Gurukul. He talks to her and Sulochana. Sulochana welcomes him. He asks about Meghnadh and Raavan. Raavan comes and hugs him. Meghnadh comes next and hugs his brother. Meghnadh asks did you get any change after going to Gurukul, are you still a coward. Akshay says now my sword will answer your questions and keeps sword on Meghnadh. Meghnadh says great. Raavan smiles and says I felt good to see you are challenging Meghnadh and have come out of your mother’s love, this suits a brave man, you came at right time son, Lanka needs you right now, you prove it that you are also a brave son of Lanka. Mandodari says no, Akshay will not become a part of your revenge matter. Akshay says what are you saying. Mandodari asks him not to talk in between. She tells Raavan that she did not say anything about Mehgnadh, I won’t let Akshay stay here, I will take every decision related to his future.

Mandodari asks Akshay to go to his Nana tomorrow and manage his Rajya. Raavan says Akshay Kumar is not a little child, he can take his decision, a courageous son’s duty is to help his father in his Rajya, not anyone else. Akshay says I know Mata’s love, doing a son’s duty is to increase Kul’s prestige, Asur kul needs me, so I want to stay here with you all, and serve Lanka and entire Asur Kul. Mandodari says you are not needed here, Meghnadh is here. He says if I go from here, I will be called coward all my life, will you like this, I can’t see more joke of your motherly love, let me stay here. She says fine, do whatever you want. She goes with Sulochana. He says Maa….. and gets sad. Raavan says great, you proved you are my brave son, Asur kul’s pride.

Sita recalls Raavan’s words. Trijata comes to her and says I got a good news, my secret informer told me that someone entered Lanka, and Lankini is missing, this is not any ordinary thing. Sita says I m sure its Ram’s messenger. Trijata says yes, its Ram’s devotee, else no one can enter Lanka in Lankini’s presence. She asks Sita what is she thinking. Sita says but Mata, how will Ram’s devotee know where I m. Trijata says don’t worry, I will command by secret informer to find Ram’s messenger and get him to you. She says your every word is going to turn true, Ram will soon come to Lanka and end our sorrow too, along with yours. Sita nods and smiles.

Raavan, Akshay and Meghnad talk about the Ram’s messenger. Hanuman says if he has entered Lanka, then its not tough to guess where he would reach. Raavan goes to Sita, while Hanuman is sitting on some tree. Hanuman finds Sita sad.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SKR fan

    Nice episode. Lanka scenes are boring.
    Who was the mother of Akshay Kumar?
    Lanka is so beautiful. Earlier they never showed this. How much beautiful it might be lord hanuman will burn it.
    One question
    If Lanka was made of gold then when hanuman ji burned it then didn’t it melted?
    Feeling bad for Akshay Kumar. He came from gurukul now only and will die so soon by hanuman.
    Why are they wasting time on Lanka scenes.
    No ram scene today. I know its Ramayan from sita’s perspective but then also its Ramayan and if they don’t show ram for two to three episodes continuously then why to call it Ramayan. Sorry for harsh words but this is one of the reasons for trp getting low day by day.

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Your words aren’t harsh bro… Mandodri is Akshay Kumar’s mom I think..
      Don’t know y Lanka dint melt..

      • Typical Wellwisher

        what the heck. how can mandodari be akshay kumar’s mom srsly???? ramayan was like billions of years ago. u guys r so funny? sorry no hate but it’s funny that u guys think its AK mom.

      • Typical Wellwisher

        pardon me. I thought you guys were referring to the actor Akshay Kumar. Sorry my mistake?

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Oh Ho bhai… What’s it… How can mandodri b actor ak mom h… We’re talking abt ravan’s son… It’s okay ?… Srsly many ppl Mk mistakes.. Is alright ha..

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Hanuman ji in chains!!! Recalled the moment wen in Mb Krishna ji was in chains… Siya was in chains… Everyone is chains!!! I wish to see ravan in chains really,…..

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Hanuman ji in chains!!! Recalled the moment wen in Mb Krishna ji was in chains… Siya was in chains… Everyone is chains!!! I wish to see ravan in chains really,….. Ravan in chains!!!!! I want it!!!

  2. SKR fan

    I get to play different shades through Siya: Madirakshi

    Enchanting beauty Madirakshi Mundle has earned fame and immense popularity through her role Sita in Star Plus’ popular show Siya Ke Ram. The adorable actress is on could nine these days. And why not, the beauty has been receiving positive response from viewers all across.

    The beauty who has carved an image of a sweet, simple and caring lady through her on screen role says that through Siya she gets to play different shades.

    “I am not just playing Sita but different avatars through my character. I am a wife, bahu, daughter, sister-in-law and many more. With each avatar I am living my dream. It’s a beautiful feeling portraying such a wonderful role,” said Madirakshi.

    When asked about fans’ love she shared, “I am overwhelmed with love and respect. I have come across fans who think I am a goddess and worship me. Recently, I had donned the avatar of goddess Laxmi in the show. And post that when I went out in public, people started coming up to me and asked for blessings. The overall experience made me overwhelmed with emotions sometimes.”

    Talking about her favourite actress on TV, Madirakshi averred, “I used to hardly watch TV because of my busy schedule. But I really liked Smriti Irani. She was one of the best actresses on TV.”

    Way to go Madirakshi!!!

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Yes, none listens to mandodri ever.. She’s sooo sooo good… Bt none listened to her… Bad ?

  3. joy

    today got two news with prove………one is good other is bad…..
    Bad:::: today is the last episode of skr in Sunday….from 2nd july it comes only 5 days……………

    Good:::::SKR will not be end…….. its the official news of SKR team……..see what our co- director say…..((..
    …….and see what our creator says………….((
    at last got a pic of AshMa on offscreen…..see this…….
    now lets party……………………..
    plz give some reply…….for continue..

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      Thank u for the links bro and the pic of ashma is nice but it is only on a press meet and each of them r holding their phones respectively at least i expect a smiley selfie from them… Pls do it ash ma…

    • Pujith di it us really a good news…very happy to listen that skr is not ending….soooo happy LOVE SIYA KE RAM.

    • Pujith

      Hai vanshika di…I am fine.How are you ? Today why didn’t you comment in the afternoon time ?

      • Vanshika crazy fr skr

        O dear,.,I was busy with work.. Hv u read last part of next in siya ke ram ff season 1??? Happy that skr nt ending?? love u ?

  4. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Guys,i have a idea, any of them can post a conversation btw mithila sissy’s or ayodhya Bros in a humourous way ,it can make the page more active … If it is not nice pls forgive me..

    • SKR fan

      I have already requested Vanshika for ayodhya princes and mithila princesses childhood ff and she said that she is working on it.

      • Vanshika crazy fr skr

        Yes I’m working… Will post intro on Wednesday.. Then Il start in two weeks… As I’m busy from 8 to 6 o’ clock from Friday…. Balyakaal is a nice name for it????

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Not in few days, in 2-3 days… Pls meet sita ma soon and relieve her of her pains… No ram….

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      That interview, I mean ashma together na, ya I’d seen it once on e 24 channel.. Hw r u priya di? Fn??

  5. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    MEGHANA… It’s going good dear… Ofc l pray for u… All the best sweetie.. My love is always with u… U l come back with flying colors… Stay blessed sweetie…

  6. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Whoops!!! This was a rumour!!! Skr not ending!!!!! Confirmed on Twitter!!!! Who spread these rumours???? They’re fools!!! I’m glad!!; skr not ending!!!

  7. vaidehi

    nyc nyc things r happening in this family
    185 cmnts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! surely it deserves a party

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Good night ? sweet dreams ? al….
      Yes! Today is auspicious day for skr fan club right??? Party toh banti h
      ? ? ? ?????????????
      N today Also nabanita di bday… Occasion is nice dear!!

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Oh good lord…. Ravan ravan ravan…. Dos is mad ?…. I won’t see any pic of ravan n sita from now… I want ashma pic… Pls.. It’s maddening to see ravan on screen with sita now n also off screen…ooo ram… Someone show him with siya off the screen!!!!

  8. gokul krishnan

    Hi everyone missed did page for many days due to exams! Today’s episode was awesome! We must always pray hanunan for having wisdom,courage and long life! And hanuman got the boon of being chiranjeevi death due to devi sita’s boon and blessings! And why we keep hanuman’s sindoor in our head! Dis is because hanunan asked sita about her bright and shining sindoor in her head even though she is in sorrow!sita replied that she always kept dis sindoor inorder for long and healthy life of her husband sri ram!so hanuman thought of applying it all over his body in order for his prabu ram to have a long life! Thank u! Jai sri ram!

  9. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    In ram’s scene they showed him returning from gurukul in teenage..
    In akshay’s scene they show him grown adult.. Bit confused…. Clear someone??

  10. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Today’s episode was awesome ?…. Loved lankini Hanuman fight…. Loved sita ma happiness… Hated ravan’s grin ?… Hated ram missing..

  11. joy

    reply karo….see the link….sita and ravan….reply for your opinion….when you not reply than i dont know that are you see my link or not?>>??

  12. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Boom ‼‼‼‼‼ 50 comments ‼‼ keep going ‼‼
    Guys ‼ I made a huge achievement today ‼ I made my dad’s portrait ‼ wished to share my achievement with you.. Sorry if I bored u‼

    • Nabanita

      Vanshu eagerly waiting to see that.and we are family So there anymember have the rite to share the feelings with another…..

    • Jay


      |Registered Member

      Greattttttt Vanshika ….Why U think u bored us …nothing like that….I wish to say that portrait

  13. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Jaise surpankha gayi Thi jail me
    Ravan Ki Lanka JAL jayegi is khel me…
    Sita ko milenge unke priye Raghunandan
    Aao milke kare sita ram ka vandan

    How’s it?? Cmnt…

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Pushpak vimana se jayenge Lanka se..
      Dekho dekho ayodhya Mein baj raha danka re…
      Ayodhya Mein hoga zabardast swagat
      Milenge ayodhya parivaar aur bhai Bharat se….
      Itni hi h meri kavita bolo jai shri ram..
      Chalo chalke Mei to kar rhi Hu vishram..
      Hows it??? Pls cmnt…

      • Vanshika crazy fr skr

        Thnx fr the comments..i was jus trying to make the page more beautiful..
        Nabanita di.. My pleasure… Where is treat ?..i want some cake ?.. Jus kiddin..

    • Anil

      Yes…may be the news for publicity…
      But show can’t end without luvkush part…because it’s siya’s prospective..

  14. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Yes u r ryt VANSHU dear…U r saying the crct segment and ya that link tu is not posting it don’t know y.. U do one thing.. Go to June 24 page of edkv… U l see that link in minakhi Dis cmnt.. She would have said tq to me n cmnt starting.. There l be one link in the same cmnt with the awesome line of the news… U may get it.. Pls try their and say Me how r u feeling after reading it.. I m waiting.. . Sorry couldn’t post it here…

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Ooo sweetheart di dnt say sorry.. It isn’t ur Mistake na.. It’s awesome .. I’ve seen it… Edkv deserves it, no.. Tnq fr the info di,. Love you ?

  15. Nabanita

    @vaidehi-the gifts are awesome sis.I like the blue dress very much.
    @swastika-thanks a lot for wishing me.

  16. shwetha murthy

    I love lanka drama.Its boring to see anything else in siya ke ram other than lanka adhyay.

  17. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ VANSHU….ya vanshu thats an amazing news …u know when i saw it i was jumping like mad….my di is seeing me clulessly…one more good news dear…in chaska meter show..edkv is in 2nd position…it is said by minakhi di only…last week we were in 3rd…this week without any love scene we were in 2nd…party toh banti hai yarrr….

    and vanshu did u saw friday epi???if so how is ur feeling after watching it???my eyes was welled up..i was in another world by seeing shraman scene..especially the scene which is in my dp..and for my sweet namik’s action…wow he nailed it na???did u watched it???and nikita too was so nyc acting..if so then say me how did u feel abt it???

    love u too sisso…

  18. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    hey my dear sisters..see first we didnt get any pic of them..but now we are getting some pics in which they r not close…jaate jaate pass hokar selfie lena ka pic aajayega….i mean improve ho raha hai na..toh selfie bhi aakhir aajayega..what say????

  19. Jay


    |Registered Member


    Haiiiiii Friendsssssss……….This Is Jay again with 12TH Kural…..Thank you Frndz……….for all your supports

    Here with 2nd couplet (Kural) of 2nd Chapter….

    Chapter/Athikaram Name : வான்சிறப்பு/The Blessing of Rain/Vaansirapp

    குறள் (Kural in Tamil)
    துப்பார்க்குத் துப்பாய துப்பாக்கித் துப்பார்க்குத்
    துப்பாய தூஉ மழை

    Transliteration in English :
    Thuppaarkkuth Thuppaaya Thuppaakkith Thuppaarkkuth
    Thuppaaya Thooum Mazhai

    மு.வ உரை:
    உண்பவர்க்குத் தக்க உணவுப் பொருள்களை விளைவித்துத் தருவதோடு, பருகுவோர்க்குத் தானும் ஓர் உணவாக இருப்பது மழையாகும்

    Couplet in English:

    The rain makes pleasant food for eaters rise;
    As food itself, thirst-quenching draught supplies

    Explanation :

    Rain produces good food, and is itself food

    Hope U Like it…..Have a nice Day Frndzzz…….

  20. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    guys need one help from u people…actually today in schl..tamil miss taught a lesson,,in which we got some news of ramayan too…actually the matter is she said one line…i came to know the meaning of one in a definite way..but couldnt say the definite meaning in single word for other two…it is tmr hw…

    the line is…ram follows oru vil, oru sol, oru il,

    oru il means oru wife…

    but what the other two means???in single word????

    pls any tamilians if u can say it in one word as i said one wife..then pls do say me…

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      Hi priya dear the explanation is here..
      Our vil means ram has a bow named kadhandam and he uses that only and oru sol means he will do the thing which he said, he never changes and cheat others and our ill means only one wife… Thus is wat i know dear.☺

  21. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Hi came from skul now only….. Hey vanshu dear u told that something surprise ur giving today??? Wat is that dear???

  22. priya

    hey padma dear..same pinch..even i said the same to she didnt satisfy with her..when i said abt one vil she asked whether he used one vil throughout his life?? abt the one sol she is not satisfied.. she expects a definite meaning..

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