Siya Ke Ram 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi Mudgal treating Bharat. Bharat gets fine and opens his eyes. Mandvi and everyone get relieved and smile seeing him fine. Bharat smiles seeing Mandvi. He then gets up and hugs Ram happily. The brothers show great emotions. Ram thanks Rishi Mudgal and says I will be indebted to you all my life, you saved my brother’s life, I would be lucky to do anything for you. Rishi Mudgal says you are Dasharath’s son Ram, your birth happened for world’s betterment, you did favor on you by your birth, I wish that someone will always be there to help you when there is any problem. He blesses all of them. Sita consoles Mandvi and says its time to be happy.

Sumanta tells Ram that they have to leave from here soon, this jungle is unlucky and dangerous, we have to meet Shanta

too, before reaching Ayodhya, journey is long, come. Ram says sure. They all leave. Virat stands at some cliff and looks at the carts going. Mahashambhar comes to him and asks Virat to give him more army, I will fail Ram. Virat says no, don’t hurry. Mahashambhar says if they cross Dandak van, we can’t fail them. Virat says we are weak now, Ram has ruined our army, we have to wait for right time, till we prepare to kill Ram, don’t worry, when the time comes, revenge will surely be fulfilled. Ram and Sita smile seeing each other.

Mandodari comes to her father’s place and recalls her father breaking ties with her. She recalls marrying Raavan. Her mother comes there and stops recalling the past. She asks Mandodari do you remember, your father won’t be happy seeing you here. Mandodari says he still hates me after so many years. Her mum says he does not hate me, that was destiny. Mandodari asks does he not wish to meet me. Her father comes and says I won’t like to meet you in future too. Mandodari cries and tell him that Raavan’s life is in danger, you are my father, help me, tell me about Amrit Kalash. He asks did you come to beg for Raavan’s life, he is a sinner, I hate him and have no pity for him, it means you have forgotten everything, I remember well, he has kept sword on my neck.

FB shows Raavan putting sword on Mandodari’s father’s neck and asking for Mandodari’s hand for marriage. Her father refuses to give Mandodari’s hand. Raavan says fine, I will cut your head. Mandodari comes running and holds Raavan’s feet, saying I will come with you, forgive my father, I m yours Lankesh and I will be yours forever. Her dad asks her what is she saying, remember, if you do this, our father-daughter relation will end forever. Mandodari says I agree. Raavan laughs. Her father gets shocked. She cries seeing her father. Her father says you did not do favor on me, but punished me, go and never come back. FB ends. Her father says I will not do anything for Raavan’s uddhar.

Mantra makes Daasis make rangoli. Kaikeyi tells her to make best arrangements, as four sons are coming with their wives. Mantra asks her not to worry, I did all arrangements for Bharat and Mandvi. Kaikeyi says not just them, but Ram-Sita and others too.

Kaushalya brings someone there. Kaikeyi asks who is she. Kaushalya says she is Sugni, KaushalRaj’s Daasi’s daughter. Kaikeyi welcomes her. Kaushalya says I want Mantra to guide her and make her capable to serve Ram and Sita. Kaikeyi says sure, Mantra will be glad. Mantra smiles and says yes, why not. I will teach her. Kaushalya asks Mantra to take care of Sugni and goes. Sugni asks what do I have to go. Mantra asks her to get puja items and scolds her. Mantra smiles.

Mandodari’s father says it was huge insult for me. FB shows Raavan burning a true. He holds Mandodari’s hand and taking wedding rounds around fire. He says Mandodari, I took first round by keeping Agni a witness, now you are mine. She agrees. He takes second round and says you will be responsible for my welfare and also my Kutumbh, you will share my sorrow and happiness, you will serve me always, you will be loyal to me. She says sure. He says nothing will be more imp to her than his respect. She says I agree. He says you will be my support me in fulfilling all my duties. She agrees. He says every man except me will be like father to you. She agrees. He fills her maang. Her parents cry. Raavan says you are mine from today Mandodari. Her father breaks relations with her, and calls her stain on his family. She cries. Fb ends.

Mandodari asks her father to understand her, whatever I did that day was… her father goes. Her mum says I can understand your problem, I m your mum, I will give you my powers. She passes her powers to Mandodari. She says now you can reach Chandralok and you will get Amrit kalash there, you will get Rohini, who was my friend before my marriage, she can help you. Mandodari says its wife’s duty to protect her husband, I m blessed that you understood me, bless me that I complete this work. Her mum blesses her.

Ram-Sita and other couples go to meet Shanta. They all greet Shanta. Ram says after marriage, it was not possible to go Ayodhya without your blessings.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SKR fan

    Episode was fabulous. But again I have the same complaint they didn’t show other three couples love. And today’s episode was full of raavan. And I want to ask who is this sugni and is she has any important role. If anyone knows pls tell

  2. nidhi di please tell me how to change my dp in detail because i went to but could not understand anything. please help me out. ppppplllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseee.
    <3 <3

  3. Riya

    Ram sita romantic sequence..

    Ram—Betahasha dil ne
    Tujhko hi chaaha hai
    Har duaa mein maine
    Tujhko hi maanga hai

    Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
    Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
    Door jaaoge jo tum
    Mar jaayenge hum
    Sanam teri kasam o..
    Sita–Main Rab Se Cheen Laaongi Tujhe Apna Banaungi
    Chale Gi Saas Jab Tak Yeh Na Hoge Hum Juda…..
    Ram–Tum Kitni Bholi Ho

    Sita–Tum Kitne Aache Ho

    Ram–Tum Kitni Seedhi Ho

    Sita–Tum Kitne Sache Ho

    Sita—-Sukh dukh jhoothe
    Dhan bhi jhootha
    Jhoothi moh-maaya
    Saccha mann ka wo kona jahaan
    Prem ratan paaya
    Prem ratan paaya..
    Love u siya ke ram ………..

      • I didn’t get this is this sequence will really [email protected]???

  4. nupur

    Beautiful episode.Loved d story of mandodari’s past.Waitin 4 2moro’s epi eagerly…And everyone’s dp’s r just too awesome.I shall try too aftr my board xams:)

    • Nidhi

      Thank you for ur compliment di 😀
      And yes all the best for your exams di! 😀
      I’m also waiting for Ram to meet shanta… 🙂

      • nupur

        Yes rutvi i am in 12th too.R u grl or boy?Whr r u frm?Sorry 4 askin such ques…pls dont misunderstnd me:(

      • Nidhi

        Thank you so much nupur di 🙂
        All the best to both of you also for your 12th exams 😀

        I’m waiting for ram to meet shanta eagerly…I hope u understood why I mentioned it here 😛

  5. craze about skr

    super epi………….waiting for tommorrow ‘s one…………
    nd ya…cant able to say everyone’s name…….but who r all have changed their dp looks adorable……………..

  6. SKR addict

    Nice episode… i don’t know how many of u know that…
    Mandodari’s Father is the guy who made Maya shaba for pandavas Rajasuya yag in Mahabharat…. Maaya Asur is his Name…… He is Vishvakarma of Asurs….

  7. dia

    Ashish’s smile is killing yaar……he is my first ever crush….i love him….he is rocking as RAM in skr….

    Casting of skr is superb….awesome

    if anybody here wathes yrkkh then

    Rohan Mehra (Naksh in yrkkh) and Yukti Kapoor (urmila in skr) are dating

    depiction of each and everything is awesome

    my grandma has watched each and every RAMAYAN but she says that this one is unique and new

    • Nidhi

      Yes di even I watch yrkkh
      I got to know that they are dating di 🙂
      Oh wow this episode is new one then dia di… coz old people know really well then us about ramayan.. 🙂

    • Nidhi

      Yes dia di I watch it too
      I got to know that they both are dating 😛
      Oh great siya ke ram is now showing us the unknown and unseen of ramayana 😀
      great work!

  8. ekanshi

    So,am I d first here today??? Although being a new comer bt a regular silent reader.nice epi as always…..loved it….

  9. Saranya

    Nice episode I didn’t heard about mandodri and raavan marriage story its good skr shows so many hidden stories. Am busy I couldn’t able to watch skr.

    • di serial is not boring we can know something about past is very knowledge full serial I will not say you anything because you have full right to comment what you feel.

  10. Sanjana

    Superb job nidhi, bcz of u I’m connected to the show as bcz I’m not able to watch the show due to my board exams

    • Nidhi

      Sanjana im not the one who has written the update dear… Amena di has written we all have to be thankful to her dear…
      And may I know which class r u studying in? And where r u from? 🙂
      New here? If yes, welcome to siya ke ram fanclub and fan page dear..

  11. Priya verma

    Hey iam new here iam 4rm ooty…. Love this show to the core……… Love everthing MORE POWER TO THE MAKERS AND ACTORS who try 2 give us the most spellbinding experience on tv and HATS OFF FOR THE WAY OUR ONSCREEN RAM JI AND SITA MAIYA PULL OFF THE ROLE AND THE WAY THE STRIKE THE RIGHT CHORD OF FLAWLESS CHEMISTRY…. Simply awestruck

  12. Silpa k sivadasan

    Hi guyz
    I m new here bt read ur commnts everyday
    Love the way u guys treat 1 anthr just like family

    I love siyaram jodi
    Aashish is d bst
    His smile is just killing

    I love each jodi
    Especially laxmila

    I m frm kerala any1 here frm kerala…?

    3 brthrs of ram r avatars of vishnu’s weapons or his daas
    Wat abt sita’s sisters
    Are they avatars of som1….?

    • Nidhi

      Hi ahana 🙂 welcome to siya ke ram fan club dear… 😀
      May I know which class r u studying in? And where r u from? 🙂

      Even I’m a huge fan of siya ke ram and ashish ^_^

  13. Nidhi

    Everyone I’m really sorry not able to reply each and everyone’s comment due to the moderation problem I am really sorry 🙁
    And I welcome all the new comers here 🙂 every fan of siya ke ram is most welcome here you don’t need to ask our permission 😉 and yes all of you please tell me in which class r u studying so that I can know who is elder and who is younger to me 😛 and also tell where are you all from 🙂 we will get to know each other!

    And awesome episode today but missed Ram and Sita because they highlighted only mandodari’s story today 🙂 but it’s I got to know something new about Ramayana!

    Haripriya I was asking about your unit tests dear 🙂 and my preparations are going good! 😉

    Ahana welcome to Siya ke ram fan club dear.. 🙂
    I’m sorry I couldn’t reply both of you because of database problem it’s not getting posted by telly updates.

    And everyone who want to change their dp refer to the link I mentioned in Iqura’s comment even Zara has given a detailed description about it 🙂 I hope it helps you all
    And I’m sorry nikki after my exams I promise I’ll tell you about it in a detailed manner 🙁 sorry dear..

  14. rek

    nice episode…ashish s so cute…i have crush on him while watching i fall him..with cute smile…i am from chennai..i am big fan of Actor ajith…next ashish…picture perfect actor…killing request to team..pls show the love story of other 3 couples they also pretty…i want them love story also..where i go and vote to ashish for youth icon…can any one tel me????????

    • Nidhi

      Hi rek welcome to siya ke Ram fanclub…even I like ashish very much 🙂
      May I know where r u from? And which class r u studying in?
      And yes go to well wishers comment you’ll find a link there open it and see you’ll get to know where to vote 🙂

    • craze about skr

      hi rek …….iam nippy….iam also from chennai…………nd iam also a huge fan of thala…nd ashish tooo……….iam in tenth…..

  15. Silpa k sivadasan

    Thank u nidhi & zara
    4 ur welcme
    I m frm thrissur kerala

    I m repeating entrance
    It means i hav completed my +2 & took a year 2 prepare 4 entrance
    My xam is in april

    Any1 know abt sita’s sisters’ avatars….?

  16. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Some many comments??? OMG….

    I welcome all the new comers to Siya ke ram fan club….

    Sorry couldnt welcome u all separately….. bcoz i m busy with exams…..

    Nidhi dp cute….

  17. Sen

    Hi..its great to read ur updates…i am a regular reader…i dont have a tv now…so depend on ur updates..pls give it as fast as u can..

  18. Akanksha sharma

    Actually the matter is u always give a super dooper fast update i think no other do as fast as u so it has become my habit to read it around 08:45. so when i dont get it i become restless…..its an habtual disease or something like that..

    • Nidhi

      oh hi ahana do great! 🙂
      I like munnar in Kerala very much it’s such an awesome place 🙂
      And amena di please update we are all waiting 🙁

  19. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Where s the update???

    Ameena di pls post it…..

    Are r u angry on us????

    Did anyone see???

    Pls give the summary atleast??? I think there will be some fan who would have watched…..

    Pls atleast give the summary atleast…. if u had known this earlier i would have atleast watched and given the summary…… its nearly been 2 hrs n no update…..

    PppppppllllLllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz TELLYUPDATES POST TODAY’S EPI……

    And bhoomi i have kept from MB bcoz before i had from skr only but since many started having dp i got confused so for clearity i changed to MB….. And no sorry among frnds…..

    And all of u dps superb….

    And once again i will come all the new comers…..

    Nippy and zara whn does ur exams gets over???

  20. Nita

    Why no update till now????
    I missed today’s episode and no update…. SKR has the fastest update I have ever seen. Amena plz update fast

    • Nidhi

      Amena di please di update it know looks like I’ll go mad…. Your true nita di SKR has the fastest update I’ve ever seen!

  21. Nidhi

    Amena di please post the update please…. 🙁
    Everyone is eagerly waiting for it
    Many of them here have exams so we all read your updates
    Please di we are all sorry if we did any mistake unfortunately.. 🙁
    But please do post the update di everyone is waiting
    I’ll go mad for siya ke ram.. 🙁
    Please di please post the update it’s already 10:35
    In telly updates siya ke ram is the only serial which gets updated very quickly then what happened today di? 🙁
    Please di…… Post the update please
    At least anyone over here among my friends if someone watched it atleast tell the summary of it please…. 🙁 my humble request

  22. No update till now ………and miss today’s episode because of India and Pakistan………and guys Indian won by 5 wickets ??????? soooooo happy

  23. Divya

    Hey all skr fans …
    I’m Veena ..
    Summary of today’s episode …
    All the four couples come to meet Shanta come to meet and she gets very glad … She recognises all her four brothers and welcomes them .she tells them to forgive her brothers if in future they do any mistake ..Lakshman says arey wah didi now itself you are taking their side ..Shanta didi says now when you go to Ayodhya everyone will take the bahus side ..Shatrughan says yes didi vp before we go to Ayodhya itself we have to accept this fact .shanta requests everyone to stay back for tonight …but ram says we could but everyone is waiting at Ayodhya we will have to go .shanta didi gets sad saying we met after a long time and it’s the first time you have come with your wives .sita says lets stay back ..ram says ok .shanta says I will prepare tonight’s food .sita accompanies her

    Meanwhile mandodari prays to get amrat Kalash .and she gets it .
    Sita and Shanta didi are preparing food and talking ..

    Precap …
    Parvathi tells Shivji that now Ravan will become Amar and live long Lanka things are getting destroyed
    Hope fully. Now all r happy ..
    I’m also 12 class student

  24. Neha

    were is the written update for today.. i am class 10 student having boards from monday.. so i entirely depend on these updates… eagerly waiting..!!?

  25. Neha

    were is the written update for today.. ??i am class 10 student having boards from monday.. so i entirely depend on these updates… eagerly waiting..!!?
    did anyone see todays episode..??

  26. navya

    The Episode starts with Ram telling Sita about the birth of four brothers, by Rishi’s yagya. He says Shanta stays in this ashram. Sita says when you asked permission from Dasharath to meet Shanta, I also wished to meet her, I understood it now. Ram says she stays a simple life in the lap of nature, you are also born by nature’s womb, its natural. He asks her to come. They all go ahead. Shanta opens the door and gets surprised them(her brothers with their wives).

    They all greet Shanta. Ram says Didi…. Shanta says Ram…. And gets teary eyed. She names all of them. Ram says after marriage, it was not possible to go Ayodhya without meeting you. Shanta gets very happy and goes to get aarti plate. She does tilak to Ram and Sita and does their aarti. She blesses them, and does same rituals to other couples.

    Mandodari comes to Chandralok and meets her mother’s friend. She greets her. She introduces herself. She says I have come to find Amrit kalash in Chandralok, my husband Raavan’s life is in danger, if I get Amrit kalash, his life will be saved, just a woman can understand a woman’s pain, show me the path to get Amrit kalash. Devi says I can understand your situation, nothing is more imp than husband’s life for a wife, even if I tell you the location of Amrit kalash, it won’t be of any use, as anyone can’t get Amrit kalash. She says humans can’t get it, just pure hearted and pure soul people can get amrit kalash. Mandodari says take me to that pure place Devi.

    Shanta tells the girls that she always knew the girls will be lucky to marry her brothers, and now seeing them, she feels her brothers are lucky to get them. She says I m sure they will keep you all very happy, expectations are natural, if they do any mistake, forgive them. Laxman smiles and says you are taking their side. Shanta says now I m taking their side, once you reach Ayodhya, three Matas and Pita ji will also take their side. Shatrughan says you said true, we should accept this truth before going to Ayodhya. Ram sees Sita and tells Shanta that Sita wants to tell you something. Shanta asks Sita to say, she has full right. Sita tells about Bhabhi and Nanand’s relation, happiness and sorrow can be shared with Nanand, she obeys sister and friend’s duties, so we all have come to take you to Ayodhya. Everyone smile.

    Shanta says whenever I heard about Mithila, I have heard a lot about you Sita, but today I have seen your inner beauty is more than your external beauty. She praises Sita and says I would be happy to spend time with all of you in Ayodhya, but I m married woman, like you all are going Ayodhya after leaving Mithila, I also felt my Maayka, now this is my world, its my duty to take care of my husband and sasural, I m fulfilling my Dharm, I know its tough to be away from Maayka, but I bless you all, you get so much love and happiness that you don’t miss your Maayka. She says I wish you all the best to start a happy married life. She asks them to rest here today and leave for Ayodhya tomorrow. Ram says sure, but Dasharath and three Matas are waiting for us at Ayodhya. Shanta says you have some after many years, that too with your wife, will you not stay here, last time even Maa did not stay here. Sita says we should agree to Shanta. Ram agrees. Shanta gets glad and asks them to rest, she will prepare dinner. Sita says I will come along.

    Devi takes Mandodari to that sacred place. She tells Mandodari that Kalash is here, you can get Amrit kalash by your capabilities and powers. Mandodari walks ahead and looks around. She prays to Lord to help her, a woman’s purest thing is her husband’s love, if I m loyal to my husband and if I love my husband selflessly, if I have that power of purity, then I pray to you to give me that Amrit kalash. The wind blows.

    Amrit kalash appears. Devi asks Mandodari to open her eyes. Mandodari gets happy seeing the Amrit kalash. Mandodari takes the kalash. Devi says you made impossible possible. Mandodari thanks her for helping her in saving her husband’s life.

    Shanta tells Sita that I have seen much love for Ram in your eyes, I m very happy, such love and compatibility between you both soon after marriage, its great. She asks her to say what qualities she likes about Ram. She asks her not to be hesitant and tell her. She says I accepted marriage with Rishi for some reasons, I did not know about him, I just knew I had to marry him, such love was possible when I started my life with him, I m very happy today. Sita says your happiness is evident. Shanta says I asked you as you look happy with Ram. Sita says any girl would like to find the qualities in her husband which she has seen in her father. She tells her about Sunaina and Janak. She says I have seen Janak”s qualities in Ram, Ram has given importance to me, his heart has compassion for everyone in the world, he has knowledge, compassion, patience and courage, if a man has so many qualities, love is natural to happen, right. They smile.

    Mandodari makes Raavan wear garlands. Vibhishan and Mandodari make Raavan immortal by using the Amrit kalash. Devi Parvati informs Mahadev about Raavan getting Amar. Raavan wakes up and looks around.

  27. navya

    Hi Guys
    I hv updated the episode above.
    I m a silent reader usually ….. i love u all guyzz …. u r amazing ppl

    • Nidhi

      Thanks navya?
      Welcome to siya ke ram fan club!
      Thanks for your compliments ?
      May I know where r u from? And which class?

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