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Siya Ke Ram 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram asking Dasharath does he not believe Ram is a good warrior. Dasharath says its not like this. Ram says I will be glad to fulfill your wish, this will show you trust my capabilities. Dasharath says I don’t have any doubt on your capabilities, but I m worried. Ram asks what is his worry. Dasharath recalls the curse and says what shall I explain you, worries can’t be explained. Ram says I have seen your worries reflecting in your behavior, but nothing happened, I m with you. The mothers smile. Ram holds Dasharath and reminds what he told him when he met him in Gurukul. Dasharath says I remember, but you are going very far.

Ram asks did I get away from your heart anytime, be assured that everything will be fine, you gave the promise Pita ji and I will surely fulfill

it, I have to go, but your unwillingness will lower my capabilities and confidence, I want your blessings for such a big task, I want to go by your wish, your feelings can strength or weaken me, you have to decide, what you want for me. Dasharath says your efforts will make Raghuvansh’s prestige higher. He asks Ram to promise him that he will return. Ram says yes, but… Dasharath says no but, give me promise. Ram promises him. They all smile. Dasharath hugs Ram.

Sita and her sisters come to that jungle ashram, and see many people needing aid. Sita says Rishi just do yagya and give knowledge, Vishwamitra did not leave his duty towards humanity, I greet him with respect. Kushadwaj says yes, you said true, he is capable to kill Asurs, but since he became Rishi, he pledged of not lifting weapons, I will get army and soldiers will be here for protecting everyone, I will be worried for you all, but its not bigger than getting necessities for them. He leaves. Her sister asks Sita to say from where to start.

Ram dresses as warrior and comes to Vishwamitra outside the palace. Veer veer sahasi…………plays………….. The brother smile seeing him. Ram touches Vishwamitra’s feet and takes his blessings. Vishwamitra says I respect Gutu Vashisht a lot, he told me you can face Asurs and fail them, I came to take you, but I will test you to see whether you qualify Vashisht’s expectations, you will come as my student and obey my commands, if I get sure I did not get mistake to take you, I will make you more qualified, I will teach you whats required, you can tell me if you have problem, if yatra starts, you will be able to return when its complete.

Ram promises him that from this moment, he will obey all his commands, Dasharath has given him promise and he will fulfill it without any fear and doubt. He takes Dasharath’s blessings. Dasharath blesses him to win, and keep his promise. Ram says sure and hugs him. Laxman worries. Ram Ram…. Plays………… Laxman stops Vishwamitra and falls in his feet to request him to take him along Ram. He says I will also obey you, Ram is best warrior and he can go without me, but I have been with him always. Vishwamitra looks at Dasharath and says fine, if your dad allows you, you can come with me. Dasharath says sure, I will be glad if both brothers stay together. He hugs Laxman and smiles.

The kids get scared seeing Sita and move back. Sita makes some paper ball and asks them to throw it back to her. She says I think Asurs will come here to attack, they will come and see how fearful we are, its necessary to show them that we are not afraid, its natural to be afraid, but we have trust on Lord, then we are not weak and upset, if Asurs come and see us, they should feel we are strong, you all have to decide. She throws the ball to her sisters and they play and laugh. The kids look on. The ball falls near them. The boy picks the ball and the kids play with them. Sita smiles hearing them laugh.

Vishwamitra, Ram and Laxman proceed. They stop seeing a place caught fire. Ram sees the dark clouds and gets an arrow. He shoots in the air. Vishwamitra looks on, as the arrow brings down rain. The rain blows off the fire. Laxman says it seems someone used magical powers. Vishwamitra says its an attempt to fool us in this sight, we have to leave this place soon.

Sita and her sisters see everyone. Sita sings Aayenge wo………….Vishwamitra, Ram and Laxman are on the way. Sita does aid to the people. The sisters help her and hug people. Sita, her sisters and everyone hold hands and walk round. Ram is riding his horse and in on the way. Ram stands away and looks at the ashram.

Sita tells Vishwamitra that Kushadwaj has gone to get army. Vishwamitra says I won’t need any army now, I have got two best warriors with me. Ram sees the art and gets to know about Sita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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