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Siya Ke Ram 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan seeing the Dandakaranya, and telling Malyavaan about many Asurs are killed in all directions and areas, the murderers are travelling there, there are protecting all the Rishis from Asurs. Malyavaan says they are calm since some time, they did not kill anyone and did not come to our side. Raavan says they stopped as they are protecting Rishis now, this is their outside area Panchwati, if I was there, I would have chosen same area, there is water and food, the murderer is staying here, he is a good warrior.

Chatayu says you are exactly like Ram, and praises Ram. He says Dasharath is blessed to have a son like you, tell me how is my friend Dasharath. Ram and Laxman get teary eyed. Chatayu looks at their silence. Ram signs he is no more. Chatayu gets shocked and sits

crying. He says I had wish to meet my friend again, but now that wish won’t be fulfilled, I can never forget him. Ram wipes his tears and holds him. Chatayu tells about the big battle and Dasharath was called there, we got many chance when we fought battles together, then an incident occurred, and then I could not meet him again. Laxman asks what incident. Sita brings something wrapped in red cloth. She shows a big jack fruit. Laxman gives that to Chatayu. Sita smiles and asks him to eat it thinking its his fav food. Chatayu eats the jack fruit. They all smile.

Hanuman asks is everyone ready. The kids say yes. Hanuman says we will learn Dobhi Pachaad Dau today. The kid says we have to go to Dhobi then. They all laugh. Hanuman asks that kid to come first and wrestles with him. The kid falls and other laugh. Hanuman asks how was it and says this needs mental strength, not physical strength, if we fight with alertness and strength, big enemy can also bite dust. Hanuman asks the boys to show the demo now and calls Keru. The boys wrestle. They fall down and others laugh. Hanuman tells them that we have to be cautious and alert when we are learning new skills, and we should try many times even when we feel. He calls other kid and asks him to practice wrestling, till then I will practice eating. They laugh. He picks Keru and leaves, while other kids wrestle. Hanuman eats water lemons with Keru. A kid rushes to him and informs something. Hanuman gets shocked and flies in air. He leaves from there. The kids look on.

Surpanakha thinks she is super skilled, she will surely go where she decided, she needs to awaken someone, who will support her against Lankesh. Meghnadh sees her and thinks I know what you are going to do. They all hear some sounds. Meghnadh goes to Raavan and Malyavaan. Raavan goes there and looks on. Meghnadh says he can’t wake up. Raavan says she is my sister, she will do this, and you know what to do.

Hanuman looks for some boy. A boy cries and says my life has no meaning. He jumps down the cliff. Hanuman smiles seeing him and holds him with this long tail. He saves the boy and asks if anything happened to you. The boy says my life has no meaning, let me die, leave me. Hanuman asks who are you, what problem you have in this young age that you are going to commit suicide. The boy recalls and tells about Rishi scolding him as he could not aim right. Rishi asks him to go and die somewhere. The boy says my father wants to make me warrior like him, but I can’t fulfill his wish, my Guru made me leave his ashram, what will I do now. Hanuman thinks when a father puts burden of his dream on child, this happens. He says come with me, we will have food and then think of some solution for your problem.

Sita feeds Chatayu. He stops her. She asks are you saving this for someone. He nods. She gives him the fruit. He says this is for my elder brother Sampati, he flies in very high speed, but now he can’t fly….. Sita asks why can’t he fly. Chatayu says its because of some mishap. He says I have many stories to say, till when will you hear, are you not bored. Sita says no, what comes from happy heart reaches other’s heart, tell us. Chatayu says my brother and I used to fly together, we always used to compete and see who flies higher, my brother said I don’t fly higher, I did not like this, I got flying high. FB shows the moment.

Chatayu says I forgot I reached close to the sun, my wings were going to get burnt, my brother hugged me and his two wings got burnt by sun rays, He loved to fly, but he could not fly again, he did big sacrifice for me, then I decided I will always be with my brother, that’s why I could not meet Dasharath, from that day, my brother did not come out in sunlight, he hates sun and Suryavanshis too, he is always angry. Sita says anger has reason, when reason has solution, then anger is resolved.

The people beat big dhols and play shank, to wake up Kumbhkaran. He wakes up and asks who dared to do this. Surpanakha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tq for the update amena di waiting for ur update since 8:30pm nice epi sita’s idea was good. Tmr kumbakarna enters excited and that l be very funny he l not wake up so easily☺☺☺

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      I also waiting n fell asleep Priya di.

      Siya’s ideas r always best.

      But kumbhkrn can’t cum so soon

    2. Yes lovely episode, if you love to collect pics of episodes of siya ke ram, then please visit daily for the latest pics 🙂

      1. Tnks Vivek for the Link…….

    3. yes’s time for kumbakarna entry…

    4. I also look like kumbakara when it come sleep & eating…………

      1. Me too di but only in sleep.☺

    5. 🙂 waiting eagerly for his entry 🙂

  2. awesome episode ! thank you amena di 🙂

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Yup twinkle it was nyc epi as always. Siam rocked…

    2. true sis…awesome episode…

    3. S twinkle…it was suprrr episode..

    4. Ya twinkle awesome epi.

    5. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. RAM and laxman got teary eyed(their acting was good)… Jatayuvu and his brother story…..and finally wrestling part of Hanuman with kids…

    Today’s episode is superb with these scenes…

    1. and sita dialogue… anger has reason, when reason has a solution then anger is resolved…
      How can I forgot this…this is awesome dialogue…

      1. Ya bro sita dialogues was nyc

      2. Yes bro, it is simply awesome ?

    2. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      I love siya n her dialogues….

    3. Last two episodes siya rocked with her dialogues… I just love it

    4. wrestling part was good 🙂

  4. Suprrr episode exited for kumbhkaran entry

    1. Yes so excited for kumbhkarn entry!but friends are u like meghnad?he is not like so good that I espect!!

      1. S nabanita he is not so good but he is great warrior . nabanita I send u rply in 23rd page pls visit it dear.

    2. Super episode Jay sis…iam also exited for kumbakarna entry….

    3. me too 🙂

  5. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    But kumbhkrn entered after yudh beginning, overall good epi, siya gave him jackfruit. She is very intelligent.

    Twinkle dear, dint call me di, we are in same class.
    Welcome all new comers. Missing ww di, Nidhi di, bhoomi di, sanju di n others who r nt commenting here.

    Hanuman scene funny ?

    1. Vanshika ,our tension is now clear!!!!! In yesterday ‘a page, there are 135 comments are not decrasing now!I hope every old members of skr family will be come back soon in this page.and s k r will be gain more more more fans by its own charms. and by the way as usual its a superb episode!

    2. Yes vanshu miss all of them I hope they came back soon. Yesterday’s page it was 136 but we should continue it dear. Obviously amazing epi. Siya is intelligent she gave him mushroom and jackfruit.

    3. S Dear siya is intelligent, brave she is all ……
      I too miss old mates……
      Get well soon Nidhi………..

    4. okay vanshika dear 🙂

  6. Vanshika crzy fr skr
    1. it was nice dear ……..

  7. Sampati’s sacrifice for his brother jatau is so great..but why surpanakha is trying to wake up kumbha karn? If ravan had no love and affection for his own son?

    1. No nabanita he loves his son especially indrajith.

      1. Hi priya di (I does not know if u r elder than me or not) now I see yours reply.Yes now I have no confusion of sugrib’s matter.Thank u very much!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. No thanks dear u said me di na so no tq btw sisters and I completed my 10th std and waiting for results . wt r u studying dear?

  8. vanshika arora

    episode was good….bt i’m nt understanding d sequence…. did ravan want to attack them before d incident of surpanakha???

    1. Hi vanshika dear ya epi was good and I think he had planned for that and in the middle of that surpanka incident will be shown in Skr. But in.valmiki Ramayana that will be shown that bcoz of surpanaka only he thought of attacking them. Ya which class r u and sry if u r n CLG and wr r u from?

  9. Kaushalya…
    The first of all queens to Dashrath’s, the maharani,
    First to give Ayodhya an heir, be it a daughter not son, but Dashrath was atleast nott childless,
    He still remarried twice, in the hope to get a son,
    He still promised Kaikeyis father that he will give the throne to her son,
    Wasn’t this a betrayal?
    A betrayal he repeated by marrying Sumitra..
    A betrayal he repeated each day of his life life when he favoured Kaikeyi over Kaushalya
    A betrayal he affirmed , when he decided to sacrifice his daughter to acquire a son..
    He never made amends with Kaushalya, he blamed her for drifting away from him,

    And the second most important person in Kaushalyas life – Ram,
    Kaikeyi claimed him as her own, claimed all his good until she banished him,
    Claimed that she loved him more than his own mother and that he returned her love,
    Kaikeyis love was about vanity, to claim the best, that was Ram,
    But Kaushalyas love was selfless, she never claimed,
    Anybody or anything,
    She never claimed Dashrath, she never claimed the title of first queen, she never even claimed her own son Ram…

    She didn’t harbour spite against Kaikeyi even when she was the cause of Dasraths death,
    Cause for separating her son Ram along with Sita and Laaxman,
    She stopped Sumitra from telling Kaikeyi off on Dashrath’s deathbed
    She stopped Bharat from ill treating his mother
    She stopped Kaikeyi from committing suicide,

    And Today,
    She included Kaikeyi in the contingent that is going to meet a Ram to bring him back,
    Not bcoz she hopes Kaikeyi can ask for forgiveness from Ram,
    But because Ram loves her , Ram listens to her, Ram will come back if she says so!

    Is she real? Is she human?
    How can one not have envy, anger, abandonment, after years of neglect and betrayal?
    And after such a huge betrayal,both from Dashrath and Kaikeyi?

    But Kaushalya was never meant to be real,
    She was never meant to be only human,

    She was meant to be a DESERVING MOTHER to give birth to LORD RAM,
    To bring him into this world,
    It was only Kaushalya who was meant for Ram, to be his mother, to set an example,
    And what a selfless soul she is
    We say
    Be kind for everyone u meet is fighting a hard battle
    But she has a dark past and present but she does not expect sympathy

    1. This is from Sanjana di…

      1. Hi srinidhi dear how r u?? Yes sanju completely agree with u she is a selfless woman. So that only god himself took birth in her womb. Hatsoff to kaushalya ma she is one of the inspiring women in ramayana like sita, urmila, sunaina and more.

      2. Srinidhi dear where did you find it ? I used to read each and every analysis and comments of sanjana but somehow missed this one. Did she comment recently?

      3. Thanks for sharing srinidhi totally agree with you sanjana

    2. Haiii Srinidhi…..How r u?

      S Sanjana its true kausalya was seldless women i agree dear


      Sanjana really nice info….

    4. Nice info sis…

    5. thank you srinidhi di and sanjana di 🙂

    6. Supreetha (Soups)

      Truly, the Lord chooses the purest of souls as parents! If not for Kaushalya, we would have never had Ram in the world…Kaushalya Nandan Ram Ki Jai ?????

  10. very nice epi.hello guys

    1. Hi shivani dear which standard u r studying and wr r u from ???

      1. I m studying engg dear

    2. Haii Shivani …. Whr R U From ….
      Yeah epiisode was nice…

      1. m from ahmedabad (gujarat)

  11. According to Ramayana, when Lakshmana was leaving for the forest with lord Rama, Urmila was ready to accompany him. But, Lakshmana hesitates and advises her to stay back to take care of her in laws. He also states that he cannot take care of her in the forest as he will be busy serving his brother and apologizes to her. Urmila agrees and remains a devoted wife for fourteen years until her husband returned.

    Another version states that Urmila asked Nidra, the goddess of sleep, to take away all of Lakshmana’s sleep for the fourteen years of exile, so that he could remain awake and ever attentive to Rama and Sita’s needs. She remained asleep throughout the fourteen years, waking up to see Rama’s coronation when Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya and relieves her of her duties.

    It is also said that when Rama banished Sita in to the forest, Urmila was the only one who opposed Rama for his wrongful deed. She also opposed her own husband for supporting Rama and for taking Sita to forest.
    Guys this is one of the character sketch of urmila which I m reading in Google and I m also reading another character sketch of her I thought to post this here. if u guys like this then I l post the next character sketch of the forgotten heroine of Ramayana.

    1. Really very kind of you dear… It’s really nice dear i liked it

      1. I m glad that u liked it di and I have posted another sketch about urmila considering all the versions of ramyana pls read it and say how s it

    2. really nice 🙂

    3. Nice priya sis…

      1. I m happy that u liked it bro☺

  12. samma epi….. all clubbed……. but no ayodhya scenes……. its okay…..

    1. S Krishani…..Suprr episode…

    2. ya dear no ayodhya scenes missing urmila a lot.

    3. agreed 🙂

  13. Was Urmila the real ideal wife?

    The voice was that of a woman who has barely been given three to four lines in Valmiki’s Ramayana. This was Urmila, Sita’s sister and wife to Rama’s devoted brother Lakshmana. A woman who was asked to stay back to take care of her in-laws by her husband who was leaving for the forest for fourteen long years. As the story follows Rama, Lakshmana and Sita, Urmila is left behind, unseen and unheard.

    By all standards, Urmila is a minor character. One amongst the four daughters of Janaka and the four daughters-in-law of Dashratha, she does not have a major role to play. Yet the untold story of her sacrifice is one that has fired many a poet’s imagination and inspired many a writer to make her their muse. After all, in the few lines dedicated to her, even Valmiki categorically states her sacrifice as unparalleled. Rabindranath Tagore classified Urmila as one of the forgotten heroines of Indian literature. She was also made the central character of Hindi poet Mythili Sharan Gupta’s version of the Ramayana, Saket. In Telugu literature Urmila occupies as important a role as Sita, even vying with her for the position of the ‘ideal wife’, according to the epics. Urmila Devi Nidra or The Sleep of Devi Urmila is one of the most celebrated Ramayana ballads in the language.

    The legend referred to in this ballad is an interesting one. It takes off from one of the lesser-known tales from the epic. The story goes that, impressed by Lakshmana’s unwavering devotion towards his brother and sister-in-law, the goddess of sleep appears in front of him. She tells him that he can ask for any boon and Lakshmana says that he has all he needs and he would rather she blessed his wife instead. The goddess of sleep then goes to Urmila in Ayodhya who tells her that the only boon she wants is that Lakshmana stay steadfast in his service and dedication and therefore he should not remember her even once during his exile.

    Another version of the legend states that Urmila asked to be given all of Lakshmana’s sleep for the fourteen years of exile, so that he could remain awake and ever attentive to Rama and Sita’s needs. The tale goes on to say that the devoted wife remained asleep throughout the fourteen years, waking up only when Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya.

    In Urmila Devi Nidra, Sita asks Rama to tell Lakshmana to go meet Urmila who is still fast asleep. The sleeping Urmila senses Lakshmana enter her bedchamber but does not recognize him. She thinks he is a stranger and reproaches him for coveting another’s wife. The ballad goes on with Lakshmana apologizing profusely and later on everyone rejoicing at Urmila’s awakening and her reunion with her husband. For once, Urmila is the most celebrated woman in the room.

    For someone who remains asleep throughout the action of the epic, Urmila seems to have a fleshed out character, albeit through the quills of others who felt she was a tad too neglected. In some versions, she is said to be a great scholar and a talented painter. They go on to say that she not only spent the fourteen years alone serving her mothers-in-law Sumitra, Kaushalya and Kaikeyi, but also painting a resplendent piece on Rama’s wedding to Sita. The fourteen-year-long slumber is dismissed as a symbolic representation of the stupor a married woman sans her husband is supposed to sink into. She lived out the fourteen years almost as if she were asleep, tending to her duties but without the slightest bit of spirit. The last detail we get of Urmila’s life is that she had two sons Angad and Chitraketu. And then she fades into the crowd of minor characters that populate the Ramayana, living out the rest of their lives unseen to readers.

    Today an Internet search with the terms ‘Urmila’ and ‘heroine’ or ‘leading lady’ brings up results of a completely different kind. For, as the epic is interpreted in newer ways, it is safe to say that a woman forced to put her life on hold till whenever her husband deems fit to remember her is no longer the epitome of an ideal wife. And this is perhaps why Urmila has truly joined the ranks of forgotten leading ladies.

    written by: shweta ganesh Kumar.(a great author who read about urmila under compulsion and started to love her character)

    1. It really true dear urmila is forgotten heroine of Ramayan………. Urmila character comes minor part but its impact remains till the end.she is the one who sacrifice everything.She is an inspiration women.Urmila has everthing to be praised.
      Nice one dear

      1. Ya di agree with u she has all the qualities to be praised☺

    2. urmila is the best 🙂

      1. Ya twinkle dear urmila is always the best☺

    1. welcome 🙂

  14. Supreetha (Soups)

    Guys, when is the Star Parivaar awards live on tv?

    1. Hi di hw r u? And di they will not show live telecast and the function l be this week i think so as the technical practice section was shown on SBB yesterday after that they l telecast may be on may month but it l not be live telecast dii

    2. It not yet declared dear i guess today is the show actually happening

    3. Date yet not confirmed dear…It actually happening today i guess

    4. Supreetha (Soups)

      Hmm okay…thanks 🙂

      1. No need of tqs di we can so this for our sis.

      2. Supreetha (Soups)

        So sweet :)…I’ll soon be posting and episodic analysis…likely a quiz or something…do read it 😀

      3. Ya of course di waiting for it☺

    5. In star parivar award we see rehearsaling and performing (in SaaS bahu and sajjis and saas bahu air suspense)all the heroines of star plus but not sita.I think sita and ram doesn’t performing in this programme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. We are ready for quiz sis…

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Thanks dear bro…I’ll post it in a day or two…out of station now!!! 🙂

  15. vanshika arora

    How many days sita was d Queen of ayodhya?

  16. S really epi was excellent and sita’s idea was amazing which no one expected.hanuman and kids scene was also nice.Di s i m also wtng for kumbakarna’ s kumvakarna bro of ravan?

    1. Ya dear he was the bro of ravan

    2. S dear Kumbkarna is brother of ravan and vibhishana. He also did yagya to please Brahma.while he was about to ask blessing it is said that goddess saraswati ted his tongue.
      So by his tongue slip he asked vardhaan of his vardhaan as granted but ravan asked to undo the vardhann as in reality it was a curse.Due to this kumbhakarna slept for six months and when he was awoke he eat everything in his surrounding.

  17. S priya di urmila is unseen and unheard character but lakshman and urmila dedicated thier whole lifes for ram and sita.they r really unforgetable persons in ramayana .we r missing urmila;-(;-(;-(

    1. 🙂 true

  18. Hi sri nidhi di
    i think u dont know me once read april 24th comments u wll know me
    hii di

  19. Ha forgot to mention siya’s dialogues and expressions were marvellous in vanvaas

    1. Siya Dialogue were too good & fabulous i too loved it very much

    2. Ya dear madirakshi’s expression was always fabulous ☺

  20. Sri nidhi di i agree wth sanju di kaushalya’s greatness is nicely xpressed through this comment.As usual i learnt a new thing from comment

  21. Guys I have a doubt you know not only Ram but all his brothers had twins
    Bhavi had Thaksha and Pushkara
    Lakshmila had Angad and Chithrakethu
    and sushra had Subahu and Bhoopakethu
    In RAMAYAN it’s mentioned that they had their separate kindoms to rule when Ram
    left thiis world. Ram divided Ayodhya into
    two parts and coronated each of his sons
    to those parts. Bharath built 2 cities
    Takshashila(Taxila) and pushkalavathi for his sons insisted by Ram. Sharughan divided Madhuvan into 2 parts and gave it to his sons. Now what was the kingdom ruled by Lakshman or the kingdom created by him for his sons?

    1. Ya I know dear but don’t know the names clearly but now I got it by this info ☺☺☺

      1. Priya in some versions lakshmila’s sons are mentioned as Angad and Dharmakethu don’t know which one is true

      2. But in Google it is dumakethu dear even I don’t know it clearly but when I make it clear i l say u in the page probably I l clear it tdy itself

    2. Bharatha takes the kingdom of Gandhara (present day Afghanistan) and makes Takshasila as the Capital, Lakshmana establishes a city, Lakshmanapura on the banks of Ganga, which the present day Lucknow and Satrughna brings down a forest called Madhu and establishes his rule there naming the city as Mathura.

      I dont know its true or wrong Just got it from web

      1. Thanks di for the info

      2. Ya its true di !

      3. I agreed Jay sis…it’s true… I knew this info..

    3. Supreetha (Soups)

      Yeah I agree…all had twins……the names are given in many places including Wikipedia

  22. Yaa nice episode as always….
    I’m also from Gujarat

    1. Hi di how r u?? Ya awesome epi and siya’s idea was nyc

    2. Haii Siya…How R U dear?
      Yeah episode was suprr as always.
      Hanuman & sita scenes were awesome & dialogues of sita is suprr

    3. hello di how are you ? 🙂

  23. Koushalya mata and urmila are not selfish and they are not side characters of ramayana they are heroines of ramayana like sita devi

    1. Ya meghana they are not side characters . but urmila is a forgetten heroine of Ramayana. Urmila is like sita but the another name of this world at this period no one(wife) will do that much sacrifice which urmila did. That’s the point there and I agree ur point too?

      1. I agree dear………

    2. totally agreed 🙂

  24. Nice xplanation jay di

  25. Can anybody tell y surpanaka angry with ravan is it because of her husband death?

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Hello Manny dear! Yeah basically she’s angry because people marry and love her only for greed or fear of Ravan and not because of what she is. She feels that nobody truly loves her. That’s what is shown in the episode. I think she’s still not able to get over there fact behind her husband’s death. Hope your doubt got cleared 🙂 I speak Tamil too 🙂

    2. Supreetha (Soups)

      And she also hates Ravan for the fear he creates in men who came in her life….she doesn’t want to live a life with a husband fearful of her brother or in freedom to destroy her brother

    3. Now surpanakha is not angry upon her brother for killing his husband.I think she is angry on her destiny because in 13 yers she doesn’t find her own man!!!!!!!!so she is desperate for a man.she thinks that it not would be possible to find her man standing Lanka!!!

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        I think so too

    4. Haii Manny Welcome to the SKR dear….
      S dear She was angry with ravan due to her husband death.
      Some version of ramayan says suparnaka had no interest in Ram and lakshman She just did to seek revenge against raavan for her husband death .

    5. Hi Manny welcome to our family and ya soups di and nabanita both of them point was correct.

  26. I don’t know hindi i watch siya ke ram in tamil

  27. Hi friends do u know that in bengali literature eminent poet Madhusudan Dutta wrote a mahakavya in beng (time 19 th century) which hero is’s name ‘Meghnad badh mahakavya’.There meghnad is a hero and a tragic character who is killed by ram lakshman with ‘adharma’ .in the kavya ram, lakshman and bivisan we’re negative characture.this carry a huge protest by the priest,pandits and other some writers of bengali literature. But any one does not cut his points by their own reasons…..for u r s info I tell u that there r only 2 ‘Mahakavya’ in india ramayan and Mahabharata. But this is also ‘ganya’ as a mahakavya of India………….

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