Siya Ke Ram 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaikeyi saying Sita, I m proud that you are our Kul vadhu, Raghukul got blessed to get you, your parents are great who gave your character such good values and upbringing. She says Sita, you are talking about women’s status in society, we all are with you, but staying in society is imp to bring change in society. Sumitra says kaikeyi is right, the women who lost hope will get courage by your return, they will know purity and truth wins, you can become representative of their struggle, you can fight for those women and change the rules by being the Queen.

Sita says I was Queen when questions were raised on me, was I protected, you were also Queen, could you fight for women’s justice, could you stop my second vanvaas, Mata, making rules does not change the society,

thinking stays same, to change thinking, society has to know the importance, the change has to come from human’s heart. Janak is on the way.

Urmila says Sita Didi, Pita ji always said that Sita is different and no one can do what Sita can do, you always proved his belief true, we all respect your decision, but think about us. The sisters cry. Mandvi says we decided to stay together always, did situation change so much, take us along.

Shruthkirti asks don’t we have any right on you, will you not return to Ayodhya for our sake. Sita cries and says getting you three is my luck, getting your love, I get a power which you don’t know, but will you three accept that this love becomes reason of my weakness, or a hurdle in women respect and completeness. Laxman says I m your culprit, I have obeyed Ram’s command and left you in arid jungle, by this guilt burden, how can I stay alive, today I accept the crime to cheat and insult you, come back to Ayodhya, else I will give away my life as a punishment. Ram says Laxman. Everyone get shocked. Laxman keeps knife at his neck. Sita says no Laxman, its big crime to punish oneself without any crime.

Laxman asks how can I live with this guilt, the repentance is not possible. Sita says that was expected to obey Ram, not obeying Ram would be Adharm, Praja expected Ram to do that, so its imp to understand that the mistake is of society, such society where its regarded Adharm to question elder’s decision, where son can’t question a father, where student can’t question to a teacher, and younger brother can’t question his elder question, because of this, Parshuram has to kill his mother, women is weak and injustice happens with women in this men’s society, if thinking won’t change, how will society change, so Laxman, don’t waste your life by giving up your life. Laxman cries and asks her to say, how shall I be alive.

Bharat and Shatrughan hold Laxman and they all cry. Sita cries. Lav and Kush say Mata. She says I have given you necessary values to live life, its just directions, not a command. Without any hurdle, just decide by your senses according to the situation, you have to live your life without your Mata. Lav and Kush cry. She says your Mata is making a big sacrifice for a motive, don’t oppose this, try to place men and women’s equal rights, I m not asking much, if you get justice for one woman in your life, then surely do it, and think your life succeeded. Everyone cry.

Sita looks at Ram. Ram says its all true and right, I accept your decision, if you think you can fight with society by staying away. If you want to fight with injustice and torture, fine, I will also stay here by leaving Rajya, we will fight against the society and remove the problems, we will assure the society’s mindset changes. She says forgive me, this is just my struggle, no one can help me, not even you. Ram says no, whenever I obeyed my Dharm, you always supported me, when I fulfilled son’s duty, you were with me, you did not oppose my Rajya Dharm even when you could oppose, you were with me, why can’t I fulfill my Pati Dharm today by leaving everything, why? She says its good thing for me that Ayodhya King is thinking to leave everything today for me, my decision has become more firm now, I wanted to fight for women respect and glory, you have initiated it, but today the woman standing infront of you is not your wife Sita. They all get shocked.

Sita says your wife Sita’s visarjan happened the moment when you have sent Sita to wander in jungle darkness at night, that too by cheat. She says I have come to see you before leaving, but Raja Ram did not open door for his wife, your child was in my womb, even if I was not pregnant, your decision ended husband and wife’s relation that moment itself, any relation is based on trust and respect, you knew your Sita will never become hurdle in your Dharm, what was the need to cheat and insult, why did you forget that i took vanvaas decision for you, I would have taken again if you said, you vowed to protect me at the marriage time, why did you break the vow, does Raghukul traditions have just obeying Rajdharm vows, no night of Lanka was such dark than each day of vanvaas given by you, because I had belief in Lanka that you are with me always.

She cries and says I was alive in this world to fulfill a mother’s duty, today I m free of this duty also, I will give away the two children to Ram and today after fulfilling all duties, I m free of all bonds, I m not anyone’s wife and anyone’s daughter. She says today, I m free to take decision regarding my life. Everyone cry.

Sita says my character was stained and my purity was doubted by the society, its not possible for me to return to that society, today I swear by water, earth, fire, air, sky, that I was born by the earth, by the identity I have by this earth, today I, Bhoomija will return to that earth’s lap forever. Ram gets shocked and shouts no Sita. Guru Vashisht says Sita. Laxman asks Sita not to say such bad things, I m culprit, not you. Urmila asks how can you think to decide this. Lav says no Mata, you always said children are children for mother, how did your duty get over for us. Kush says yes, mother is always needed by children. Sita cries. Laxman says don’t do this.

Ram says Sita, you give me any punishment, I accept it, don’t do this, I can’t bear this separation sorrow. Sita asks the earth to take her in her lap if she has always stayed in her Maryada and did an ideal daughter’s Dharm, if she has fulfilled all her Dharm, Mata Vasundara, take me in your lap. She prays and stands. Everyone cry.

Sita says the time has come, take me in your lap Mata. The earth shatters and Sita goes inside the earth. Janak shouts Sita and cries. Ram and everyone cry in shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my god . Such an emotional epi . Sitas dialogues were awesome .Last scene made me cry a lot . Tmrw sita will go wid her Mata . Next epi will b more sad than this epi ?

  2. Priya15

    Hii guys…. How r u all???

    After a looongg time.. I was unwell that’s y I couldn’t cmnt… Hope u all r fyn….

    Abt tdy episode… Tdy n strdy.. Sita rocks… Each n every dialogue of her made me cry like hell.. I couldn’t control myself… It’s an emotional epi… Especially sisters, lakshman n luv khush dialogue was heart wrenching…

    But I felt that Sita’s dialogue was somewhat same as draupadi dialogue at the time of vastra haran.. Am I the only one who is thinking so????? The way she accusses ram was the way draupadi accused arjun..

    Omg… The precap…. I m n shock.. The way janaka shouted…. I m broken…isse kehte hai..

    A girl may not be a queen for her husband but she is always a princess for her father…

    Tmr… I think everyone should have hard heart to watch… I couldn’t see it yr…. But I should see… Vastra haran aur Sita ko bhoomi Mei jaana yeh dono part aansun ke bagae nahi dekh sakte.. Bcoz both l kill u..

    But the bad part is itna hone ke baad bhi.. Koi streeyon ko maryada Mahi deta..
    Kitna log mante hai ladki aur ladke Mei equal rights honi chahiye..

    Even though people l feel bad for the thing happened but never think of changing their mindsets ….

    Patni ke liye Pati parmeshwar lekin Pati ke liye???? Aaj bhi bahut saare Garon Mei 50-50%rights nahi hai..

    1. hi di , i am fine . how r u ? yes the episode of today was rocking and sita’s dialogues made me cry . u r right di , women r not given equal rights in our country

      1. Priya15

        Hii dear.. I m fyn now…. S u r ryt.. Then wts this news abt namkaran closure??

    2. I agree wid u.sita is very brave

      1. Priya15

        Ya di.. She is….

    3. NABANITA626

      Hi priya……..?happy to see you back are you?And I am 100 percent agree with you.

      1. Priya15

        Hi di.. . I m fyn now… Yes di.. This world and their ethics is ridiculous ..

    4. Padmaja

      Hi priya dear.. I am fine.. ya priya the epi was amazing… sita just rocked….. ya draupadis and sits words r similar and acceptable… today’s world is not giving equal imp to women, mainly our country..

      1. Priya15

        Hii… Ya padma u r ryt… Our country..

        Hare yr yahan toh they don’t respect women as women…. Equal rights toh bahut dur ko baat hai…

    5. Hi..hope you are fine now.the episode was rocking and agree with you

      1. Priya15

        Ya di I m good now…. Ss…. Btw ur dp is cute.

  3. Priya15

    Un Sita von Ka kya.. Jinhe Pata bhi nahi hai ki unki aparadh kya Tha??

    This dialogue was reality… Many girls in the world don’t know what’s their fault.. They cry but don’t know the reason for their tears but they just know that they don’t deserve to be teary….

    People want to respect girls… Change have to come..

  4. Supreetha (Soups)

    All dialogues today were heavy in meaning! Very emotional episode. What Sita spoke today is again a proof of what good education can do and that women are strong! ? Very very emotional

  5. Padmaja

    Omg!!!!!! Such a sad epi….. siyas dialogue was just awesome. .. hatts off to skr team…… a heart wrenching epi… precap is making me to cry…

    1. yes di , the episode was too heart wrenching . no words….hats off to skr team

  6. Guys I’ve a sad news fr naamkaran fans. Naamkaran is going to go next month due to low ratings??

    1. What ???really ??? No this cant happen . Why all my favourite shows go off air so soon ?. Thanks for the news stuti dear . Keep updating us abt the latest happenings that u kno

  7. GREAT EPISODE ! LOVED the way Sita talked to RAJA RAM. Superb dialogue .
    She was absolutely CORRECT .
    Ram had full support of his family . Everyone was with RAm . Everyone wanted SIta to remain as a Queen. 3 brothers wanted to go & meet Dhobi and see him the reason but Ram did not allow . Also Laxman wanted to punish Dhobi but Ram did not allow him .Rather RAM instructed Laxman as a king to take Sita and leave in a forest. BUt somehow , Laxman dropped her near Valmiki’s Ashram Also requested Bhabi SIta not to commit suicide .
    And moreover it was done during midnight- MOTHERS and SIsters were not informed by KING RAM , he did not bother to inform anyone.
    If we see the whole scenario -it was RAM and KING RAM only who did the mistake .It was not dhobi , it was not Ayodha -praja , it was the leader of Ayodha -THE RAM . He abandoned SITA without her knowledge even though knowing that She was completely innocent and pure . Many says Rajdharma made RAm took that step but I say it can’t be Rajdharma if an innocent woman is punished and justice is not given – it can’t be Rajdharma.
    WHAT about the promise of a husband to a wife ?? RAm did not fulfill his promises as a husband , he did not take care of his wife and their kids .

  8. Oh man…wat an episode??…go girl!??..hats off

  9. amazing words no words

  10. Pooja26

    hiiiii guyz………..
    remember me 😉 😉

    many new members joined

    chappy is so emotional ……. 🙁 🙁
    made me cry……

  11. Shrinithi

    today’s epi was really sad but madirakshi mam made more best n here acting…its true that n those days d male dominated society was encouraged d women & d grls who lved n that period lived an unpeaceful life but n these days girls are equal to boys and more than them….waitinf fr tomorrow’s epi……..d time came…lovely act by all

  12. Radhika Malhotra

    Nice episode sita has taken right decision

  13. I speechless after seeing today episode……… I have no word…. If you have then plz give me some word for enylaze this episode…………………..
    And precap…. It’s better that not talking about precap…………….
    Not funny anymore………………..

    1. I don’t have any words because this epi cannot b described in words . This epi is above all . No words at all..

  14. Meena

    This episode had made a serious impact on me that I find it difficult to shake it off from me… Those who were saying against SKR should seriously watch this episode…. From today onwards at 8 o clock my eyes will be always red with tears…. I’m gonna miss madi di

  15. The word were not true as maa sita has never ever used such words for shri Rama….

    1. Exactly never would have mata spoke to Shri ram like that

      1. Totally agree with you Sanjana

      2. Yes such dialogue is not mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan. But from today perspective the episode is quite good and well portrayed. I recently read Valimiki Ramayan then found that actually Laxman wait for some time after leaving Sita near Valimiki Ashram until she was not taken by some muni kumars. Because Ram specifically mentioned that Sita should be left near to Valimiki Ashram (not in Jungle). Laxman said Sita that Rishi Valmiki is venerable, pious and dear friend of Dasarath. You will get all kind of love and care here but now staying in Ayodhya is not possible because of rumors and stigma of defame.
        Very specific details are mentioned in Ramayan, by the time our intelligence and wisdom decrease and logic increase. Today we can’t understand the situation of past. And in future our today will look irrelevant.
        Physical changes and thoughts and endlessly mutable.

      3. I agree with you all he has fulfilled his duty both as King and husband

  16. no words..tears only

  17. NABANITA626

    Superb episode…..sita’s speechs are awesome…..

  18. I am also agree with this…….. Plz read this tweet fully………. It’s my request………….
    I liked today episode also liked the concept of story and all dialog said by Sita is true………. But main question is how can Sita said that ram cheated her… Sita always agree with all ram decision than why Sita questions to Rama???
    It’s fully disrespect to ram_siya love???
    In the main version Sita never questions this…… Than how team SKR show this………..
    Plz must Cmmnt

    1. Exactly bhai. Heights of distortion. By distorting the characterisation of mata Sita they have just spoilt the whole show in one episode.

    2. I totally agree with you actually yesterday’s episode was not that true as the dialogue by maa sita are not true…

  19. No words to describe sita …. She and draupadi were the bravest women of those times …. Loved sita today??

  20. POWER PACKED EPISODE . EXTREMELY WELL – SITA spoke the RIGHT And Sita raised right questions . SHE ‘s questions were extremely profound towards RAM.
    It was RAM who did all wrong – being a KING he could have changed the rules of the society , he could have given justice to a Chaste woman rather he choose to punish her .
    Ram did not keep his promise as a husband and never ever bother to inquire what happened to her .Sita was right saying life was more painful during her second exile compared to her captive life in LANKA .
    Yesterday one person Pradeep stated Ram sent Hanuman to look after SITA – May I ask him does it fulfill the duties of a husband ? Sending a sevak and having husband at one’s side is completely different.
    Sita’s second exile was more painful than first exile as she had no relatives with her , no family members with her , no husband , she was a single parent .Sending her to exile was a breach of trust on the part of Ram . More than physical , it was mental trauma . Sage’s Valmiki ashram provided basic physical necessities of life , but what about mental trauma ?
    What about the SITA”S pain of separation from husband , sisters and relatives ? What about the false allegation of impurity against SITA? DId it heal by sending Hanuman ? (Even though in original version , Hanuman was with RAM )
    And again yesterday MR Pradeep stated Ram was following the rules of his ancestors ??- Ram could overrule the Ashwas megdha yagna’s rule of sacrificing real horse , he could save Allaya – that time he went against the OLD rules of society ? What happened when it came to saving the prestige of a CHaste ? That time old rules came into picture ??
    As a matter of fact , Ram made a terrible mistake . He did not take any step to save the prestige of a innocent woman rather punished and on top of it, he asked for 2nd agnipariksha from SITA after luv & Kush ‘s identity was known .
    He never ever bother to visit sita to know well -being . Here, it is shown hanuman was sent but Hanuman can’t take the place of a husband .
    He did not allow his brothers to take action against DHOBI rather abandoned his own CHASTE /sati wife SIta .
    Anyway , Sita ‘s dialogue was OUT OF THE WORLD today – HATS OFF TO THE DEVI SITA >
    BAD SAD to note -tomorrow She is going to Mother Earth. WHOLE life she suffered and suffered due her husband’s mistakes and bachan palan ( promises ) . Life of the greatest lady is coming to end !

    1. Very well said Sara, Totally agree with you.
      Whether Matha Sita raised these questions or not in real version is not the case here, what she asked is perfectly right. Hats off to SKR team for bringing it to light. In real version Sri Ram requested for second Aknipariksha to reveal Luv Kush’s identity. How cruel is it? Only after the questions raised by Matha Sita that he realised the real magnitude of the suffering faced by her.
      Tomorrows episode is going to be very SAD but at least Matha Sita has regained her respect and made her family and society understand her suffering.

    2. I am totally agree with you, Ms. Saara….It was an Awesome dialogue by Sita Mata about women prestige & I am totally agree that All Men should know the value & Dignity of a women in their life…… I was also of the same thinking like you when I read in Ramayana about the second Exile of Sita Mata by King Ram due to the wording of Dhobhi / Men oriented Societies. Again, I am stick to the same statements that I have made yesterday about your quarries. First of all, we are in Kalyagu where somehow people understands the Equal values of Women in Society and this is the only reason why we feel that Shri Ram is wrong…. But in Treta Yuga, it was not the same thinking. That Yuga was totally Men oriented where all the decisions are made against the value of Women. In that context, whatever King Ram has done it was totally rightful in that Yuga. However, in SKR it is clearly showed the disturbance of Shri Ram as a husband when such type of comments about his wife was made by Dhobhi & he himself as a Husband decided to leave the Kingdom along with Sita Mata because he don’t want to stay in that Men Oriented Society. Also, he has taken the suggestions of his Guru & Mothers about any chance to get through out from this situation. And, the final decision has taken in context with all this outcomings only. In that yuga, this was the only solution as before Shatrugan has taken the same decision for Dhobi’s daughter.
      Secondly, regarding Ahlaya mata, I once again remind you that Shri Ram has gave the purity by touching his feet to Ahlaya mata as a Rightful & Individual person and he was not a King at that time. When you are independent without any responsibilities you can think and act as per your Heart and it doesn’t agree with any Society rules…. The same thinking is in our Younger blood. But when you have any Responsibility like a King (in the Kingdom rule areas) or a Family Head (like in our present), some decisions have to be taken beside his own feelings which might be wrong.
      Thirdly, currently also, we may take some decisions as per the situation arisen but after some years, we thought it was a wrong decision and we blame ourselves. So, Past is Past and instead of blaming about our past we have to learn & try to not repeating the bad past for our good future.
      In the last, if we think that Shri Ram & Sita Mata was a form of Lord Vishnu & Mata Laxmi, then we should understand that they took the birth in Treta Yuga for formalize the Society rules in rightful direction… and whatever happens is only to know the value of women in Society only.

    3. The only mistake Shri Ram has taken as a husband that HE has not communicated to Sita Mata about the question arisen by Society, his fear, his feelings, the suggestions given by Guru & Mata and the final decision he has to take as a KING. As Yesterday we seen & hear, Sita Mata has made a statement that if Shri Ram has talked to her about the situation she will definetely accept to his decision.
      The thing which we have to learn from this situation is that there must be a good communication between HUSBAND and WIFE so that all the misunderstandings will move from their married life. Lapse of communication in the married life is always becomes a reason for Divorce nowadays, which all Younger has to understand in their life.

      1. Actua the thing is that the major occurring are true but these short details vary upon writer so he may have talked also….

  21. I don’t think in original version of Ramayan Sita would have talked like this way

    1. Exactly mata Sita never spoke to show Shri ram this way
      I would blast the CV’s if I were to put my frustration in words let me keep it to myself.

      1. If today someone talked about power of chastity and importance of celibacy, moron people will surely laugh. But Sita herself accepted and exhibited the power of chastity. Toady people’s intelligence is not apposite to understand the mind Ram and Sita, may some people by taking example of Ram, try to do anything. Therefore I think this episode was distorted from original version.
        If you read Valmiki Ramayan you come to know that every event was well planned (including Sita haran). It was deliberately happened to destroy evil forces. Divine games are not for human comprehension. All scriptural just says duty comes first everything is later. And most important, intention is more important than consequence of your action.

  22. Kishu

    Todays episode was one of the best episode
    The dialogues she said was today’s reality.
    I can’t stop my tears.
    Every time its the women who suffers.
    See Mahabharata it was draupadi who suffered without any reason
    And in Ramayana its is sita who is suffering without any reason.
    By taking such a step she is teaching the society a good lesson.
    I am with her decision.
    How many of you are with her??

    1. NABANITA626

      I am with her…….but I don’t think sita’s sacrifice for women’s work even now………
      Sunday I saw the pink cinema…..and again same humilisation with only women’s…..

      1. Kishu

        Many of you are saying that the whole serial is spoilt because of today’s episode but the aim of the serial is to show Ramayana from sitas perspective.
        She might not have said it in reality but isn’t it true that we are still living in a male dominated society and in some parts women are not given due respect with they deserve.
        She puts light on the dark side of our society which never comes into topic of discussion.
        She might not have said it that time in tretayug but it is totally true for today.
        I am sry if I hurt your feelings
        Please reply

    2. NABANITA626

      Are kishu I and you are telling same…..I never said that while serial is spoilt because of today’s episode.
      You misunderstood me…..

  23. First time i m commenting…but my dadi use to tell that sita goes inside the earth i use to imagine only…but first time i am seeing and i m awestruck and sad too ..good acting by full team

  24. For true change to happen, transformation should take place from the heart. Mere rules would not do the trick. Very true as said by Sita. I do not know how many more sacrifices women have to make to establish respect for women in the society. Thanks to the television industry, I can now feel that the women’s respect movement has taken off. I feel so happy that repeating and narrating virtually by means of mass media, the great sacrifice made by powerful women of our past is bringing about a change in hearts of the people of today.

  25. OMG…..such a sad and emotional episode…..sita’s dialogues was Awesome….Very heart touching dialogues and scenes…. just made me cry….Tomorrow will be very sad..episode….

  26. sita always loved her husband unconditionally. i dont agree to this that sita said she is no more Ram”s wife. Madirakshi mam,s acting was outstanding.

  27. Richu

    I am definitely with sitas decision…
    But I was thinking after sitas words I was feeling so bad .ram would have had a heart attack

  28. Thanmathi

    Guys I don’t think I can cmnt on last day network problem and an unexpected family function will post ffs tomorrow maybe this is my last comment here. An emotional epi. I think I can’t see janak pain tmrw it will be very hard to see after all the happy days of mithila and such a father daughter relationship. It was never portrayed in any other versions. Thank you so much skr for that.

  29. Thanmathi

    I mean my last cmnt in written update page I’ll comment on ffs

  30. MIND blowing episode but sad to see the precap -that Devi Sita will be going to Mother Earth
    As pointed out by few – it is true devi Sita in original version didn’t say like the way in SKR’s sita spoke but then IN ORIGINAL VERSION -RAM WAS so insensible that HE ASKED for second agnipariksha when after luv & KUsh sang the song of the Ramayan & everybody came to know that they were Sita ‘s sons after that Sage Valmiki came with SIta .
    Sita told Ram -gave agnipariskha & said ENOUGH of this proving of CHastity & said it is never ending . SITA says ” IF I AM REAL SATI -May MOTHER Earth take me to her lap ” -this whole one sentence shook Ayodha and Ayodha’s king RAM. THEY ALL understood their mistake and but then it was too late -SITA was gone . Sita loved Ram unconditionally but Ram remained ONLY A MAriyada purushottam but became Sita’s husband in real sense otherwise RAm could have deserted Sita .
    BUT Whatever is shown in SKR is also in a way justified . They are showing the faults of Ram-injustice he did to SITA , They are showing why Sita not want to go back . They are trying to depict the pain of SITA & wrongs done by RAm
    @ SANJANA & ARAJESwary -NOW 2nd time Agnipariksha not shown – that time you never bother to comment -WHY ??
    – Because till now the GOOD IMAGE OF RAM was shown – that RAm is requesting SIta , begging SIta , bending on knees in front of SIta to come back – THAT WAS NOT IN ORIGINAL VERSION [email protected] Sanjana & Arajeswary -why did you not object that time ?
    AYodha praja is asking for forgiveness- it was not in original version rather RAM DEMANDED 2nd time agnipariksha -not Shown in SKR . @ Sanjana & Arajeswary why did you not raise your voice???
    WHATEVER SITA TOLD IN YESTERDAY “S episode was 101% correct and DEVI SITA from her abode would be happy to see that .
    RAM was unfair in his decision to send Sita for 2nd Vanvas. Ram was unfair to ask laxman to keep his mouth shut , didn’t allow laxman to take action DHOBI rather ordered as a king to leave Sita alone in a forest.
    Ram was unfair in siding with DHOBI’s doubt even though he suffered at heart but in public He made a very insensible decision of abandonment of SIta and that moment he lost his rights /adikhar as a husband .
    Ram never did his duties of a husband – the promises made during the marriage . He went to vanvas for keeping his father’s promise and ignored the Ayodha praja’s wish -but in case of His wife Sita – Ram forgot all promises made during the Shat phere/marriage and sided with Dhobi’s reemark.
    RAm was unfair to snatch away from Sita – home ,sisters, relatives , husband , inlaws and above all her dignity .
    Ram was Unfair to a Chaste woman like SIta , did not even tell her the verdict of abandonment.
    Ram was unfair to a pregnant woman and deserted her She raised her kids alone .
    Ram was unfair to his unborn baby – they were without their father .
    Ram was unfair as a king because he punished a innocent , chaste and pregnant woman .

  31. Sorry , I meant Ram was a Mariyada purushottam only and never became Sita’s husband in real sense otherwise he could not have deserted her without any fault of hers. She was a perfect wife with imperfect and insensible husband .
    ((@Sara- i used your style from ABODE – Devi sita watching SKR .)) you used that two days back

    I liked Yesterday’s episode , even though i wait for today episode but I am very sad -Today is the d day- Mata Sita going !
    Yes let her go but I don’t want but what could be done?? , her life was full of tragedy & sufferings & Pains but she struggled and never give up. We as a woman can learn a lot from her life .Her life teaches us patience , unconditional love , positive attitude towards life , fighting spirit , keeping hopes in adverse circumstances and above all she is absolute symbol of Shakti.
    HATS off to her

  32. I too Agree that Sita did not use those words in ORIGINAL version. But what SKR tried to depict is the wrong done by Ram & Ayodha . ram had full support of his family & everyone respected Sita , he could have walked away with Sita , Ayodha -praja would have followed him. Or Ram could have asked for test of purity . And He could have said purity resides in one’s heart -not body . But he didn’t try anything , rather he forced his brother laxman to his leave Sita in forest .
    SO I loved yesterday’s episode at least SKR came up with brilliant idea of SHOWING how unjustified was Ram’s act of abandonment .
    SKR wanted to show the reasons and pains of SIta ‘s decision for going to Mother Earth , she can’t just say pranam / namaste and go .
    There were many t variations were shown in SKR – Recent variation is – SKR SKIPPED 2nd time agnipariksha of SITA that RAM demanded before accepting her as a wife – WHERE were you guys-Sanjana , joy , Araswary & all????????????
    That time you all enjoyed the scenes of Ram begging &requesting with folded hands to Sita – In original version RAM NEVER EVER BEGGED in front of SIta . RATHER RAM SAT ON HIS throne and ordered Sita for 2nd time agnipariksha . Ram never hugged his kids as long as Sita was alive in original version .Why did you not Sanjana , Joy , Araswary came and protested those imaginative scenes of SKR ???? Sita considered her husband as pati parmeshwar but that husband punished her and took away everything from her -mainly the PRESTIGE & respect . That’s why Sita never mentioned the name of the father to her sons .

    Every word that Sita said in yesterday’s episode was remarkable and a lesson too . MATA Sita must be very happy from where she is now..

    1. Actually mata sita would not have been happy because the words used in yesterday’s episode were wrong and against her true character

  33. still so many seethas are living in this society, not knowing what to do, since seetha has the power of going along with her mom by praying. the seethas in present days r not knowing what to do. even law r supporting women staying alone in this society is pathetic. each and every humanbeing who forms society must change the attitude towards women and build the nations strong

    1. Well said…

  34. Everybody is blaming Shri Ram for the wrong decision he has taken for the second Exile of Sita Mata… I totally agree with all of you, Guys & Gals… This was absolutely a wrong decision made by him with informing the reason to Sita Mata & disrespecting Women in the society particularly in her Pregnant stage. However, did you think that Sita Mata has done a Right decision for going to Mother Earth for the sake of Women prestige in the Society. Its a type of Suicide & I feel that for any emotions, “Suicide” is not an ultimate solution. What happens aftermath. Still, Men are not respecting Women at some stages. Still, Women are harrassed by Men for some means & Most of the Women are ending her life for the sake of prestige. It’s not a solution.
    I feel that If Sita Mata will stay with Shri Ram, they both can able to change the Society thinking by showing the Equality power of Men & Women for decision making & if that happens then I am sure “Draupadi Vastra Haran” & nowadays “Women disrespect” will not happened.

  35. NABANITA626

    Where is mate bhumi?I knew mata bhoomi took sita in her lap and went back to earth….
    But there sita is going back to earth alone…..

  36. when will the dvd be available

  37. It is 100% Ram’s fault. What is the use of asking forgiveness now and repenting and wanting to give up being a king. Not once did he visit her to see if his child was born, if she needed anything. He did not even ask Hanuman if his child had been born. What a disaster. Sita did not have to reunite with Ram, but should not have gone back to the earth. She said it so right, the night Ram abandoned her – the relationship was finished.

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