Siya Ke Ram 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being shocked seeing the snake. Sita quiets her sisters and goes to the snakes. She sits to pray. The snake leaves. Sita says Naagdev is gone, no need to be afraid now. The sisters hug Sita and they smile. Scene shifts to Ayodhya. Dasharath tells the men that darkness should not happen in any corner of the palace today, his sons are coming.

A man dances and sings Jagat satyam brahm mitya….. A sadhu says Jabali has changed many people into devotees, Rajputras are coming, what will they think seeing Jabali. The sadhu asks Jabali to get away, Lord is everywhere, which you can’t see. Jabali says it means you will see Lord in everyone, why do people need you Brahmans. The sadhu says you are insulting me. Jabali laughs and says we both are Lord, what respect

and insult between us. The sadhu fumes.

Ram and his brothers are on the way in their chariot. They reach Ayodhya. Ram smiles seeing the Rajya and people. The brothers discuss the changes in Ayodhya since their childhood. Ram sees a old woman. They hear Jabali singing. Bharat gets angry seeing him. Ram smiles. They recall he is Rishi Jabali, how did get so many devotees. Ram greets Jabali. Jabali holds his hand and says don’t bend. I feel bad seeing someone bending. He says student bends by respect too, Rishi Jabali. Jabali asks do you remember who I m, you were very young when you went to gurukul. I was waiting for your return, you are the hope of Ayodhya Ram. The minister says Ram and his brothers have to meet their parents too, we are getting late. Jabali says everyone is alone, all relation is just for this journey. We will meet son Ram. Ram greets him and leaves. Jabali asks them to come if they need any help, just he can give them answers.

Dasharath waits for his sons. He gets glad seeing his sons. Tam and his brothers smile seeing home and their father. They run and hug him. Dasharath blesses them. He says he has spent many years in waiting, but your travel from ashram to palace got too long, I was restless, I will not let you go anywhere now. He hugs his sons.

Ram asks Dasharath about his mothers. Dasharath stops them from meeting mothers, and says you meet them tomorrow, you have to do puja in jungle ashram for ancestors, then you can come to palace to meet us, you have to stay in Smritivan today. Ram says sure…. Dasharath smiles.

The sisters tell Sunaina what Sita did to send off snake by praying. Janak smiles. Sita’s aunt worries is this any bad sign for Shruthkirti. Janak says Naagdev did not hurt Shruthkirti, its like doubting our sense to doubt on Naagdev, its all superstitions. Be positive. A man comes running and tells Janak about Raja Sudhanva coming with his soldiers to attack on Mithila. They all get shocked. Janak worries and asks why, we don’t have any enmity, but we have to protect our Praja. He asks Kushadwaj to prepare for the battle. Sita looks on.

Kaushalya is sad for her daughter. Kaikeyi and Sumitra hear her. Kushadwaj prepares to go. Sita says I will also come in battle ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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