Siya Ke Ram 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram running after the deer. Mareech runs very fast. After some distance, Mareech stops by getting Ram away from the ashram. He thinks if Ram catches me, my plan will fail, just Mayavi powers can make me free. He disappears. Ram says he is definitely any Mayavi Asur who came to cheat us, it will have some hidden motive, did his motive was to make me away from ashram, so that Asurs can attack on ashram, I have to go back soon. Mareech looks on and thinks Ram may have known my plan, I have to stop him. He calls out Ram and praises him, asking is Ram afraid of him. Ram asks who are you, what do you want from me. He thinks Laxman is enough to protect Sita, but I have to find out this Mayavi’s entire truth, else it can be dangerous for entire Panchwati. Mareech runs away. Ram says

if you do not come in your true form, I won’t have any option than to kill you. Ram shoots an arrow and deer disappears.

Sugreev is worried and restless. He waits for Hanuman and is positive that Hanuman will get Roma along. Hanuman comes alone. Sugreev looks for Roma. Sugreev asks Hanuman what happened, where is Roma, you went to take him, you assured me… tell me what happened, did Bali… say truth, how is my Romi. Hanuman says Devi Roma is fine, but… Sugreev asks but what…. Hanuman says but Bali’s fear has captured Roma’s soul and heart, I understood that Roma was afraid that Bali would kill you, Bali made Roma sacrifice you and forced her to accept him as her husband, by saying he will spare your life. Sugreev shouts no, I can bear my insult, but not of Roma…. Bali what you did is worst, you have to pay for this by your life. Hanuman stops Sugreev…… Sugreev fumes. Hanuman asks him to calm down. Sugreev says no one can stop me today, if Bali is alive today, my life will be waste, leave me, I will take revenge for Roma’s insult. Hanuman pushes him. He explains Sugreev.

Sugreev cries and says who will be more unlucky than me, Bali snatched the Rajya, my family and now my love, he snatched everything. Hanuman says you will get everything back, that too with respect, whatever you did was according to Dharm, remember Dharm always wins and truth never fails. Sugreev says I m alive to get Roma free from Bali, and to punish Bali for his crimes. Hanuman worries.

Ram looks for the deer. Mareech runs. Ram says he is not any ordinary Mayavi, he is skilled Mayavi, he can’t be killed easily, fine…. He prays and holds an arrow. Mareech thinks my final moment has come, my Mayavi powers are useless infront of this Divastra.

Sita worries and prays. Laxman says Ram would have come by now, was that deer really any Mayavi. Ram aims at the deer and shoots. Mareech runs and gets shot. He gets in his real form. Ram goes to him. Mareech gets wounded by getting shot in his chest and shouts in Ram’s voice, calling out Sita and Laxman to protect him. Ram gets shocked. The birds fly away. Raavan laughs and says I think Mama Mareech has done his work. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on. Sita and Laxman hear Ram’s call for help.

The monkeys go to Sugreev and tell him that entire Kishkindha Praja is in fear and have anger for Bali. Hanuman tells Sugreev that king’s power is his Praja, if Praja is unsatisfied, then king’s end is definite, Bali can’t control Praja by power and fear, one day Praja will oppose him, that time they will need someone suitable to guide them, if you use Praja’s dissatisfaction and anger in right direction, then you can fail Bali and rule Kishkindha, that’s why Lord gave us a chance, I will contact all monkey kings and present your proposal. He names the Vanar Rajs and says don’t worry, they will help us. Sugreev likes his idea and says you are my Sankat Mochan/problem solver. He hugs Hanuman. Sankat Mochan naam tiharo….plays…….. Hanuman says now this fight with Bali is not personal, its Dharm war and you have to head all Vanar Raj, and fail Bali to become Kishkindha’s Swami, you will get everything what Bali snatched from you.

Sita gets worried. Sita tells Laxman that Ram is in problem, he is calling him. Laxman says don’t worry, I can this by belief that Ram won’t do this, nothing can happen to him. She says Ram’s life is in danger, you are asking me not to worry, he called you for protection, did you not hear me, I was afraid of this. She asks him to go to protect Ram. Laxman gets thinking.

Ram says Tadaka’s son Mareech and holds him. He asks why did you cheat us, why did you call Sita and Laxman. Mareech says forgive me Ram, I did not wish to do this, but Raavan made me helpless. Ram asks Raavan? Mareech says I started living Sadhvi’s life, but Raavan forced me to do this, else he would have killed me, I did not wish to die by that Adharmi’s hands, so I chose to die by your hands, forgive me. Ram asks but what is Raavan’s plan, what does he want…. Mareech says Sita…. and dies. Ram says Sita….. and gets worried.

Sita asks Laxman what happened to him, you are standing here as if you are not worried for Ram, go to him, don’t leave him, what are you thinking, will you go or not. Laxman says no. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome epi…n I m damn sure sitaharan l not be tmr… They l sure drag it….agar kal siyaharan hota to aajki promo mei vahi dikhate na…..

    @Cutiepie achu n shivani -pls visit strdy’s page….I had replied u both….

    And all egular readers of my POV – I m ready to hear ur scoldings as I didn’t post my POV for two days think so….I m sry guys ..I said I l post tdy…. But unfortunately meine abitak likna bhi shuru nahi kiya…..but trust me I didn’t do it wantedly…. Situation demanded that’s it….I hope u l understand….I l try to write it now n post….but if I can’t then pls pardon me….hope u all l understand Dearie’s …

    But ya u all have rights to scold for not posting it….but l try to post it now… If I can’t then tmr pakka I l post….u all may think that I m saying this only for past two days….but yeh toh pakka promise hai….dont worry…n I m ready for ur scolding cmnts….sissiessss!!!!

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Sita Haran is on Sunday di..

      I wish to scold you bt cant ..
      All dears I’m very very very sorry for not posting any of my ffs ystrdy.., I’ll post 1 today and the others tmrw perhaps.. U cn scold me,, but I’m still sorry for the delay.. I know no sorry still don’t b angry with me.. Scold me.. I’ll post my ff all 3 till tmrw.. I’ll finish lakshmila ff tmrw it’ll hv 10 parts.. 8 r already posted will post 9-10 tmrw,, sry fr d unexpected delay,,

      1. Really u wish to scold me….then scold ….

      2. we are waiting for lakshmila ff [email protected] sis

    2. we vl wait for your pov sis…..but we vl not scold you…

  2. Vanshika crazy for skr

    I think this will b dragging schedule

    Tmrw siya will ask lakshman to go to ram

    Friday lakshman will meet ram

    Saturday No epi

    Sunday Sita Haran

    Monday Lanka adhyay

  3. guys vote for best mythological serial…….

  4. Nice episode. Sad moments are on their way. Subahu had cursed mareech when he ran away from subahu as he supported ram that he will die in this deer form only and that has come true. Wait sugreevji shri ram is coming to kill Bali.
    If laxman would have been there when raavan came he could have saved sita as his laxmanrekha was so powerful that even raavan could not cross it so I think he could have saved sita.
    And one thing I want to ask that lord hanuman’s father kesari also a king so why he didn’t stay in his own house and who was ruling there?

  5. Didn’t laxman hear mareech’s calling them? & mareech called both laxman & sita.dn why sita only told laxman 2 go? Why didn’t she also go? Both she & laxman had promised ram not 2 go anywhere.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      She dint go as Lakshman wouldn’t hv been ready to go if she also come along.,

  6. hey priya…vanshika…..they will dragg bcoz of Ipl-16…..nonsense people will watch any other serial not SKR….. ….but the promo will be released Friday….and i think Monday will be Sitaharan……cmmnt plz

    1. May be joy…but dont know y I feel like bcoz of their dragging we r loosing viewers,…

      1. agree with you…but not their dragging…..if you see every week trp…you see that skr had not many viewers anytime….why any serial trp more more more than skr???????? its the main problem dragging…..or Ipl…..when they not drag any than the viewers were also more less than any serial…..when ipl not started…………..that’s the same problem………plz commnt ur opinion……

      2. Dont know dear that’s bcoz of IPL or not….but actually wt I feel is IPL doesnt have its charm like before this year….sry if anybody hurt with this…but u know I always watch IPL but this year mujhe toh dekhne ki man hi nahi kar rahi….without my csk….but that doesn’t fame as before na…and Skr didn’t get trp before too dear…I dont know but i have said the reasons in previous pages….. Y people avoid skr… If u notify it u l come to know…. Otherwise I l give link visit to it….

        Open this link joy…. I replied to u itself….

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Right dears

      1. #Priya………………
        yes i agree with you…i also not watched ipl…i watch skr…
        and also agree with your ans which you wrote in this link………that’s is the main reason of lower trp or lower viwers….but i love skr very much and watch it regularly and you???????

      2. I watch skr regularly…. But can’t watch it regularly for last one month as I went to my native….mujhe toh vaha pe cousins ke saath kelne ki hi time tha…air jab bhi free thi meri pagal cousins ne mujhe dekhne nahi diya….n from now I l watch regularly ….

  7. Ya sitaharan will be on Saturday or Sunday. It’s good in a way cus they episodes will become more sad . By the if you guys don’t know I am Reshma,am from chennai,am now 7th standard

    1. Hi …welcome dear…myself priya…. Stepping into 11… Hope u njy here….

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hi wlcm dearie I m Vanshika u cn cll me vanshu di.. I m in 8th class.. N thnq fr comin here.. There is someone younger than me here nw (kiddin ????). N I m also diehard fan of skr.. Did u vote fr skr in gold awards.. Here is the link


      Win skr

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        I am sorry ?
        Link is

    3. Hi Reshma, welcome to skr fan club ?

  8. And I am a also a big fan of SKR like you guys

  9. When mareech mimicked arm’s voice to save him.
    Y did Ramji didnt shout back that he is safe

    1. *sry ramji’s voice
      Pl. Guys .
      I just wanna clear my doubt.
      Pl. Don’t mistake me
      I love ramayan n ram as his every actions has a meaning.

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Di I hv same qn.. Bt prhps answer is that ram didn’t know that lakshman will leave sita. He thought lakshman is intelligent and will understand its mayavi voice. He thought lakshman wont break his promise.. He thought he’ll hurry back.. He also had a doubt whether t voice will reach them or not. I hp someone gv btr answer., it is possible that he wanted lakshman to come so he could kill ravan .. Many reasons eh..n v cnt tk u wrng di

      2. Tq vanshu
        Oops tq n sry not allowed na?

  10. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Link for Lakshmila ff

    Next parts tmrw guys..

    1. Your FFs are awesome di





    1. Oh good tanu…for which subjects u r gng to dear????

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Thnx alot … I just wanted to Mk u laugh dearies ??

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Wlcm dearie di to our sweet family ?

  12. hi i m new to ths family

    1. Welcome to our family deepika dear…..

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hi di can u pls introduce urself I’m Vanshika class 8. N in Uttar Pradesh.,

    3. Welcome to skr fan club ?



    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Lol ?. ? ? but next part of my ff is very emotional.., and so is it end.. Sorry for that., I know ? no sorry allowed.. I hope u don’t cry ???

    2. Ok tanu…. All the best dear….say me ur marks n hangouts dear…..


  15. i hate vali…..
    hanuman dialogues are superb….
    The one who unsatisfied by praja can’t be a right king and vali vl not control people by his power…
    nice episode…

  16. Vanshu dear ur ffs are awesome dear and hope u remember me . Hi all, How r u and hope u all didn’t forget me

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hi ? di.. After much time.. We didn’t forget about you sisie .. I’m fine.. I know no thnx di.. Nyc that u liked my ffs., ?

      1. Yes dear

  17. hi skr family
    I’m new to this GRP
    i lk ur comments n post very much
    especially vanshu lakshmila parts is nice..

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hi bhai wlcm to skr family ? u’ll enjoy here

      1. THK you vanusha
        looking forward to read your next parts in lakshmila.
        keep posting…

    2. Welcome to skr fan club ?

    3. Welcome dear… U r in which class and from where?1

  18. In seethayanam the malayalam version of siya ke ram Ram lifted Shiv Dhanush in today’s epsd.
    Really exited to watch the marriage epsds…
    In Siya ke ram y these people are dragging?
    So sorry priya I wrongly mentioned u di you r my little sweet sis….
    I think u don’t feel bad….

  19. Hi guyz. I’m yajna. Lekin main South africa se hoon. I’m in gr7

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