Siya Ke Ram 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 25th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanuman greeting Naagmata Sursa. He says I heard about you, I m Hanuman, I m going to Lanka to fulfill Ram’s work, let me go, I m getting late. She asks do you think I will let you go hearing your sweet talk, don’t be mistaken, if you try to go ahead forcibly, I will eat you alive. He says I have to go to Lanka to fulfill Ram’s command, if you wish to eat me, then fine. He flies. She opens her mouth. Hanuman gets away. She gets angry. He smiles. She inhales the air and swallows Hanuman. She says could anyone win over Sursa, I will eat anyone who tries to win over me, Jai Lankesh. She feels unwell. Hanuman comes out of her ear. He says I entered your mouth, you have eaten me, thanks, now if you permit me, can I go ahead to Lanka to know about Sita. She says no, this can’t

happen, I won’t leave you alive. He thinks I have no time to play with her, I have to move her away from my path. He shouts Jai Shri Ram and takes his giant avatar. Jaise Jaise Sursa……………plays……………. Sursa gets shocked seeing him. He says I will make you reach your true lok, that’s Naaglok, not Asur lok. He hits on her head and she sinks in the sea. Jai hanuman……….. plays……….. He says person looks best in his own place.

Sulochana asks Mandodari about the food. Mandodari asks her not to worry, I m sure everyone will like the food today. She asks Daasis to serve the food to everyone. Meghnadh says the food that smells so good will be better in taste, it seems Mata has made special food for us. Sulochana says I m seeing happiness on his face after many years. Meghnadh praises the food. Kaikesi spits the food. Raavan and Meghnadh look on. Kaikesi asks Mandodari about the Satvik bhojan, how did she made this, its against our traditions. Mandodari asks whats the problem with this, the food which gives us happiness and peace to our heart is good. She argues. Raavan shouts Mandodari.

Kaikesi signs him to stop and goes to Mandodari. She says there is no need to give me knowledge about food, I know this is your plan, when your words did not affect my son, you tried to change our thinking and deeds by this food, you cheated Asurs, who taught you to make this Satvik bhojan. Mandodari says its certain that I did not learn this from you, I don’t think you want to know from whom did I learn and made this. Raavan shouts Mandodari and throws the table. He says no one can dare to argue with Kaikesi like this, just answer her, who has brainwashed you, who told you to make this food.

Mandodari says I learnt this food recipe from Sita. Raavan gets shocked and angry. Mandodari leaves. Raavan says Sita, Sita…. How dare you fill poison in our Kul by this Satvikta, by living on our favors, you have to pay the price for this. Sita says Ram, its much time now, I did not get your message till now, crows don’t lie, then why is your message reaching me so late, I m waiting for you every moment, I always look at the entry path, when will you come.

Ram sits sad and cries. He says I know Sita, you are alone there and waiting for me every moment, I feel every moment is like a year without you, trust me, I will come soon to take you, our separation will end forever. Hanuman flies in the air. He stops and thinks what happened to me, why did I stop, why am I unable to fly. He sees shadow in the water and sees Singhika inside the sea. He says whats this illusion. Singhika gets hold of him and pulls him inside the sea.

Hanuman says so its you. She asks why did you come here, why are you crossing this sea. He says leave me first, then I will tell everything. She laughs and asks him to give his introduction, else she will kill him. He says I don’t raise hand on any woman, and don’t go against my words, free me, and I will give my intro. She leaves him. He says I m Ram’s servant and devotee Hanuman, I m going to Lanka. She says then you won’t be saved from me. He asks her to give message to Raavan that Hanuman is reaching Lanka soon. She shouts you think you are very clever, I have right on this sea, no one can cross this without my permission, now recall your Ram, because your death time has come. She holds Hanuman and says now I will kill you. Hanuman smiles and gets his giant avatar. Jai Hanuman…………plays…………. Her powers fall short. She gets hurt.

Hanuman gets back to his form. He goes towards her and says I don’t use my power on any woman, but you made me helpless, you have become barrier in Ram’s work, whoever will become barrier in Dharm path, I will end her. She smiles and catches him again when he turns. He goes away. Her hands holding him get too stretched and she gets hurt. He says Jai Shri Ram and gets free of her clutches. He flies to her and beats her with his Gada….. He smiles. She falls away. He gets flying again.

Raavan comes to meet Sita. She sees his reflection in the water. He compliments her beauty and smiles. He says you told a good recipe of Satvik food, one who can make such good food, she will be very beautiful, her soul will be beautiful too, I will be blessed getting you. She shouts Lankesh, don’t misunderstand my good deeds as my weakness. He says no, I feel you like Lanka, you taught Mandodari about Satvik bhojan, its good you will bond with her, you have to become my second queen some day, its necessary that my wives like each other and have good bonding. She asks him not to day dream. He says I know you are liking me slowly, it would be good if you accept me and get happiness by taking the benefits of Lanka’s glory.

Sita tells Raavan that one day your Adharm will become a medium of your destruction. Hanuman takes a miniature form and runs to get entry inside Lanka. Lankini stops Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Haripriya

    Hey guys , madirakshi mundle is married in real life and she clearly said that she wants to keep her personal life from her work . She is married to bharadwaj. she has said these in her latest bday segment.

  2. Aman Singh

    Had hanuman killed or wounded Sursa,I heard she praised his intelligence and blessed him to complete his task,anyways I heard show ending in sep,is it correct

    • riya

      Yes.dat’s why dey r going soo fast cz they’ll show d war in short details. They want 2 focus more on sita’s exile.

  3. Sona

    One thing need to notice in the last few episode ram never gave ring to hanuman. How can hanuman sure about sita without ring as he never see sita?

  4. SKR fan

    Fabulous episode. Full action packed episode. When hanuman ji hit sursa on head I burst into laughter. Similar thing happened when he hit simhika with his gada. Feeling bad for mandodari. The plates which were used today were the same on which the four couples ate after the marriage.
    Last I want to say only one thing
    ।।पवनसुत हनुमान की जय।।

  5. SKR fan

    Siya ke ram trp 1.7 .
    One reason of low trp is that many viewers of the serial watch the episodes on hotstar and not on TV and trp is calculated on viewership on TV only. So please try to watch it on TV at 8:00 pm sharp. Its only a request.

  6. joy

    again importantce of lanka family….there are no need the lanka family feed scene…….dont know why SKR team waste their time to showing unnecessary part…..their time is too short…..bcoz as per source SKR end in mid september((not official)) but it will be true……
    as per source….SKR ending bcoz of low trp……..but there is still hope bcoz star plus not saying it officilly….if their wish it will be extend………………….
    …one good news for you that today madirakshi says that they show luv-kush part………but dont know what they showing just 3 month…….allways they waste their time to showing ravan ravan ravan ravan……………………….plz plz cmmnt…plz reply……..

    • Nabanita

      But skr trp is not so low that it is not necessary to end the show so soon.suhani ,mere angan me,humko tumse,Jana n.a. dil we door trp is very low than skr.
      If this serial stopped I will not see any mythologserial in☆.the same thing also happened with mahabharat.
      ?skr is able to keep its possition in top 10 serial till January.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Omg omg… Mujhe toh heart attack hogaya toh yeh baat hai.. Kya isliye hame ashmad Ka selfi ya iv nahi milraha hai kya??? Pls say Me guys.. Is this the reason for that???

    • SKR fan

      Thanks for the link joy. Read it. Hope someone from the sets would upload her husband’s photo.

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      OMG! OMG! A mini heart attack here … Madirakshi is married????.. And can i know for that only no ash ma selfies.. Pls any1 reply guys..

      • Haripriya

        I think so they don’t take pics as ashish is also married like madirakshi. Both of them are married. This may be the reason of not taking photos

    • Nabanita

      It is not possible that madirakshi is married so we don’t get together pics of Siam.but who is bharadwaj?she don’t tell us the full name of her husband.
      But madrakshi is married in So young age!she is only 21.I don’t believe in my ears and eyes????

  7. Pujith

    Is siya ke ram really going to end!!!!!!!!nNo it should not…..I think so they could not show the sita ram milan and sita mata going to vanvaas in a short period of time 3 months are really not enough for it…..LOVE SIYA KE RAM….

  8. Sanju

    Skr to end…..
    Shocked with disbelief but am not angry on anyone neither sp nor nikhil sinha
    I thank them for Skr which made me truly understand Lord ram and mata Sita and feel a great connect with. No words on how well it impacted my life showed me my weakness and all. Most importantly u guys were great to interact with. Skr may end not the bond which has formed
    Coming to the point @joy what I feel is u shouldn’t ask them to rush to cover portions. Lanka scene seem useless but it gives me a lot of scope for analysis in indiaforums
    And as Skr fan avoid hotstar watch starplus. It is surely trps that is the reason for this and Skr team has said a few complication
    Skr fan u should visit Skr forum in indiaforums I feel u will like it since I have been following ur links u would love the place where pics are created can’t elaborate just try it out for ur sisters sake. Wonderful photos…. In ashish thread if am not mistaken
    Good episode
    Hanuman was sent as messenger by ram but akampana a spy what a contrast and
    I am a pure vegetarian and does that what satvik mean

    • jay

      Haiii Sanju…..How are you dear??? I really agree with your view Iam really happy that the show explained me the lot of thing ..They shown the reasons of many happening ….I really wish that if SKR TRP rises that they will reconsider about the ending SKR…………Pls its a humble request to all SKR fans to watch it on TV ……

  9. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Actually how can skr end in September itself… I mean it’s on Sita perspective… So they should obviously show vanvas where lav kush will born.. Right??? And they l surely drag it by showing her hurdles there.. I mean they draged a lot where dragging is not at all necessary.. And it’s from Sita perspective. So they should show her hurdles… Then only it’s justified the title… But don’t know that much this news is true.. But whatever they do.. Just hope don’t change the story into so small.. I know they won’t.. And I need to see lav kush story too.. If they didn’t show it.. Then it’s not defined that it is sita’s ramayana… Bcoz in Sita life lav kush are the most important gem.. So it should be shown…

    • Nabanita

      First skr dragged sometimes unnecessarily. And now how can it possible to end the show in September?I hear dahleez serial is also going to air off.they should air off the5-6 years old serial.not the new ones.I think the new serial now have no more topic to gopi and akshara (even yrkkh dont show anything except Bollywood shadii)going to be grandmother so it should end.

  10. joy

    frnd now its time to show them the fan power of SKR…..if you have a twitter account plz plz join us ((Fan power vs star plus)))…..plz help us…..whos have a account on twitter…………….. remember one thing @Star plus is the main reasin of end of SKR….
    .plz cmmnt if you love SKR

  11. Nabanita

    After 20 minutes I will be a adult citizen of India.
    It means tomorrow (26 june)is my 18 th birthday?

  12. saurav

    Oh god.. After dahleez nw siya ke ram.. If every good shows will end then what will we see.. Only saas bahu sagas.. Its better to stop mere angne me, Jana na dil se dur then humko tumse Ho gya— than to stop these nice shows.. Plz dnt end skr soon..

  13. priya

    hanumaan scene was awesome & rest was worst…….. jaberdasti ka scene khichoge to trp km aani hi h, rhi baat iss show ke bnd hone ki……to mujhe poora ykin h ke ye publicly ke liye afwaah failaai gyi h , dabh and suhaani ke liye bhi to yhi kha gya tha pr dono show to aaj tk Chl rhe h koi bnd hi nhi hua.

  14. jay

    Haiii …Happy Birthday Nabanita ….
    Hanuman scenes were suprrr….I think they eloborating raavan scenes unneccesary
    ….I dont want SKR end so soon and in hurry …So Sad

  15. Pujith

    Many more happy returns of the day nabanita di …..
    And my sister’s birthday is also coming soon…I am really very happy☺☺☺☺

  16. Meghana


    |Registered Member

    JAY DIII I m soooooooooo much happy to c u back di i misssed u sooooo much di i m so glad dat u r back pls keep cmnting

  17. riya

    I dj’t undrstnd 1 thing…do u guyz remembere during ram sita marriage madirakshi had said that she’ll wear d nathni during her marriage whenever it’ll happen..dn how cn she he married before skr!!!?? I’m little confused.

  18. vaidehi




  19. vaidehi

    madirakshi is only 21 right?????????????????????????????? so how can she be married at an early age ????????????????????????????????????????/

  20. priya

    happy bday to my sweet nabanita di…hope u get all happiness..may god bless u…have a great year u so much..big teddy bear hugs to u di..u get all victory in ur life..stay happy and spread happiness wherever u go..i l always be there for u di..once again happy bday….#hbdnabanita di (its the same priya15 i mean ur sissy)

  21. Anil

    Nice episode… I don’t know y they are going so fast…iam expecting Hanuman scenes in Lanka for at least 5 days…

  22. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member





  23. Nabanita

    Thanks a lot saradi,jaydi,soups,padmaja,Thanmathi,iqura,anil bro,pujith,meghna,vaidehi and priya for wishing me.

  24. swastika

    Shocking news that madirakshi is married….episode was just fabulous …. Skr should not end soon if skr is end we will die right

  25. gokul krishnan

    Hi everyone! How r u ? After a long time in commenting in dis page! Nice episode of hanuman going to lanka

  26. joy

    hey dear frnds……its the true that madirakshi is married…..she herself told that….it is not fake or faltu news……plz check the link which i post erlier cmmnt of this page……see it…..cmmnt guys

  27. vaidehi

    Nabanita di tomar jonno aro onek gifts ache. Mone hoy kal send korte parbo. So pls don’t mind my lovely di

  28. vaidehi

    Nabanita di shubho jonmo din. Tumi ajke aro onek onek veshi kore skr dakho. Ajker din ta khub bhalo katuk. Tumo khub khub khub bhalo thako. Amra sobai tomake khub bhalobasi.

  29. vaidehi

    Hi guys I’m watching neerja now. Awesome story. Hats off to u neerja bhanot. Shocking and tremendous courage

  30. jay


    Haiii Guyss Iam once again here with 2nd Couplet …….Hope you will continue to give your support…….without further chik chik here we go………

    Here with 2nd couplet (Kural)….

    Chapter/Athikaram Name : வான்சிறப்பு/The Blessing of Rain/Vaansirapp

    குறள் (Kural in Tamil)
    வானின் றுலகம் வழங்கி வருதலால்
    தானமிழ்தம் என்றுணரற் பாற்று

    Transliteration in English :

    Vaannindru Ulakam Vazhangi Varudhalaal
    Thaanamizhdham Endrunarar Paatru

    மு.வ உரை:
    மழை பெய்ய உலகம் வாழ்ந்து வருவதால், மழையானது உலகத்து வாழும் உயிர்களுக்கு அமிழ்தம் என்று உணரத்தக்கதாகும்.

    Couplet in English:

    The world its course maintains through life that rain unfailing gives;
    Thus rain is known the true ambrosial food of all that lives

    Explanation :

    By the continuance of rain the world is preserved in existence; it is therefore worthy to be called ambrosia

    Hope U Like it…..Have a nice Day Frndzzz…….

  31. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Hi dears… Finally I’m free… Oh I’m not needed.. There r already enough comments…
    Happy birthday to nabanita di.., may u always kip smiling..
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ???????????????????????????????????????

  32. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    VAIDEHI dear edkv is an awesome series on sony tv……u know it has given a block buster hit series by one source too…

  33. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Actually for me a good news and bad news…

    good news is one of my fav series is titled as block buster hit…edkv i l upload the link here as my sissy VANSHU is a fan too…

    bad news is my another fav show skr is gonna end…

  34. Nabanita

    Vanshu thank you.I am only thinking everyone here,where are you?after all its Sunday.
    Today last Sunday…….telecast of skr???????

  35. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    oh god tu y my last three cmnts which i posted with link is not cmng n moderation too…plssssss post it tu………

  36. vaidehi

    joy da this is not gud. now i’ll surely start crying 🙁 🙁 🙁 where is the news ????

  37. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Hey vaidehi dear I’m here only…. Actually busy…..
    Puju cutie how r u….

  38. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Hey vaidehi dear I saw neerja last week wen it telecasted on sp… It’s assum movie.. Dint expect her to die in last, no???

  39. joy

    dear…. plz wait….when i get the full confirm news then i post it…..i surely post today written update page…..plz keep visiting dear……..but i say that it will happy news for all….wait…….

  40. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    And we have to enjoy this weekend of skr because this is the last weekend of skr… Pls make the cmnt page look happy…☺☺☺

  41. |Registered Member

    first all stop dis gopi bahu serial .what a nonsense it is including akshara also suhani.serial full.of crap.I think aunties lv dis serial dats y they are dragging

  42. joy

    i am agree with you @shivani…….all are full of crap serial….stop this serial…..these are 5 years long…..omg……

  43. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Hi friends just a new idea came to my mind any of u can post a small conversations btw mithila sissy’s or ayodhya Bros with a humour sense in them… Pls try it and post it here itself…. If u didn’t like pls forgive me … Chappals r invited if it is a bad idea… This is a small wayin which we can make the page luk happy☺

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Gud idea.. Di… No chappal.. I’ve flowers fr u ???????…. I was jus writing balyakaal fan fiction… With funny dialogues… Haha ?

  44. Meghana


    |Registered Member

    Wowww jay di ur kurals r back gd job keep posting
    VAIDEHI DEAR i too saw neerja movie and i love the title song jeete hai chal….
    JOY BROOO soo excited fr the gd news pls post it asap
    PRIYA DI how r ur classes gng on…
    GUYZ pls pray fr me i hv JEE Advanced xam tmrw so plz pray if u love mee

  45. Meghana


    |Registered Member

    Padmaja di ur idea is too gd but sry i cant fulfill this coz i jv xam tmrw but guyz if anyone interested pls carry on…..this really makes page colourful and try to write convo btwn LAKSHMILA…..this makes all lakshmila fans happy like me

  46. Sanju

    There has been so many rumors of SKR going off air
    in channels and online news portals for the past week
    It became worse when the so called official handle of SKR
    kind of confirmed it with it’s weird tweets
    Fans of SKR has been trending since yesterday
    to not end SKR
    Now the REAL Team SKR has responded to it and rubbished it as rumors

    Here r the tweets:

    Sohanna Sinha @sinha_sohanna 19m19 minutes ago
    To all the Sia ke ram fans the shower e is definitely not ending its just baseless rumours , just enjoy and give us love

    Utkarsh Naithani @utkarshnaithani 24m24 minutes ago
    Logged in to see rumours about #SKR going off air. This is NOT TRUE.
    And I haven’t been writing for last few weeks. Tricky times. Let’s see.

    Utkarsh [email protected]
    I know #SKR is indeed moving fast. Not in touch with the PH. But called channel and confirmed that these are rumours. Rest I don’t know 🙂

    Siya ke ram official Twitter handle is weird

  47. Sanju

    #TRPtoppers – Top 10 shows of the week based on TRPs!
    Check out which shows topped the TRP charts this week. Take a look as we list down the shows that are most loved by the audience!

    This week was an interesting week for Indian television with a lot of revelations and surprises. We decided to make a countdown of the top 10 shows based on the TRP ratings. Let’s take a look at which shows were viewed the most!

    The number 10 slot is shared by three shows who have 1.7 points. These three shows are Siya Ke Ram, Diya Aur Baati Hum and Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii. Out of these shows, Shakti has been on-air for the least time and has still managed to make it to the big league!

  48. Swastika

    Hy everyone anyone remember me i am new in this sweetest siya ke ram family… Vaidehi di aamake mone aachche ki tomar????? 0??

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