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Siya Ke Ram 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishwamitra going to Ayodhya. The Asurs inform Tadaka that few people were going to Vishwamitra’s ashram. Tadaka asks why did they not find the ashram and calls them fools. She burns them by fire. She calls Subahu and Maareech. They ask what happened Maa. She asks them to find that ashram which they could not find till now, they can follow that people, once they reach that ashram, they can kill anyone. Subahu says Vishwamitra was a warrior before becoming a Rishi, he has sworn that he will not lift weapon. Tadaka says but he is very clever, that’s why we could not find that ashram, I heard he had some powers, which he uses by others. Subahu says yes, she is right. Tadaka says we have this way to kill all Rishi at once, if we succeed, then all jungles will become ours.

They all cheer for her.

Sumantra tells Dasharath that Brahma rishi Vishwamitra has come. Sumantra asks him why did he get worried. Dasharath says Vishwamitra does not come without reason, did he say anything. Sumantra says he said he wants to meet you urgently. Dasharath wonders what happened, did I do any mistake, did he get angry. Sumantra says maybe he came to meet him, welcome him. Dasharath says yes, I will welcome him but I m worried, my heart got restless.

Sita and her sisters see the ashram ruined. Kushadwaj tells them that Asurs have attacked this ashram, and Vishwamitra took them from here. Sita says if they all are here, don’t know how they are taken care of. Kushadwaj says yes, there will be difficulties and also less necessities, I will drop you to Mithila and get army from Sankasya. The girls say we will leave. Sita says I will not return, we came here to meet Vishwamitra, we will not leave if we find ourselves in problem, should we get selfish to run away seeing him in problem, think about them. Urmila says this is not the time to think this. Sita says whenever children go, they represent Janak, if Janak came here, would he leave without meeting Vishwamitra, this is humanity, I want to go to Vishwamitra ashram and help him in any way. She tells Kushadwaj that she wants to help Rishi as her Dharm, how can any fear stop her. She asks her sisters to return. The sisters agree to stay back. Sita asks Mandvi to go back and be with parents. Madnvi says I won’t go, I m scared, but I m not a coward to leave my sisters alone. He says fine, I will drop you to Vishwamitra’s ashram and get army from Sankasya. Sita says I m sure Vishwamitra would have found way to solve this problem.

Dasharath welcomes Vishwamitra says his presence made Ayodhya glad, forgive me for any mistake. Vishwamitra says I did not come to get welcome, I have come to ask something. Dasharath says sure, sit on the throne. Vishwamitra sits on the throne. Dasharath washes his feet. Vishwamitra blesses him. Dasharath asks him to command how can he serve him, don’t be hesitate, we don’t get chance to serve you. Vishwamitra says I m thinking if you refuse then.. Dasharath says my Kul will always serve you. Vishwamitra says a big danger came on Rishis and I came to take your help. Dasharath says I promise you will get what you ask for. Vishwamitra says I want Ram. Dasharath gets shocked and asks Ram? My Ram…. What did you ask? Vishwamitra says yes, I heard your elder son is very capable, I came to take him with me, to kill Rakshasi Tadaka.

Dasharath says what Tadaka, I will send my army to help you, not Ram. Vishwamitra gets angry and says I don’t want your army. Dasharath asks why Ram alone. Vishwamitra says you will get answer when he returns after killing Tadaka. Dasharath says I can’t send Ram alone in this danger. Vishwamitra asks him will he break his promise to Rishi, this will ruin his Kul.

Dasharath says don’t say this. Vishwamitra says you told me to ask anything, you have to give me Ram, will you forget Dharm to protect Rishis, you are not fulfilling duties of Raghuvansh for a son’s love, this does not suit you. Dasharath says I m ready to give anything, even myself instead Ram. Vishwamitra stops him and says I will come again to take Ram. Vishwamitra stops seeing Ram. Ram walks in and Vishwamitra seeing his Lord avatar. He gets stunned. Ram touches his feet and takes his blessings. Vishwamitra leaves.

Ram finds Dasharath worried. Dasharath recalls the curse of the old man. Ram says Pita ji, why did Vishwamitra leave angrily. Dasharath says you won’t go anywhere Ram and hugs him. He cries and goes to his wives. They get worried and ask him is he fine. He says he wishes some magic to happen, that someone says its just a dream. He says I feel Vishwamitra has come to ask for my life by asking for Ram. Sumitra says nothing will happen to you and Ram. Kaushalya says we are sure Ram has capability to face any problem, he is not a child now. Dasharath says fine, why to wait for morning, I will send Ram today itself, a king will do his duty, a Raghuvanshi will keep a promise, but a father will not have his will in this. Ram comes to them. They all see Ram. Ram smiles.

Ram says you have the promise Pita ji, I will fulfill it. Ram promises Vishwamitra that his every step will be by his command. Sita and her sisters take care of Rishi’s family. Sita says I think Asurs will come here. The children worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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