Siya Ke Ram 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan opening eyes and laughing. Ram and everyone turn to see. They hear Raavan’s laugh. They get shocked seeing Raavan. Raavan says vanvasi, you think of me as an ordinary human like you, you fool I m Trilokpati Lankesh, the one who could kill me did not get born in this world. Ram asks him to look being out of his illusion, like day end and night starts, same way after birth, death is definite. He takes a bow to shoot arrow.

Raavan laughs and gets 10 heads. He says I m Dashkandar Raavan, you ordinary human can’t imagine my powers, leave about killing me. Ram prays and shoots ten in one arrows, that strike Raavan’s ten heads. Raavan’s ten heads fall away. Sugreev and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan laughs and gets his head back. Ten Raavans get formed and

they all laugh. Ram and everyone get puzzled.

Hanuman thinks why is Raavan not dying, he is getting beheaded and getting head by magical powers again. Raavan says you thought to make me lose in Lanka, and take Sita, you forgot even air stops, everything gets still and Nakshatras’ direction changes on my command, Lankesh will punish you for your mistake. Raavan shoots, and ten weapons go to strike Ram. Ram prays and defends by shooting arrow, which destroys all of Raavan’s weapons. Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram signs them to stop.

Kaikesi smiles and continues yagya with Vishravas. Raavan says you will take birth and die again and again, but can’t kill Raavan. Ram says to end Adharm, just one birth with Dharm is enough, all Mayavi powers has to end for sure to protect Dharm. He gives his bow to Laxman and keeps arrows. He takes out a sword. Raavan took gets his sword. Ram stops his army and goes to fight with Raavan alone. Hanuman thinks Raavan is not dying, there is surely some secret, no one except Vibhishan can know this, I have to find Vibhishan. He leaves. Ram fights with Raavan and kills all Raavans one by one, by stabbing them.

Ram sees the last Raavan. Maryada Purshottam Ram….. plays……….. All the Raavans fall down. Everyone look on. Raavan gets angry and runs to Ram. Ram kicks him away and shouts. He throws the sword. Raavan starts laughing again and asks are you doing mistake to challenge me to have a power battle/Bal yudh with you by throwing away sword, I will have more fun to kill you by my hands. Hanuman looks for Vibhishan and wonders where did Vibhishan go.

Ram and Raavan fly in the air and strike each other. They both land back and continue fight. Ram jumps and kicks on Raavan’s chest. Raavan falls down. Mayasur tells Mandodari that Ram and Raavan’s war started, I don’t know what will be the result. They get worried.

Raavan gets up and throws Ram away. He holds Ram by his neck and suffocates him. Laxman and everyone look on. Ram gets away Raavan’s hands and throws him. Ram then holds Raavan by his neck. He drags Raavan and suffocates him by pressing hard on his neck. Ram holds Raavan’s head against the ground and gets all anger out, thinking of Sita’s kidnapping and troubles. Raavan closes eyes. Ram looks at him and leaves him. Laxman goes to Ram and holds him. They ask about Lankesh. Ram shows them Raavan. Raavan opens eyes and says Ram, the one whom death could not fail, how will an ordinary human like you kill. He gets up again and disappears. Raavan laughs aloud and gets high in air. Ram looks at him.

Vibhishan tells Ram about the Amrit placed in Lankesh’s navel, Raavan will die when you break the amrit kalash by your arrows. Ram shoots arrows at Raavan. Mahadev tells Parvati that Raavan’s life will be successful and he will get Mukti when he realizes the truth of his life.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Anjali

    I’m speechless amazing performance by Ashish sir and karthik sir they just killed today’s epi

  2. SKR fan

    Superb episode. None of the shows till now have shown ram raavan’s yudh in so detail. I thought that ram and raavan fought only with bow and arrows.
    But sahastra Raavan is looking more dangerous than Raavan himself.
    Tomorrow Shree Ram would end all the wrong deeds of Raavan.
    Can anyone give me the link of 21st January full episode ( not hotstar).

  3. SKR fan

    Sisters’ love. Selfie with sleeping beauty. Yukti Kapoor and madirakshi.on sets.
    Sailesh gulabani aka vibhishan farewell. Bye bye to one more character.
    Selfie addicted princesses. Yukti Kapoor and Tanvi madhyan. Urmila and shrutkirti.
    How many costumes are they trying!!! Tanvi madhyan aka shrutkirti.
    Happy family pic of ayodhya. Maharani Sumitra, maharani kaikayi, Shrutkirti, Mandvi, shatrughn, Bharat, hanuman, lakshman and vibhishan.
    Hanuman ji with little kids. On sets.
    Saavdhaan! Maharajadhiraj dashrathnandan siyavar Ram padhaar rahe hain.
    Lovely boys gang. Dominos. Vanar sena, vibhishan and lakshman.
    Lankadheesh vibhishan sitting on the Lanka throne.

  4. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    Again we have to wait till tomorrow for this ravans death . Eagerly waiting for tomorrows epi . But happy that finally ravan is going to die 😊

  5. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    NABA di, VANSHU, TANU, JOY and PADMAJA asked me when is namkaran going to be telecasted… So here I m giving the answer to u guys…

    Namkaran is going to be telecasted from September 12th at 9 pm…. Hope it’s clear…

    I m excited to see avni.. Is there somebody so excited like me..

    Ps:sry it’s not abt skr but I m sharing with my sisters I think that’s not wrong to share with my loved ones..

    • Tanu88


      |Registered Member

      Priya di it’s never wrong to share anything with loved ones
      And thank q for considering as loved ones

      And yesterday lakshmila or lakshmIla di whatever asked me which class I am in

      I am in class 9

      Today ashish acting was awesome. The way he was screaming with full of anger and it looked very realistic

      As usual waiting for next epi
      Can’t able to hold myself for watching ayodhya family On sets again

      Anyways bye di’s
      If I don’t stop nw I will Never end it
      Di’s I have a question
      How many tanu’s are there in the family

      Gud n8

    • Varshini


      |Registered Member

      Meeeeee . I am very very much excited to watch namkaran .from the first promo itself I started loving 😍 avni . Wid this second promo I am even more excited 😃 to watch avni on the show priya di .

      • Nitya

        When I saw on Internet it showed namkaran will start from 11september .
        And I’m really very sorry if I’m wrong I don’t know about the promo I didn’t see ..
        Again I’m very sorry…….

  6. Anjali

    Really today’s war is shown very well , anyone tell me is the story of sahastya ravan is real ?? Anyone clear my doubt because I never heard of this story

  7. Supreetha (Soups)

    Awesome fight today! But hopefully Ravan is dead by tomorrow! I’ve been eagerly waiting for Lanka Kaand to get over and Uttar Kaand to begin!!!!

  8. shrinithi venkatesan

    fabulous epi…im waiting for sita to come in kali avathar….guysss wen s d retelecast timing of skr 1st 11.30 to 12.00 only na nw?????….ha priya di im also waiting fr namkaran…nd d mother of avni//she played d role of hanumans ma anjanai n sankat mochan mahabali hanuman only na

  9. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Wow really an amazing epi… ashish sir and kartik sir was just awesome and loved the fight btw dem… and ravan will die tmrw I think…. pls kill him asap ram…. waiting eagerly for ram diya milan…

  10. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Wow really an amazing epi… ashish sir and kartik sir was just awesome and loved the fight btw dem… and ravan will die tmrw I think…. pls kill him asap ram…. waiting eagerly for ram iya milan…

  11. Anil


    |Registered Member

    Nice episode…ashish and kartik acting is superb..
    Iam also waiting for ravan death and siya RAM Milan.. But after death of ravan v vl miss kartik sir acting..He did awesome job in ravan role..A very big thanks to kartik sir and total Lanka cast and crew..
    Vl say thanks to all ayodhya cast and crew after sometime because ayodhya episode is coming soon..waiting for ayodhya scenes especially laxmila scene..

  12. Ishita

    OH MY GOD…….omg…….what afight scene yar….i didn’t even expected those scenes….awesome …..semma semma semmma semmma semmma semmmaa semmmaa semma semmma semmma senmmma semmmma masssss…….superb acting Ashish sir……great…..just cant take my eyes off from him…….

    So….waiting for sita as kaali…..

    ND my dearies hope u all remember me……when I saw the epi nd I decided however the situation is I must go to skr page nd hats off to skr team….u guys would be putting all hard work… never fails at all…..awesome job …….keep doing great…… Bye frnds……

  13. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Guys bhadrakali v’s sahastya ravan is mentioned in addhbut Ramayan..
    Look here..
    Brand new promo… Very sad after seeing it.. Uttar kand starts from September,..
    Siya takes bhadrakali avatar.. Article

  14. Swastika


    |Registered Member

    Wow wow wow !!!!!!! What an episode superb acting by ashish sir … Just a grand yudhdha never seen the yudhdha like this the besrmt part was mallayudhdha part omg loved that… Ya!!!!!!!!!! That dushta paapi adharmi raavan who seperated our ramsiya from each other will die today can’t wait to see today’s episode eagerly waiting for ram siya Milan and ayodhya scenes …..

  15. Swastika


    |Registered Member

    Thanx for the links vanshu do and Skr fan awesome links…. And joy da than for the off screen pic of siyaram Milan the most awaited moment…How is my new dp guys

  16. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Guys I’ve one good news n bad news,..
    1. Ravan won’t die tomorrow confirmed news..
    ‘ siya ke ram which airs on star plus spoilers..
    🌺 29th August.. Ram recalls all troubles faced by siya and aims at ravan, who is laughing like a fool and doesn’t know that his death is standing in front of him. Ram shoots the terrific arrow which strikes ravan’s navel breaking the Amrit kalash. Ravan dies….
    🌺 30th August.. I guess u know very well if you’ve seen the promo.. Sahastya ravan laughs terribly and enters battlefield to kill ram when he sees Bhadrakali in front of him. She shows him his mahakali roop n shouts. Sahasrtra laughs n throws weapon. Kali ma holds the weapon and gets angry..
    😠 😠 ravan won’t die tomorrow 😠 😒 that’s bad news.. N spoilers r good news.. 😐😐

  17. Stuti27


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys first of all hats off to ashish sir and karthik sir ….. their acting was awesome …. and thanks a lot to those who wished me with ur wishes I will certainly score gud …. bye guys have a nice day and I’ll comment next week only.

  18. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member

    Hello all sorry I couldn’t reply to any of ur comments so here are my replies

    @TANU I’m very sorry dearie I couldn’t welcome u back yesterday I know you my sweetie but I’m sure you don’t know me. I’m from TN in my 11th welcome back once again sorry
    @PRIYA&PADMA ya dears I’ll surely get help from you for my studies and we can discuss for sure
    @THARU DI welcome to this sweet family hope you enjoy a lot here sorry for late welcome
    @NABANITA DI oh my gosh was that u in ur DP di u look very beautiful
    @_PREETHI & PADMA sure I’ll write the reply letter I don’t have any problem at all
    @VANSHIKA happy that you performed well
    @PRIYA haha ya 2 tanu’s in this family but no problem I can figure it out easily if anyone gets confused u can call me by my full name or my nickname ishwarya
    @IQUARA if by any chance you are reading this I’ve sent you a message via Facebook
    @TWINKLE we miss you a lot dear hope you have a speedy recovery


  19. Shriya

    Hello!! I’m Shriya from Hyderabad studying in class 9 and I love watching SKR. I’m a silent reader and today’s episode was just awesome!! Can I join your sweet family …….

  20. Rani

    Ram & Ravan war is dragged like anything . Ram fought with arrows -not sword , no combat fight – DISGUSTING . It happened on the 13th day itself .
    Too much importance is given to Ravan – can’t take it . Really , Ram killed Ravan on 13th day and Vibhishan was Ram- what is SKR showing ?? Full of imaginary stuff .
    Ram was always composed here shown so much aggressive .
    Waiting for Ram-siya milan .

  21. LP

    Just waiting for Ram -siya milan . Didn’t like Mallya yudha of Ram & Ravaan .
    Ram should be fighting with arrows .

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