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Siya Ke Ram 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan’s ten heads appearing in his anger. He shouts Surpanakha, go if you want, but never return to Lanka ever. She gets tensed. Raavan’s ten heads disappear. She asks Raavan to kill her and get free from her. Raavan gets sad seeing her tears. She says when I was born, do you remember what dad said, he said no one will marry me, I m Krup Balika, what did you say then, tell me. Raavan says I asked dad to leave it on me. She says and you want to disown me now, fine I won’t go there. He says I m your elder brother, I worry for you, fine, go and rest now. She leaves.

Malyavaan talks to Raavan. Raavan says I m not emotional, she thinks she fooled me, but thinking this is her foolishness, Nana Shri you know difference between dog and cat….. Dog is loyal by nature, he

does not need trust, his decision is by his Lord, but cat needs to be assured, that whatever decision is taken is by her wish. Malyavaan asks and Meghnadh? Raavan says there is difference between dog and cat’s thinking.

A man asks someone to close the door, sunlight is not allowed to reach him. The other guy says I have a news, I have seen three humans, its possible they have made Rakshaks go, they all look young, they will be good to eat, I will kill them and get you from here. The first man asks them not to break his rules, don’t cheat them, don’t attack women, its possible they know hunting birds. The other guy says maybe possible, but today they will face Chatayu….. he turns into a hawk and flies.

Sita hears some sound and gets alert. She looks at the sky and sees birds flying. Laxman is guarding and asks Sita is everything fine. She says all birds are leaving from the nests, its possible when storm is coming or any big harmful bird infront of them. Laxman says there is no cloud, no possibility of storm, don’t worry, go inside. She sees a big hawk coming towards Laxman and shouts Laxman. Laxman turns and jumps down. He shouts to Sita and asks her to just move. Chatayu attacks Laxman. Sita thinks if this bird is brought infront, it will be easy for Laxman to target the bird…. She goes infront. Laxman asks her what is she doing, go inside the hut. She asks Laxman to aim. The hawk flies towards Laxman. Laxman aims and shoots at the hawk.

Chatayu gets trapped in the net and turns into human. Sita asks Laxman not to kill him. Laxman says why, he attacked you. Sita says he had chance and did not attack me, its not ordinary bird. Chatayu says I don’t attack women, else you would have…. Its better you kill me, I know you are Rakshaks who are staying in human form. She says no, we are humans. Laxman says I m Laxman, I came here with my elder brother, she is my Bhabhi Sita. She says we will call Dasharath Nandan here first. Chatayu asks do you mean Dasharath’s son, Ayodhya’s king’s son. She says yes. Chatayu says take me there, I know him, I want to meet him. Laxman says how did you think we will trust you. Sita says we have to trust him if we have to give him a chance, where there is no trust, life is not close to humanity. She smiles.

Laxman and Sita reach Ram. Ram asks who is this. Laxman says some miraculous bird, he tried to attack on us, I was going to kill him, but Sita stopped me and asked me to bring him here, this hawk wanted to meet you……. Ram holds the net and net disappears. Ram holds Chatayu….. Chatayu says Dasharath Nandan’s Ram…… I heard about your birth, and asks something. Ram asks what do you mean to ask about. Chatayu falls in his arms. Ram says it seems he did not have food since long, Laxman arrange food, go. Laxman says sure, and goes.

Sugreev and Roma are getting married. According to varmala rituals, Roma’s family member should be giving her the varmala. Roma worries. Roma’s mum says I will do rituals. Hanuman comes and brings Roma’s parents there. He says does marriage happen without parents’ blessings. Gandharao Raj gives varmala to Roma. Sugreev and Roma exchange the garlands. Gandharao Raj blesses Sugreev and says I m glad Hanuman convinced me to come, else I would have not seen my daughter’s happiness, I thought on Hanuman’s words, if I give my skills and knowledge to Sugreev, I can make him best in battle skills, after getting this warrior knowledge and battle skills, if Sugreev becomes the head of his army, he will be best and can fail any Asur army. Hanuman praises Sugreev. Gandharao Raj says this knowledge will surely help Sugreev in any battle. Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that Hanuman has fulfilled a big duty today. Mahadev says he will have more big duties, this marriage will become a witness in fulfilling Ram’s big motive.

Ram makes Chatayu sit…. Sita pours water on his hand. Laxman gets fruits for Chatayu. Sita says he is Maasahari bird, he needs meat/flesh in food, that’s why he is not eating the fruits, I know what to do, I will just come. Chatayu asks Ram about his friend. Ram asks who. Chatayu says Dasharath. Ram and Laxman get shocked…. Chatayu says we were close friends…….

Raavan looks at the dandak van map and plans with Malyavaan to attack Ram and Sita. Raavan says they are calm now, as they are not killing any Rakshaks, but got busy in increasing security.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Am I first

    1. Yes Vanshika you r 1st

    2. yes di you are first 🙂

  2. good epi chatayu enters. after tdy’s episode that’s defined lakshman ko hamesha krodh nakh pe rahte. how angry he is just opp to ram but that’s suits him the most. after watching precap it seems that sitaharan is on the way.

    1. s priya episode was good… Lakshman is like angry bird… I too think sitaharan is near…

      1. S di actually if ravan is planning malyavan means sitaharan may be this week or next week but i hope it should be next week.

    2. yeah.. May be sitaharan in next week..but the question is they are in 13th year of van???

      1. Ya bro even I m thinking that bcoz sita will be in Lanka only for 10 months according to valmiki Ramayana.

    3. yes sita haran is very much near priya di 🙂

      1. Ya twinkle I m eagerly waiting to see ashish’s acting after sitaharan , I mean ram’s emotional pati part l be shown.

  3. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Thank god that Siam came today

  4. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Amena di u r so fast.
    Thanks for updt I missed d epi but will c repeat. Today d epi had everyone, ravan, Siam, Hanuman, mahadev, good one ?

    1. S Vanshika i too amased by amena mam speed update….It was full pack episode ……..

  5. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Dog ? and cat ? thinking ? lol ?
    Shocked dat ravan said dis firstly. But not now. Overall it doesn’t look like ravan had dubbed voice .

    1. Ya vanshu even I don’t think so that ravan had dubbed voice. And that scene was really funny for me especially is differentiation btw? dog and ? cat .lol☺☺☺

    2. lol i thought i was the only stupid who liked that scene 🙂 hehehe 😛

      1. Include me in that dear even I liked that scene ???dont know y it made me laugh ☺lol

  6. How jatayu knew dashrath?

    1. They are best friends bro.

    2. refer this link from wiki:

      In the Indian epic Ramayana, Jatayu is the youngest son of Aruna. His brother, Sampaati, is a demi-god who has the form of a Eagle and was an old friend of Dasharatha (Rama’s father).

  7. Our hanuman’s first selfie with sugreev.
    Surpnakha and Raavan selfie.
    Shrutkirti and Sumitra offscreen fun.
    Snigdha akolkar aka Maharani Kaushalya in Singhasth Kumbh Mela.

    1. Tnks Bro for the Links … Hanuman & Sugreev was best…

  8. Tanvi madhyan aka shrutkirti and prithvihatte aka Mandvi offscreen bonding.
    Siya ke ram actors and crew members playing cricket in free time.

    1. thank you 🙂

    2. wow i really like the 2nd…. since 1st was in hindi i didnt understand much…….

      actually JK loves to play cricket……

      in the video Ashish was unable to bowl as well as bat properly bcoz of his dress….. but later OMG!!!!!!!

      I think this video must be taken during the Swamyambar adhya……


    1. in yesteraday episode she was there in balika vadhu…in ngative role Just hate it

      1. really di that too negative role oh god !! that show was really bad di I have one doubt there was a farewell party for yukti in siya ke ram sets in yesterday’s page that photo was shared did she quitted this show . I hope no she l be come back

      2. S dear she will be back…….

    2. Yukti kapoor..nagative role…OMG..but I like her acting…

  10. nice episode . i loved sita mata ‘s intelligence today 🙂

    1. S twinkle i too loved siya way of seeing .. & when she said we have to believe if we like to give a chance… it was suprr

    2. yeah….that scene was superb..

  11. Wondering what will Sita do to give chatayu meat I didn’t watch today’s episode because of power cut missed seedhayin Raman too feeling bad today is wedding episode hoping to watch retelecast

    1. Thanks Amena di ur update means a lot to me

    2. Ya dear even I m waiting to know that.

    3. Yeah me too want to see what sita will do for chatayu…..

    4. waiting for that scene…basically sita is nature lover….i am thinking about it…what u guys say??.. What sita vl give??

      1. Yes Anil bro our bhoomija loves everyone she can’t hurt anyone not even animals and birds so only I’m waiting for it

    5. or watch it on hotstar di . and di I replied to your comment on yesterday episode written update 🙂 please check it out 🙂

      1. I’ve already checked it out dear

  12. Really nice episode….Hanuman scene was superb…

    1. S Anil….Episode was nice siya Lakshman scences were also nice…….

    2. yes bro 🙂

  13. Vanshika crzy fr skr
    Link for skr song
    Janak dulari Ki hoti bidaai

    1. Tq so much vanshu actually I was searching for this song only for many days at last u gave it love u a lot dear sis

      1. Vanshu this is not opening in music apps dear. Can u pls send this song which can be opened in play music app

    2. thank you 🙂

  14. Wonderful episode… The giant bird jadayu’s brother is Subahu….
    This bird helped Ram regarding information s of Lanka….

    1. SKR Addict (Siya)

      Sry adira its not Subahu
      Its sampadi

      1. yes correct

    2. no di its not Subahu it is sampati the elder brother of JATAYU OR CHATYU….

    3. Sorry. Dear my mistake it was sampadi and thanks

  15. Hi guys no reply 4 long time..
    If any new comers hearty welcome 2 all.. I am from Kerala…
    Did u all forget me???

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Di how can sisters forget each other we remember u n missed u alot . You needn’t give ur intro again di athira di . ??

    2. Hi dear I m new here can I pls know from which CLS u r? Sry if u r n clg

    3. Haiii athira…How R U dear ? We never our family member.
      How is your health?

      1. Sorry We never forget our family member….

    4. how can we forget you di ? well how are you dear ? missed you 🙂

    5. Hi everyone yeah fine but god suffered a lot missed u all and thanx 4 correcting me after posting only I noticed actually subahu was a demon killed by ram…
      Dear Priya I am in 12..

    6. Dear Priya I am in 12
      Yaeh now I am fine..
      Thanx 4 being so caring jay..and my dear ones….

      1. Hi di we l be caring to our sis na then y tqs

    7. Supreetha (Soups)

      Hi athira! I joined the family about a month ago…I’ve just finished my 12th and going to college 🙂 nice to meet you

  16. nice episode but sita is careless of her life

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Di that’s not true fully siya cases more of other’s life so she is ready to give her life to save lives. But to an extent she is right. May I know ? in which call class u r? I’m in 8th

    2. Haii Vinnie not like that …Sita cares for others more than herself that y …….

  17. Nice episode!chatayu will also be a supporting role in ramayana! He sacrificed his life for lord rama

    1. How r u gokul ???
      Yeah Nice episode ….

    2. hello dear 🙂 how are you ? yes chatayu sacrificed his life just for shree ram 🙂

  18. nice episode

    1. haii Bello…..Nice Episode ..May i know whr u r from????

    2. hi dear ! if new then welcome to the skr family 🙂

  19. Gd Morning Friends……Suprr Episode which had mostly all the main characters…..
    Hanuman scenes were nice …..Sita , Lakshman scene were good…….

    1. gd mrng di have a nyc day ya di siya lakshman was good .

    2. good afternoon di 😛 😛 sorry for late replying

  20. Superb episode. Chatayu introduction was superb. Hii everyone of SKR FAMILY. Missing all those who are not present

    1. Me too Brinda hope they come back soon with a bang. Try to comment at least once a day.

    2. Hi dear hw r u??

    3. We were missing U too dear… Yeah episode was good…..How R U ???? seems to be busyy?????

    4. hi dear how are you ? missed you 🙂

  21. Veronica crouze

    Guys jatayu told ram dat sita was kidnapped by lankapati ravan…dn why did it take them 10 months to find d location of sita???didn’t they at d first hand search in lanka?

    1. Skr family member

      Dear Di even now take the Map and see ayodha is in north India but Lanka and in those days days they had to cross the ocean and they needed an army
      And they couldn’t do anything during the monsoon. Ram couldn’t make a single move to reach Lanka during the rainy season
      Ram had to strike friendship with sugriv make sure Sita was in Lanka and where ravan had kept her and by ten months the war was over and Sita was reunited with ram
      I can’t reveal my identity as I promised not to comment
      Everyone one of u here know me
      I wanted to answer this question sooo

      1. R u sanju??? Sry u said that u can’t reveal that who u r. But sry for this dear actually ur comment seems to be of sanju.

      2. It ok dear………Tnks for giving explanation …………….

      3. perfect answer….. actually vernico di if u see ndtv ramyana u will understand better…….

    2. Dear Lanka is a big place I mean its one country. So siya can be anywhere in that whole country and also there was one big river after crossing that river only they can reach so that hanuman went among the river and at the time there is one story of hanuman too. Bcoz of Hanuman’s sweat he will get one child. So it l take tym and ravan is not a warrior who can be won at first time and his sons also they are very powerful so that only it took more time dear.

  22. Thanks for u r hearty welcome.Sorry jay di.I am frm andhra pradesh.Can i know what is twinkle studying? And i m not going to 10th i m gng to 9th.nice epi but not able to understand frm where sita brings meat for chatayu.i have to wt till nxt epi.

    1. Twinkle is studying 8th std meghana dear and I completed my 10th and waiting for my results.. Ya even I m waiting to see what siya is going to do.

      1. thank you priya di for telling her 🙂

      2. Twinkle no tq and no sry BTW sisters! And this is just a small thing dear.

    2. It s ok Meghna …. sorry & tnkyou r prohibted here between family no sorry ………

      me too excited for next episode what sita will bring for jadayu

  23. S truely sita and lakshman scene was nice.Madirakshi is really set for sita’s character.nice artist.

  24. Thanks di even i too had same doubt.

  25. I have cleared most of my doubts through skr and even its family members :-):-):-).thanks a lot for everyone in skr family.Really awesome show

    1. Meghana no tq and sry btw sisters dear

    2. ya dear no thanks n sorry……

      and i m welcoming u now as i was not feeling for past 2 days….Welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club……

      1. Hi Krishnai dear hw r u ??

      2. now feeling better…… so sweet of u…… thanks for asking….

      3. Y tq dear u r my friend I l ask about ur health na. And no tqs in frndship. Anyways I m happy that u r fyn now

  26. :-:-D:-D:-Dv happy seeing ur comment jay di

  27. :-:-D:-D:-Dv happy seeing ur comment jay di proud 2 hav such family

    1. We too proud to have u as family member dear……

  28. hi!!! i am new here

    1. Hi dear Welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club……

    2. Hi dear welcome to our family and I have fnshd my 10th boards and waiting for my results☺☺

    3. Haii Vaidehi…Welcome to the family….

    4. Welcome to this sweet family dear

  29. i am in class 8

  30. today’s episode was awesome….. really like siam

    1. Haii Vaidehi…Yeah episode was awesome….

  31. “Modern Sita is an independent woman who can speak her mind and voice her opinion”, says Madirakshi Mundle
    — By Dhrithi Gulvadi | Apr 23, 2016 06:05 pm

    Her immense dedication to her profession is evident from the excellence in her performance. Encircled with beauty and elegance, she revived history on small screen with an epic drama that brings Ramayana from the perspective of Sita. Talking exclusively with The Free Press Journal, Madirakshi Mundle speaks about her show Siya Ke Ram, the Indian history and much more…

    Since Siya Ke Ram represents the history of the Indian society, how is the show relatable in the present era?

    The character of Sita which I am playing is such that she is an independent woman. The current century of women walks shoulder-to-shoulder with men. There is no difference between a girl and a boy of this century. Sita had all her freedom and she raised questions like a woman of the current century does. As we all have read, heard and observed that women of ancient times were not allowed to question about anything, therefore, we are trying to show the unseen by portraying the character of Sita, who as a woman always dared to question even during that era. Ever since then asking or daring to raise questions have been prevailing in this century. This is how I would relate it to the present era.

    How would you delineate a modern Sita?

    Modern Sita is an independent woman who can speak her mind and voice her opinion. This is relatable to ancient Sita, who belonged to an era where women were not allowed to speak, but yet she dared to raise questions about matters that challenged her notions. That’s how I would define a modern Sita.

    Which is your favourite dialogue from the show?

    My favourite dialogue from the show is “Kyun pitaji apne beti ko apne se door karte hain? Kyun wo apne paas nahi rakh lete apni beti ko?” The whole line is very close to my heart and this is the one which I always remember when I meet my father.

    How is your chemistry with the co-stars of your show?

    It’s all cool as we all work as a family because we all work together at one place. Every day when we meet we gesture or wish each other. It’s work and fun together and this is how we work together.

    Since it’s a common phenomenon for the regional film actors’ to traverse to Bollywood, what made you to walk towards television?

    No matter whether you have big films or not, one cannot refuse to play the character of Sita. Many people had auditioned for this character and eventually, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to play the role, that’s how I could not say no to the people who had approached me for this role. Such a character fortunately landed in my career.

    Any message to your fans?

    Thank you so much for trusting me, accepting me and giving me lots of love. A lot of people have come to meet me from cities to cities just to see me and this is something which I really love the most. It’s a different feeling altogether. I love my fans, friends and family like the way they love me. Thank you very much for all the love.

    1. Dear friends this was an interview of madirakshi mundle posted by press journal ..

    2. It was good dear…Tnks for posting priya……

      1. No tqs btw sisters di

    1. Tnks for the links Krishnai

      1. no thanks di….

  32. actually AMEENA DI ITS WAS NOT ROMA’S MUM WHO SAID THAT SHE WILL DO THE RITUALS………. Its was Vali’s wife TARA who said that she will do it….. PLS DI CHECK IT OUT…….

    AND GUYS i have a DOUBT:

    Is it VALI OR BALI????

    Same way is it JATAYU OR CHATYU???

    1. Krishnai vali has many names like subhali, phali etc and like that one of his name is Bali. But vali is his actual name.

      1. oh okay……

  33. Actually THE man is Sampati in the cave….. he is JATAYU OR CHATYU’s brother….

    Something about SAMPATI:

    Sampati Loses his wings

    Sampathi and Jatayu, when young, used to compete as to who could fly higher. On one such instance Jatayu flew so high that he was about to get seared by the sun’s flames. Sampati saved his brother by spreading his own wings and thus shielding Jatayu from the hot flames. In the process, Sampati himself got injured and lost his wings. As a result, Sampati lived wingless for the rest of his life.

    Sampati in Ramayana

    Sampati proved instrumental in Sita’s search later on in the Ramayana. His role comes when the search party sent to the south, Led by Angada with Hanuman and Jambavan, exhausted, thirsty and depressed, reach to the southern end of the land. They have the endless sea before them, and still no clue of Sita. Disappointed, everybody just collapses on the sand, unable as well as unwilling to move or act any further. Suddenly, they all hear a voice which says – “I will feast today. I shall be ever grateful to God for having such delicious meal walk to my doorsteps all by itself”. Everyone looks in the direction of the voice, and see a huge vulture progressing towards them slowly, saying these words. At that moment, Jambavan says – “Life is so ironical. One is this vulture, who is planning to eat this disappointed lot, too exhausted to defend themselves – and defeated in this search for Seeta Mata; too guilty even to wish to live any further. And one was that Vulture Jatayu, who gave his life trying to save Sita Mata from the clutches of Ravana.”

    The vulture froze as soon as he heard the word “Jatayu”. ” Jatayu? Did you say Jatayu? What happened to him? Please tell me.” Jambuvana told the story of Jatayu and his bravery. The vulture’s eyes were moist at the end of the story. His throat choked; he said – “My name is Sampati. Jatayu was my brother. It has been ages since I have heard of any news from him. I hear a news now – news that he is no more!” Then, collecting himself, he says – “I am grateful to you, Sir! You have brought me the news of my brother. I shall return this favour. This lady Sita you are searching so fervently for; I know where she is.”

    Sampati tells about Lanka

    Everybody jumped as soon as he said this. They listened with utmost concentration, as Sampati continued. ” 100 Yojan from here is Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana. Some days ago, I had seen him flying in his Pushpak, landing at Lanka with a beautiful lady with him, forcibly being taken into Lanka and banished in one of the Vatika. I now know after listening to your story, She was Sita.” “Good you gentlemen came. Now she will be remedied of her agony. Everyday, I used to watch her, sitting beneath that tree in that vatika – distraught, waiting for someone. Her wait will end now.” Griddhraj Parvat, situated in Satna district in Madhya Pradesh, is believed to be the birthplace of Sampati.


  34. and one more doubt….. I HEARD THAT JATAYU WAS AN eagle (symbol of lord vishnu) then why IS IT MENTIONED AS HAWK??????

    are HAWK AND EAGLE SAME?????????

    pls some one reply me…..

    1. Hawk and eagle are different.. and jatayvu was an eagle but he is not symbol of Lord Vishnu…garuda(another eagle) is the symbol of Lord Vishnu…I think jatayuvu is the family member of garuda…
      Don’t know exactly… sorry if anything wrong…

    2. Yeah Dear Jatayu was an eagle …..Eagle & Hawk are birds belonging to same family but eagle is larger in size than hawks

    3. Eagle and hawk are different… and jatayuvu was an eagle but not the symbol of Lord Vishnu…garuda(another eagle) is the symbol of Lord Vishnu…I think jatayuvu is family member of garuda…
      Don’t know exactly.. Sorry if iam wrong..

    4. thank u everyone for the answers…… i know thanks but still and yes Anil u r correct…. i forgot….. i remember seeing it in ndtv Ramyana…… and may i know u r in which class ANIL???? sry f prsnl…….

      1. Iam doing sister…

  35. and coming to the episode i like the way Sita went and stood before lakshman……. i salute her BRAVERY……

    but this surpankha is not as good as the old one but still i feel she is doing her best……..

  36. After a long time comments reached 100+ keep the spirit up guys. Thanks krishnai and priya for keeping the spirit up

    1. No dear that was not only me and Krishnai in fact that’s spirit in all of our family members and ya I only said na no tqs btw us. Our comments cross 100+bcoz of our bonding and our love towards each other and our show skr that doesn’t go to any single person.☺

  37. guys I think amena di is busy or she is out of station bcoz she didn’t even post yhm written update that was posted by jayasree.

  38. Guys ever is today’s update it’s already nine. What happened to Amena di she never delays to update hope she is fine

    1. Where* not ever

  39. Please someone post the written update I’m waiting to know what Sita did for Chatayu

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