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Siya Ke Ram 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita coming to Janak. Janak is praying. She says Pita ji. He gets surprised and says Sita, you here at this time, is everything fine. She says I came to meet and thank you. He asks why thanks. She says for everything I got from you, you made me independent and giving me good values, and making me Sita. He asks why did you come to say this to me suddenly. She says I had wish to meet you and speak my heart out, now permit me to leave. He takes his blessings and disappears. Janak gets shocked and shouts Sita. He calls Shathanand and asks him to get horse chariot, Sita took some decision by which big danger is going to come on her, we have to leave for Valmiki ashram without any delay. Shathanand gets shocked and says sure. He rushes. Janak prays to Mahadev to protect Sita.


recalls his bad dream and Guru Vashisht’s words. He thinks is this bad happening related to that bad dream, I have to meet Sita now itself, she promised to come with me, how can she go away from me. Ram rushes to meet Sita. He looks inside the hut and sees Sita praying. He gets relieved seeing her fine and shuts door. He thinks it was his fear to lose Sita again, and that’s why he felt so. Hanuman comes to him. He asks is everything fine. Ram says I was worried for Sita, so I came to see her, everything is fine. Hanuman says I can understand your sorrow, pain and emotions, this good time came after many sorrowful years, I m praying for this night to end, and Ram and Sita re-unite, and I see you both sitting on Ayodhya throne. Ram says yes, just a night left and then no one can separate Siya and Ram.

Its morning, everyone wait for Sita outside the hit. Sita gets ready in her bridal clothes. Bhoomija Janak……plays………….. She wears her jewelry. Lav says I will go and get Sita. Ram says no need, Sita will come out of hut herself, we have to wait here. Sita applies her sindoor. Sita opens the door and comes out. Everyone smile seeing her in her bridal wear. Everyone proceed to her. Kaikeyi asks Sita to come. Sita gets tearful eyes. She walks to Ram. Ram smiles. Sita walks along with Ram.

Ram gets glad and walks ahead of her, thinking she is coming along. Sita stops. Ram turns to Sita and asks what happened, why did you stop. Sita says I can’t go ahead of here. Everyone get shocked. It starts thundering and gets dark. Ram asks why are you saying this. Sita says its not possible for me to return to Ayodhya again. Everyone get shocked.

Ram asks Sita not to say this. Sita says my decision is final. Badra says no Mata, don’t say this and requests her. Lav and Kush look on. Badra says I m that unfortunate Badra, because of whom you are bearing all this, I have questioned wrongly on your purity and character, its my crime, I pressurized Ram to abandon you, give me death punishment, but return to Ayodhya, accept my request. Sita says no Badra, there is no question to forgive you, because you are not culprit, the society is the culprit who gave you this direction to your mind, and filled such thoughts, where you were not learnt to respect women, where society finds woman’s fault in injustice with women, you are just representing society, that mindset will not end by punishing you.

Kaushalya says we all came to apologize to you, for doing injustice with you, we all are culprits, forgive us, why are you refusing to come to Ayodhya. Janak is on the way and asks Shathanand about the way. Shathanand says its 10 miles away. Janak says its looking long distance. Shathanand asks him not to worry.

Sita says today everyone is apologizing to me and came to take Sita, what about all those Sita whose problems and sufferings are not known to anyone, no one will go to take them, I m not just Ram’s wife, Lav and Kush’s mum, and Ayodhya’s Queen, I m also a woman, its my firstmost duty to protect my identity, if I return to Ayodhya, it will be injustice to all those suffering women who don’t know their crime, do you think I should not think of women’s respect and return to Ayodhya along with you. Everyone cry.

Sita says my character was stained and my purity was doubted, its not possible for me to return to that society, today I swear by water, earth, fire, air, sky, that I was born by the earth, today I will return to that earth’s lap forever. Ram gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally comes the time where mata sita returns to the earth
    Doesnt this event occurs in the palace of ayodhya?

  2. Brilliant episode. Without putting down the image of Ram and at the same time glorifying the powerful character of Sita….SKR have done supreme justice to Ramayan. Hats off to the scripting team. Just can’t find enough words of appreciation.

    1. Right said

  3. Padmaja

    Wow wow wow wow a amazing epi. Loved siyas look in bridal attire. But siya is about to return to earth. This makes me to cry. Tmrws epi will be the most awaited as well as sad epi..

  4. today I am speechless by sita’s speech.she was absolutely correct bhadra was just a representative of this society who is always biased towards reflects the mentality of this society.sita was looking gorgeous

  5. Awesome episode. Specially the Mithila scene. After so many months we got to see Mithila. Last time was after the vidaai of the four Mithila princesses we got to see Mithila. Last time we saw Shatanand at that time only. When Mithila was shown from outside at night it made me remember of that time when the four princesses used to live together in the palace and used to have fun together. It was such a nice time.
    And we got to hear Sita’s theme song Bhoomija Janaki….. after so many months but its sad version was really emotional.
    Tomorrow might be the day.

  6. I am so much habituated of searching about Siya ke Ram that now whenever I open Internet Explorer my fingers straight away goes to ‘s’ to type siya ke ram even if I have search for something else. Now even the phone has remembered many words like siya, ram, Ramayan many characters like lakshman, Bharat, shatrughn, Urmila, Mandvi, Shrutkirti, kaikayi, Sumitra, Sunaina, janak, hanuman, kekasi, mandodari, raavan, meghnad, sulochana, surpnakha, etc.
    Do you also experience the same?

    1. @skr fan.. Yes….

    2. Padmaja

      Ya bro whenever I search in browser my finger only type “siya”. Really this is the first thing I do when I take my phone ? after coming from school. And I agree with u bro..

    3. Joy bro the Sam happens with me too….. I sometimes mistakenly type ‘s’ and words like sita and siya is shown on the screen…….. My phn has also remembered many character’s names from Ramayana…….. Is ur phn Microsoft Lumia??????

      1. Sry its *same

      2. @vaidehi…….
        SAMSUNG GALAXY…………………..

      3. Sudeshna

        Ya it happens with me the browser only siya ke ram

      4. Sudeshna

        Can’t stop myself from commenting… At last the most saddest part of Ramayan had arrived????????????????my tears didn’t stop after seeing the episode speeechlesss

  7. Lovely epi …. Seeing sita in royal attire after a long time …. And also hearing bhoomija janaki Nanak after a long time …. Guess tomorrow or day after sita will go back

  8. Excellent dialogue by SITA – GOOD every body should understand how unfair the verdict of 2nd exile of SITA was . SHE was not even told about her punishment. She was punished for no reason. Her character was questioned . Extremely bad . She was pregnant when she was removed from the palace .
    WHO is responsible ? Samaj/society’s leader mainly here – THE KING RAM .
    WELL DONE -SITA -you must teach Ayodha people the lesson how to respect a woman .
    In my opinion even if one is victim , one should not be looked down rather supported .

    1. The king ram has to prove that society has wrong view on women so he done all this by making himself as culprit
      If ram didn’t send sita to exile this issue will not be more serious then society will not change his mind towards the women(he is the one who protects draupadi’s honour in krishna avartar)

  9. Kishkindha was a better kingdom than Ayodhya. Sugriva accepted Roma and people too didn’t have any problem having Roma as their Queen. Shameful that even monkey society gives better respect and more compassionate towards women than the human society. Such a profound message of how inhumane, humanity is towards women.

    1. I agree with you Uthra. Actually on part of marital relationship Vanar do not follow strict social rules. Ruma was treated as wife by Bali (elder brother in law). And after his death she again went to Sugreev. Tara as widow of Bali re-married to Sugreev to protect the future of her son and kingdom because she was intelligent and wiser than Sugreev.

      Ram have no objection on these personal issues but his only concern was that a wedded wife of one who is alive should not be forced to be wife of another person. That was the only reason, Bali was killed. Because anuj-vadhu is like own kanya ( daughter).

      Like every civilization, Ayodhya too had its downfall. At the top of among all empires Ayodhya became ruined after departure of Ram. Kosal did not have any mighty kings after Ram (and his sons). Even in Mahabharat era the dynasty was completed disappeared as their last king was killed by Abhimanyu.

      I personally believe that it was Sita curse that the city and dynasty never flourished after Treta Yuga. But in contradictory, Mathura and Dwarika cities also have been ruined after departure of Lord Krishna. Sometime I feel it is a divine play to vanquish the ego of most powerful dynasties and civilizations.

      After a peek, downfall starts.

      1. Abimamyu’s son, Parikshith was a great king. Parikshith’s son Janamejaya was also a fairly powerful king. Afterwards the dynasty fell ofcourse.
        Something to ponder about. Why even an avatar’s dynasty could not sustain? Answer could only be this. If you can not change according to times, be ready to become extinct.

  10. Very emotional ? episode! I had some hope that the director would somehow reunite siyaram when someone commented on yesterday’s episode that in Valkimi’s ramayan Sita wasn’t exiled, but… today when I was watching the episode I was heartbroken ?. If siya ke ram is following valkimi’s Ramayana but on sita’s perspective, then why did they show Sita’s exile. Becoz Sita wasn’t exiled in valkimi’s ramayan, I had some hope that the director would reunite siyaram, but noooo…….???? the show is ending on 4th of nov so that means that we have to watch 5-6 episodes without Sita??????????! I just hope that the director would show some father-son scenes between young luv and kush becoz I have seen on Instagram grown up luv and kush, I would like some scenes of luv and kush with ram before the grown up luv and kush are introduced! Plz director u already shattered my hope of reuniting siyaram so at least show some luv-kush-ram scenes when Sita leaves and they go to ayodhya!??????????

  11. Shriya...

    OMG..the most awaited moment has arrived siya returning to mother earth..? seen siya after so many days in bridal wear..and completely agreed with her dialogues..I’m feeling like she did correct by returning to her mother…ayodhya has to bear this pain now..but I feel bad for luv kush..though it’s not their mistake they have to get separated from their mom..

  12. Super………..

  13. The script writers and dialogue writers have done a fabulous job with each and every dialogue. Each sentence is so correctly studded with well weighed words, the episodes have been worth listening to.
    Siya looks beautiful, graceful and respectful as always.
    Ram’s acting and his pain is well done. He has been given some wonderful sets of dresses and jewelry – somehow the same artistry is missing from the other brothers’ design.

    1. Well said

  14. Richu

    Sitas statement ufffffff…..
    I think we should praise sita instead of feeling sad for ramji…what a courage…what a speech..I had always known this story but from childhood I could not figure out the real motive of sita..she is truly a girl power…
    Hats off!!!!!!!!
    If truly we call our nation democratic then there should be equal right to girls….why only society should judge us…we have our own lives nah……this is not freedom. This is not democracy.this is definitely inequality…. If a girl from office to home can reach safely in the midnight alone without fear then…..I call it a real freedom…..

    1. I agree wid you

    2. Padmaja

      Ya Richu dii… I agree with u.. in my pov India will be considered as an independent country only when a girl alone can reach her home from office without any fear in the midnight. And ya why every time girl wants to be questioned???? Agree with u Richu dii..

  15. After so many days we could see sita in bridal dress. sita was looking beautiful .. I am studying in class 9th.
    the episode was super and fantastic acting….

    1. Padmaja

      Hi welcome to the family… and I am in class 11 from TN.. happy to meet u. And pls cmnt in the last page of skr..

  16. Supreetha (Soups)

    Women are the form of Goddess Shakti! Proof is the speech of Sita….she fights for justice and her decision unchanged! Correct decision to go back to Mother Earth made… I like the way she tells that….I’ll not return to Ayodhya because if I do all the other women who have been punished the same way for no reason will not get justice! Hats off!!

    1. Padmaja

      Ya soups dii the lines r soo crct. I think sita’s decision is right..

  17. WELL DONE SITA . Wonderful remark in yesterday’s episode . SHE SPOKE correctly . I loved yesterday’s episode – WONDERFUL , EXCELLENT . SUPERB
    Sita was a woman of patience but very very very strong WOMAN .
    Her punishment was absolutely baseless and WRONG too . She was not informed and just in the middle of the night sent out in the forest . Extremely wrong and unjust decision by RAM .
    It is usually said Ram had to do for Rajdharma . What Rajdharma made him do injustice to a chaste woman like SIta ? And on top of it , Ram never ever told SIta about abandonment and sent her our without giving her a chance to prove herself in front of the society .Did this injustice ever help any woman ? NEVER .
    And one more thing , when Ram was sent for 14 years of exile – he didn’t listen to his praja / people . Ayodha wanted their Raja RAm buut HE JUST went to VANVAS /exile for keeping his father’s word of honour ( bachan) and Mother’s wish .
    But when it came to his wife’s honour – HE sent Sita for exile rather than protecting her honour and standing by her . And more importantly he didn’t keep his promise of taking care of SIta-wife and their kids ( during marriage all husbands give this promise while taking Shat phere -seven circle ). WHAT HAPPENED to Ram’s bachan palan ? THEN came Rajdharma – a dharma which makes one to do adharma to someone -can’t be a dharma at all.
    Ram understood all these when SITA went to Mother Earth and cried out. RAm was indeed Mariyada purushoottam but failed as a husband . He should NOT HAVE LISTENED to DHOBI’s remark. It is the duty of the leaders of the society to uphold the prestige of WOMAN that Ram could not do and SITA suffered and ultimately went to Mother Earth and proving her chastity , purity and loyalty towards RAM .
    Ram himself came as LORD Krishna avatar in his next incarnation and showed the world that there can’t be any fixed set of dharma – if dharma makes you do adharma – then better to throw away and embrace new rules – LORD Krishna himself advised Bhisma ( next best Mariyada purushottam )that his dharma made lots of adarma to Pandavs & Draupadi .
    ANd at last – WAITING for today’s episode for more dialogue of Sita – you are simply GREAT

    1. Saraji…. Control your emotions n anger, Ma’am… I am also feeling that it was injustice to a lady without informing about the punishment & not giving her a chance to prove herself. And, I am totally stand with your emotions & feelings. But, regarding some of your quarry about Shri Ram, let me conclude my thinkings about them. Your first statement was regarding Exile of Shri Ram when all the Ayodhya wants him to stay in Ayodhya & be a King for them but he decided to go for Exile for the sake of his father promise. Please be note that at that moment Shri Ram was not a king but only a son & it is the responsibility of a son to follow the instructions of his parents and not the society. Secondly, during the Exile of Sita Mata, please be note that at that moment Shri Ram was a King & It was a King’s responsibility to maintain the society rule made by his ancestors. You remember that at Lanka also, Shri Ram was not agreed to let Sita Mata went to Ayodhya as he knows the Society rules. Thirdly, I donot agree with your wordings that Shri Ram is not a Good Husband & not even follow the Vachan Palan made during the marriage as it was Shri Ram who immediately sent Lord Hanuman to take care of Sita Mata without her knowledge in his absence. It means he was totally caring about Sita Mata even in that crucial time period for both of them. Only he made one mistake which is not forgivable and which is that he did not inform to Sita Mata about the Doubtness of Ayodhya society and he have no other option but to order for her Exile. If he does, I feel that Sita Mata will not go against his decision as I think you remember that before her Exile, she already mentioned to Shri Ram that she will always be with Shri Ram of his each and every decisions.
      Sorry for any wordings I written above that hurts you.

      1. Your right but a king is seen as a role model in his kingdom.its a ruler whose rule gives the kingdom either glory or fall….. he has unparalled influence on his subjects… its his decision they folllows mostly…. so when chasity of his wife was question which he without a doubt he knew was false he should have supported her and should with as he promised when they took peras… but he who was ready to go to vanvaas to honour his father’s promise backed out when it came to his wife….. is that fair? Its he who said that vachan palan is his kul’s most cherished principle… and he backs out of his promise, of companionship and trust, to his wife
        He should have stood with and supported his wife, who was ready to sacrifice and sacrificed her happiness for him, in her time of need and showed his trust in her but no he went and left her to fend for herself in an unknown place… really he is the best of all hushands…
        As for hunuman he isnt sita husband

  18. Sita was indeed the bravest woman and single parent too. HATs off to SITA.
    @ Sara . You have said correct . Ram was only Mariyada purushottam. He did punish his innocent wife . He broke her trust still SIta worshiped him as pati parmeshwar .
    NO Raj adharma says to do injustice to Chaste WOMAN that too like DEVI SITA !!
    Here not shown in SKR ( rather better image of RAM is being depicted ) but in original version -Sita was asked for 2nd Agnipariksha too. Ram could not stand up for his wife’s prestige & safeguard sita’s honour . RAM could understood her pain only when she went to Mother EARTH . Sad thing is Sita had to give up her life to protect her sons future as well as to prove her purity
    Ram’s decision of abandonment of SIta actually degraded the status of WOman in general.

    @ Uthra – Kishkinda was ruled by Monkey and they were better than Ayodha & RAM.
    Sugreev accepted Roma without agnipariksha and Kishkinda monkey-praja never ever questioned about the chastity of their queen even though Roma was a victim.
    On the contrary , Sita gave first agnipariksha too RAM demanded ( here shown SITA gave) and again Ram asked .. TOO BAD and really sad
    Monkeys /Apes were better than human in Treta yuga !!!!!!!!!!!
    Actually , it all depends on the mentality of the leader /king .

  19. Siya dialog and statement are 100 percent true in present time………
    Awesome script written by SKR team………………
    At the last time we see Sita in bridal dress…. And she looking very gorgeous………
    Today is the most exiting episode of SKR……. Don’t miss……….

  20. Even I am also waiting to Listen to SITA”S word – yesterday’s episode was GOOD
    Agreed Sara and Uthra
    Uthra -you are right Kishkinda was better than Ayodha
    Funny part is Ram’s family HAD NO PROBLEM with SITA . They accepted her after 14 years of exile . Then why to listen to a dhobi’s remark???????Ridiculous .
    And Parsi Miss – SITA WENT to MOTHER EARTH AS per Valmiki Version . Actually yesterday’s discussion was something different .
    Here, 2nd time agnipariksha ordered by RAM is NOT shown in SKR rather shown Ram is requesting SIta to return is being shown- argument started on that basis why not shown the true image of RAM.
    Some people can’t accept this facet of Ram abandoning Sita and asking 2nd second agnipariksha . They all know but can’t accept .
    Another matter – Ram in his next incarnation as Lord Krishna showed that being only Mariya purushottam ( Bhisma is second best Mariya purushottam after RAM) and holding to rigid rules /promises sometimes makes you do ADHRAMA & does not help anyone . He told Bhisma and Guru Drona .
    But HAVE WE learnt our lessons ? I don’t think after reading our viewers ‘s opinion – some still try to find justification in Ram ‘s decision of sending SIta to exile for no fault of her .
    Some still says it is due to Raj Dharma ? What Raj Dharma ???
    Raj dharma that made an innocent woman suffer is USELESS . That Rajdharma had given woman the stigma whether you are victim or not , you shall be punished

  21. omg i am crying so much . such an emotional episode . very very very emotional episode . precap is even more sad . eagerly waiting for todays episode

  22. Spot on Veena well said

  23. Shriya...

    Hey guys I saw today’s episode in premium membership it’s so emotional..sita confronted ram..and precap no words to precap sita was going in earth when all were shouting and that time only janak came…i want to see tomorrow’s episode..

  24. Here I noone to hear my words at all n no one Is here to respect any old members …….so sorry…..i quit the page……???????

    I wont come in the last day of skr also???

    1. Padmaja

      Hi ishita dearie… wat happened dearie??? Pls don’t quit the page. And y u r feeling that no one is replying. Sooooooo sry if any one my act hurted u. Soo sry for dis dearie. Pls continue to cmnt dear. Pls reply me if u see this.

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