Siya Ke Ram 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam talking to Janak. He says I realized my mistake when I cursed Ahilya, but curse can’t be taken back, so Ahilya, whose love defines my love, I have a found to release her of that curse, a true Raghuvanshi will enter that ashram, and knowing her truth, he will touch her to relieve her of that curse. Sita hears this. He says his son has hated him till now for that curse, but I m regretting for that, its all fate, Janak time will show that Raghuvanshi who will free Ahilya of this curse. He leaves. Sita talks to her sisters and says she did not mean to hurt Gautam’s sentiments or disrespect him. Urmila says she felt Gautam will curse Sita. Sita smiles and says any Raghuvanshi would have freed me of that curse.

Sunaina asks Janak what is the need to send daughters

to Gurukul. He asks would she say same if they had sons. She says the girls are already very smart, it will be problem in their inlaws if they get educated to high level. He says let them study, knowledge is good, I will get them married in educated households, knowledge makes girl independent, they will be an example and make Gurukul’s name shine, Guru’s wives will teach our daughters. Sunaina says if they meet Gargi in ashram then… Janak laughs and says everyone is afraid of Gargi, your daughters know to obtain knowledge. Sunaina asks will they have to stay in Gurukul. Janak says no, Maharishi will send them every day back to palace before sunset. Sunaina is glad.

Guru Vashisht is preparing the students to leave. Ram and his brothers greet him. Guru blesses Ram and them. He asks them to go back to Ayodhya. Sita and her sisters go to jungle. Shrudhkirti gets a peacock feather. Sita smiles holding the rain drops. She asks them to see this rain drop. It rains. They all smile seeing a peacock and dance in the rain. Bhoomija ka laki ja………. Plays…………… The sisters hug.

Ram and his brothers leave for the palace. Sumitra asks Kaushalya did she not get ready, their sons will reach Ayodhya. Kaushalya says yes. Kaikeyi says she is eager to see their sons, and Ram… his love for his mothers… will it get less being away from us. Sumitra says they will be fine, don’t worry and pacifies Kaushalya. She asks her not to recall past and spoil this moment. Dasharath says its still time for them to come. Kaikeyi says we will wait at the entrance. Dasharath says according to traditions, they will meet you, they have to pray for ancestors in the jungle first. Sumitra was right, I feel I don’t know how time passed.

The sisters play and the ball goes inside the place. The sisters argue and fight. Shrudhkirti goes to get the ball. Sita comes there and asks why is Mandvi crying. Mandvi says Urmila has thrown my thread ball, and Shruthkirti went to get it. Shrudhkirti gets shocked seeing snake near the ball. She screams. Sita, her sisters and guards come there. They also get shocked seeing the snake.

Ram and his brothers come back and wonder who is this man. Janak gets to know some soldiers are attacking Mithila.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very nice serial

  2. Really very nice one…..eagerly waiting for RAM…..hope others will also start liking dis one soon……

    1. Wonderful!! Its very appealing .. Performances by all characters are captivating..

  3. Nice effort…
    Please later on also include Urmila’s sacrifice in your story plot as sita was with her husband but Urmila stayed separated for no fault.
    Plus i read that she used to live like a tapaswini despite being in palace….

  4. I am very impressed with set designing… Use of natural light, high ceiling, old south Indian temple looks of palaces…
    Stay focused its very good effort…

    Thanks for making such a wonderful serial

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